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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, June 14, 1902, Image 3

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Death of Charles Zicmer
This morning ut about tho hour of
13 1 oclook Charles Ziemer passed
ovei the sileut river Ho had beeu 111
for the past two months but was
recovering rapidly and last evening
out on the street talking with
frieuds and appeared to bo lu the best
ofrpirlls This morning J P Gideon
whose room was across tho hall from
that ocuupled by Mr Ztemor In Hotel
lieale arose ut 40 oclock aud hearing
coughing went Into the room and in
quired how ho wus feeling Ziemer ro
piled that he was feeling ull right
Gideon wont dowu stairs and shortly
afiemard heard the call bell in the
hotel olllco He looked at the register
aud found the call wua from Ziemors
room Thinking somothlng was wrong
he rushed up stalls to tho room and
found him sitting on tho edge of the
bed blood How lug from his mouth iu a
stream He sent a man for tho doctor
and called iu seveial roomers Before
the doctor ariived the blood clots
filled the air pasi ages aud he slowly
His daughter who had gone to San
Diego a few days ago was at once noti
Charles Ziemer has beeu a resident
of this county since 1872 coming here
with the first Piocho party and had
resided within tbo county the greater
part of that time Ho was married iu
Mbuquerque iu 183G und sottled down
to business in Kingman He was a
genial good fellow aud was liked by
everybody His acquaintance through
out the territory wus geueral and no
whore was there a person that knew
him that was not glad to call him
fneud Since his Mckuoss ho has beeu
lovingly carod for by his brother Elks
of Klngmau lodge and under their
auspices his funeral will be held to
May his sleep under the sunny skies
of old Mohave be a peaceful one
Fatal Accident
Last Tuesday morning at about 730
oclock E B Chalk a bucket tender ut
the Piukham mine Chloride met with
an accident that caused almost instant
death He was sitting on the edge of
tho shaft awaiting the arrival of the
bucket from below wbeu the gallows
frame spread allowing tho sbeavo to
slip from the pin aud iu falling struck
Chalk on the head arm and leg His
skull was fractured and arm and leg
broken Tho engineer saw tho acci
dent aud at once stopped the engine
and went to the assistance of the man
At first he thought him dead but after
washing tho blood aud grime from his
fare he regained consciousness and
spoke immediately relapsing into un
consciousness in which condition ho
remained until death came late in the
Deceased came to Chloride about
three months ago and during big resi
dence there made muny friends A
brother resides iu Oakdale Oklahoma
and a sister in some other part of the
Messrs Schoe Brothers owners of
the Piukham mine took charge of the
remains and tho funeral took place
Wednesday afternoon Judge Blakely
of Kingman conducted tho funeral
services in tho Chloride ball aud mauy
people followed the remaius to the
The Gun Club of Chloride has ur
ranged quito an extensive program for
the Fourth of July and has sent out
iuvltatious to all the gun clubs of tho
neighborhood to participate Tbo men
composing the club are all true ports
men and will glvo the boys the time of
their lives Youug Krlder of the
Chlorldetoam is one of the best trap
shots in this parts or Arizona
Miss Bertha Beecher was graduated
from tho Northern Arizona Normal
fchool last Thursday with high honors
Miss Beecher is one of tho brightest
young women iu the territory and the
people of Kingman are proud of her
record She has been engaged to
teach tho public school at Williams
during the ousulug term
A one way rate will bo In effect on
the Sauta Fe east of Needles on the 2
3 and 4 of July where the regular fare
does not exceed tou dollars To all
who desiro to attend tho 4th of July
festlvltes at Prescott the fare will bo
one fare for the round trip
HJ West accompanied by his sister-in-law
Mrs Bessie West arrived In
Kingman last Wednesday morning
from Soraerville Texas Mrs West
will remain In Kingman for some time
for her health
A Gun Play
LastTuosday Robert
Meara was ar
rested on a warrant sworu to by Har
voy Hubbs charging him with au as
sault with a deadly weapon The facts
as elicited at the examination were as
follow Hubbs had beeu acting as
tho ageut ot Meara aud thoro was some
soltlemont to bo made between them
They came to au agreement to settle
but there was a difference over two
animals which was to be sottled by two
men nt Chloride and Hubbs ugreed to
go to that place tho following day and
straighten tho matter out After this
agreement had been made Meara went
out but soou returned to the otllce of
the Hotel Bealo aud demanded that
tho whole matter bo settled right then
and there Hubbs refused aud Meara
pulled a gun aud compelled him to ot
down at a table and write a sight note
to his otder for a sum aggregating
