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L. P. Fisher and "E. C. Date are authoriz
ed agents in San Francisco of the Mohave
OouNir Mines.
Eugene ttinuenberp, Attorney at Law,
Piesoott, A. T., is the authorized agent of
the Mohave County Mikkis in Yavapai
Spsoial notices in the reading columns of
the JurNKB will be charged ut the rate oi
.fi. on Cents per lino for each insertion.
MIXER All PAUK, JDNE 8, 1884.
Miner tf Park to Kingman and all points
east and west, daily, except bunaays
Arrives 12 m., leaves 1 p. m.
Mineral Park to St. Thomas Arrives
Tuesday, Thursday and S iturdy at a. m.
Leaves Mond iy, Yednesaay ana a naay ai
7 a.m.
Mineral Park to Sicnal Arrives Tuesdtiy.
Thursdav and Saturday at 12:00 m.. leaves
v. Wednesday ana Friday at 1 p. m
W. M. Ebider. P.
Local Brevities.
Her lips were like the leaves he said,
By Autumn's crimson tinted;
Some people Autumn leaves preserve
By pressing them, she hinted.
JChe ma ining of the gentle hint
"The lover did discern;
And so he clasped her round the uec
And glued his lips to her'n.
The Colorado is on a bender this year.
For first class drinks co to the Eureka
. Saloon.
Crooker & Fisher, the Kingman butchers,
are doing a big business.
New narrow guigo railroad ties witt
spikes in theui are flouting down the Color;
ado by the thousands
Tho problem of obtaining artesian water
in Yavapai county valleys, will shortly be
solved by a stock company.
J. F. Luthy of tho LeibRt mill was in
town on Tuesday, and wo are indebted to
him for several items of interest.
"Welton & Beecher's tennis were in town
Inst Tuesday with a lo d of groceries, dry
goods, beer and things for their store here
The pen with which the new Chief Jus
tice first signed his nam1, was se. t by Guv
ernor Tritle to Mrs. Howaid as a souvenir
w. S. Clark starts ior California to mor
row morning. It is a cold day when he
gets left, as some of the other boys will find
out to their sorrow
A change has taken place in tno manage
ment jf t lb Aibaqumqno Journal. W. H
Gardiner s now editor and general man
ager in place of W. S. liurke.
The rats and mice stand a very
poor showing at Porter's hotel. Mr. Cro-
vat the propiietor has forty-seven cats and
continues to add to tho number. Star.
There was a cloudburst in the mountains
northeast of town on Friday afternoon and
quite a body of water ran down the main
Trash for more than an hour afterwards.
Wm. E Oakland and X. "V. Clark came up
from Signal on Friday by way of tho Sandy
and Hackberry. They say the roads aro in
-irj. fearful condition, and no wator in the
H. H. Scott of the Benson smelting works
and Gun Beecher of ISingniau oauie over
from Kinsman last Tuesday. Mr. Soott
immediately left for the Schuylkill mine at
Chlori iC.
The Sentinel says Finli Commissioner
Taggart has gone to the Needles to receive
a consignment of one million shad which
are to be planted in the Colorado rivei at
at that place.
If you would have your f lks m the east
know what is going on on this side of the
..continent, send them a copy of the Mines
.and San Francisco Chronicle. It will only
toost you G per year.
Wm. Koshland of Signal has commenced
tsiit in iho Dit-trict Court to recover 73C0
from the Arnold Gold and Silver Mining
Company. Murphy and Hamilton are at
torneys for the plaintiff.
Tom S teen and W. It. Jones are collect
ing drift-wood from the Colorado ne:ir
Piercd'a Ferry fr the -Southwestern min
ing company at El Dorado Canon and aro
making a. good thing out of it.
W. E. Stronaall, late superintendent of
the Lester mining compiuy has gone to El
Paso del Norte. The comp my will send out
a new superintendent shortly and It is ex-,
peoted taat work will start up again sarlyj
in.the fall.
