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JAMES J. HYDE. Editor.
Blaine and Victory.
- "With James Ch Blaine as their
standard bearer the Republican party
cannot fail to win this fall.
The majority report of the rfenale
Elections Couimittoe declares that
the Danville riots were premeditated
by the Democrats.
The fact that hoisting machinery
has been placed in position on three
different mines in this district during
the last two weeks speaks well of
itself. The output of each of these
mines will be trebled from now on.
If the Board of Supervisors had
seen'nt in their wisdom to allow the
bills presented last Wednesday be-
" 'tween four and five thousand dollars
would have been placed in circula
. -tion in this town. This is-noi a very
large sum it is true, but it is large
enough to pay many a debt and cause
many a man to sleep easier m conso
John K. Lynch, who was chosen
temporary chairman of the National
Republican Convention .at Ohicapo
last Tuesday, is an intelligent colon -d
delegate from Mississippi. He has
been m Congress, but was defeated
at the last election only 700 in a poil
of 13.5000. by Yan Eaton. The dis
trict is known as the Sixth Congres
sional. There are more men working in
"Wallapai District at the present time
than at any time in ten years past.
. Tne shipments of ore are increasing
every month and we may reasonably
expect in a few weeks that they will
reach 103 carloads per month or
more. And all this is being done on
the merits of our mines, and not by
tho aid of outsidv capital.
As wiil b seen by the dispatches
James G. Blaine of Maine has receiv
ed tho nomination for President on
the fourth ballot. His nomination
coomc tn lmvfi been enected by a
combination of his own and Logan'
partisans and the defection of som
of Arthur's ad'i-j rents irom tne
Southern States. Whether this will
result in Login receiving tho second
place on the ticKot remaius to be
shown. We still hold to the opinion
that we havo maintained for months
that tho names of Blaine and Lin
coin will head the Republican tickets
this fall.
If a little
energy that
of th3 enterprise and
has characterized the
management of the L-entral ana
Southern Pacific railroads was infused
into the management of the Atlantic
& Pacific, the result would bo highly
beneficial not only to those who have
business with the road but to the
company itself. Tho .raie in the
lorado river would have been
Sreseen and the loss of the bridge
Needles fnlly provided fi
i anv other railroad mau
the world. We hazard
i-Sori that if the bridge over the'
Colorado had been under the control
of the S-mlhern Pacific road that th
latter would have had a folly equipped
steam ferry in active operation in
less than 4J hours after it was de
stroyed, and that passenger and
freight business would not be inter
rupted more than that time. Erom
present appearances it looks very
much as if there would be very little
through business done on the Atlan
tic and Pacific read until next Sep
tember, unless some other roaa takes
pity on the management and gives
them a point or two.
The action of tho Board of Super
visors in refusing to allow the bills
presented to them at the special
meeting last Tuesday has been the
cause of much complaint and criti
cisin. The meeting was called for
the express purpose of considering
such bills as should be presented,and
yet out of some thirty or forty bills
presented the Board allowed but
four. One of those four was for
money advanced by Mr. Krider to
pay freight on county stationery,
and in order to get that allowed Mr.
Krider threatened to sell the. goods
to other parties if his bill was no-.
allowed. Another bill was that ol
the Sheriff, who positively refused
to pay out any more of his own pn
vate money for county purposes, and
considering that the county owed
him about 2700 no one can blame
him. The other two bills, for Dis
trict Attorney's fees, and repairs to
the Court House, were allowed for
no particular reason, only tho Board
took a notion to allow them and did
so. The rest of tlie bills were laid
over till the July meeting. Now
there are other officials who have
just as much riirbt to havo their bills
allowed as tho District attorney and
other people who are creditors of the
county and have just as much rigbt
to have their claims audited as thp
individual who patched up the (Jourt
House chimneys. This whole bnsi
ness savors too much of favoritism to
some and malice to others. The
creditors of the county have the
right to demand that their bills should
bo audited and allowed when the
Supervisors call a meeting for that
purpose, but our present Supervisors
ara running matters to suit them
selves and not the public. However,
the public will have something to say
about it nest November.
The Convention.
Representative Republicans As
sembled at Chicago.
