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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, December 24, 1887, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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The Mohave Miner
Governor Zullck oxiectH to leuve Pre
cott for the East about the 20th inRt Ho
will visit Waehinrton and other Eastern
cities before hl retnni
If the railroads do one half a mm h for
Albuquerque as tbe pioera of that town
expect that city will boom an no other
Western city ever boomed Let her
boom it will help Arizona
For some reason the Atlantic Pacific
Bailway Company Iwh not as yet paid
their taxes to the Treasurer of Mohave
couaty They may explain their failure
to do so ere long and we await their de
cision in the matter
The Smith Kilrain prize fight took place
on the 10th inst on an Island in the
Seine river in France Less than fifty
spectators witnessed the fight One hun
dred and six rounds were fought and
darkness ended the lengthy fight The
fight was declared a draw Both men
were badly punished although Kilrain
came out of the fight in splendid condi
It has been discovered that the Chinese
have been coming to this country through
Lower California using San Diego as the
hole through which they arc smuggled
It seems almost impossible to keep John
Chinaman out of this country for ah soon
an a hole through which he enter is
plugged up he finds another Plug up
all the boles and keop them plugged
Austria sent Herr Most to prison for
one year in 18G9 and in 1870 repeated
with five years On his release ho went
to Prussia and got successively a year and
ft half and a year for anarchy and six
months for blasphemy He then went
to England and soon got a year and a half
for anarchy Then he came to this
country where he has done a year al
ready and has just got another
Hon Sterling P It n K i te Govern
ment Printer died at his residence in
Omaha on the 17th inct At the time of
his death Mr Rounds was editor ot the
Omaha Republican For many year
previous to his appointment as Govern
ment Printer he was engaged in the
printers supply business in Chicago and
was widely known and respected by the
printers of the Northwest His death is
deeply mourned by the craft
So much has been said about the suffer
ingof the Topolohampo colonists that a
U S man-of-war was sent to bring all
who wished back to the United States
A press dispatch of the 17th inst from
Nogales says The United States man-
of war has returned from her visit to the
Topolobampo colonists and started for
San Francisco The commander rode 15
miles through the country on horseback
and says he found 102 colonists All hail
plenty to eat and were receiving 3 per
day None of them wihed to leave
Reports from Turnstone nay that th
camp is again prosperous and full of lift
and activity Particularly is thin seen in
tbe matter of thu vearly assessment work
on mining claims During the lat term
of the District Court the law was laid
down in no uncertain terms that owner
of mining claim muat put actually 100
worth of work on their claims or they are
liable to be jumped that ten feet or eleven
feet did not necessarily represent flOO
worth of labor These rulings of the
Court have given the miners confidence
snd assessment work is being done gen
erally and in a thorough manner through
out tbe camp Tucson Citizen
The purport of Senator Stewarts bill
debated in the Senate last week in to al
low the deposit at an v mint or assay office
of gold and silver bullion in quantities
not less than five ounces of gold and
eighty ounces of silver and the receipt
therefore of coin certificates which are to
bo legal tender to have existing gold and
silver certificates canceled when received
at the treasury to have no gold coined
hereafter except as necessary to redeem
obligations expresuly payable in coin to
have the bullion received under this Act
