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Mohave County miner. [volume] (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, September 30, 1899, Image 3

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Moso Levy, morchnnt and cattleman
Signal, was in Kin? nan this week.
A The board of supervisors will meet
Monday to settlo up the business ror
Le quarter.
F R. Nellis," the Chloride mining
iterator, returned from Williams last
Sunday evening.
lion Hastings, superintendent of the
'rnrod mine, Wearer district, was in
iugman Tuesday last.
Harvey Hubb roturned from Los
Uigelo this morning, having perfocted
.rrangeinents for the opening of his
jew hotel.
N. W. Tarr returned from Wat-
Mr. and Airs. Tarr
'MMiaaMaa.MlaglMgBlMaWWrWaMla fat&? .ttgfljlKMfatfn,a
TWwBHsawiM ' ' m:mtMSkmmm
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!'-.' . r : --
vsa,t&rk'r??&?tw. s.-- i . -' t; ? rs?
-M",iii'. . n . -.. ., .. T .
ra ivi 11 j.iv..i'i - tjj. : .- jaMJ. .--
;te,' ,'--. --.- ;-. tp - ;,.
We will sell for spot cash with order
"Agdsryouwanr""s Pure ane Sugar' $5J5 per l0 pounds
Ut correspondingly low prices! 's ex msR " "" """1,
t. ouaany s rfex Wide bacon, 10 cents per pound
If you find anything wrong with any article you buy of us bring it back and get your money...
We guarantee quality and condition.,.,,..
iUohavc (County $Uncr,
Published Every Saturday.
Cb year, strictly In advance, : 3 00$
Bjx months, : : : s t 75
I Three monthi : : 1 00
Advertising rates on application.
Qooal and personal.
"iirille last night.
-o now domiciled in their now
tl "ok street.
I F. Withors came In on this morn
ing's train, having visited San Fran-
lf-co, Los Angeles and other places of
I interest during his absence.
II. II. Watkins returned this morning
I from a two weoks' viiit to Sau Fran-
hi'o and San Jose, very much im-
,'i-ore iu health and appoaranca.
F. M. Barnes a mining man of wide
Morience, arrived from Colorado
Tuesday last. .Mr. Barnes Is Interested
in the placer country along the river.
'. W. Beecher and son, Sumner, armed
from Los Angolos Wednosday
miming. Sumner has almost entirely
recovered from the terrible accidout of
the 3d of July.
Frank Dewey returned yesterday
morning from a tour of the country.
Ha went to Arkansas Hot Springs, St.
Louis, 'Kansas City, Salt Lake,
Sau Francisco, Los Angeles and
Sau Diego. He is much improved in
health by the trip.
Wo understand the Truckeo Lumber
company will eoou put in a yard in
Kingman and will handle the best
gradoa of California lumber. We hope
the rumor is true and that the new
concern will give the people the benefit
of, lower prices on lumber. At present
too lumber business is iu the bauds of
John Hemple, formerly of White
Hills, arrived in Kingman Wednesday
direct from Cape Nome. He is
over the future prospects of
the Cape and predicts that next year's
output will equal if not exceed that of
tho Klondike. There are twenty miles
it rich beacb diggings, the gold in paying
quantities being found far out
undor the waters of the cape. Mr.
Homple, after a few months visit with
his family, will return north.
Dr. Amos M. Dypes, who at one time
held a position in the White Hills mill,
arrived iu Kingman Wednesday last.
Mr. Dypes served in a California volunteer
regiment in the Philippine
was mustered out of the service
in San Francisco a few weeks ago.
He bolioves that tho mountains of
Luzon are full of gold and is anxious
for hostilities to cease when he will return
to Manila and prospect tho country
adjacent in search of the yellow
metal. Mr. Dypes has gone to Whito
Hills to visit friends.
Sugar, salt, soap, flour, grain, coal,
coaloil and canned goods, always by
the cur, (for they will keep) and we
will noil these articles to you very
hoap for cash. CUnnis & Perk Co.
10 pounds sugar for 1.008 cash, at
Gaddw & Peukt Co's.
How Mines are Discovered.
Some months ago II, J. West, F. L.
Smith and George W. Kostor went into
the Boundary Cone country on a prospecting
trip. They located several
claims mid, having to pack water
several miles, concluded to prospect
for water near their locations. They
found indications of water in a vein
near camp and proceeded to sink
the ledge. Soon water was encountered
and the discovery was also
made thai; tho ground was held by
other parties. Arrangements wero soon
made and tho ground purchased for a
nominal Hum. Tho (.haft was then
driven down forty feet, where a supply
of water, ample for camp uses, was obtained.