Proceedings of the Convention.
At 12:55 on Tuesdaj, Juue 3d
Chairmafn Sabin of the National
Committee called the convention to
order aud announced that tho hoar
having arrived for the meeting of
the Eighth Republican National
Convention, the convention would
now be opened with prayer by Rev.
Frank Bristol, of Chicago.
Mr. Sabin mado quite a lengthy
address and closed by naming
for temporary chairman Hon. Powell
Clayton, of Arkansas. Mr. H. C.
Lodge, of Massachusetts, rose and
named John R. Lynch, of Mississippi,
for that position. Thereupon a dis
pute sprang np which lasted over an
hour, when the previous question was
demanded. The convention then
proceeded to vote, the roll was called
and each delpgate responded. It will
take two, hours to get through. The
vote is very close and donso excite
mout prevails as this is regarded as
a test question in some respects.
The vote of New York now being
Later The vote of New York just
finished, Clayton 2G0, Lynch 271.
3:30 p. m. Lynch was selectHd as
temporary chairma Yote Lynch
432. Clayton 387.
3:32 p. m. Lynch was escorted to
the chair by Clayton, and was re
ceived with cheers on taking the
8:45 p. m. After Lynch 's speech
of acceptance, the States were called
tor the names of delegates selected
to act npon tho committee on creden
tials. The convention then adjourned
till 11 a. tn. Wednesday
June 4. 11:55 a. m. It was some
thing after 11 o'clock whea the
cenvention was called to ordar.
General George B. Williams, of
Indiana, chairman of the committee
on permanent organization, reported
that the committee had selected Gen.
John B. Henderson, of Missouri, for
permanent chairman and would re:
quest the secretary to lVsad tho list
of vice-presidents and secretaries.
Charles M. Clisbee, of Ivliohigan, was
seleated as principal secretary. Re
port agreed to. The chair appointed
Galns"ha .A. Grow,
F. Hoar, 'Massachusetts audi
10:55 a. m. Gen. Sherman has
telegraphed ex-Senator Henderson
saying bo would not accept the nom
ination if offered, nor sorve if elect
ed. 12 noon. The resolution binding
the delegates has been withdrawn.
The convention committeo on
credentials reported that they could
not make a complete report till this
afternoon or evening.
7 p. m.rThe convention is assem
bling. It is said the committee on
credentials and resolutions are not
ready to report. The latter has not
yet agreed on the form of tho tariff
plank. It is thought that a ballot
will not be reached until Friday.
7:35' p. m. The convention was
called to order at 7:35 p. ui The
committee on credentials reported
that they would not be able to report
to the convention this evening
7:55 p, m. The convention ad
journed till 10 a, m. to-morrow.
Sp uial Disp it ishes to tho Mohwb County
Chicago, Jane 5. The convention
met and nominations declared in
Judge West of Mississippi nomin
ated James G. Blaine of Mninp.
Martin J. Townsend of New York
nominated Chester A. Arthur. Judge
Foraker of Ohio nominated John
Sherman. Gov. Long of Massachu
netts nominated Senator Edmunds
Adjourned till 11 a. m. to-morrow,
Chicago, Juue 6. The Tribune
says: Last nights demonstration and
vote on adjournment shows Blaine's
great strength and indicates his nom
ination. The Inter-Ocean says: Tho situa
tion is practically unchanged. That
tho southern delegation are firm for
Arthur while Blaine's forces are
sticking to him with greit tenacity.
That Sherman, Logan and Edmunds
62.'."."' .wv ,
.eny-".-"- -t-j--"y iTi I r i ith" I ir in U
are wai'ing aud hoping for a break
in Arthur's or Blaine's forces.
The Times says that none of the
nomination speeches equalled that of
It is generally thought that a result
wil not be reached to-day unless
there should bo a second session.
Blame rami predict his nomination
on the second or third ballot.
10:30 a. m. Immense crowds jam
ming all avenues to the Hall. The
mavor has been telegraphed for an
extra police force to clear a passage
way fcr those entitled to admis
sion. Weather clear and warm. Ohio
men say Sherman's success on the
third or fourth ballot is assured.