melted into birs and deposited in the
treasury and to repeal the Actof the 18th
of February 1376 requiring the coinage
of 2000000 silver dollars monthly
The Tortilita Gold and Silver Mining
Company has brought suit against Jamew
Gordon Bennett in New York for alleged
libel claiming 500000 The complaint
is based on anarticle published in the
Herald in which it was asserted that th
Tortilita Mining Company wan a colosal
bunco schemo and it is asserted that the
plaintiff has sutfered actual personal lews
and damage to the sum of 1500000 J
H Reall President of the company has
brought suit in the same court personally
against James Gordon Bennett for alleged
libel claiming 200000 He says that
tbe publication made an impression
among the phintifTs acquaintances and
the public that the plaintiff was running
a diBhoneBt enterprise and swindling the
people out of their money by selling
worthless mining Mock
Schemes for colonisation in Mexico are
coming to the front A French company
has acquired a grant of land in Chihuahua
sixty miles long by six miles wide on
which a colony of French and Belgian
emigrants are to tie settled A large body
of land in the same state adjoininjr New
Mexico has been secured by a syndicate
in which American capit ilwtn are mostly
concerned and it jh to be colonized A
town is beina laid out on thin land ad
joining the New Mexican town of Derning
Die international boundary therf Im an
imaginary line and o the new town in
practicalfv an extension of the Anvricn
town of Derninz Thewj are ouly thf bo
ginnings of what is to be a great move
ment of American population industry
and capital into Mexico New Orleans
Picayune -
Washington Dec 12 1887
In the political world the bold message
of the President iB the chief topic of dis
cussion and while there are diverse
opinions concerning its expediency and
practicability men of all parties willingly J
concede Mr Cleveland the courage of his
convictions something really refreshing
in a candidate for the Presidency because
so rarely seen Many long headed poll
ticians express the belief that the Presi
dents course on the only real vital issue
of the day will cause a new alignment of
parties in the next Presidential struggle
and one of the most exciting contests in
the history of the country Mr Blaines
swift criticism of the messago i practi
cally regarded us a declaration of his own
candidacy for the Presidency us the
champion of the protection principle It
is thought here that the calling of the
National Republican Convention at Chi
cago was due to the Blaino influence and
that it foreshadows his renomination
Congress was organized quietly and in
a manner becoming the dignity of that
body on its centennial anniversary de
spite the bloodshed in the Democratic
caucus and the anticipationsof adeadlock
in the Senate the only interruption being
from a religious enthusiast who at the
moment of the most intense silence in the
House chanted the doxology in a plain
tive solo greatly to the amusement of
fully 5000 spectators The poor man was
cared for by the police but ho succeeded
in favoring the President with the same
tune at his reception As usual on such
occasions many of the desks were bur
dened with beautiful floral favors the
gifts of admiring friends
Only brief sessions of Congress were
held the past week as the committees
have not yet been formed Speaker Car
lisle says that he hopes to be able to an
nounce the House committees before the
holiday recess but he has a very difficult
task before him for there are about 125
new members to place It is a remark
able fact that two thirds of the chairmen
of the House committees of the last Con
gross were decapitated by their constitu
ents A plausible reason for these changes
is that the importunate Congressmen in
dividing the spoils did not have enough
offices to distribute and so many familiar