II. was thought advisable to
cut into the ledge to increase the water
supply when tho joyful discovery of
eighteen inches of eleven ounce gold
ore was made. Tho former owners had
been working on a small stringer of
rich ore on the surface, but it had
pinched out on them and they became
disgusted and quit. Mr. Koster now
writes that, the ore extends to the surface.
Tho ledge is four feet wide -and
everything between walls will pay to
mill. The owners contemplate putting
in a cyanide plant and are now engaged
in developing water on the mines. The
camp of Boundary Cone gives promiso
of rivaling the big gold camps of the
Pacific cot. There are ledges there
the width of which are unknown, but
which have been exploited for a
breadth of forty feet, that will run
from eight to ten dollars to the ton in
gold. The Colorado river is only five
miles away and tho road is over a hard
mea. Judge J. II. West and Steve
Bedell, of Needles, also have rich
property in the district.
The ore is tho best in the world,
from the cyanide standpoint, having
no nutraliiiing agent iu its make-up.
Mr. Smith had a test made at the El
Dorado Canyon cyanide plant last
week and the result exceodod his most
sanguine exjwetation.
Dr. W. A. Hendryx aud Col. Mc-Pherson,
of Los Angeles, arrived iu
Kingman this morning and left for
Cerbat, where thoy are engaged in un-watering
tho Golden Gem mine, upon
which they have a bond. The judgment
of the gontlemeu is to be commended
in taking hold of tho Golden
Gem. It is one of the very best gold
mines in Arizona.
W. II. Thomas, tho New York mining
man, has been looking at properties in
this county for several weeks. He
visited Chloride Monday to examine
one of tho big properties south of that
camp. He) left for Now York Tuesday
morning, but will roturu in about two
Dau B. Gillette, one of the oldest
mining promoters aud experts on the
coast, died iu Enfield, Mass., last week.
He was superintendent of the Tip Top
mine in Ynvapai county in its halcyon
days and the town of Gillette wus
named in bis honor.
n. H. Ciilds, of Chloride, was called
to Salt Lake City Monday last by tho
death of his father. He left on the
night train;
J. P. Finegau, mining man and mer
chant of Chloride, was iu Kingman
Tuesday last on important business.
J. M. Russell, the popular young
secretary of the Merrimao Mining com
pany, was in Kingman yesterday.
Consider quality, low prlcos, prompt
attention, and plaoe your cash orders
with Gaddis & Perri Co.
Wo will sell
week making
Come and see.
you shoes cheap1' this
room for fall stock.
Gaddis &. Perrit Co.
Remember the Albuquerque laundry
does mosl satisfactory work at reasonable
priciSs and pays the expreasage
one way ,on all orders sent. Agency
at Pendegast's drug store. Call and
get price' list
Oro Plata Sold.
This week tho agreoment by which
tho Oro Plata and Mariposa mines pass
into tho possession of M. D. Rochcford
and Lambert Smith was signod, the
consideration being 100,000$
Tho Oro Plata is a patented mining
claim in Todd basin and since its dis
covery has produced at least 500,0003.
For years no work had beeu done below
water level and tho oro taken from it
was worked lu mills, arnstras and smelters.
Every leaser made money on the
property and sinco passing into tho
hands of J. W. Gerritt it has b9en a
constant sourco of revenue. The deepest
shaft on the mine is about 240 feet.
Below tho tunnel level iu the last two
years 3255 haH been taken out but tho
blocks of low grade oro has been left
untouched. Under tho now method of
treatment this class of ore can be made
to produce considerable revenue. The
grades of oro shipped have carried
values up to 24 ounces in gold and :XX)
ounces in silver. There are two well
defined veins iu the location which
can be worked through one main
working shaft and each vein carries
pay ore.
The now owners 'are preparing to
open up new ground and work the
mine in a systematic manner.
Miss Marcia Tarr, the beautiful and
accomplished daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. L. Tarr, and W. II. Cooley,
were married at the residence of the
bride's parents in Manuelito, Now
Mexico, on September I'O. Tho bride
is well known in Kingman, aud is very
popular. Mr. Cooley is superintendent
of water service on the eastern
division of the Santa Fe Pacific aud is
a general favorite on account of his
genial, sunny disposition. Tho young
couple will reside in Flagetaff altera
month's visit in the east. The .Miner
wishes them long life, health, wealth
and happiness.