II a. m. It is said Indiana will
cast 19 votes for Blaine and 11 for
Arthur on the first ballot to get as
many as possible for Harrison on the
second ballot. Blaine men have de
termined to vote down any motion
for adjournment until tho result it
reached. It is claimed that Blaine's
strength on the adjournment lat-t
night was 331 against the field. The
convention is now getting ready to
11 a. m Roll of States for first
ballot now being called. Alabama-
Blame 1, Logan 1, Arthur 17.
11:17 a. m It is said Arthur
men will make a determined effort
for an adjournment after the second
or third ballot.
11:34 a. m. Arkansas Blaine 8
Arthur 4, Edmunds 1.
California Blaine 16,
Colorado Blame 6.
Connecticut Hawley 12.
11:50 a, m.
Delaware -Blaine 5. Arthur 1.
Florida Arthur 7. Blaine 1.
Georgia Arthur 24.
IlliuoisLogan 40, Blaine 3, Ar
thur 12.
Indiana Edmunds 1, Sherman 2,
Arthur 9, Blaine 18.
Iowa Blaine 26.
Chicago, J uno 6th.
Arthur 276, Blaine 349, Edmunds
85, Logan 61. John Sherman 28.
Hawley 13, General Sherman 4.
Arthur 275, Blaine, 375, Edmunds
78. Logan 60.
Balloting just commenced on
fourth ballot. Alabama -Blaine
gains six, Arthur's loss.
Judge Foraksr then moved that
Blaine bo no in uated by acclamation.
Roosevelt of New York demanded
that'the roll call go on. "
Great excitement.
Florida Blaine gains 2, Arthur's
The vote as far as now taken with
Blaine's preceding votes gives him
414, a majority of the convention and
makes his nomination certain.
News of the "Week.
General Grant will make no fur
ther statement of his connection with
J. D. Fish of the Marino Bank.
Prentiss Teller, the St. Lous ex
press robber, lias been sentenced to
five years in the penitentiary.
Pleuro pneumonia prevails on Long
9 jNininsxs are Lbujiiigtuu
goylnce of Moscow,
Tilden denies that his health is
The House has unseated McKinley
(R.) of Ohio and Wallace (D.) was
sworn in his place.
London, May 30. An explosion of
dynamite occurred outside the detec
tives' office, at Scotland Yard, at 3:15
p. m., and the corner of the building
was blown off to the height of thirty
feet. Many cartloads of debris are
lying aronnd, proving the strength
of the explosive. A brougham stand
ing opposite was wrecked, and the
coachman iuj ired. A policeman was
blo.vn across the yard and striking
against a wall was badly injured.
Several persons were injured by cuts
from flying glass. The explosive was
placed t the door of the large build
ing occupied by detectives.
Toledo, May 30 Last night Mrs.
Christopher, insane, cut the throats
of her four little children with a ra
zor. Their heads are nearly severed.
The woman then siezed her nine-year
old daughter, ran to the railroad, sat
down and waited for a train to kill
them. They were found shortly after
and Mrs, Christopher will suffer the
loss of both legs and one arm. The
girl died this morning.
London, May 30. The great race
for three year old fillies for the Oak
stakes was run upon Epsom Downs
to-day and was won by Busybodj,
winner of the 1,000 guiueas stakes;
Superba, second; Queen Adelaide,
Philadelphia, Juno 2. In the
United States circuit court this even-
iqg, Lewis and Geo.
appointed receivers
St. Lonis, June 2.
D. Keira were
of the Reading
-A new 2-cent
paper, "The Morning Call," appear -
ed this morning. It is Republican
in politics, and
is understood to
represent the Filloy faction.
Washington, June 2. The coaip
trollor of the currency declared final
dividends of 111 per cent, in favor of
the outstanding creditors of the
Miners' National bank of Georgetown;
Colo., making a total of 76 per
New York, June 2. Fisk & Hatch
notified the stock exchange of their
.Blaine left for Augusta, Maine
this afternoon with his family.
The brig Senorita recently sailed
from Philadelphia for Aspiuwall with
about 100,000 pounds of Atlas pow
der for the Panama canal.
