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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, October 12, 1912, Image 1

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Democratic State Platform
Id both state and nation the great
democratic party rejoices in a record
of achievement in progressive legisla
tion and administration The demo
cratic fight for many years against
special privilege in all its varied
forms has at last brought national
victory within its grasp Under able
leadership it has fought insolent cor
porate power until an awakened
people is determined that the people
shall rule rule through the demo
cratic party which has fought the
peoples fights won their victories and
earned their confidence and support
Wo declare our unqualified and en
thusiastic indorsement of the national
democratic platform and its standard
bearers Woodrow Wilson and Thos
R Marshall heartily subscribe to
their high ideals of American patriot
ism and statesmanship and pledge
the democratic party of Arizona re
flecting the views and jealous of tlio
rights of the masses to measure up to
that exalted standard The demo
cratic party has grown strong in the
hearts of the people in corresponding
ratio as bossism has been denounced
and the influence in the partys coun
cils of predatory wealth has been dis
By virtue of statehood Arizonas
progressive democracy as exemplified
in the Constitution of the state and
the faithful interpretation of its prin
ciples into law has assumed a leading
place in the ranks of progressive
states Pointing to this achievement
as a notable instance of progressive
democratic triumph we renew our
pledge of allegiance to the spirit and
the letter of the Constitution and con
fidently assert that the assurance of
popular government provided thereby
will finally result in driving from
public positions and party prominence
the time serving special interest poli
ticians who have long been at once
the bulwarK and the bane of practical
Regretful that insufficient interest
has thus far been taken by the voters
in the direct primary we neverthe
less reaffirm our belief in the great
principal involved and pledge our
selves to labor for the awakening
which can only result in the complete
vindication of the principle As
eternal vigilance is the price of
liberty we call upon all genuine
democrats to actively participate in
the primaries to the end that party
government under the law shall be
truly expressive of progressive demo
cratic sentiment Upon the purity of
the ballot rests the confidence of the
people in government and we heartily
and with pride approve the courage
and honesty of the democratic gover
nor and the democratic Legislature
through which were enacted advanced
laws aimed to effect this end
In the vast constructive works re
quired by the change from a standpat
territorial to a progressive state
government the democratic adminis
tration has met every requirement
ably and fearlessly carrying out every
platform pledge fulfilling every pre
election promise and meeting every
need of proper organization and ad
ministration of the affairs of govern
ment It has been mindful of the
proper adjustment of affairs between
producer and consumer of the rela
tions between public service and cor
porations and the public of the re
spective rights of labor and capital
and of the general development of all
lines of legitimate industry iu which
the state is rich beyond compare
We congratulate the democratic
Legislature upon its exarapled record
of remedial legislation directed to
ward the proper protection of those
who labor and are heavy laden a rec
ord of achievement which describes
more oloquently than any words the
attitude of the democratic party in
Arizona toward labor
Tho democratic majority of the
Legislature has wisely submitted four
amendments for adoption First fore
most and most vital in principal and
In effect is the provision for the re
call of the judiciary of which a re
publican President insolently com
pelled the elimination from Arizonas
Progressive Constitution as a con
dition precedent to statehood No
longer under this tyrannous power
we pledge the party to support the
amendment adopted by a democratic
Legislature in fulfillment of the pledge
to the people replacing this provision
in the Constitution in its original form
and warning the people of the activi
ties of corporate interests in the ef
fort to defeat this measure of popular
government call upon all patriotic
citizens of Arizona to rally to the vin
dication of the states courage patriot
ism and independence
That taxation may be equalized
properly that the rich and powerful
may not longer avoid the payment of
their just proportion of the expense of
the government of the slate we favor
the adoption of amendments to the
Constitution giving wider latitude to
the powers of the State Tax Commis
We congratulate the people of Ari
zona upon the privilege given them by
our Democratic State Constitution of a
ull and free vote upon the question of
Equal Suffrage at the next election
and while we favor evual suffrage we
recognize that the question cannot be
made a test of party fealty
We indorse the splendid service to
the state and nation of United States
Senators Mark Smith and Henry F
Ashurst and Representative in Con
gress Carl Hayden and wo particular
ly commend to the voters of this state
the Honorable Carl Hayden for re
election to Congress and especially in
dorse the action taken by our United
States Senators to prevent the con
firmation of Richard E Sloan as
Federal Judge of Arizona
We are in favor of amendments to
the National Reclamation Act which
will provide for an extension of time
for the repayment or the cost of recla
mation projects The settlers should
not be required to bear tha expense
of mistakes made by government of
ficials and we favor a thorough inves
tigation of the expenditures under any
project before the cost of the same is
Anally determined In keeping with
the democratic doctrine of local self
government we demand that the
management and operation of each
reclamation project be turned over to
the water users under it at the earliest
possible moment and during the
period of construction and water users
should be consulted and their approval
obtained before any contracts are made
for the sale of power or before any
change is made in the method of dis
tributing water Each reclamation
homestead entryman should be per
mitted to receive a patent for the full
area of his entry We pledge our
Senators and Congressmen to use all
honorable means to secure the passage
of these necessary changes in the rec
lamation law
Shattuck Arizona Halts
on Smelter Proposition
That Shattuck wwill not build a
smelter at Douglas for tho time being
at least but will ship its ores to the
Calumet and Arizona smelter at Doug
las and will at once start upon active
production was the chief news of im
portance to develop during the past
week This was the decision reached
at the directors meeting at Chicago
and that it was considered as highly
favorable was shown by tiie immediate
and rapid advance in the value of its
