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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, October 05, 1912, Image 1

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The New College Graduate and
His Employment
About this time of the year there
are always a lot of young men just out
of the mining schools who have found
that the mining degree they have ac
quired only a few weeks previously is
not the open sesame to work that they
had been lead to believe This is true
every fall and more so this September
than for several years past Only in
zinc and lead mining was there last
winter much activity in metal mining
Copper mining was duller than for
several years and there was not as
- largo a force as usual employed at the
- iron mines Recently there has been
a stronger feeling in copper the price
of iron ore has gone up somewhat
and things have begun to look bright
er Still the Mexican situation looks
as unpromising as ever It was this
fact as much as the congestion in the
copper industry that made the border
camps so congested last winter In
deed at one time there was so many
college men who had held good posi
tions in the past forced to go to work
underground in the mines of Bisbee
that many made comment upon it
Discouraged many a prominent min
ing engineer has left Mexico and
started tn do consulting work in some
border town waiting for things to
quiet down while others tired out by
the vexations of the year or more of
turbulonce that the country has been
going through have accepted perma
nent work elsewhere vowing never
again to go back to the republic
Each year there has been an increase
in the number of men who on coming
out of college have seen the wisdom of
getting practical experience under
ground or in mills and smelters before
trying to climb in their different lines
of work This is encouraging for it
is quite reasonable to think that much
of the labor unreit of 0 or 7 yearsago
J was duo to the fact that the mining
engineers in charge of properties at
that time and it is the managers and
superintendents who are always the
real connecting links between capital
and labor were of a turn of mind
having little in sympathy with the or
dinary miner or mlllman
They themselves had done little
manual labor and had not rubbed
close up with the workmen They
therefore did not possess the under
standing of both sides necessary to
ceet the difficult problems suddenly
thrust upon them by the rapidly in
creasing strength of miners unions
One of the great benefits of manual
work is the sympathy that it inspires
and the respect that It begets for the
average worker in the industry To
handle labor successfully no matter
what the branch of mining or metal
lurgy it is essential to have a thorough
understanding of a workmans way of
thinking and to know the actual con
dition under which he is working If
by working underground or at manual
work about metallurgical plants the
young engineer acquires this faculty
of handling men he has obtained the
chief essential toward success the one
- that has made so many men who have
never had the advantage of a college
education such successful mine man
Efficiency work is in the air Every
one is considering scrientiflc manage
ment It has become so important
that unions are already trying to fight
it The first essential to efficient work
is a clear understanding of the smallest
details of the work The young col
lege man who trains himself so that
he becomes an efficient miner able to
shovel run machine timber catch up
caving ground and understands the
liner points of the work and who
while he is acquiring this knowledge
puts his thoughts into the different
questions that come up in the shifts
work and tries to understand why a
thing is done that way even if his
partner or the shiftboss can give him
little light upon the subject is laying
a foundation on which he is sure to be
able to build
This also holds almost equally true
in its important points in regard to
the metallurgical branches of the min
ing industry although in metallurgy
as the chemical reactions are in some
branches such as cyaniding and smelt
ing the basis of the success laboratory
work also must be attended to in order
to rise
Any young man just out of college
who is forced by the present condi
tions in mining to go underground to
earn his living will if he takes ad
vantage of his opportunities surely
see the day when he thanks his lucky
star for having graduated last June
and not having been able to get any
other than manual work to start with
It is the course that the best mine
managers recommend to young college
men although too many of them do
not have either the physique or else
the grit to hit the trail to success that
way There is a certain young man
that well remembers that D W
Brunton the well known mining en
gineer once said to him when he once
tried to get work through him at
Butte Thank Heaven you are not
another one of the young fellows that
insists upon squinting through a tele
scope for a living
The college man who will work as a
miner is sure of a good future if he
deserves it The man with the tech
nical knowledge and the practical ex
perience can not be kept down
Mining Engineering World
Copper Queen Takes
Bond on Worlds Fair
In recent days there has been no
mining deal and in past days few that
could approach in importance that
which was closed in Bisbee last week
after several days of negotiation when
the Copper Queen Consolidated Min
ing company bonded the Worlds Fair
Mine of Frank Powers Neither par
ty would give out the consideration
for the transfer but from other sources
it is intimated that it was 80 0008 and
and thai Mr Powers is to retain a
200000 interest in the property
Coming so soon after the bonding of
the Three R property for a half mil
lion it is certain to attract much at
tention 50 the Patagonia district
and the adjacent Harshaw district
both of which are already in the lime
light because of the Three R deal and
recent developments in both camps
which indicate strongly that this may
become a great copper district just as
it once was a great silver district