In a trial at lieipsic, two men
named Kraewski and Heutsch were
convicted of offering to sell military
secrets of Germany to other powers
Heutsch was sentenced to nine years
penal servitude, and his accomplice
will be imprisoned for tnreo years
aud sevou months.
St. Louis, June 4. It is stated here
that information has been received
from New York to the effect that ap
plication will soon bo made for the
appointment of a receiver for the
Texas & Pacific railway, and it
also stated that a trust, company has
be?n buying coupons on the mort
gage bonds instead of paying them,
and will claim the riiht to name the
Denver Colo., June 4. Attached
to the Santa Fe train which arrived
in Denver this afternoon was the
Pullman hotel car, ''President" hav
ing on board the Siamese embassy
bound from New York to San Fran
cisco. There are seven in the party
i i eluding two English servants
The embassy includes Kroin Muii
Nares Varariddhi, envoy extraordi
nary and minister plenipotentiary
from his majesty the King of Siam
to the United States. L. E. Prince
Sonapandit; counsellor of the lega
tion. Le Major Snayh, secretary of
the legation. Mr. Wilberforce Wy
Kee, attache of the legation aud Mr.
Nai Tuan, an attache of the legation.
The party are now at the Windsor
Hotel. They leave to-morrow after
noon for San Francisco.
New York, June 4. The schedule
in the insolvent assignment of James
D. Fish, ex-president of the Marine
Bank show liabilities of 4,230,820.
Nominal value of real and personal
estate 84.179,392; estimated actual
value 55S2,594.
Kansas City, June 4. Sheriff
Chandler, of Lyon and Shoemaker.
Miami countv. Kansas, arrived in the
city this morning in search of a
Pleasantou murderer. A fifth body,
that of a yonug girl, was found in
PleaRantou yesterday. The murder
ed party has been identified as one
of the family of J. H. Anderson, an
improvident farmer. It appears that
they had a knowledge of some crime
committed by Lewis Warn p ton, a
nephew of Anderson's. Some days
ago the two men left tho house to
gether.' Wamv.ton returned alone,
saying that Anderson had sent for
the family. They started in a wagon
and on tho way it is supposed Warnp
ton murdered the woman and four
children and fled. It is predicted
that Anderson has also been put out
of the way. Wampton afterwards
was seen at Poala, riding the missing
horse, and it is believed he came to
this fiitv. aGreatasxbitem'Bi
J. O. P- Pi?lilferiP
of the postomcp department, has been
arrested for the embezzlement of;
S45,u00, which be claims to have lost
iu oil speculations. He was lieuten
ant colonel of tae Seventy-first Illin
ois infantry, and ia onp of tho best
rifle-shots in the Uuited States.
The earl of Aylesford became in
toxicated at tho Derby races, refused
toSnrreagf'r bis railway ticket, md
attnspector atLnndon bridge.
lii.he,5toggle wruch followed, the
ei'.rlIFnlpg brokon in two places,
Hofegcomo an international cele
brtp hid purchase of a aU e
Jjgrer Ohio, June 2. "William
TrajjJIjpung man. was walking the
st9sls5te Saturday night with a
girl, when he was assaulted by Mike
Clarke, who was jpalons ot him.
Troll .turned on him and shot, the
bamtpg effect in Clarke's abdo-
m IIP'1 18 n a' aDC Q'ark is
inldoctor's bands, with little
prgspfS'of recovory at this time,
fjlaltire, Md., June 2. The hero
offfcijo'lyyoli disaster, Christopher
IraF 25 who on JulJ 23d last,
wljljinllpll-fated pier at the noted
sommeiresort precipitated over 100
p"ro;Qfcto the water, by his own
iSjval efforts saved the lives of
fif4ffip9i'sous, was drowned Sunday
iSC hmacreek. He had gone out in
aa?15ith a party of friends when
tlj$p-reeze blew the hat of one of
pjj&t into the water. Mr. Doyle
sw'ajnfer it, and on making his
ijj'Ppli to the boat he was seen to
idJttjP disappear. Drags were
"oeiiySd and the body recovered.
London, June 1. Owing to the
crowded condition of the vaults in
' Westminster Abbey it has been. d.e
! cided to deposit the romdns of Sh
Bartle Frere in the crypt of
Paul's cathedeal.
