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Mohave County miner. [volume] (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, September 30, 1899, Image 4

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firi F -
Mr. Weston of San Diego, Col., is
now superiutondont of tho plant of tho
Kingman Ice Illuminating and Water
Company. Ho is an export in tho manufacture
of ico, Laving superintended
tho construction of and operated ma-chinos
in many states of tho union.
Since taking hold of this plant ho has
rovisod tho plans of operation and is
producing double tho amount of ico
made at any timo during tho season.
Tho highost mountain peaks in
county aro Wallapai poak, in the
Wallapai mountains, 8,900 feot; Mt.
Tipton, Cerbat range, 7,500 feet; Mount
Emma, Uinkaret mouutains, 7,000 feet;
Mount Dollonbaugh, Grand Wash
-Cliffs, 0,750 foot, and Chorum's Peak,
Cerbat range, 0,500 feot.
E. Ogdon, the Sandy freighter is in
from tho Big Sandy this week. Ho has
completed his contract with tho county
of repairing tho road and fixing several
bad hills in tho neighborhood of tho
Beo ranch. Partios who havo passed
ovor tho road say it is an excellent
pieco of work and is of groat
benotlt to freighters.
Johnsou, Kellogg and Tufty havo
opened up a splendid body qf lend ore
in their Gladstone miniug claim, on
the west eido of Shorum Poak. Tho
tunnel is now in nearly sovonty foot,
tho last ton feet of which has been in
pay ore. Thoy havo discovered pay
ore on a vein in tho same neighborhood
as tho Gladstone.
Luko Turnbull came in from Stockton
Hill Wednesday afternoon after
supplies. .Mr. Turnbull has a contract
to extend tho drift on tho 125 foot level
of tho De la Fontain mine 50 feet. A
fine body of pay ore was opened up in
the drift the other day.
Ir. Fred Waite, dentist, formerly of
Precott, Ariz., who moved to Los
Angeles about four years ago, is hero
looking for a location, Laving sold his
business there. If business will justify
ho will move his family horo and make
K ingmau his home.
Tho Chloride school will be opon, in
tho old school building, .Monday, for
the enrollment and classification of
Exchange your old books, novels,
and other liteiaturo for now reading
mutter. Pendegast's drug store.
Wo solicit country orders, guaranteeing
satisfaction in prices and
Cash counts with us. Give us a
trial and see. Gaddis .t Perrt Co.
R. M. Joues of Cerbat, was in
Tuesday last after supplies.
Miss Xancy Quinones is attending
business college in Los Angeles.
John C. Potts has gone back to his
mines on Stockton Hill.
His Life Was Saved
Mr. J. E. Lilly, a prominent citizen
of Hanuibal, Mo., lately had a wonderful
delherauce from a frightful death.
In tolling of it ho says: "I was taken
with typhoid fever that ran into pneumonia.
My lungs became hardened.
I was so weak I couldn't even sit up in
bod. Nothing helped me. I expected
to mou die of consumption, when I
heard of Dr. King's New Discovery.
One bottle gave great relief. I continued
to use it, and now am well and
strong, I can't say too much in its
praise." This marvelous niodicino is
the surest and quickest cure in the
world for all throat and lung trouble.
Regular sizes 50 conts and 18. Trial
bottles freo at II. II. Watkins' drugstore.
Every bottle guaranteed.
Dr. Waite, tho dentist, ha opened
an office at the Commercial Hotel.
Everything is up to date in all respects.
Everything operated by electricity.
Wo offer this week and until further
notice: . Sugar 5.753 per sack, or 10
lbs for 1.00$ for cash.
Gaddis & Perkt Co.
Branch Albuquerque Laundry.
paid one way. Fine work
guaranteed at city prices. Agency at
Pendegast's drug store.
Notice of Dissolution of Co-partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the
heretofore existing between
F. T. Aspinwall and J. T.
is tLIs day dissolved by mutual
consent, F. T. Aspinwall retiring and
J. T. Pendega8t continuing the business
in tho name of J. T. Pendegast.
P. T. Aspinwall,
J. T.' Pendeoast.
, Kingman, September 22d, 1809.