Tiie Sazerao Club is receiving large ad
ditions to its membership and flourishes
like a green bay tree. Among the members
elected last week were Jack O'Brien, Ed.
Thompson, Otto Kuono9r, Howard Watkins
and our Kingman correspondent.
Somebody nlonjj the lin of the M ineral
Park and St. Ihoinas mail route maks a
busiue33 of appropriating c pies of the
MiNEL- dirdcto 1 to W j Hoy, Land h JadJ,
St. George, Utih. Now this business has
got to stop or somoonewill get into trouble.
Ttsere was a cutting scrape in John Stiles'
sstoon at Planet last Monday. During a
fctnken quarrel Ja -k Earle. a teamster, cut
another man twice in tho abdomen. The
wotcid8 were quite severe and tho victim ii
.not expected to live. Deputy Sheriff Cox of
Signal went out to arrest Earle but it is be
lieved he immediately skipped the country.
Eugeno de Slbla and C. P. Gordon, presi
dent auu secret iry oi tns n umiuo mining
o-impaay, of S n Francisco, tho owners of
the mines and smelter at Planet, have ar
rived there-for tho pnrposo of inspectinc
the mines and furnace. They made the
trip irom the Needles to Aubrey Landing
Xa a small boit.
S. G. Lemm:n, tho well-known botanist
of Oaki.'rad, Ckl., was in town a week ago
yesterday. He and his wife are camped
near Peach b"pr3li29 and are making a col
lection of the roany plants and flowers
found in Mohave county. The professor
tells us he has found some" four or five va
rieties of plants in this county ilHhezto un
known to science.
A lotter from Daniol Bonelli at Rioyillo
gays that the llio Virgin has played fsad
havoc with the dams, ditches and roads hi
the vicinity of his house. Ho says that the
Colorado at its junction with the Virgin i
two feet higher than any kuown high water
mark and still rising. By the vast amount
fit wreckage, such as bridge timbers, rail
xoatl trellises and ties, boats, fencing, etc.
that IS constantly passing his house he con-
Business is good with our merchants.
Ed. Burke and two barrels of boor camo
over from Kingman last Thursday after
Political matters have occupied the publio
mind during tho last week to the exolu
sion of almost everything else.
The Republicans had tho stars and stripes.
floating from the liberty pole yesterday in
honor of Blaine's nomination
H. Buoksbaum and wife left yesterday
for Haokberry where Mrs. Bucksbaurn will
remain during her husbands absence ii
There were no less than fifteen passen
gers left town for Kingman on the stage and
other conveyances on "Wednesday after
N. W. Clark has commenced suit in tho
District Court to recover tho buui of $2300
from Edward P. Bates. Murphy and Ham
ilton ara his attorney's.
James A. Smith came over from Kingman
on yest-rdav's stage. He will take charge of
the Mngnolia Saloon during the absenco of
V. S. Clarko tho proprietor.
dpt. Atchison is the happiest m?.n in
town over tho nomination of Blaine. He
says tho news of his nomination is worth a
hundred dollrs.
Paul Brcon .and A. F. Simonds were in
town on Wednesday for a couple of hours.
Mr. Breon says that tho town looks livelier
than it has for many a month.
A. E. Davis has been appointed a special
doputv Sheriff for the purpose of taking an
insane porson to St ckton, Cal., and left on
Wednesday with his charge.
"W. M. Krider received a fine lot of singlo
and doable handed hammers, No. 1 giant
powder, onus, fuso, pate de foie gras, cod
fish and beer during the p.ibt week. Quite
a mixture.
Tho news of the nomination of Blaine was
received here with great enthusiasm last
Friday night among the Republicans. Eve-
rjbody seems to think the nomination the
very best that could have been made.
V. H. Taggart &. Co. of Kinsman have a
new adv. in this issue. Thid enterprising
firm have latelv leased Hardy's warchonse
and are now prepared to store freight, ore
etc., for anv length of time at reasonable
The Board of Supervisors held a short and
stormy meeting on Wednesday morning.
After calling a special meeting for the pur
pose of auditing tho b lis o ntrictnd during
the term of Court, they allowed four only
and then adjourned.