Rockton, Ills., June 2 The North
western paper company's immense
mill was destroyed by fire. Loss,
$70,000; insurance, 20,000. The
concern was the property of the re
cently assigned Rock River paper
Hannibal, Mo., Juue 2. Toby
Thurman, a negro deck-hand of the
steamer War Eagle, was shot and
killed on board the boat by Danvill
Johnson, captain of the watch, who
claims that Thurman was about to
strike him with a coal-pick when he
fired. Johnson has surrendered.
New York, J une 2. A Star cable
from London says: It is rumored
th;tt another explosion on a much
larger scale is threatened by the dy
namiters, and that the shipping will
be the next to anffer. The rumor
which has undoubtedly been set
afloat for a purpose, declares that the
coming danger will cost England
3,000,000 sterling. It is appre-
uenaea tnat an attempt to oiow uo
some war vessels, specially marked
for destruction, is about to be made.
In the present excited state of the
public mind the slightest attempt at
further violence would precipitate
such a riot as has never been wit
nessd in the history of London.
T'jere is already talk of vigilance
committees being formed.
London, Ohio, June 2 Saturday
night, while irrotessr Uertigo, e
phrenologist, was delivering a lec
ture at Dauville, a small village two
miles south of here, Noah Mitchell
and some other x'onghs who infest
the village, poured some chloroform
and other drugs through the ventil
ators into the school room where the
lecture was being given, and the
large crowd present soon became as
phyxiated from the inhalation of the
irrespirabie gases Some of them
came near dying from suffjcation.
The 3-year old daughter of Scott
Robinson, it is thought, cannot re
cover, while the others are still un
dor the care of Dr. Deem, who was
compelled to remain up during the
night attending the sufferers. The
fiend who placed the drugs there has
been arrested and bound over to the
court, and in case of the death of
either of the persons affecte'd, there
will probably be some lynching in
the neighborhood of Dauville. No
caus is assigned for the diabolical
St. Joseph, Mo., June 2. Advices
from Osborn, DeKalb connty, some
thirty miles east of here, on the Han
nibal & St, Joseph railroad, say two
unknown masked men entered tho
house of Mrs. M. J Trues, the widow
of the late State Senator Trues,
about 2 o'clock Sunday morning, evi
dently for the purpose of robbery,
but, finding no money, they bound
and gagged .Mrs. Trues and then as
saulted her in a shockingly brutal
manner.The whole town was aroused
aud scoured the surrounding coun
try all day, but at last accounts no
arrests had been made.
Oxford, O., June 2.- - At College
Corner, yesterday, John McNeal
stabbed and killed Thomas R. Scott,
fatally stabbed W. M. Morris, and
seriously wounded two ethers.
Passengers for California over the
or 'ice versa will find
Quick and Safe Transit
We connect; promptly tvith both trains,
"We have two Passenger and
Freight Boats and are
prepared to
Transfer Freight,Et c.
Entrusted to us.
Godman & Burke.
Liveuy Feed and
Sale Stable,
A, T.
Teams a nil Times Tor Snort
orJixtended Trips
Colorado EiveF A
8 8
8 8
8 8
8 8
4 4
Old Timers
M M F a W
M MM M otK JUaliB
MINERS' headquarte:
Prices to suit the times. Old stock sold off!
New stock arriving by the carloads
every day.
And i:::: The Cheapest Place
To Buy Goods in Mohave County.
Give Us a Call and be Satisfied.
Weltoiv & Beechee.
Iviiin:an and Mineral Pari, February 1st, 1884.
Selby Smelting & Lead o.
416 Montgomery-St., San Frncisco, Cal.
Purchase Gold, Silver and Lead Ores and Pay the New
York nrices, deducting for losses in
Working, and for Treatment, soon as Sampled and Assayed
Telegraphic News from all Parts,
And wiil be Especially Devoted to the
Mining Interests of the county
To those so desiring We will Mail the"
Miner and Weekly Chronicle
To any Address postage paid for $6.
ining & Smelting Company
Highest Prices
For Terms &c, Apply to
8 8
8 8
4 4
8 8
8 8
Satisfied f
County Miner
for Lead
Kingman, -

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