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Mohave County miner. [volume] (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, September 30, 1899, Image 2

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Tho case of -J. Olnronco Brown, ar-'
rested on a chargo of forging E. W.
Dorry's name to a check of' 1,000$ ou a
San" Francisco bank, ia growing very
dark and suspicious. Tho Consolidated
bank, through which tho draft
was sout for collection, wired to know
if Derry8 draft was good for tho
amount drawn for, and received an answer
that it was. When tho draft was
received, San Francisco wired that it
had been paid. Tho Consolidated
bank, as t.oon as it 'learned of tho arrest
of Drown, alias Dorry, wired to
San Francisco to scrutinize closely
tho signature of Dorry, Thoy wired
back that there wero doubts as to tho
gouuinouess of the signature.
UjKin further interrogation, Drown
stated ho camo down from Klondike
some months ago, aud deposited his
money in bank under tho name of E.
W. Derry, to conceal his identity, and
that ho was known as Dorry in a Sail'
. Francisco hotel. The proprietor was
wired to givo Dorry's description, but
instead of describing Drown, it is said
tliat tho description, so far as to height
aud hair, tallies bettor with tho description
of that of u corpse found
hung to a tree up in a mountain can-
, yon near Nogales somo days since,
which was supposed to havo been there
a month. There appeared to be n lack
of evidence of suicide. The liody was
hung to a limb of a tree, and the knees
very nearly touched the ground. Thoio
was no clothing upon the corpse savo
a shirt, not a scrap of paper to be
found anywhore by which to identify
the corpse. It is stated that Drown
had a partner named Derry. It is alleged
they had been at Disbee together;
that thoy were last seen together
in a vehicle somo weeks ago, and that
Derry had not been seen since. Among
Drown's ejects was found a large pack-ago
of cancelled checks signed by
Derry; also, Derry'a check-book, a
number of lottors, and other papers of
Derry's. Thero was also a large number
of pieces of paper upon which ho
had lieen practicing writing tho name
of E. V. Derry, as-well as other very
danuigingcircumstancial evidence. Tho
ollicors have gone to look up
covered circumstances, as far as pos-
' sible, of tho remains of the man found
in tho mountains. A fow days will
it is believed, a most diabolical
crime. It is to be hoped 'that tho
young man cau establish his innocence.
Tho caso looks bad vory bad for the
young man.- Tucson Star.
Wherever we get the facts concern
ing the domestic or foreign trade of
European countries, wo find them very
similar to those prevailing in tho
United States that is- to say, unprecedented
activity in all lines of production,
yet a demand in excess of
the output caused by the fullest play
of energies, says tho New York financial
News. Tho world ia growing at an
unprecedented rate. Heretofore the
developments in our western States in
the two decades following the Civil
War tho record for demand and for
the amount of nowly created wealth.
Yet tho wost is growing as rapidly,
more rapidly than twenty years
ago, but its growth is spread over so
much ground, in an empire filled up
ou the foundations laid a quarter of a
century or a half century back, that
we do not see tho growth concentrated
in the building of lines of railroad over
empty prairies jor tho board town do'
velopment that followed the laying of
tho roads. Hut in tho production of
oropi, iu the haudliug of merchandise,
in manufacturing, mining, the output
aud movement of surplus, the growth
is infinitely larger. Tho south is growing
at a great puce, and tfyear's results
on tho scolo of to-day doubles, trebles
or quadruples thoso of two or three
decades back, as production has been
greatly varied. Record.
Don't forgot tho old reliable stand.
We lead in quality and low prices for
cash. Gaddis & Pekkt Co.
Mr. Frank P. Clarey, a careful and
competent assayer will open an assay
olllco ono door west of tho Arizona
Sampling Works, ou Frout street. A
share of your patronage is solicited;
Frank P. Clary.
Kingman Drugstore....
J. T Pendegast, Prop
Buy a Prospect.
It is often tho caso that tho development
of a prospect is moro profitable
than tho working of a producing mjno.
To tho experienced miner this is tho
proposition, so palpablo
that its repetition is superfluous.
