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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, September 28, 1912, Image 1

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The Lure of the Desert
Is it the climate Is it the broader
freer atmosphere of life Is it the
cosmopolitanism of the people their
lack of provincialism the more open
handed sympathetic spirit prevalent
In it the absence of discomforts en
dured elsewhere of humid depressing
heat of mosquitoes of frequent rains
of the restrictions and conventions
that surround existence in the older
and more populous communities or
parts of the country What in reali
ty is the secret of the desert countrys
hold upon those who have looked upon
its wide unattractive expanse and in
haled its dust for any extended period
of time
Friends and relatives in the East or
on the coast think and write How
can you And contentment in the ostra
cism and discomforts of the desert
country How can people who have
lived in cities who have been accus
tomed to their clubs to good music to
theaters and all that goes to make for
enjoyment in life how can they bear
to leave all this and settle in a mining
camp on the desert cut oil from all
the luxuries that have seemed a part
of their exlstance isolated from their
former associates exiled from civiliza
One answer that would doubtless be
olTered by many to thess questions
will not do It is most decidedly not
alone the lure of sudden wealth the
fever of gain that supplies the motive
for men and women to give up city
life and remain on the desert There
is an indefinable charm to life in the
desert country which is none the less
real because it is not rapidly account
ed for Far nearer the rule than the
exception is it for man or woman
going to Eastern city or coast resort
for vacation after a year spent on the
desert to curtail that vacation out of
sheer homesickness and hasten back
to the dust and sagebrush No bap
pier homes and no greater degree of
contentment can be found anywhere
than in the mining camps The
metropolis offers little in the way of
living comforts that cannot be had
here children thrive and grow strong
on the desert the schools of the min
ing towns are unsurpassed anywhere
the death rate is far lower than in the
cities and conditions are ideal for the
preservation of health in young and
old The people are law abiding and
breaches of the peace are more rare
than in larger and older communities
The visitor to the coast resort lies
on the baking sand breathes a hot
humid blast fights myriads of fleas
nurses a sun blistered skin and longs
for the cool of the desert plateaus he
has left The tripper who goes
often suffocates in the daytime
agitates his mosquito bites all night
endures discomforts that keep him in
misery lives on most unpalatable food
and blesses the train that has brought
him home to camp the while he lies
cheerfully of the glorious time he has
had The men who have made money
in mining alTord perhaps the best ex
ample of the power of the desert lure
Invariably they come back By hun
dreds these men have made their
stake and have gone to the great
cities there to buy and build costly
homes or to the farming countries to
invest in ranches orchards or the like
But the call of the desert will not be
gainsaid aiid almost without excep
tion these men have come back either
to delve In the earth or to establish
their homes Other interests may
prevail with them for a time but in
the end to those who have come un
der the deserts charm its call is all
potent Goldfield News
Arizona Empire Mines
The General Securities company
which has taken over the financing of
the Arizona Empire Copper Mines
company will begin active work on
its property in Empire Flats nine
miles from Parker about the first of
October when a force of from thirty
to forty men will be employed
It is learned that arrangements are
now being made to put on six auto
trucKs of sufficient capacity to ship out
100 tons of ore daily The ore to be
shipped according to statements made
by officials of the company will aver
age about 30S per ton in copper and
gold of which one half it is estimat
ed will be clear profit
The mines of Arizona Empire com
pany were thoroughly sampled by two
different raining engineers last spring
and both reports show over two hun
dred thousand tons of ore averaging
approximately 20 per ton A recent
shipment of a carload of ore carried 23
per cent copper and 200 in gold
The company owns thirty six raining
claims and at three different places
development work has been prosecuted
to a depth of 300 feet There are over
0000 feet of workings in the property
The Carnation mines have large
bodies of silicious ores going from 8
to 10 per ton in gold and 5 to 6 per
cent copper while the Eagle mines
show big bodies of high grade copper
ore running from 15 to 25 per cent in
the red metal and from 31 to 5 in the
yellow metal
As there are live different ore bod
ies now developed that show great
widths and five different ore shoots 10
to 30 feet in width it will not take
long to double the present tonnage of
ore in sight
It is the plan of the company to in
stall its own smelting plant this com
ing winter and put in a branch rail
