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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, September 21, 1912, Image 1

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Big Merger of Mines in
the Riverside Mountains
It is announced that within the next
few months a smelting plant costing
1000000 will be begun in the River
side mountains about six miles from
Calzona and fifteen miles from Parker
on the California side of the Colorado
river The Republic Smelting Cor
poration capitalized at 75000003 has
just been incorporated for this pur
pose and it is claimed the backers of
the enterprise have ample capital to
carry out the extensive raining and
smelting operations contemplated
The company has been incorporated
under the laws of Arizona The
capitalization is 750000 shares of the
par value of 10 each The principal
otllces In Arizona are to be located at
Parker according to the articles of in
corporation Offices are also to be
maintained at Los Angeles
J A Chesnut general manager of
the corporation and Superintendent
A L Engledow spent Wednesday in
Parker and in an Interview with The
Post Mr Chesnut stated that within
the next couple of weeks a surveying
crew would be on the ground to sur
vey off the smelter site and run lines
for a proposed railroad from Calzona
as well as several wagon roads to the
various mines in that vicinity of the
Besides the building of a smelter
having a capacity of 1000 tons daily
the company has just effected the
greatest consolidation of mining claims
ever recorded in this section number
ing sixty five and covering an area
four and one half miles long by one
and one half miles wide The prop
erty is located in the Riverside moun
tains within a short distance of the
Parker cut off on the Santa Fe
The big merger just effected by Mr
Chesnut and associates includes the
well known Steece Copper mines the
Calzona Mining companys property
generally known as the Martin prop
erty the Bradley Morgan property
the Robert3 Burke Bros property
recently purchased by the Corem com
pany as well as the claims formerly
owned by the Riverside Gold and Cop
per Mining company which also was
recently absorbed by the Corem com
For some months past Mr Chesnut
has been working a force of miners in
the Riverside mountains and became
thoroughly convinced that in order to
make mining pay in that section it
was necessary to install a reduction
works to treat the ore on the ground
a the excessive transportation ex
penses in shipping the product of the
mines to a remotely located smelter
would eat up the profits He began by
interesting a number of prominent
practical mining men in the merger
project and only last week were the
final details of the deal consummated
F C Fenner president of the new
corporation opened up the Lowell
mine at Bisbee several years ago and
cleaned up about 800000 W J
Robinson treasurer is a well knpwn
Pasadena Cal capitalist and is the
only man among tho officials of the
company who Is not a practical mining
or smelter man Relly G Munn sec
retary is a well known Colorado opera
tor J A Chesnut general manager
was superintendent of the Little
Johnnie mine at Leadville for about
twelve years and has been identified
with a number of prominent and pay
ing mines of the west during the past
twenty years W J Wishon the con
sulting mining engineer of the cor
poration opened up the Speculator
mine of Butte which was later sold
for 10000000 S J Gormly chief
metallurgist is probably one of the
best known smelter men of the coun
try having built the Washoe smelter
at Anaconda which is considered one
of the finest plants of its kind in the
world A L Engledow superinten
dent is also a Montana man who has
had a wide experience in practical
mining oporations James K Kelby
head of the legal department of the
corporation was formerly chief coun
sel for the Burlington railroad
According to Mr Chesnut the com
pany was financed in Europe before
complete organization He stated
that no effect whatever will be made
to sell stock in this country and that
every share sold thus far has been
sold at par 10 per share The smel
ter will accept custom ores although
Mr Chesnut believes that the Repub
lic corporations own mines will be
able to supply the works to their full
capacity As the custom ore trade de
velops it is the plan of the company to
increase the capacity of the smelter
After the roads needed have been
built it is the intention of the com
pany to sink a 1000 foot shaft on the
former Bradley te Morgan group and
all developments on the other holdings
of the company in that vicinity will be
toward this main wortcing
About twenty years ago an attempt
was made to install a smelter in the
vicinity of the proposed new plant It
was transported by rail to Yuma
where a large fiat boat was built to
take the smelter machinery up the
Colorado river to the Riverside moun
tains Within a few miles of its
destination the boat foundered and its