about eight hundred dollars While
Hubbs was writing the noto Meara
kept the gun on him Several wit
uos8ses testified to those facts and
Meara was held to answer to the grand
jury with bail fixed at 1000 which
was glvon It developed that after
Meara had obtained tho note from
Hubbt ho followed him into the bar of
tho hotel and compelled him to give
him twenty dollars At the time
Moara was under the iufluence of li
Al Anderson Again Injured
That Al Anderson Is a very unlucky
young man his numerous nccideuts
would seem to Indicate but in each
one of them ho slipped out with a very
few cars On the third of this month
bo wa3 belug hauled to the surface on
tho skip at the Bursou Homestake
mine near Wiukeuburg in company of
other men when the front wheel of
tho skip camo off throwing Anderson
against tho timbers of the shaft aud
severely crushing him The engineer
finally got tho engine stopped aud An
derson was taken out At first it was
thought that he was fatally injured
but an examination by the doctor dis
closed tho injuries to bo superficial
A great gash was cut In his bead that
required about a dozen stitches to
closo and hi noso was spilt from tho
point to the forehead He was taken
to Wickenburg aud it now getting
along very ulcely About a mouth ago
ho was very badly injured and his
mate was killed by a pump falliug on
him At tho Empire mine in this
county some few years ago ho was
badly Injured by a cave Al had bet
ter give up mining nud devote his fu
ture years to alfalfa raising
Knights of Pythias
The graud lodge Knights of Pythias
of Arizona convened iu Williams1 Wed
nesday last aud completed its labors
Thursday evening The following of
fleets for the onsuing year were elected
Grand Chancellor J M Altkius Pres
oott Grand Vlco Chancellor Gus A
Holf Tucson grand prelate J C
Evans Globe graud keeper of records
and seal John D Loper Mesa grand
master of exchequer J Salzman Wil
liams graud master-at-arms J J Bow
on Blsbee grand inner guard Edward
I Gale Flagstaff grand outer guard
John Kelly Clifton grand trustees T
II Sabin Mosa B W Brltzel Con
gress A E Ealy Kingman represen
tatives to supreme lodge Judge Web
ster Street Phonlx George H Schuer
raan Prescott
Ross II Blakoly G P and P A
Pomeroy aud Ur A E Ealy lepro
sented Western lodge of Klngmau
John Hamilton also attended tho gath
Wnllapal mouutaln is now the ob
jective point of all Sunday outlug par
ties Six or seven hours up omoug the
plnos of tho high Wallapals gives a
person reuewed life
Zoe and Vlda Watkins daughtors of
Mr and Mrs II H Watklng returned
from California Wednesday morning
having completed their school studios
for the term
Tho Ramrod mine at Virginia camp
Is worklug several men under tbo
suporiutoudonoy of Ben Hastings
Levy Brothers merchants aud cat
tlemen of Signal are shipping a large
number of cattle from Hackberry
finta free samnlo of Chamberlains
Stomach and Liver Tablets at II II
Wntkins drug store They are easier
to take Bnd more pleasant In effect
thau pills Then their use Is not fol
lowed by constipation as is oftou the
case wil h pills Regular size 25o per
For Statehood
Last week at a meeting of tho busl
ness men of Kingman it was decided
to appeal to tho wholesalers and job
bers of California for aid lu pressing
tho statehood bill through congress
A few days ago a reply was received
from the Wholesalers Board of Trade
of Los Angelos stating that action hud
been taken on tho request and the two
California senators had been wired by
tho members individually to give the
statehood measuro every aid iu its
passago through tho senate of the
United States The Sau Fiancisco
boards aro also aiding in tho good
work The suggestion advanced by
our business men wa9 a most timely
one and may result in great good to
tho cause California is oil right for
statehood and the representatives from
that stato need only a little touchitig
up to make them get into tho collar
and work for the cause
II L Dickson and Henry Lovin have
gono to Prescott where they have
been summoned to appear in the case
of the Santa Fe Pacific railroad com
pauy iu the matter of the taxaiiou of
the railroad lands in this county
These lands havo been taxed at about
uiuety cents per acre and the last leg
islature fixed an arbitrary rate of
cents per acre below which
the assessor could not go This act
the railroad company allege to be un
constitutional and e rather believe it
is but at the same time the assessor
certainly is privileged to fix au assess
ment on the lauds of the company
The value of these lands Is somewhat
indellulte and cannot well be placed
at a high valuation The greater part
of the lands is valueless but some of
the valley lands have been mortgaged
for large amounts The outcome of
the suits Is awaited with Interest
W E Wulsten died at a Los Angeles
hospital last Sunday night and the
cause of death was assigned as brights
disease Mr Wulsten went to Los
Angeles in search of health and bis