faces are missing from the places that
will probably know them no more forever
The only committee yet appointed in
either House or Senate is the Committer
on Mileage of tbe House which as far as
circumstances would permit is the same
as formerly and this is rather an indica
tion that as far as practicable the Speak
er means to reappoint the same old com
The bitterness engendered among the
Democrats over the Doorkeepernhip fight
has brought to light allegations that both
Donelson and Wintersmith late incum
bents of that office are defaulters and it
is whispered about the Capital corridors
that the Republicans will introduce a
resolution for the appointment of a com
milieu to investigate the accounts of these
It is believed that the nominations of
Lamar for Associate Justice of the Su
preme Court Vilas for Secretary of the
Interior and Dickinson for
enMral will he confirmed without diffi
culty by the Senate
The Evangelical Alliance of the United
States embracing 2000 delegates ami
numbering among its membership many
o the twHt eminent divines of the coun
try held its mjiori in the Capital the
pist week and theoccanioti was a seH ion
of glorious spiritual edification to thou
sands of Christian believers whose privil
ege it was to attend these meetins
One of the most pteas2nt events of th
meeting of the Alliance was the
dnt reception of the organization in a
body the members being personally in
trodnced to the Chief Executive by Wrn
E Dodo When it came the turn of th
Rev Dr Bnrchard who made the famou
alliterative allusion to rum Romanism
and rebellion in the last Presidential
carnpiign a general smile uent around
and it wis especially bright on the faces
of Mr and Mrs Cleveland both of whom
extended a very cordial greeting to the
noted divine who abso appeared to share
fully tne spirit of the situation
A Proposed Vmrt to Expedite
Went cm UunIuchm
Washington December 19 Senator
Stewart introduced a bill to day to estab
lish a Land Court to try private claims in
Colorado New Mexico and Arizona and
aiso to near unu ueciue an oi me
contested matters in the Interior Depart
ment The court is to consist of three
judges to hold office during good be
havior the Chief Justice iH to receive a
salary of 5000 a year and each of the
Associate Justices 4500 The bill also
provides for an attorney to represent the
United States at a salary of 4030 a
year a translator and the necessary
clerical force
The Senator says all persons having
had business with the Land Office will
appreciate the necessity of the legislation
The business of the office is several years
behind and there is no proper machinery
for trying cases Many ot the matters
brought Iwfore the Land Office involve
millions and the trial of cases of such
magnitude ex parte before a clerk n
very unsatisfactory There arc now pend
ing lefore the Land Commission about
lOOOO contested cases and 3000 on aj
peal to the Secretary of the Interior A
court to dispone of these strictly judicial
matters is regarded by the lawyers prac
ticing in the Interior Department and
parties having business in that Depart
ment as very essential The bill was re
ferred to the Committee on Private Land
Claims of whch Stewart is a member
The Detroit Copper Company shipped
the pant week about 35 tons of copper
matte to refiners East When completed
it is uaid their shipment will amount to
about 100 tons
Indian Depredation
The House this week adopted a resolu
tion which created a new committee to
which will be referred all claims for
Indian depredations A great many
claims have come up to the House through
the Interior Department for property de
stroyed by Indians Tito principle has
never yet been established that the Gov
ernment is responsible for the damsgeH
inflicted by marauding Indians upon set
tiers This is one of the questions to
which the new committee will address