Sheriff Steen started for Yuma
on Wed
nesday, having in his oh irge Mauuel It -bles,
who was conviotcd at the Jas' term of
Court of an assault with an attempt to com
mit murder and petitoiiceJ by Judge How
aid to five joara imprisonment.
The California delegation wont to Chica
go in a special oar decorated with flags, &c,
with an immense streamer on each side on
whioh was inscribed "Blaine and Victory
They not there, and "Blaine and Victory"
bids fair to bo the motto of the campaign.
It is said that the Contral Pacific will
build a road f ro.n Los Angeles to San Fran
cisco over tho A. &, P. grant, thereby avoid
ing the San Fernando tunnel, unless pre
vented by legal interference. They think,
however, that arrangements will bo mnde
with the A. & P. to use their right of way.
The publio sohool at Cerbat closed last
Wednesday, and Miss Jesse Tollman, the
teacher, came over on Thursday, and will
stay until Monday, the guest of Mrs. Hyde.
Both ladios leave for California to-morrow
morning, and the editor's heart will not bo
the only one that will ache in consequence.
Samuel Hamilton, Esq., attorney at law,
leTt on Thursday's buckboard ior Prescott,
where he goes on legal business connected
with the case of the Champion Consolidated
gold and silver mining company vs. Harvey
Hubbs and D. J. Canty. J. M. Murphy,
Lsq., who js associated with Mr. Hamilton
in the aboye case, also left for Prescott the
following day.
There aro now fully two hundred pnssen
engers at the depot here the majority of
whom are ticketed for all points on the
Pacific co.ist, but there are .also quite a num
ber who are looking for some outlet to
Deming, Lake Valley, Socorro, Silver City
and El Pso. Arrangements wore perfected
with the Aflmtio & Pacific last evening
whereby all tho California passengers will
be forwarded to tlw Colorado river loaviug
here at 4 o'clock thia moining. At the river
they will be lo;ded on the boat and trans
ported arross to tho Needles, where they
will find an elegant hotel and where they
can take the Southern Pacific for Mojavo
and thence to San Francisco and Los Ango
les. Albuquerque Journal.
a visit to Kingman this week. Wo aro i -
formcd that a stock company is be in;
f.-rmed for the purpose of purchasing and
erecting a smoltor on tho Pacific Copper
mine, on which Mr. Bateman has a bond
It is cuirontly reported that Taggart
Co. have rented Hardy's warehouse.
Our stable men aro busy cutting hay
This is what wo would call making hay
whilo the sun shines.
It is reported that all but about fifty feet
of tho old bridge has gone to Yuma.
Mi. Shaw, agent at Henning, has resigned
his position and left this week for Calif or
nia and Oregon.
Jno. Mackenzie and H. S. Carpenter were
in town this we9k on their way to the Wall
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Lawson and Miss
McCarthy left for California on Thursday
morning's train-
Jno. i olar is having a new blacksmith
shop built.
A car of tho D. S. Fish Commission went
through to the East Bridge on Thursday
md depositeb a million young shad in the
A rich discovery has just been reported
from Cedar district. Some Mexicans
brought in specimens this week which are
immensely rich, and they say there is
plenty of tho same kind in the mine. They
llso brought a sack of the ore to bo sampled
mid expect it to go several thousand dollars
to tho Ion.
Tho first cherries of the season arrived
in town this week. They wore shipped in
hy Taggart & Co. and tLev looked good
euoagh to eat, but wo didn't get a smell.
H, H. Scott has returned from his trip to
Mr. Foreman is still hero and although he
is getting lots of ore his cry is for more.