road from Parker to the companys
mines a distance of about nine miles
The company proposes to push de
velopment work as rapidly as possible
Clyde W Mitchell consulting en
gineer for the Pacific Copper Company
of Arizona and also for John Kelby
and associates of Kansas City Mo
who own the famous El Tigre mine of
Souora Mex is to be general mana
ger for the new company James W
Watson is to be superintendent of
mines Parker Post
Tonopahs Development
The development of Tonopahs east
and west zones Is proceeding with such
rapidity that it is attracting the at
tintion of the entire raining world and
mining mei from all parts are now
seeking favorably located properties
for development In addition to the
regular producing mines there are now
under development no less than fifteen
properties on the east and west ore
zones all of which have good chances
of developing payable ore bodies and
with many of these it is simply a
question of sinking to a sufficient depth
and crosscutting to the ore bodies
The activity in new development
work in the last three months has
been brought about by recent develop
ments of immense ore bodies in the
West End Tonopah Extension and
Merger mines stimulated by the fact
that these veins occur in the rhyolite
formation which extends as a vast
sheet of unknown thickness forat least
two miles beyond the producing mines
More recent development this week
shows that in the new main shaft of
the Tonopah Extension the andesite is
only 470 feet beneath the surface
while about 4000 feet west it has been
entered at a depth of 770 feet in the
Monarch Pittsburg shaft These facts
will give an additional stimulus to the
development and prospecting of the
western ore zone where it has now
been established that payable ore
bodies of great size occur in the rhyo
lite the andesite and in the loner con
tact these latter being geologically
the most deep seated veins in the dis
The conditions today so different
from those existing two years ago
open up vast potentialities for the idle
properties beyond the producing mines
and oifer alluring possibilities for ven
turesome capital in a camp that is
growing in productive area and ton
nage output every month
The ore production of Tonopah now
averages 10000 tons a week and it Is
evident to any student of the camp
that this Immense output will gradu
ally be largely increased by new prop
erties to be brought under production
on both the east and west ore zones
To the mining man Tonopah offers
greater prospects of developing new
and great mines than any other silver
gold camp in the world Tonopah
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H H Watkins Druggist
Pays Large Sum for
Interest in Lease
One of the most important mining
transactions that has ever taken place
in this field in many years was an
nounced yesterday as having been
closed when Col L W Getchel pur
chased the one half interest of Lester
Jackson in the latters bond and lease
on the famous War Eagle Gladtator
group in the Bradshaw mountains
near Crown King the consideration it
is said running into the thousands of
The deal is a noteworthy one from
the standpoint of gold mining in this
county Mr Jackson having devoted
over three years to personally con
ducting the development and from his
well known reputation as a mining
man his practical ability is reflected
in what has been accomplished and by
what is demonstrated in the large
amount of work performed Final
negotiations were concluded after Col
Getchel made an exhaustive examina
tion of underground conditions in tax
ing samples and familiarizing himself
with conditions above as well as below
ground His ability as a mining en
gineer is known along the coast and
it is generally conceded that his ob
servations are conclusive of the rat
ing of any property For this reason
his future association with the above
holdings is a particularly fortunate one
and it may also be consistently stated
that the War Eagle Gladiator mines
face a decidedly bright future ac
Leading up to this deal being con
summated a brief history of these two
old famous gold producers of the early
days will be interesting at this time
When Mr Jackson assumed charge
over three years ago the old Gladia
tor tunnel was made the initial point
from which to begin exploration
This working was 900 feet long at that
time and it tapped the vein on the
600 foot level a desirable avenue in
which to begin deep development
This tunnel was extended by Mr Jack
son until today it has reached a point
2000 feet from the mouth with the
best showing in the face that has at
tended operations to date During all
this extensive work the ore body has
shown an average of four feet wide
and a particularly attractive condition
determined is that the ore body is con
tinuous for over 1000 feet and without
a break occurring The magnitude of
the proposition can be best judged
when it is stated that the 2000 foot
level is lying under 000 feet of virgin
ground that has never been operated
with the exception of a certain point
worked from the surface of the Gladia
tor that produced over 2000 tons of
ore which plated 15 in gold per ton
together with concentrates of good
value The Gladiator mines have an