itself and in all probability will report to
Congress whether the principle should be
recognized or not It was suggested albO
in the debate to day that the new com
mittee instead of hearing individual
claimB and reporting bills for the relief of
such should draft a bill providing for a
court which should hoar and determine
alt claims arising from Indian depreda
tions There are already about 100 0
claims awaiting adj idication The com
mittee at best could not consider more
than 500 of these claims during the ses
sion of Congress wlrcb is a very small
portion of the whole It was thought by
most of the shakers who took part in the
debate that it would lie better to create a
court to adjudicate all these claims
Admitting the IVrrUuries
A Washington dispatch of the 20th
says The convenient but at the same
timo insistent unfeeling and altogether
ill advised jerKon the prominent mem
ber of Congress continues to manifest
great ho itihty to the division of the Terri
tory of Dakota If that question must be
settled by Congress before admission the
fact i that thre are a couple of hundred
Congressmen really the majority of the
Hout o interested in the admission of one
of the Territories and anxious to go in
together and pull all four Dakota Mun
tana Washington and New Mexico
through They know that the chances of
all will be jeopardized if there is opjioni
tion to one and they protest that they
will gire Dakota no consideration until
she has fettled her division fight with
herself This stand has been so obsti
nately taken that it liegins to look as
though Dakota would have to dismiss one
or the other of her aspirations however
desirable a division or statehood may be
Delegate Voorhecs of Washington Terri
tory says he shall not insist on the ad
mission by adding tiu panhandle of
Idaho to his Territory if great opposition
is manifehted for the Territory has cast
30000 votes outside of the female vote
which would show population enough for
admission He is willing to have his bill
amended when it comes into the House
so as to include Dakota for he talieves
although a Democrat that DakoU should
he admitted but he says that none of the
Territories will be taken in this year
Enabling acts for all of them will bo
provided so that the people can vote on
them at the next Presidential flection
but no chance will be given any of them
to vote for the next President A resi
dent of the Territory who is here now
say that west of the river tlw division
sentiment has all died out
A DUtlMfl CITgjmnnn Ttt
Ity R M Pickuj resident f the
Methodist Prototitnt Church ut ttoutb
Cxxolina writ from Orrrdl
About fur yrar jro 1 wu atUk4
with what the ptivnic an jititiouncM
sruralfric rhrumntim rcntipnid Hh
eryjU JI npji Mtr failrd iif entirely
ml I had an intermitting paN mid vrry
irregular pu ition of hMt A tr
riblr piiu poon ci me aU my brat and
huiJ r aiil I Wrnip o Iitlptrn tht I
could attend to no tuin at afl The
pain were movable and wld lintim
paa fm one part of ray Uidy another
F inady th bre k ou on my Ml
baud and arm an I prudurrd mci li wf H
in j I wn or pL hUfn motitim aChrtr4
in ilita way and of ooiira ud rest
many kind of mrdirimn but nothing gv
m r lief Friemia finnlly praaded turn
to ry Swift Hp ciflQ I notU4t adt dd4
imp ormnt while taking the ftret bittU
1 cuitiuud if a until f had taken Umt
ondutn boiil hcn 1 f ut4 myarlf
pound and agon with norifpi ol di
ea lrfi rxcrpt a atiffucM In ey hand a
result of rryij at Wbilr Ukiuir
the rridicine I gaind on an nrnAie two
pound- of Crab pr ci k I bink S S 3
valuable rneiiciiif and 1 Knuimaly
ro nromrnd it to mv imuda
Wntc to tbe Fwirr Srwirir Cn
AUma 0 for a Tr nti ou Blood ao4
Bkiu Dicaea nailed free to atiyuus
CI re Turin a Cuanec
That in to any your lung AIo all your
breathing machinery Very uunderfal ma
chinery it is Not only tbe I ireer
but tbe tboaaand of litllo tubes nud