William Hcimrod returned from El
Dorado Canyon the first of tho week.
While there ho had several tests made
on ores from this section aud the results
proved their adaptability to tho
treatment Ho says that Messrs. Eckis
and Vandercook have made a cotnploto
success of the cyanide plant now working
the tailings from the old South
western mill. The ores of El Dorado
Canyon are the best adapted to cyanide
treatment of any in tho country
and it is predicted that many plants
will be put in to work the great bodies
of low grade ores in which the district
Lew Roche, with characteristic enterprise,
now supplies his customers
from the only horseless delivery wag
on in t ingmau. Mr. Roclio is bound
to lead the van.
Millinery Opening
Mrs. M. B. Eggers will display a
beautiful line of stylish hats on
Wednesday, October 4th. Don't
fail to see them.
Sugar 5.75? per sack, or 10 lbs for
1.00$ at Gaddis & Perrv Co's.
Notice to the Public
Having purchased the interest of
my parther, Mr. F. T. Aspinwall, iu the
Kingman drug 6tore, and having engaged
the services of a competent and
experienced assistant, I take pleasure
iu announcing that I am prepared to
dispense everything in the drug line,
and shall carry a full btock of drugs,
patent medicines, chemicals, toilet ar
ticles,' druggists' sundries, school
books, stationery and cigars, and respectfully
solicit a share of your pat
A new departure, which will be
made a special feature, is the establishment
of a circulating library, where
you can exchange reading matter and
obtain new and popular books. Yours
respectfully, J. T. Pevdeoast,
Sole proprietor Kingman Drugstore.
O. B. Wilcox, tho new president of
tho Whito Hills Mining Company, and
J. D. Murphy, managing engineer, departed
for Denver Monday night. The
gentlemen have been looking over tho
mines aud tho affairs of the company
iu general and It Is believed that when
they make their report arrangements
will bo made for tho big shaft on the
Norma, which is to prove the mines at
a dopth of 1,000 feet. The White nills ,
Company has recently beeu
ized and tho main offices moved to
fVlrtrorlrt Willintii Wrtj '
the well known miniug engineer, and
who was formerly assistant engineer
for tho company, is now chief consulting
engineer aud he has advised the
expediency and importance of a deep
working shaft on tho company's property.
Tho money is ready and the
work will bo done.
Charles Metcalfe has had men at
work on his Stanley mining claim,
In Wallapai mountains for some weeks
past. At a depth of fifteen feet eight
inches of ore was cut that samples 442
ounces silver, two dollars gold and
eight per cent lead. The veiu runs
parallel with the old Wheeler ledge
aud on the surface the ore was a heavy
block galena, carrying small values in
silver. Mr. Metcalfo will continue
work on the claim to ascertain the extent
of his find.
Drifting on the 90-foot level of tho
American Flag mine is now being carried
westward toward tho main ore
body. The winze was sunk on the
small ledge aud it is believed that
good shipping oro can be found iu the
main vein.
In doing work on the south extension
of the Cupel, W. II. Cushing this
week oncouutered a body of flue looking
ore. Considerable work will be
done on the property right away.
E. Hilty has struck a flue body of
gold ore iu a ledge recently
at Virginia Camp. The ledge In the
bittom of the shaft shows an ore body
four feet wide of a pay grade.
W. II. Eichelberger is engaged in
platting thox mines of Wallapai
district. When completed the map
will be used in the forthcoming mining
edition of this pajer.
James Rosborough is the proud
father of a baby boy. The little one
was boru in Florence, California, one
day last week. The mother is improving
very slowly.
John Gray, of the Poland mine, Big
Bug, has beeu examining mines iu
Todd Basin, for the Congress Gold
Company. He returned home Monday
The Gracey mill will not begin crush
ing ore until tho llrst of November on
account of the large amount of pre
limiuary work on tho mines.
Alfred Ver Mehr. of tuo W. II.
Mercantile Company, was iu
Chloride several days this week, on
business for his firm.
J. M. Brown arrived from Pasadena
yesterday morning and is hard at work
preparing his cases for the approaching
term of court.
Dr. W. A. Hendryx of Los Angeles",
and John R. Parks, a miniug man of
Helena, Montana, were lu Kingman
Saturday last.