Early last week Mr and Mrs Frank
Powers accompanied by Messrs Not
man and HamUton of the Copper
Queen company arrived in Bisbee from
Patagonia After this there were fre
quent consultations in the offices of
Ellinwood and Ross the companys at
torneys up to Thursday evening
Friday morning Mr and Mrs Powers
left for Patagonia and it was infered
that the deal was either closed or off
Before leaving the seller would say
nothing of the deal for publication so
far as to its closing merely remarking
You will have to see the other side
for lhat Later in the day it was
learned from Walter Douglas mana
ger of tbe Phelps Dodge interests that
the bond had been signed but the con
sideration that is solved was not men
tioned by him He refered a repre
sentative of the Keview to Mr Powers
for that information and by that time
the latter was well on his way toPata
tronia No secret is made of the fact
ever that the price of the property is
one of the largest ever known in a sale
in Arizona
Frand Powers has been working the
Worlds Fair property since 1891 Be
fore locating it he prospected the dis
trict thoroughly and their property
was the best that he saw It is there
fore an old mine but is not nearly as
old as the Patagonia and Hershaw dis
tricts Among the older properties in
these districts may be mentioned the
French Old and New Humboldt the
Mallory and others These districts
were worked with great results for
many years until the sluiip in the
price of silver came when many of the
claims were closed down Meantime
most of such claims had been patented
and since then the taxes which have
been low on non producing mines have
generally been kept up
When others abandoned their prop
erties to rust and decay Mr Powers
kept on working As he expressed it
to the writer I was like a ground hog
I was in and I had to keep on to get
out Everything that I had was in
the property and there -as nothing
for me to do but to stick And stick
he did with excellent results for he is
said to have turned down a half mil
lion dollar offer a few years since and
his present offer is a justly earned
reward for his grit determination and
Asked how much depth he had in
the workings of his property Mr Pow
ers said lhat about 600 feet was the
deepest He was unable to state how
many feet of workings he had and said
that he had always been too busy to
measure as he had always been looking
for that ore body just ahead Asked
about copper he said it might be there
in quantities with depth but that he
considered the Worlds Fair just a
silver proposition During his stay
in Bisbee he displayed no anxiety rel
ative to a sale and seemed perfectly
satisfied to keep on working the prop
erty He can tell and is willing to do
so many anecdotes of his experience
for more than a score of years on this
property of the old timers who sur
rounded him and have drifted away
and of the properties that were work
ed in the old days Bisbee Review
Votes for Women
We believe that the sympathies of a
very large majority of the right-thinking
men of this state are with the
women of Arizona in their struggle
for suffrage We do not understand
on what reasonable ground such sym
pathy could be withheld
All arguments against votes for
women are empty and for the most
part insincere It is not enough to
say that women should be denied the
right to vote merely because she is
different from man Men are widely
different from each other Nor can it
be urged that women be denied the
ballot because the exercise of it would
interfere with the duties of home with
which she is especially cnirged On
the same grounds we might deny her
membership in womens clubs and in
church societies and we might deny
her attendance at bridge and other
social parties all of which are far
more time consuming and distracting
from her home duties than the exer
cise of her privilege of suffrage could
Opponents of equal suffrage have
sometimes pointed to Kansas Colorado
Wyoming and California as states
whose politics have not been purified
by the admission of women Purifi
cation of politics is not the object
sought by the equal suffragiMs But
we are certain that if the political at
mosphere of the states we have men
tioned has not been cleared by the
women it has not been made thicker
and more poisonous Women are
seeking votes for the reason that their
rights are equal to those of the men
and their privilege should be equal
Another favorite argument against
equal suffrage is that a majority of
the women do not want it and would
not avail themselves of it We do not
believe that is true but if it is true it
is still no argument at all There is a
shameful ratio of men who are so lack
ing in public spirit that they habitual
ly do not go to the polls Yet we
would not deprive all men of the privi
lege of voting
Again it is put forward that the
women voters would be made up in
large part of the members of the
vicious class It is in the vicious class
of men that we find the smallest pro
portion of non voters Most men of
this class are at the polls early and
late voting as often as they are bought
and as they can with safety
The denser the barbarism the far
ther women has been kept in the back
ground The higher the state of civi
lization the farther she has been ad
vanced to the front Women not
only in this country but in all civi
lized countries are taking a keener
interest in public affairs than ever be
fore and it is not possible to advance
any reason why she should not be per
mitted actively to participate in them
There are some kinds of needed
legislation in which women are espe
cially interested for themselves and
their children some kinds which men
cannot fully grasp and in conse
quence our legislation is rather for
men than for men and women both
Men have regarded equal suffrage
with dread as somethingcalculated to
revolutionize society as something
that would result in the tearing of
things up by the roots There is no
reason why there should be such a re
sult and as a matter of fact there
has been no such a result where wo
men have been voting for years
It is true that at times of the adop