c ivitie lending from them
When the are clocked cr choked with
matter which oauht not to bti there your
lungs cannot half do their work Ail what
they do tbey c mnot do well
Call it cold ooah crimp pneumonia ca
tarrh consumption ur any of the family of
throat and none and head and lung obstruc
tions all aie bid AH ouuht to be Rot rid
of There i just one nrewy o Ret rid of
them That is to tike Itowhees German
Syrup which any drugget will all yon at
75 cent a bottle Even if everything elite
ha failed you you may depend upon this
tor certain
Propoaln Wanted
The Hoard of Supervisors of tho County
of Mohave hereby invite proposals for
doing the county printinir for tho year
1888 Bid to be at bo much per ineh
brevier typo solid for such printing hh
may be directed to be done by the Board
of Supervisors or which may be required
by law
Also for hoarding prisoners per meal
Said bids to be for warrants on the
Contingent Fund at their ace value
Also for hoarding and lodging cither or
separately the indlgentsick of tho County
for the sam ft feriod Bids to bo for wur
rant on the General Fund at their face
all bids to be filed with thft Clerk of the
Board before 10 oclock a in of January
2nd 18S8
The Board reserves the rijht to reject
any and all bids
James J Hvnn
Kingman A T Dec 10th 1887 5 4t
To Prlatem
For sale A 10x15 old style Gordon
used but very little Will be sold cheap
for cash Address this office
Notice of Forfeiture
To HzitKANM Bccxsbaum
You are hereby not ifiod that I have ex
ponded on hundred dollars in labor and
improvements upon the West Fairfield min
ing claim situated in the Wallupai Mining
District Mohave County Arizona Tfern
tory 81 Id mining claim is duly recorded
in the mining eoordt of said County in the
KeoordorH flic thnxfot mid roforenco is
hereby find thereto for full and conipMa
description thereof 8id oxpenditur has
boen innuV in order to hold said premises
uuder th proviAionsof naetlou 2324 UevJs
ed Statute of the United States being the
amount required to bold the ittme for tbe
year ending Dooerober 8lst 18iW
And yon are further notified that he pro
portion of iuoh expenditure due from you
Jh V Uvrfnl money of the United States
and if within JO dys after tbe publication
of this notieo you fail or refuse to con
tribute your proportion of such expenditure
as oo owner your mterent in iid property
will become the prorwrty of tbe undersigned
under anid SootLn 2324
Kingman Oat 20tb 1887
flfotire or Forfeiture
To Jambs Ksiarrr
You nro hereby nntiflwl ttott 1 have ex
pended fonr hundred dollars in labor and
improvements upon the Mexican mining
claim Kitut ted in the WHllnpai Mining Dis
trict MouaVfl o unfy Arizona Territory
and duly rcnordod in Hook V of Mining
Ilea rd pace 500 in order to hold said
promises under the provinionn of Section
2324 Itovised Statutes of the United States
being tbe amount required to hold the
oamn for the years 1883 183J 18M and 1880
And rou are hereby notified that the
prop trtion of mid expenditure duo from
von i 0 Inwfnl money of the United
Ktite and if within 10 darn after the pub
lioition of thii notice von fail or refuse to
contribute ymr proportion of aid expendi
ture nt co owner onr intercut in said claim
will become the property of the uudersicned
nndor mid Scotion 232 i
Minernl Paik A T Rpt 25th 1887
47 JOd
In the District Court of tho Third Jndiciil
DiMtriot Territory of Arizona Connty of
lloh ve
Moim D Rollins 1
Chufi II Lawrence I
Defendant J
Action briughtin tho Dintriot Conrt of tbe
Third Judicial District of the Territory
of rizo a in ad for the County of Mo
Tho Territory f Arizona Sands Greeting
to Ch tn H Lawrence
Yon nrti herutiy Hummoned and required
to appear in an notion brousht agtima you
by tho abivo named Plaintiff in the Dfntrict
Court of tbe Third Judicial District In and
for the Oountv of Mohave in tho Territory