Lou Lassell is going to superintend the
erection of the steam hoisting works on the
New London mine. He is billed via Hack
berry. A special train of five oars went through
Kingman at 4:23 a. m. S -.turd y morning
loaded with delayed passengers from the
Santa Fe. This is the only route now open,
all the others being washed out.
by going down tl o river a mile or two and
com.ng up a slough. Tho railroad com
p.iuy 1 ave a steamboat transferring freight
and passengers, while the Southorn Pacific
sands a train down to the water's edge dai
ly 1 3 meet tho passenger train from the
Work on the new bridge is progressing
very fast, and by next week tho workmen
will bo clear of the old structuro and the
Pacific Improvement company, the con
tractors, will have to find their own anchor
age in the gap between tho. two ends and
have a trial of buoking the current similar
to that experienced by the A. & P. folks last
United Verde smelter is running out
about thirteen tens of bullion pr day.
The El Calias gold mine, in Venezuela, is
certain! v a prontaDie enterprise it is an
English corporation, tho par value of the
share. being 420. and it pays dividends of
3J0 per share per month. The shares aro
quoted in London at 44,000.
The Lidgerwiiod Manufacturing company
of Now York; are building one of their im
proved reversible link-motion hoisting en
gines for tho Lucas Coal Co. of Soranton
Pa., with a drum of sufficient cayacity to
hold 6,C0D feet of rope.
In Assam there is said to exist a procur
able quantity of coal, amounting to 40,000.
0.0 tons.
Telluride of bismuth has been found in
two or three localities in Arizona.
According to Humboldt, Mexico has pro
duced in three hundred years of minin
$1,767,952,000 in preoions metals.
Proceedings ci tho Board of Su-
Stage Line.
On and after Augustlst I will run a
nrst class stage line between
Kingman and Mineral Park,
Carrying U. f. I'm, assen-
gers and Freight.
MiNEBAi Pabk, May 27th, 1834.
To H. Buoksbaum,
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.
Take notice that a special meeting of the Stages will arrive and depart as fol-
isoara oi oupervisors wm take place at iu lows, daily (Sundavs exceutud):
Y:UU a. ni
o'clock a. m., June 2d, A. D. 1884, for the Leave Kinirruan
purpose of considering such bills as may bo Arrive Mineral Park
W . Mo Taggart & Co.
Forwarding and Commission.
We beg leave to inform the Public that we
have leased the
Mainly Warelionse,
And are now prepared to Stoeb Goods in
any quantity or for any length of
All Goods Marked in our care wil be Promptly
Itiiicinaii. June .. IHS t.
W..J. JO AiJ.
C JL.. BO.
Groceries and Provisions !
o cor. o
The Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars!
General Freighting To and From Kingman.
MinerrJ Park, Arizona Territory, 1884.
presented before the Board.
Signed Wm. H. HAiror,
M. V. Henkle.
J-ieave Mineral Park
Arrive Kingman
11:00 '
2:00 p.
(5:00 '
XiDrroB Minkb:- Your very cuiborcito ac
count of the new sidiug iu "W.-illapai villey
m your last i"sue, was a surprise to your
Kingman readers. We are all glad Mr.
Hardy has built a siding, and your account
of it ia true with tho following plight ex
captions: Thero is not tho first indication
of a sidiug being put in; Mr. Hardy 1ihb not
built a road to it, nor do we btllovo the rail
rosd comp .ny has any intention of pnttiu-.
in a sidiug until they mako improvements
where thej' are much more noedfd than in
tho Wallsp i) valley. And while we would
only ba too glad to seo a siding built (or
anything ele that would benefit tho min
ers), we would first like to see the oom
pany do son o h ng for Kingman in tho w iy
of a depot or platform. At pres
ent we would ro thankful for a platform.
With one exception this is the best freight
station on the road, and yet wo have been
sadly negloited in the way of improvements,
but wo manage to get along without them
and business goes on just as usnal.
"We note an improvement in business and
thin has ben a profitable weak for the mer?.
Arrangomcnti have been perfected for the
transfer "f all freight across tho river with
out delay, thi ste.nnor Mohave having been
chartered for that purposo,
Messrs. CInmborlain, Hall and Allyuo
left on Monday night's train for Albuquor
que. Kichard, Corin & Co. shipped a car of
ore to the Pueblo smelling works this week.