many friends in Chloride and Kingman
were strongly in hopes that lie would
soon return entirely cured and they
were deeply shocked to learn of his
death Ho was n kindly generous
hearted mau and mado frieuds wher
ever be went A wife and several small
children uro left to mourn his loss
Yesterday George Burns of Chloride
received a telegram that his little child
was dying at Redlands Tho flyor had
just departed and be hired J C Swick
ard to take him to Kingman in time
to catch the Los Augoles train Mr
Swlckard made the tweuty threo miles
in two and one quarter hours arriving
here nearly an hour before the depart
uro of the overland Wo hope Mr
Burns will find the little one on the
road to rccoveiy
About two hundred dollars expended
in sprinkling the streets of Kingman
with oil would make tho town one of
tho nicest places in the whole country
summer or winter Every day In the
summer time we get a most refreshing
breeze but the fine dust that is blown
up with It gives it a disagreeable effect
If this dust was laid there would be no
more desirable place on the coast for
residence than here Why not try the
oil cure
The postal department has desig
nated Kingman postofOce as an inter
national money order office and on
aud after July 1st orders can bo drawn
on any country in this or the old
world This will be found quite a con
venience to tho public is It will obvi
ate exchange and other vexations in
tho Bonding of money out of the coun
The salary of the postmaster at
Kingman has beeu increased from
1200 to 1400S per annum iu the recent
adjustment of postmasters salaries
Kiugman offlco shows a steady increase
of business over the preceding year
Ross II Blakely and F A Pomeroy
returned from Williams last evening
where they attended tho meeting of
the grand lodgo Knights of Pythias
They report a large attendance of
Dr and Mrs A E Ealy aro visiting
at tho Grand Canyon
When you wake up with a bad ta9te
in your mouth go at once to 11 II
Watkina drugstore and get a free sam
ple of Chamberlains Stomach and
Liver Tablets One or two doses will
make you well They also cure bilious
ness sick headacho and constipation
Shady Grove butter better than over
Gaddis ic Perry Co
Atlzona tho oHcer9 cur for tho
Arizona aud New Mexico railroad com
pany arrived In Clifton Monday night
The car was built by tho Americau
Car and Foundry Company at St
Charles Missouri and is as handsome
substantial and convenient as any
special car ever turned out at St
Charles It is steel trucks It is C37
feet over all 51 feet iusideand finished
in quarter oak It contains berths for
eight people with bath room dining
room kitchen china closet lockers
two stationary wash stands toilet
rooms aud an observatory at one ond
It has a complete set of Haviland
china aud sterling silver lervice It
was brought from St Charles by P B
King who Is perhaps the best author
ity on special curs in Arizona Mr
King says Shes a bird and for con
venience aud comfort Is this equal of
any cur west of the Mississippi Clif
tou Eia
At Sheriff Parks Whitlock clenega
last week the pump got out of order
and the troughs soon went dry Only
a boy was at the ranch at tin time aud
he could not fix the pump The well
at the cienega is about 12x15 feet the
water coming to within a fiw feet of
the surface of the ground After the
water was exhausted the cattle became
so thirsty that they broke down the
enclosure and about fifty of them piled
on top of each other in the well
Whon the men arrived at the ranch
they found the well full of cattle and
were kept busy for a couple of days
pulling them out Thirty head were
dead und most of the others so badly
Injured that they will die Clifton
Funeral Notice
Tomorrow Sunday at 11 oclock a
m the funeral of the late Charles J
Ziemer will bo held from the lodge
room of Kingmau lodge B P O Elk
The ritual service ot the order will be
held iu the lodge room and everybody
is invited to attend
Mr and Mrs J S Withers were in
Kingman early this week They havo
gono to Seligmau where Mr Withers
has a position iu ouo of the mercantile
Kiugman merchants will soon be
handling home grown fruits The
orchards near Kingman are loaded
with lucious peaches and apricots
All members ot Kingman Lodge 4C8
B P O Elks are requested to be at our
ball at 1040 a m June 15
J R Hauiet E R
Miss Lillian Dundon of Cerbat vis
ited with Mrs George N Conard iu
Kingman this week
Tho following letters remain dead in
tho Kiugman olllco C Clancy C W
Charles Turr of Wisconsin is visit
ing with his sousN W and Jessie Tarr
His Last Hope Realised
Prom tho Soutinel Gebo Mout
In the first opening of Oklahoma to
settlers lu 1880 tho editor of this pa
per was among the many seekers after
fortune who made the big race one fine
day in April During his traveling
about aud afterwards his crimping up
on bis claim he encountered much
bad water which together with the
severe heat gave him a very severe
diarrhoea which it seemed tdmost im