of Arizona and nnawor the oomplaint filed
with the Clerk of thin Court at Kingman
in mid ooautv within ten dnyn oxclneive
of tbe day of aerrice tiller the aerviee upon
you of this Sninnioua if served in thin
Conntvibot if aerved out of tbe County
and within thU District then within
twenty daya in all otbercH tblrtyday
And you are heruby notified that if you
fail ii ipptr it rid answer the oornpbdut as
above teqnfred the Plaintiff will take
jndkHJont acninat you by default and ftp
ply t tli Court for tbe relief demanded
and ooqts find dUburKiinonU in this behalf
Oiren undor my hnd nd the
l eeal of the Raid District Court
ntJLU nt Kingman this 17th day of
v Doemb3r 147
William Labcim Clerk
Ea WiLLUMa Atly for ilaintiff 6 4t
The Finest Bmnda of
In the Mnrket
Courtooui rsatment to Ad
Cabinet Maker
Plans and Specifications on
ufBce Ono Door North of thv
fSlarkxmith Shop
r rfWt J
NO OF SHARES - 400000
BEN II SPEAR - - Pbksidkkt
- - - Secbktahy
GUS W BEECHER - Tjikahubeb
Board of IJlrotoret
Burt II Hpeah - Kinuraan Arizona
Gun W KriiEB
Eb WthLixat -
Orltflnr 1 lueorporutorsi
W II Taooaut
Hem II Swan
Wit G Ulmlzi y
E F TuouiiioN
JaMvh J Htds
Koukut Hrarsi
Gus W llxzcazz
Know all Mks ijt Tuesb ItKUKmn Tha
we Ben if Apoxr W II Tnfjart Eh
Williams Wrn G Rlakely Robrt Ston
Fame J Hjde Gar W Beecher William
RicljnrdH O V Kuencer nud E F Thomp
son all of th Connty of llohavo Territory
ol Arizona have aisooiatcd oursolves to
gwther for tho objcct nnd tiuriKjas horoin
-if tor inontiiined and dosirin toheoome in
ojrporntod under th lawn of th Torritory
of Ariz ona in foh ctm made and irovided
do now hereby 8ubcrbo ivnd nokowlvdo
theio nrtiokH of ircorjwritlon viz
Flrt ThinamB8B3umod by thi corpor
ation and by which it tdiall ha known nud
transact iti buftitu sp in The Mohav6 Mi
ins and Milling Corji ration and aa Buoh
it whall havo an existence or duratiou for
tb term of Thirty f 30 yeari from the date
of the filing of theft urtinloH
Booond The enterprise hoiinesaf pur
nait And oooupntion for which this corpor
ation ifl formed are to purobaso or other
wrs ncquiro minitiK laudt minec tninine
nht or int ri atn therein milU furnaca
and othur projwrty to purchase or other-
wiHA acquire mill nitui nnd wtter pnvilejjon
to mine for jjold and tulver and othor min
eral and metals to purchase or otherwise
acquire xold and niiver ore and other oren
minernla and Ditnl to carry ou procesaea
for piep iring oreo mineraU and mitAls for
market and marketing the name to mill
tatp crnfih ambit rrflne and treat cold
and direr ore atid othor ores minerals
and ruetaN iu itny method or anlo and to
st ll the Mm to Hill let leno or otberwie
dinpoae of any mines cUim land a righta
ore hollion or other property owned or
rrwK by aaid corporation
Third Tbe prinnlpnl offlw of thia oor
juration shall be kept nt tho lrrn of Hivu
mun in the county of Mohavn nnd Torri
lory of Anzona at which nfilcci the princi
pal imiin of sttd corporation shall be
Fourth The amount of tbe capital stock
of iid corporation Minll be Two Million
Dollar divided Into Pour
Hundred Thntmnd ahores -400000 of the
par value of Five Dollars 500 each and
which shall be nori osaMtsable
In WUdmw Whfrreof Tha naid Bn H
8par WHTaKBart Eb WillUnn Wm
O Blakelf Ribert Stn JaneJHyde
Go W Eeocbor William Ricbnro4 0 F
Kuencarand E F Thompson have bore
unto Bubacnbod their name and affixed
thoir soals thin ninth day of May A D 1887
ttsn IL Kpiaq stAb
W IL Taooabt atM
James T Htdb heal
Gua W Hxkcuxb rcat
E F Thoupbow real
BIkhwI Felled and acknowledged in pre
enc of Frnnk F Welkins
TrnnnoY or Viuzoma I
Connty of Mohnve f8
On ihiB ninth day of May in tbe year
o thousand eiht hundred and eighty
eoven before me Frank F Watkina a
Notary Iublio in nd for uaid county of
Mohave poreonally appeared Ben H
Spear W II Taggart Eb Williams Wm
O Hlakely Robert Sieen JaniM J Htde
Gua W Beooher William Richards O F