Their agent, Mr. Foreman, is evidently get
ting his work in on tlx buys, as ho has al
ready bought and shipped several cars of
L. J. Ijassell came in from the Deen mine
Thursday and reports everything ready
to commence hoisting ore,
Billy Richards came down from the Amer
ican Flag miiu on Tuesday to ship a oar of
Messrs. Roe, Elliott and Luthy. who late
ly leisod tho PaymastGmine, have already
put tho main shaft in order and put in a
platform above tho water level. Tiey have
now a forc6 of eight men at work stoping
and drifting iu the upper levels under the
foromanship of Henry Elfors. Tho force
will propably be increased very shortly.
We need two or three smelters like thr
cue at Benson in this county.
Austin arlS five other men are grading
road up to the timber in the charcoal
canon near Cerbat, for the purpose of sup
plying the mill with wood. Joaquin Acosta
and three Mexicans have already com
menced putting in wood to the mill.
The now smelter at Planet is in running
order and already ten tons of bullion hav
been turned out. There are over fifty men
employed in and around the smelter.
B. H. Spear has sold his interest in the
Paymaster mine to Elliott, Roe and Luthy
"W. II. Hardy has eight men at work on
the Infallible mine at Stockton. The new
tunnel which-ho started a short whilo since
is iu about 120 feet and is being driven
tho rate of six to eight feet per day.
there is any one thing better than another
that Hardy is good for it is driving in
tunnel. It would be -well for this county if
there were more men in it of like enterprise
Richard Hicks and James Oliver, two
Cornish miners and recent acquisitions to
this district, have based the Pennsylvania
mine in Todd Basin of Capt. Layne for one
year, and will at onoo start to work on it
rhov have also bonded the mine for the
same time for the sum of 15,000. "We have
no doubt that if the mine is proporly and
economically worked that the nurchaso
price oa i be gotten.out of the oro extracted
in six ninths, in this connection wo may
remark that there are hundreds of just such
claims as tbo Pennsylvania in Mohave coun
ty ready for parties to lease on very favor
able torms. "Wo have more mines than wg
have men to work them.
June 2d. 1 884. 10 o'clock, a. m.
M. W. Henkle being the n'nly member
Adj .urned to June 3, 184, 10 o'olock zes or lare and freight will be as
The Coi'ImtMiH,
Six men 'iavo been at work on the Cerbat
mill for over two weeks p tst, putting it in
perfect order. The mill started up on
Thuisday with about 160 tons of ore to
coinuieuoe on, Among tho shipments al
ready contracted for by this mill we note
twenty tons from the C. O. D. mine, be
sides several smaller lots from mines in tho
s uue basin, five tons of ore from Joe Lab
aree's cl im near Htocktou. wich consider
able second grade ore, fifteen of twenty
tons from the Prosperity mine in Todd
Basin, owned by Caldwell Wright and J. P.
Layne. while Win, Shrman sends a couple
of tons f mm the southorn extension of the
same mine as a samplti. In addition to this
there are about 80 tons of ore from the
Cerbat mine already at the mill and about
;"0 tons at the Paymaster ready to be hauled
down. Many other miners have nromisad
to send in shipments of ore and by next
week Cerbat will present quite a lively ap
pearance. rho proprietors of the mill are
well and favorably known in this commu
nity afld have had a large and varied ex
perience in milling orea, and if they cannot
mako a Buccess of it we dou't know w';o oan.
V'e wish thenf all the suooess possible, and
in conclusion say, that the gentlemen who
havo leased tho Cerbat mill mean business;
uy know what they are .about: thov pro-
poso to give the hoys a fair and square de d
on evory ocoision, nd they rromibo never
to hang un the staip3 as long as they have
i pound of oro to run on. It iest3 with the
miners of Wallapai distriqt whether tho
Certat mill shall run year In and your out
or not at all.
Tlse Colorado.