tion of equal suffrage by Kansas and
Colorado there happened to be a great
deal of political insanity in both those
states But the women were no
crazier than the men Then came a
lucid period and the women were just
as lucid as the men and have been so
ever since
We think that some of the advo
cates of women suffrage have been
hysterical and even mushy and have
thereby injured the cause They have
placed women on a pedestal and en
gaged in idolatry This kind of con
duct repels sensible men who do things
only for sensible reasons
We do not believe that good women
are any better than good men or lhat
they are going to purify the ballot or
otherwise revolutionize things Wo
men should be given the right to vote
because that is her right so long as
men vote Voting of course we un
derstand is the right of neither men
nor women It is only a privilege
which if enjoyed by men should not
be withheld from women Phoenix
Water Drained
From Searchlight
The Searchlight mine has been un
watered down to the lowest laterals
and was thoroughly sampled One
hundred and twenty five samples were
taken which are now being assayed
It was not deemed advisable to keep
the water down as it will be at least
a couple of weeks before anything
definite will be known as to future de
velopments The boiler plant with
the addition of the new boiler that has
been set up is sufficient for all needs
but the pumping plant is not able to
handle the How of water in anything
like a satisfactory manner gaining on
it but a few inches an hour In un
watering the only trouble was caused
by the high speed steam engine that
runs the generator which is over
In talking with Mr Bromley and
Mr Mortimer it was stated that an
equipment of machinery sufficient to
handle this How of water will be in
stalled before another attempt is made
te unwater the mine
This mine is being given a thorough
try out and it is believed that the re
sults will warrant the pushing ahead
of development work on a large scale
Searchlight Bulletin
Grading for Mill
The Pocahontas Mining Company
whose properties are about 3 1 2 miles
from Mayer are doing things these
days which look like business The
old mine which years ago yielded
eight or ten carloads of silver ore
which netted a big profit after pay
ing its way to the Needles smelter
has taken on the complexion of a gold
mine of high grade The company
which has been working the property
for the last two or three years has
opened up the ground in a new place
a few hundred yards from the old sil
ver chute and in the new workings
have gold and silver ore of excellent
grade A shaft has been sunk and the
ground explored with most satisfactory
results and the management have
concluded to bring their mill to the
mine and to erect a hoist and continue
sinking Following this plan grading
for mill and hoist is being done and
the mill is being hauled to the mine
Prescott Courier
ilerri tjfrhjj Liraryl 9
NO 2
Power Line to Climax
It has been the purpose of the
Climax Mining Company for several
months past to install a plant at the
mines which which will be adequate in
handling the large reserve of ore
which ha been blocked out during
the past three years While the com
pany has off and on produced con
siderable bullion by means of the old
mill the quantity of ore which could
be worked was a mere handful com
pared with the capacity of the mine
The running of the new plant it is
figured can best be done by electric
power and looking to that end Su
perintendent M V Watson rode ove
the route between Prescott and the
Climax to see the lay of the country
and to pick a route for a power line
which will be used to transmit 200
horsepower to the mines Mr Watson
went by way of the Jersey Lily road
thence past the old Mescal gold prop
erties upon the banks of the Hassay
ampa and thence down the Hassay
ampa to Climax This route is prac
tically a straight line south from
Prescott Returning Mr Watson
came to Prescott by way of the Copper
Basin road The line if strung over
this route would be about four miles
longer than the Jersey Lily route but
would tap the Birch McNulty cop
per properties and those of the Com
mercial Mining Company at Copper
Basin would be but a short distance off
the line Prescott Courier
Big Block Quartette -
Ground is Leased
T M Post J M McQuaid and Har
ley Homes have secured a lease on the
block of ground at the Quartette that
lies between the main shaft and the
Holmes Montgomery lease This
should be one of the best blocks of
ground in th mine The Holtnes
Montgomery lease is keeping up its
production It is stated that a drift
will be run from the Holmes-Montgomery
lease through this block of
ground to connect with the main shaft
This will serve the purpose of openirg
up this new ground as well as making
it possible to handle the ore from the
Holmes Montgomery lease through
the main shaft At the present time
all the ore his to be taken out with a
windlass which is not only slow but
cosily This drift will have to be run
about 300 feet but it is believed that
it will be in ore all the way Search
light Bulletin
Good Outlook in Alaska
Alaska is well on the way of a busy
season It is announced that 12 new
dredges are to be erected at Nome
the Gusrgenheims have boueht the
most important claims at Iditarod and
are shipping one of the Dawson
dredges down hydraulickins on the
Kenai peninsula started early Ruby
Creek is sending out good reports and
some gold the Perseverance and the
Sheep Creek properties at Juneau
have come under control of B L
Thane and associates and will doubt
less be placed in good shape and the
new concentrator at the Bonanza mine
Kennicott Mines Company has begun
work It is interesting to note that
this concentrator which handles the
second grade of the much discussed
Bonanza mine works on material con
taining 25 per cent copper The pro
duct assays 65 per cent copper and 18
oz silver W H Seagraves formerly
of Ely and later at La Touche is now
in charge at Kennicott He has start
ed work on the Jumbo a claim near
the Bonanza mine New York Min
ing Age
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