Kuencer and E F Thompson ocraonally
known to me to be the tame persons des
cribed in and wIioho names are snbaoribed to
the within instrument nnd who executed
the same nnd acknowledged to mo that
they executed tho aame freely nnd volcn
tnnl and for the Ubes nnd purposes herein
In Witness Whereof I have
hereunto set my hand nod af
fixed my official seal the day
srAL nnd year in this certificate first
nbovt written
Fbank F Watzucs
Notary Public
Filed in tho office of tbe Seorotury of the
Torritory of Arizona this lltb day of May
A D 1887 at 3 oclock p m
Wm 0 Fosteb
Acting Secretary of Territory
Thbbitobt or Abtzowa I
Oificeof thaSeorotary JOT
I Wm O Fonter Aoting Sooretary of the
Territoiy of Arizona do hereby certify that
the Abote is a full true and corroct copy of
the Original Articles of Incorporation of tbe
Mohave Mining nnd Milling Corporation
together with the indorsement of filing
thereon now on file in my office
In Witn bs Whereof I have
hereunto not my hand nnd affix
od my offiolal soal Dono at
bkal Proocott this Twelfth 12th day
of May A D 1887
Wu O Fosteb
Aotiog Secretary 4 Territory
t tMuwinx booki pbllh4 la at rwfhlt ferw rrlu4 freaa twd r4bU tjr taai
tJlr oS mm rurt ilMiwir lttuauf Tfcf aw Ulwt atotytioa to a pwt 21SL V
Ki knv ub4 r Uanafft J rmih to Utt mtutt r Uta peepla sa eppaftaatyr w aMwalkaaa
1 1 tut a m Mr mmw rl mmmlA
i a a rhr mHu iUu rut vrrka MM aiu
vSttSi stmLSmiTiisnarsvmsiimii t
iM tit the Wrl4 Tit ire Orsf a C
wltlii 74 U Ba Trr lUmlt la4lnKtlt
tJiftSSZiuil f M4 at Ik MM 1 M
A Ilwin Ktrrtiaa aa4 aaar haiakaa r
TkTiaaal Kealili Iara fcCia Arr aiW
af rta BMf DtnaMW A ki rl4Malaar faaa
Obr1faaaa atarlca T Ct 9xwt OaUwa a
kmUrr tmt Mtrmlr OirlUBM UrtMnr wrtlU
W tUtrHUH wrrli rllTa Kh1tmtit
IU4tla EvaafM Ima AbkWatarUtten
llilMiilltnM tf lllllc MtlBthemt
IaUrlUHUUoa aBlalacaaakaMraMlrn
lh 4 MikJI7 iBrilag n IK Iimi kMt fc4 att rr
TbaSriraa M rMaaraTfaM r
IrlU 4 kUi rt if Hum it U Amtktnm h
iii artkkii u ti amt
fIUr tMUatM CMUiilt ikOTlilaaa4aiMr
tf r p rrMMtirt limiiuliwiM
I A uU work rcrtai
I Ufo la Nw Vrk A awtMrlMiwaalctm
H xrlf M4llti 4f ll la llif rMldlr Tihumtui
T Rm4 Wealth a4vrrtUlf clrrlr
ui rKr rnri wtt atiiaa a wr
viru iiir mk mr aaatir raalttr a4 kxiir
Via lrt4 Taaclar llutr
in ttu1kttunii nMi ika UtmUm aw tA
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Druggists andApotliecaries
Mineral Park and Kingman Arizona
Agents for the Jion Iiisnrance
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Arizom Sampling Wobk
KiiisTa njsr jKizonsr A
Will Ymy the Uifthett Market Price tor
Will also buy Copper ores inmiy quwntity
Special Qvuctctleaxi ot tlxe TTverlean
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Berkshire and Poland China Pigs
Address all Orders to
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Wm NHjES Los Angeles Gal
Kingman and Mineral Park
Leaves Kincman Dailv Excent Snndnv nt7 A lfTrT
W 1 I J J - - aa
iAlJTier and others having ore Jo dispose of will do WeVi cUVi
tnl my prices before shipping Isewuuro oatisfaction guaranteed
ii I I I I JW MM rM
A few choice Registered Herd Book Anitaiald ofHthisfBrtttd
for sale at reasonable prices also t
Leaves Mineral Park at 1 P M
FARE Kingman to Mineral Park 2f0
New London 1 00 f
veruai ioaa 5g
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kichakd taggart Proprietor
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of the Colorado the greatest wonder of the world
should bear in mind that the way to do so is by cpr
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Ajivcjcjo wm unu gooa accommoaauons at reach opringi i
ana a gooa Hotel in the urand Janyon
STHtngM leave at any honr to emit paBsengcie and will make the ronwT
trip in one day when neceisary For further information addreir
J H FARLEB PetA Bpringt Station Arizona

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