George Aitken, who has beeu examining
mines iu the Ch'loride country, was
In Kingman last night.
One huudred pounds of our ice will
last you longer thau 125 lbs shipped
in here. Try it aud be convinced.
Kingman 1. 1. & W. Co.
Parties having dental work to do
will flud it to their advantage to call
on Dr. Watte at Commercial Hotel.
Dr. Wuite makes a siecialty of crown
and bridge work. Teeth extracted
without pain.
The Los Angeles Miniug Exchange
ought to have a membership of several
thousand. Every Arlzonau that visits
tho Angel City parts with a big iron
dollar for tho privilege of getting his
name on tho roster and getting in
evidence a perfumed highly ornamented
can, Tho affair reminds us somewhat
of a visit of Tom Ilesser aud
Dick Bauerbach, of Winslow to
a few years ago. Tom was of the
opinion that Bauerbach could easily
get along without the prefix or sulllx
of his uamo aud therefore decided to
raflle it off. He, therefore, started out
with a lUt aud each man with whom
he met was importuned to take a long
shot at Ilauerbach's name at two bits
a shot. In this way he secured iu the
neighborhood of 100$, which was duly
blown iu for booze for his admiring
constituents. At a dollar a shot the
Los Angeles mining exchange should
soon be able to purchase a urge hunk
of Meyer &. Zobelin's brewery.
Tomorrow evening Rev. W. G.
will fill the M. E. pulpit iu tho absence
of Rev. I. G. Sigler. Tho choir
is now one of the most important features
of tho Sunday evening service.
Dou't neglect to hear it and the elo
quent pastor.
James Twiggs aud wife returned
from a trip to the coast last
morning. Mis Ellen Robertson,
a niece of Mrs. Twiggs, accompanied
them to Kingman. They will occupy
the Perry house on Spring street.
A Kingman gentleman has offered
to donate 100$ toward the purchase of
instruments for tho band. Several
other gentlemen in the same frame of
mind are waited to be heard from.
Joo Marrines last week discovered a
ledge in the Cedar country, that carries
25 per cent copper. The veiu is
ten feet wide and shows a thoiough
mineralizatiou between walls.
Long Bowman this week sold to
tho Arizona sampling works two carloads
of ore from the 4th of March and
Samoan mines. The oro was brought
in over the A. & U. railroad.
By. Collius aud E. F. Thompson at:
tended the Elk's jubilee iu Los Angeles
last week. They say that they
enjoyed the affair hugely.
Miss Bessie Van Alen left on this
morniug's Utah flyer for White Hills
where sho has been engaged to teach
school the ensuing term.
Erol Beliaufaule is at Temple Bar in
the employ of the Temple Bar Consolidated
Mining Company.
J. T. Pendegast will probably go to
the Union Pass country tomorrow with
a party of capitalists.
Wood & Lefever has finished the
courthouse well. Over forty feet of
water is iu the woli.
Charles E. Bowers visited Todd
Basiu and Layno Springs last Thursday.
Many small lots of oro were worked
at the Kingman sampling works this
Judge W. G. Blakely arrived from
Chicago Wednesday evening.
Thomas McNeely, of Mineral Park,
is visiting lu Kingman.
Win, Sweeney is in from Sherum's
By using our ice you are patronizing
a home Industry, and bh it is turned
out below a freezing point," it will do
yon 25 per cent more good than the ice
shipped in. Kingman' 1. 1. & W. Co.
Rend vour laundrv to Albunuernun.
Tim prnrARs rates are reduced
half. Agency, Pendegust's drug store.
o.t twrnMinto ropreMMitii. t Mauairer in
this aul close bjrcouutles. HiUrjr HOOt jetr
ad expf ies. Si light, no more, nn
. salary perm'neut uur
uy b uk lu anylnvvu Ilia mainly office
work en idiicteJ at home Hefereuce. huclorc
elt i.tamrf J eav ope IH PoyiN.
ion C mtanv, let I.
'.ill -'&' T -'-!J -. .. ' "T
.,!.;- ,v- ' l.X yeklf .;.:-: '.'.&& -,-.. ., , ,;
,."' .ft- .; t.
.&&:.- k Jk H&feu&at? ? '.Jri i .si- ,,.' .!-:.. 7
- - . "m f L 'm:s? 'sM4 4.j?ajBt SS&&sWrtaW!!,

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