established record of producing over
200000 in gold bullion and concen
trates while the War Eagle is free
milling ores yielded over 50000 from
shallow operations
Under the new ownership the plan
of uture development is to continue
the tunnel into the War Eagle ground
which ultimately will give a backing
of over 100 feet The mine force is
to be increased immediately and a
larger line of work extended than
heretofore in evidence A desirable
condition attached to these consolidat
ed groups is that the twelve claims
are patented and the outcrop in the
fissure is traceable for over 0000 feet
in length and continuous for that dis
tance Prescott Journal Miner
1 l fHENIX x
ZilL KUfi2
Breen Sells Copper Properties
Pat Breen who discovered the first
gold mine of importance in Black
Mountain New Mexico 65 miles north
of El Paso left this morning after a
brief stay here closing a mining deal
in the same mountains for the sale of
two copper properties called tho Eagle
and the Sallie mines These mines
said Breen are in the Black mountain
about 25 miles northeast of LasCruces
and about the same distance west of
Oro Grande on the Rock Island rail
road These claims he has been de
veloping for some time and has expos
ed good copper ore bodies The sale
is to a Chicago company and it is ex
pected that active developments will
begin in the near future
These two claims said Breen are
located end to end and through them a
lode runs from northeast to southeast
300 feet and is 15 feet wide cutting
through a belt of lime 300 feet wide on
one side of which is granite and on the
other is slate The vein dips vertical-
The ore bodies outcrop prominently
a distance of half a mile and for about
600 feet there is solid ore about 15 feet
wide on the surface which averages
about four per cent copper per ton
also carrying some gold values The
copper occurs in the form of sulphides
such as chalcopyrites and there are
also some carbonates The gangue of
the vein is what is called sugar
quartz and can be easily concentrat
ed in the same vein are small pipes
of rice chalcopyrites assaying from 18
to 20 per cent copper per tob The
surface outcrop is very prominent
rising like a crest or dike above the
He has sunk four 10 foot shafts on
the vein hich show solid ore on all
sides Two of these shafts are on the
Eagle and the others are on the Sallie
claim Hundreds of tons of ore per
day can be mined from the very sur
face says Breen On the Eagle is an
arroya from which rise two hills or
slopes to a height of about 200 feet at
the foot of which are two of the 10
foot shafts Near one of these Is a fine
tunnel site where a tunnel can be
driven in on the vein giving a height
or back of 300 feet of stoping ground
On the opposite side of the arroya is
another good tunnel site where a tun
nel driven in on the vein in the oppo
site direction will also give 150 feet of
overhead stoping ground
In the shafts of the Sallie the ore is
of higher grade both in gold and cop
per but the pipes of ore are smaller
than in the Eagle
Within 300 feet above and southwest
of the proposed tunnel sites is a large
spring flowering three miners inches
of water and 250 feet southwest of the
tunnel in the arroya is a running
stream of water These will furnish
abundance of water for concentrating
There are also about 1000 acres of
timber pinon and scrub oak half a
mile northwest of the mines and
about half a mile southwest is a trace
of pine timber of 500 acres all of
which will be utilized In Breent
opinion these are about the largest
copper sulphide deposits in New Mexi
co outside of Santa Rita and the Chino
mine El Paso Herald
A World Gold Loss
James S H Umsted writing for
Financial America says To the
average American banker the tradi
tional absorption of the precious met
als by the east has had for a long time
only an academic or intellectual inter
est But the movement in the last
few years has reached such signifi
cance with relation to the question of
the gold supply that it begins to toucb
the practical side of our banking com
munity The financial world of Lon
don of course is the most directly
concerned but our own relations with
Europe are now so close and to a
large extent so reciprocal that the
subject is really one of high impor
tance to domestic financiers and mer
chants Indias net absorption of gold
annually is equal to about half the en
tire yearly production of the great
Transvaal fields which is roughly
150000000 If we take the estimate
of the worlds industrial consumption
say 125000000 based on the recent
rate of growth out of the worlds gold
output of 470000000 estimated for
1911 we have left 345000000 so that
Indias imports aggregate nearly 22
per cent of the annual supply left
after commercial purchases It would
doubtless be safe to estimate the net
hoarding of Egypt at 15000000 a
year so that 90000000 gold annually
disappears from western control or 26
Ver cerrf the amount remaining
after industrial needs have been pro
vided for And the movement to the
east promises to be a record one in the
calendar year 1912 or the Indian fiscal
year ending March 31 1913
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H WalKlns Druggist
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