Howovor, thero aro many of tho
who aro anxious, moro than
evor at this time, to becotno practically
interested in tho iudustry aud
who aro unable to properly valuo tho
distinction or measuro tho various
of ditrereuco between a prospect
and a mino, A prospect may bo a
holo of six feet or a shaft or tunnel of
100 feet in the ground. Either may bo
located upon a ricli but undeveloped
minoral voin. Tho discovery thus far
may, as it often does, establish tho fact
that it is a valuable property. Hut
owing to the fact that tho expenditure
of money aud labor has been but a
trifle, the property is offered for salo
or it may be secured under bond and
lease at a nominal price regardless of
its possibilities of abundant treasure.
It is this phase of tho mining industry
iu Colorado, as elsowhere, which is
especially presented at this time, when
thero is an inquiry and search on
every hand for oppoitunitios of min
ing investment and all descriptions of
property aro iu demand. For tho mail
of small money tho prospect offers tho
safest investment; tho opportunities
are uumerouti aud tho field is wide
spread and inviting. Mining Reporter.
One man who claims to havo out
generaled the trust, says he was at the
head of a small concern making, let
us say, car wheels (that's not exactly
it, but pretty nearly,) and about a year
ago ho got a private hint that the other
ear wheel people wero arranging a com
bine. He sail nothing, but immediately
communicated with several of tho
largest consumers and by offering confidentially
a reduction of about 15 per
cent secured advance orders th.it
would occupy him over two years to
fill running at full capacity. At the
price named every wheel would be
made at a los?, aud his partners were
scared. Ho told them to keep their
mouths shut aud wait. In a few
months the trust was organized according
to program, and ono day a
bland ageut dropped in and offered
him a fair price for the plant. He said
ho didn't care to sell. The trust thereupon
proceeded to cut rates, but tho
little wheel maker didn't seem to eate.
Then they made another aud much
larger cut whicii was what ho was waiting
for, and through a third party lie
instantly placed orders covering all
the contracts he had made at a figure
that left him a handsome margin of
profit. Without suspecting that tho
large order came from him, the trust
people, alarmed at tho losses incurred
in tho freezing-out process, made another
aud much better offer for his
plant, which he promptly accepted.
Now tho trust has tho corfcern and is
running it day and night to make
wheels at 2j per cent unibar actual cost
for the man it tried to froeze out. As
fast as he gets them ho turns them
over to his contracts aud reaps the intermediate
profit, while, needless to
say, tho trust howls every time it
makes a delivery. The little wheel
maker says it is great fun to see a trust
ou the gridiron. M. &, S. Press.
Mint- 'Warning Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that neither the Tarr
mine, situated iu Wallapal mluiug district.
Mohave couuty. Ar zoua, nor the uuderslgued
owner will be responsible for any debts contracted
or labor performed by parties engaged
iu working a d mine uudar lease aud bond.
W. A. L. TAItlt.
Manuelito, New Mexico, Aug. 21, Wit.
Minei Warning Notice.
To all whom it may coucern'
Notice Is heniby given that the Keystone
mine with machinery therenn. situated In Mineral
Park precinct, Wallapal mining district,
Mohave county, Arizona, Is under lease and
bond to parties working the same, aud that
neither said property uor myself will be responsible
for aoy labor or debts co traded uor
injuries sustained by employer or employe Iu
, the operatiou ol said mluiug property; that all
i operatives engage In such service at their own
1 risk, aud that uo debt Is valid against said fining
claim. James UxCai'Hck.
' Mineral Park, July 8, I8D9.
Drugs, Chemicals, Stationery,
cand School Supplies....
Fob Sale. 1 lots on Deal street,
Kingmau. Enquire at Mixer otlico.
Charles Sangster,
Chloride, Arizona.
Cash dealer in
I carry a full line of Choice
ii Groceries, Mining Supplies,
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
Hay and Grain...
All Goods
sold at bedrock prices
Cull and inspect stock
mid get prices before
purchasing your Fall
and Winter supplies...
For Sale.
Two stoves in good condition; ono
kitchen and ono heater. Cheap for
cash. Apply to Lew Dlakklv.
Kingman, September 2d, 1899.
Warning Notice.