Jew and Christian.
It has boon truly said that God of-
ton communes with his children, that,
vfhon ho has a message to convey, he
chooses his messongcr and sends us
Lis word in his own inscrutable way.
When God felt tho hour had como to
reveal himself to man, ho choso for his
messenger tho patriarch Abraham, and
gave to him tho co lira go to proclaim,
in tho midst of idolatry, tho belief In
an unknownablo and uusconable God.
When tho Almighty folt tho timo was
at baud to uplift his people, ho choso
Mosos as his messenger, and touched
hlra with tho spark of divinity, and
the children of Israel became tho possessor
of the immortal Ten Commandments.
When tho hour arrived for
these commandments to bo spread
among nations of tho world, Jesus was
chosen, who, through his disciplo, Paul,
becamo tho herald of God's word, and
thus brought to tho benumed and
minds of tho heathen nations
a moral joy and a spiritual bliss
to them unknown.
Had thoro been no Abraham, thoro
would havo been no Mosos.
Had thoro been no Moses, there
would havo been no Jesus, there would
havo been no Paul.
Had there beon no Paul, there would
hato been no Christianity.
Had thoro been no Christianity, there
would have beon no Luther.
Had there been no Luthors, there
would havo been no Pilgrim Fathers
to land on these shores with tho Jewish
Bible under their arms.
Had their been no Pilgrim FatLers,
tliere would have been no civil or religious
liberty, tyranny and despotism
would still rule the earth and the human
family would still live in mental,
moral, and physical bondage.
Had there been no Jesus and no
Paul, the God of Israel would still be
tho God of a handful, tho God of a
petty, obscuro, and insignificant tribo
of JtlWS.
Had thero been no Jesus and no
Paul, tho magnificent moral teachings
of Moses would still bo confined to the
thinly scattered believers in Judaism,
and tho great world of men aud women
would havo been left so much tho
poorer because of their ignorance of
these benign teachings.
Let those of us who aro Jews le
thankful that thero was a .Jomis aud a
Paul. Lot us moro keenly appreciate
that, through tho wonderful influence
of these heroic characters, tho mission
of tho Jew is being better fulfilled and
his teachings are being spread to tho
remotest nooks and corners of the
world by Christianity, "a religion by
which millions havo been, and still arc,
quickened aud inspired." Let us not
forget that, through tho influence of
Jesus and Paul, the ten commandments
of Moses, tho sublime utterances of
Isaiah, of Micah, of Jeremiah, tho
proverbs of Solomon, and tho psalms
of David, Lave brought and aro bringing,
aud will continue to bring, balm
and comfort, joy aud happiness, spiritual
bliits and moral suushino into untold
millions of homos.
Thus is tho Christian, through Jesus
aud Paul, deeply indebted to the Jew,
aud thus is the Jew, also through Jesus
and P.iul, deeply indebted to the
Christian. Tho Christian and Jew of
to-day, each in Lis way, is manfully
striving to perform Lis part in preaching
the belief in a God whom they havo
in common, and wLo is all just, all
wise, aud all-knowing. Each is trying
to do Lis share to fulfill Lis mission by
spreading among Lis fellow-men a love
for morality and righteousness.
Christianity and Judaism are supplemental
to eacL other. Had thero
been no Judaism, there would have
been no Christianity. Had there been
no Christianity, tho message of Judaism
could not havo become so speedily
universalized. There is amplo room
in this broad world for the followers
of both beliefs to accomplish, sido by
side, a most heroic religious and moral
work. A difference in matters of theology
need in no way interfere with
Jew and Christian preaching and
teaching tho fatherhood of God, aud
living in tho spirit of the brotherhood
of man. So to tvach aud so to live,
whether born under tho inlluonco of
church or synagogue, whether looking
upon thei Nazaren'o as a man or God,
is to wiu moral happiness in this world
and tho world hereafter.