cargo remained icbedded in thequick
sands for a number of years Then
the channel changed and part of the
apparatus was exposed and recovered
Some of the machinery is now in use
at the property of the Corem Mining
Reduction company one of the con
cerns absorbed by the Republic Smelt
ing corporation
If the plans of the Republic com
pany mature as fully expected it will
be the means of stimulating mining
operations in this section There are
thousands of low and medium grade
ores that could be shipped at a profit
if a smelter were situated conveniently
as is proposed by the Republic com
pany Parker Post
Tonopahs New Era
With the ore shipments from the
Tonopah mines exceeding the 10000
ton mark weekly it can be truly stated
that this camp has entered into a new
era At the present rate of produc
tion and manner in which startling
discoveries are being made by new
companies the time is not long hence
before the 2J000 ton mark will be es
Within the last week the North
Star again entered the shipping class
after a lapse of several years The
Merger will soon be in a condition to
aake steady shipments while the
amount of development being carried
out in other properties outside but
directly in line with the proven zone
makes it certain that new ledges will
be found With the uncovering of
new veins there will enter into the
shipping class the fortunate companies
that make the dscoveries For every
ton of ore shipped out of Tonopah the
equivalent of dollars and cents is ex
pended in this camp This is especial
ly true in the new companies that
have resumed operations within the
year The majority of the stock is
held by local purchasers and the divi
dends that accrue wili be paid to home
In the early days of Tonopah it was
the habit of promoters to sell the stock
in the East and Middle West At that
time mining was not always carried
on in a legitimate manner Today
the purchaser of the stock is well ac
quainted with the company possessions
and the manner in which the certifi
cates have been acquired by home
people shows explicitly that the com
panies have the approval of local resi
dents The same could not have been
said eight years ago Tonopah Bo
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Copper Situation is
Gaining Strength
The price of copper is still looking
up and the demand at the present
time is far in excess of the supply
Geo L Waker in the Boston Commer
cial under date of August 31st has the
following to say
Copper is very strong and the pres
ent prospect is that it will soon sell
above 18 cents Considerable sales
have been made this week at 17 3 4
cents and some is understood to have
been sold at 17 7 8 cents a pound
Both domestic and foreign consumers
have been buying heavily during the
past 10 days The purchases now are
chiefly for immediate consumption
Some copper has been sold fordelivery
as far ahead as November but the
bulk of the demand has been for spot
and September and October account
the shake out that occurred a few
weeks ago in the London speculative
market having checked the buying for
far distant deliveries
It has now been proved to the satis
faction of almost everybody that the
advance in metal prices has had for its
basis natural and legitimate con
ditions The demand has outgrown
the supply There are not enough
copper mines to produce the metal
that the present day electrical expan
sion requires Substantially all of the
surplus accumulation which was a
bug-a-boo a year ago has gone into
consumption Production has not in
creased nearly as much since the price
of the metal advanced as many believ
ed it would All of the mines are put
ting out copper as rapidly as they can
and yet there is i ready sale at 17 3 4
cents for all that comes to market
A careful investigation of the situ
ation brings to light the fact that con
sumption is larger and growing more
rapidly than ever while production is
inclined to lag Fewer new mines are
being developed than is customary and
almost no new exploratory work is
being financed In view of ths situa
tion it is reasonable to assume that the
price of copper will continue relatively
high for several years
Slowly but surely copper share
prices are working higher Amalga
mated Anaconda Calumet Hecla
Calumet Arizona Utah Copper and
Chino have been the leaders recently
I strongly recommend the purchase of
all these stocks at much lower prices
Even now they are not selling nearly
as high as is warranted by their cur
rent earnings and future prospects
The public is not yet in the market
but it will come in soon Evidently
the public is from Missouri and
wants to be shown The demonstra
tion has been started by dividend ad
vances nearly all along the line Six
months or a year hence dividend pay
ments will more nearly represent ac
tual earnings than they do now and
they will reflect the tremendous pros
perity the copper producing industry
is enjoying with the metal between 17
1 2 and 18 cents a poind
Development of the properties of the