JJotice In licieby Riven tl.at the original New
Lonilou mluc. ltuatel la Wallftil mlnliu il
irlct, Mohave county. Aritoua 1 the prorertjr
of the uu.lertlKucJ, and that ueltber the mine
nor the owner thereof will he reioulble for
any labor or lsht contracted, uor Injurlet
titalnc! by any pe rou or perpous employed
or working ou tail property; ami that no
claimant or employe in the a&ent of the owner
for ny pnrpoe whatever, and that all operatives
and laborers euRaRc In uch service at
their own rink, and that 110 debt or claim of
debt, li valid aealDkt said mlnlne cla m or lit
owners. M. I. ItOCIIFOlUI.
Kingman. Tuly 2Sth. 1599.
Arizona Stage Co
Carrying U. S Mail to
Mineral Park
Chloride and
White Hills.
Stages leave Kingman every morning
(except Sunday) for Mineral l'ark,
Chloride, and White Hills at 7 o'clock.
Leaves Whito Hills, south bound, at 7
o'clock each morning. Stage for Campbell
leaves Kingman Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
W. H. Taggart
Mercantile Company's
-- Jud c'al Dlitrlct. of the Territory of Arlzoua
In ami for the County of Mohave.
GU3. W. 1IEECHEH. Plaintiff,
V. Summons No. 345.
XT. F. MAKTIEN. Defendant.
Actiou brought In the District Court of the
Fourth Judicial District iu aud fur the Couuty
of Mohave Territory of Ar zoua:
The Territory of Arizona sends grecttug to
W K. Marticu:
You are hereby summoned aud required to
appear iu an actiou brought against you by the
above named plaintiff lu the District Court f
the Fourth Judicial District, In aud for the
Couuty of Mohave, In the Territory of Arizona,
and answer the complalut filed with the Clerk
ol this Court at Kliigmin, In said Couuty, (a
copy of which complaint accompanies tbla
summons), within leu days (exclusive of the
day of serv'ce) after the service upou you of
this suinmous, If served In this couuty, but If
served out of couuty aud within the district,
then wlthlu twenty days; where personal ser
vice of a copy of the summons aud complaint
Is made out of the Territory: or service by
publication is made ts provided by law, wlthlu
twea'y days after the completion thereof; Iu
all other cases thirty days.
And you are hereby notified that If you fall
to appear aud answer the complalut as above
required, the plalntHT will take judrcmeut by
delault against vou to quiet title to the
aud Idaho mining claims situated iu the
Wallapal miulng district, Couuty of Mohave,
Territory of Arizona, and costs afid disbursements
in this behalf expended.
Given under my hand and the seal of fiald
beilJ Court, at Kli'gman. 'bis 12th day of
August, 18'JV.
First Insertion Aug 12.
Mine Warning Notice.
Notice ia hereby given that neither
the Tub mino nor tho undersigned
ownor thereof will bo responsible for
any .debts or labor contracted by
now working samo on lease and
ond, and that all operatives engago in
such service at their own risk.
T. L. Atres,
Oakland, Calif., Aug. 17, 1899.
THE. oumrfluiNo.
One Door East ,
Chloride, of Opera House..
Tho Motropiile is
n large, comfort
able roomingi
nouse, siiuaiuu
within five minutes
of the mines
( on the Schuylkill!
lode and convenient to all the
other working mines.
Rates Reasonable.
Dt R, McDonald, Prop.
To F. B Roberts, his heirs, assigns and
legal representatives.
You are hereby notified that the
who are prt with you In the Hidden
Treasure mining claim, have expended the
sum of one hundred dollars Iu labor aud Improvements
upon the said mining cUlin, the
said expenaiture and improvements being
made In the year 18'jS, In compliance with the
United states milling laws requiring; annual
expenditures to be made ou miulng claims.
The said lllddeu Treasure mluiug claim consists
of l.VJo feet Iu length by 600 feet iu width,
situate In the Wallapal minlngdlstrlct, Mohave
county, Ariioua Territory, a record of which
is made In book ", page H7, u.lulug records of
Mohave county. And you are hereby further
notified that If at the of ninety day
from the last publication of this notice, you
fall or refuse to contribute your proportion
of said expenditure, your Interest iu the said
Hidden Treasure milling claim will be forfeited
aud become the proj erty of thi! undersigned
C. L. Wil(.
A. Vek Mkiik.
Kingman, Arlt., June 22. IK.