It is nut necessary that Jew shall become
Christian, nor that CLristian
shall bscotne Jew. Each in his own
way can bo truo to his faith, and can
contiuue to observo tho laws of God "as
he understands them, to worship his
Creator in accordance with tho dictates
of his own conscience. Both may continue
to livo sido by sido in peace and
in harmony, respecting eacli other's
beliefs, manifesting the fullest tolcr
mice for each other's religious opinions,
giving each other credit for good
ii.tentions, loving each other for their
virtues, and castiug tho mantle of
charity ovor each otlior's failings.
v .May Jew aud CLristian continue to
seek out tho many beliefs thoy have in
common, aud to join hands in working
together for common humanity!
May tlio object lesson become multi
pliod a thousand fold tho world ovor,
which for years existed in my own city,
whoro our worthy rabbi worked in tho
most perfect harmouy with n Protestant
ox-clergyman and a devout Catholic for
tho common purpose of saving tho
youth in our 'midst from vico and
degradation. What a glory and a joy
it would bo to tho Nazareno were he
now to return to life and find his
Jewish bretheren and his earnest
Christian followers living sido by sido
in peaco and harmony, and working together
for a common goodl
May tho Jew continue to" cultivate a
broad and liberal spirit! May ho avoid
tho narrowness, tho religious exclusive-ness
of the Pharisee and tho Sadduceo
ofoldl May his sympathies continue
to widen, his religious horizon to
broaden aud may his spirit of tolerance
becomo his crowning glory!
May tho Christian continue to preach
aud practice the ethics of Judaism us
set forth in the old as well as the new
testament! May he strive to eliminate
from Christianity tho elements of
paganism grafted into it during its
earlier history, aud may his doctrines
becomo still moro purified and brought
back to the puro and simple beliefs
taught by tho humble carpenter from
May Jew and Christian thus bo
brought into closer touch and into still
greater harmony aud fellowship.
May each of us in our way strivb to
fulfill the noblo teachings of our be
liefs and aim to live in accordance
with tho many lofty and beautiful
truths imbibed at tho breast of Judaism
by tho Nazareno aud Paul, which
thoy gave back to the world clothed in
a newer and brighter form!
May tho Christian in accordance
with the dictates of his conscience continue
to preach Jesus "as the divine
man who lived humauly," and may the
Jew learn to look upon him as tho
"human man who learned to livo di
viuely!" May Jesus instead of being
a dividing line between Jew aud Christian
thus becomo tho connecting link
between the divine mother religion,
and her noble daughter, Christianity.
May we as Jews aud you as Christians,
in this spirit learn to truly lovo
our neighbors as ourselves, and by example
as well as precept becomo nations
of priests and a blessing to the
human family! Henry Weinstock in
Oakland Enquirer.
A Girl's Experiences in Boston.
A sparkling serial of Boston life,
under tho titlo of "Her Boston Experiences,"
will begin in the noxt issue of
Tho Ladies Homo Journal. It is writ
ten by Margarot Allston, a vivacious,
well-bred girl who spent a winter in
Boston with relatives living in the
Back Bay and was taken everywhere
in the most exclusive social, dramatic,
literary and musical circles. SLo saw
the best aud tho worst of Boston life,
and she tells both as she saw them, all
in a bright but audaciously frank man
ner, until the picture becomes a perfect
biography of Boston life and people
of today.
Volcanic Eruptions
Aro grand, but skin eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salvo
cures them; also old, running and fover
sores, ulcers, bolls, felons, corns, warts,
cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, chapped
bauds, chilblains, best pile euro on
earth. Drives out pains aud aches.
Only 25 cents a box. Cure guaranteed.
Sold by H. II. Watkins, druggist.
If you want the best meal to be obtained
in K ingmau, go to
Lake Villa.
Estray Notice,
There came to my premises in Peach
Springs, Arizona, on September l6t,
1899, one bay horse, 17 hands high,
branded I white hind feet, small spot
in foroh wead. Owner can have animal I
by paying charges, or said animal will
bo estrayod and sold according to tho
estray laws now iu force.
Peach Springs, Sept. 30, 1899.
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given later
'?. V-.-T-
v., )?-
Will inside of sixty days issue a
Devoted to the lining and Industrial
Interests of the county.
This number will contain much in
teresting data and many
Half-Tone Illustrations
of mining camps, hoisting works, mills, mountair
and canyon scenery, etc.
Particulars and date of issue will be

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