John Hughes waft in town this week. Wo
j,aa Mint nonsidprahlfi dnmnrrA mr'at I Tegrot to suv he is again suffering from
ndn been done on the upper tnbntnnes of j rueumati&in.
the river.
j Messrs. Batoman, Owens and Moyer paid
A oorrospondent at tho Nefdles sends us
word that the river is still rising rapidly
and that it is already more than two feGt
higher than tho highost point reached last
year ( Juno 29). The Mohave valley from
Fort Mohave to the Needles is one vast sea
of water which grows larger day by day.
On the west Bide of thojrivor same two mile3
of tho railroad embankment is in consider
able danger of boiug washod away,
but through travel will not
be impeded, as the steamboats can
eome right up to Powell station if necessary
Jone 3, 1884. 10 o'clock a. m.
M. W. Henklo bbing the only membei
present, recess was taken to 4 o'olook p. m.
Adjourned to June 3th, 1884, 10 o'clock
a. m.
Tho Hon. Board mot June 4th, 1884. at 10
o'clook a. m. Present . W. H. Hardy,
chairman, M. w. Henkle, Supervisor, and
H. Buoksbaum, olork.
Call for a special meeting read. -
The bill of Robort Steon for assessing the
county for tho A. D. 18S4 allowed for $1000:
for transporting insano, Norman, to Stock
ton $351.50.
Erin Sherman, repairs an poroh and
chimney on Court House, Gen
eral Fund 35 00
Wm. G, Blakely, District Attorney,
fees, General Fund 185 00
W. M. K rider, freicht on stationerv
from Sin Frauoisco to .King
man, Contingent Fund 33 40
A copy of an ordor of the Probate Judge
adjudging one Martin A. Bates insano made
Mny 30, 1884, and ordering him to be oon-
fined, having been filed with the Clerk of
the Board. It is hereby ordered that the
Sheriff take and transport said Martin A.
Bates to the Asylum for the confinement of
tho insane from Arizona Territory at Stock
ton, California.
Board adjourned.
Fare Kingman to Mineral Park, 8.
Carht 5?
c reignt packages i lb to lOIbs : 25c
lOlbs to 35tts 5Jc
35ibs and over, ljo per lb
A. F. SIMONDS, Prop.
(Jhable? Atwood, Kingman.
Chables Atwood. Hneral Park.
Crooker & Fisher
S. IL,. Stanley. JohnSDmmno.
Importex'sj ana. -wholesale IDoalersliii
Fine Old Kentucky Whisky, Wines akd LiauoRs,
African Stomach Bitters,
The Finest Tonic ami Appetizer In tho "World.
4lO FVorit-SJf?.. Rnn Franoisoo. Cal.
t.a.:m::e3s smith,
Hackberry Siding.
Orders bv Mail Promptly Attend
ed To.
Has opened a first class Saloon at.
man's Hotel, where he will be EOWXl With High Prices !
pleased to seo all his friends.
Is Again on Deck and wants to see his
old Friends and Customers at the "
. .ALWAYS ON HAND. . . .
Goods delivered in Stockton, Chloride
and Cerbat free of Charge.
Has Again Taken Charge of tho
The best of everything in the shape
'ure Wines & Liquors'
Remember the Place.
Mrs. E, II. Siaiitli
Mas Kcopeiicil Her
At Kingman, A. T.
Talile Always Supplied with
The Best of Everything,
And Have Pat Dovm the Prices to Snit
tho Times.
All Drinks, Cigars Ssc, 113 1-2 Cs,
ftssayer & Analytical Chemist.
Office: Lone Star Concentrator.
Assaying in all its Branches.
Gold and Silver Bullion
Melted into Bars
nd Stamped.
Deputy 0. S- Mineral Surveyor
Mineral Park, - -f A. T.
And takes this opportunity of informing his
friends and the public that tho
Well Known Reputation of this House will be Fully
W. A. Fairfield,
BP All Work Guaranteed Car
reer or Plenty Befnnded.
Mines Examined & Reported on.
Attorney at Law, Notary Public
Will be Supplied at All Times with the Besfe
tho Market Affords.
Adverse or Contested Claims,
Paints, Pensions, a Specialty,
A. T.
35. SAQBO,

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