Klr.t Insertion June 24. ISW.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
To Whom It Mat Concern:
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between R.
Clack and E. Lano, tinder the name
and styly of tho Kingman White Hand
Laundry, is this day dissolved by mutual
consent, R. Clack retiring. Mr.
Lano will collect all accounts and pay
all bills. It. Clack.
B. Lane.
Kingman, Aug. 27th, 1899. 3t.
Mine Warning Notice.
Notice is hereby given that neither
myself nor tho Green Linnet mine,
situated in Union Basin, Waliapai
mining district, Mohavo County, Arizona,
will bo responsible for any debt
for labor or supplies contracted by tho
lessees thereon. Foster S-Dennis.
Kingman May 20th, 1898.
Civil Engineer and Surveyer
If you want a late map of tho County,
a sketch of a patent model, a plat
of tho underground workings of
your mine, or anything in the line
of topographical drawings, call on
Hardy Building,
Kincsman, Arizona.
I Bin Sajiii Mi - I
ifxf; EWING & EEIMROD. j
$ Ores Of . I
Gold. Silver, Copper, I Lead
j; Sampled and Purchased ($M J
- ...
Satisfaction in Sampling and $r
DKrs. DQZ. IB. ers
int., JTvsit v. v
vn t"J7,kfeXsmw.AtaikkVfr t 'w .i"i r.
r ;
f ..-
Judicial District, of the l'errilnryof Arizona.
Iu and'forthe County of Mohave.
Alicia J. Curtis, 1
I'latutlir, 1
vs Hnminous No. SIH
Norman E. Curtis,
Actiou brought in the District Court of the
Fourth Judicial District, iu aud for the Couut
of Mohave, lenltory ol Arlzoua:
grcctlug to Norman E. Curtis.
You are hereby summoned aud required to
appear In an actiou brought against you hr the
above named plaintiff in the District Court of
the Fourth Judicial District, iu and for tht
County of Mohave, Iu the Territory of Arizona,
and answer the complaint riled wl h the clerk
of this court at Klncraau, in said rnuuty (a
copy of which compUint accomraulcs this
summons), within ten days (exclusive of the
day of service) after the service upon you of
this summons, if served iu this county, but if
served out of county and wltlilu the district
then within twenty dajs. where personal service
of a copy of the summons and complain
Is made out of the territory, or service by pub
llcatlou Is made as provided by law, within
twenty days after the completion thereof; tu all
other cases thirty days.
' Aud you are hereby notified that If you tail
to appear and answer the complaint as above
rc'iulr d, the p alnttrT will take Judgment by
default agaln.t you as prayed for in said com
plaint, and costs aud disbursements iu this he
half expended.
Given under my hand aud the seal of sa'd
isiAL! court, at Kingmau, this 29th day 01
August, lS'.i.
First Insertion Sentcmber 2. UW.
Notice is hereby given that neither the Or
Plata or Merlpost mlue, nor the owners there
of, will be responsible for any debts contracted
by the lessees thereou In worgiugsald mines.
Kingman, March 3, lfvT. J. VY. Oerkitt.
S. (t. McKesson,
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Slaojp JPrdxx.i: St..
Kingman. Arizona.
Lime for Sale....
Wo havo on hand a large quantity
of lime, which we will sell in lots
to suit purchaser.
Mdllioan & Hubbs.
Notice Is hereby given that neither the Night
hawk rnlue nor the owners thereof, will be re
sponsible for any debts contracted by the lesses
thereon. James T. Lamitoed. Supt.
Kingman, Ariioua, Nov. 23rd. IS ."
Spring Chickens
Tho finest yellow legs
in the market.
Lew Roach.
Warning Notice.
The notice is hereby ttlveu u whom It tna
concern that thr O. K Milling Company's
prorerty. In Gold mluiug district, Mohave
county, will not be repous!ble for an--debts
Incurred by C A. Hand, the lessee there
By James Choi-an.
Kingman. June 9th, IfyJ
-at -Law,
Will practice u all of trie courte of trie
1 1. IVV, ." -.li
,s )gmx$szm
Mom w
Xjngimn j

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