Arizona Portland Mines company
whose large group of claims are situat
ed close to the rich strike of the Com
mercial Mining company in Copper
Basin continues steadily and with
rood results A small force of men is
engaged in running a tunnel upon a
claim of the group which is about
three fourths of a mile from Copper
Basin and the tunnel has reached a
length of over 70O feet O W Blick
enstaff of this city who is one of the
principal stockholders of the company
recently returned from a trip east
where he succeeded in obtaining need
ed finances for future development
work He reports that while money
is by no means easy there is money to
be had for legitimate mining enter
prsses Prescott Courier
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Platinum Has Many Uses
The mineral called platinum is real
ly a natural alloy of platinum iridium
rhodium palladium and often osmium
with varying amounts of iron copper
acd gold according to the United
States Geological Survey It is usual
ly found as small nuggets scales and
rounded or irregular grains its color
is steel gray The specific gravity of
the crude platinum varies from 14 to
19 The percentage of the metal
varies also within wide limits usually
from 70 to 85 per cent Platinum is
almost wholly produced in California
and Oregon and the output for the
United States is practically limited to
these States
Owing to its high melting point and
great resistance to acids platinum is
extensively used for Jaboratory
utensils Platinum salts are employ
ed in chemical analysis In the manu
facture of sulphuric acid the metal has
been used in making large concentra
tion kettles but of late gold has been
substituted for it In photography
dentistry and electric installation
much platinum is used Of late the
manufacture of jewelry has consumed
large quantities of it It is extensive
ly used for chains and for the setting
of diamonds the claim being made not
only that it is more resistent than sil
ver and harder than gold but that the
stopes are better offset by platinum
and appear larger than in any other
kind of setting
Owing to the high price demanded
for platinum during the last two years
a great demand for a substitute has
arisen At one time much platinum
was used in the manufacture of in
candescent lamps but it is now almost
entirely replaced by tungsten Plati
num triangles used extensively in
laboratories have recently been suc
cessfully replaced by similar ap
pliances made of an alloy of nickel and
chromium Nevertheless there re
mains so many industrial applications
of platinum for which no substitutes
can be found that it is not likely that
the price will be much cheapened in
the future
The present extensive use of plati
num in the manufacture of jewelry is
stated to be unfortunate since other
metals can be substituted for it and
this fad is undoubtedly one of the
principal causes of the great increase
in the price of platinum
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Iron Blossom
Jesse Knight president of the Iron
Blossom Mining company of Tintic
Utah has announced that a 100 ton
concentrating plant will be built by
that company From experimental
work extending over th past year it
is estimated that the saving by con
centrating will be fifty per cent more
than by the present method of ship
ping to the smelteries
The mill will probably be erected at
Silver City where water is plentiful
It is believed that 6 ore can be treat
ed There is much ore of this grade
in the Tintic district which would be
come available if the new mill was
successful in treating it In connec
tion with these plans the lower grade
ore of the Iron Blossom will be no
longer shipped to the smelteries but
will be held in reserve for the mill
resulting in the curtailment of the
production by forty per cent and the
consequent laying off of many men
It is expected however that the de
velopment work now being planned
will provide for the employment of
most of te men
There has been no mill building in
Tintic in the last ten years and none
are now in operation The success of
the Iron Blossom mill would mean
much to the district The method of
treatment is not announced Salt
Lake Mining Review
Frank Vincent is assorting a carload
of copper ore at his Butte mining
claims situated fourteen miles east of
Florence and will ship it to Douglas
The ore runs over 17 per cent copper
and about 10 gold per ton 1 also
carries some silver The combined
I value of the three metals runs the ore
up to about 00 per ton a very nice
shipping product Frank has been
prospecting in that district for about
two years pist and he and Henry
Zeuner postmaster at Price station
are partners in some gjld claims in
that locality that carry high grade
free gold ore Frank is a sober in
dustrious miner and prospector and
will make a slake in the Butte dis
trict if he keeps his strength and
health Florence Blade 1 ribune
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