possible to check and along in June
the case becamo so bad be expected to
die One day one of his neighbors
brought him one small bottle of Cham
berlains Colic Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy as n last hope A big dose
was given him while he was rolling
about on tho ground iu great agony
und in a few minutes the dote was re
peated The good effect ot the medi
cine was soon uoticed and within au
hour the patient was taking his first
sound sleop for n fortnight That ono
little bottle worked u complete cure
aud he cannot help but feel grateful
Tho season for bowel diorders being
at hand suggests this item For sale
by II II Watkins druggist
If you want a juicy steak a delicious
mutton chop a good chop of pork or
anything in the lines of cured meats
go to the Kingman Meat Market
If you want anything iu the line of
pipe fittings machiuery pumping
plants hoists mill machinery or deep
wotl tools call on or addresi Anson H
Smith Kingman Arizona We have
the agency for one of tbo largest ma
chinery houses on tho Pacific coast
and can save you money on every or
Fresh berries fruit and vegetables
dally Leavo standing order
Gaddis Perry Co
An attempt is new being mado by
tbo Indian bureau of the Interior de
partment to find places for all Indian
girl graduates in the families ot white
people Several young Indian girls
have been taken to Los Angeles from
the school at Fort Mohave Tbo plan
is not a good one and the better plan
would be to teach tho Indians agricul
tural and other pursuits and then sot
tie them down iu colonies with a white
iusttuctor to handle their affairs until
tbey became self governing It might
take several generations but it would
develop the Indian into a citizen The
taking away of the youug girls from
among the tribes will surely have a
demoralizing effect on tboso remain
ing and bring on a condition that will
be harder to handle than the Indian
problem is at present
Ground has been broken at Wicken
burg or rather one mile below the
town for tho erection of a smelter
The site has beeu secured and will be
paid for by the business men of Wick
enburg and mine owners iu the vicin
ity as soou as tho proposed smolter
is blown In This is the very ceuter of
the mineral regions and this smelter
which is only beginning cannot begin
to handle the floods of ore that will
be offered to it But the beginning is
more than half the battle It Is hard
to start a boulder down the mountain
side but after it is started there is no
more trouble Prospect
Last week on the Mescalero Apache
reservation in Otero county Now
Mexico an Indian named Jack Fortier
killed the old Apache chief Tobasco
Tobasco two years ago when Maj W
II II Llewellyn was Indian agent ut
Mescalero took a shot at Llewellyn
but failed to kill blm Tobasco was
an ex chief The murderer fled to the
mountains Tobasco wus well named
as he was hot stuff Copper Era
Lewis the Indian who killed Mar
shal Pete chief of the Verde valley
Apacbe Mohave Indians some time
since and who last week pleaded
guilty to a charge of murder was this
morning sentenced to the penitentiary
for life The killing was the outcome
of a game of cards in which four In
dians were engaged and Lewis was the
loser Journal Miner
F S Garden and S J Branick took
a dry washer and gasoline engine up
to tho placer fields of Dos Cabezas this
week where they will operate this
summer They are confident that tbey
will make their ground pay hand
somely Range News
R G Patterson und Miss Grace
Ziemer departed for San Diego lust
Tuesday evening Miss Ziemer will
make her home hereafter in the City
by tho bay
The memorial exercises of the I O
O Fs will be held in the church to
morrow evening to which all are in
L J Lissell Is building a fireproof
assay office on his lots on Beale street
Prank Russell came iu from the
Gold Road this afternoon
Cuts Bruises aud Burns Qulc ly
Chamberlains Pain Balm is an anti
septic liniment und when applied to
cuts biuises and burns causes them
to heal without maturation and much
more quickly than by tho usual treat
ment For sale by II H Watkins
Summer Excursion Rates
During June July August and Sep
tember rouud trip tickets will be sold
from Klngmau to Los Angeles for 223
S iu Diego 233 San Francisco 4JS
Excursion trains pass through Kiug
man west every Tuesday Thursday
and Saturday Tickets good until No
vember 3J See Agent Gooding
Try tho celobrated Premium brand
Hams and Bacon Gaddis Perry Co
sole agents Kingman
Ladies We want a good representa
tive iu each locality and offer any wo
man who will work a position which
will easily pay 18 per week This is
no deception and if you can sparo only
two hours per day address Miss Maiel
E Rnsu Secretary Box B Jollet HI
We have a new Hue f -
shing Goods Lovin Withers
Wo have several hundred novels new
and second hand that will be sold
cheap Call at once and get your
choice Miner Office
Beale Street

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