shares in ready response something
that did not occur at tho time of the
announcement of the companys inten
tion to construct a plant for the re
duction pf its ores in Douglas
In this city it had generally been
believed that the company would con
tinue its solicy of development work
only shipping the ore that was taken
out in this way would build the con
templated smelter and would not
largely increase its force until such
new smeller was completed and for
this reason the announcement of
change of plans came in the nature of
a sarprise although there were some
who have always professed to believe
that there would be no smelter build
ing despite the former announcement
by the directors But commonly it
thought that Shattuck could not be
looked to largely increase its working
force at the present time The fact
that a large operating force must be
put to work at once to meet the con
tract that has been entered upon there
fore came as a pleasant surprise to the
business men of the city meaning as
it does employment for some 200 more
miners in this district than would
otherwise be required Douglas will
be disappointed at the failure of plans
for a scelter building there for that
city had been counting on a force of
mechanics and carpenters being given
employment during consfruction works
and an added office and laboring pop
ulation from the installation of a third
smelter On the contrary Bisbee had
not expected benerit until a latter day
but gets the added prosperity at once
That the C and A company had the
new contract was the occasion of some
surprise for the Copper Queen had
been handling such output of the mine
as was created by the development
work and the C and A had not been
reaching out for customs work The
explanation however is easy and is
found in the character of the ore
which the Shattuck produces and the
need of ore of that kind by the A and
A while the Queens need of such ore
was not nearly so imperative
Shattucks ore is high grade and
largely oxide Both of the other com
panies have had an excess of sulphide
ores To care for the sulphides and
because of the change in the character
of the district both companies started
rebuilding their plants at Douglas
The Copper Queen completed its work
and is in a position now to handle an
excess of sulphides over oxides which
it was formerly unable to do Not so
with the C and A It required more
oxides to form the flux and could not
Increase its smelter output materially
otherwise It obtains these from the
Shattuck and is therefore able to make
an oiler better than any of the larger
company and one so good as to make
it needless for the Shattuck to build a
plant of its own one equally beneficial
to both contracting parties Here is
the explanation for the change of
policy by the directors of the Snattuck
L C Shattuck returned from Chi
cargo arriving in Bisbee Friday morn
ing and verified the telegraphic re
ports that this property was to begin
immediate production It had been
reported before his arrival that an ad
vantageous contract had been obtained
with the C and A company and this
also Mr Shattuck verified He stated
lo a representative of the Review that
at first pending the completion of the
new smelter at Douglas by the C and
A company the shipments from his
property would be at the rate of 200
tons oer day When the new plant is
completed it will be able lo handle the
output of the Shattuck if that company
decides to run to 400 tons a day which
was to be the capacity of the plant it
expected to build for itself Asked
how many more men his company
would employ Mr Shattuck replied
that remained to be determined and
would only say as many as may be re
quired to enable us to ship the 200 tons
a day reqnired to be your contract
Thus is Shattuck immediately placed
on a dividend paying basis somewhere
about 5 per year In response to
this the advance in share prices was
immediate The company has great
resources of ore blocked out in develop
ment work and can rapidly begin stop
ins and shipping as fast as men can be
obtained to do the work and this is the
only difficulty that now confronts the
management As soon as ho returned
Mr Shattuck lost no time in entering
on consultation with employes of his
company and before the day was half
gone was deep in plans to change from
development work into production and
shipping Details were gone over and
discussed and suggestions given and
received All were down to hard
work at once Bisbee Review
Tungsten And its Uses
Last year there was a sharp de
crease in the production of tungsten
TWllMnii i THLlllXA
S5S tW ai fttfoMffil
a- - --
ore owing to the decrease in the de
mand for tool steels in which the bulk
of the tungsten produced is used ac
cording to Frank L Hess in a report
on this metal just issued by the United
States Geological Survey The pro
duction of domestic tungsten ore in
1011 amounted to 1139 short tons of
concentrates carrying 00 per cent of
tungsten trioxide valued at 407085
in 1910 the production amounted to 1
821 short tons valued at 832992
Tungsten is used chiefly in making
steels that will hold their temper
when heated but it is most generally
known as supplying the fllament of
tungsten incandescent lamps The
great improvements in drawing tung
sten wire and further notable improve
ments in the size of the globe of the
tungsten lamp and in other mechani
cal details that add greatly to its ef
ficiency are making it encroach upon
the carbon filament lamp and the arc
lamp and it is rapidly driving from
the market the tantaum lamp which
was the firsi good incandescent lamp
having a metallic filament Diamonds
are used for dies in drawing tungsten
wire At first it did not seem possible
to drill small enough holes through
the diamonds to make wire sufficiently
tine for lamps of small candlepower
but wire 00006 inch in diameter can
now be drawn in quantity The total
quantity of tungsten ore used for
electric lights however amounts to
only a few tons a year New uses of
tungsten in making electric furnaces
electric contacts and targets for
Roentgen rays have been developed
and the last two products are being
actively manufactured
Even for purposes of war tungsten
may have its uses and investigations
are now being made with a view to its
application in tho manufacture of pro
The resent siuall arm ser ice pro
jectile is maae of lead with a jacket of
copper nickel alloy The principal
alvantageof lead over iron which
wjuld of course be cheaper is that it
baa a higher specific gravity Be
cause of this fact a lead bullet will
have a smaller cross section and will
therefore encounter less air resistance
to its flight than will an iron bullet of
the same weight and it will conse
quently give a flatter trajectory and
longer range An iron bullet of the
same diameter as the lead bullet could
of course be made of the same weight
by increasing its length but
would at once necessitate giving it a
higher rotational velocity- to keep its
axis tangential to Us fligot To im
part this added rotatiojal velocity
to keep its axis tangential to its flight
To impart this added rothtional
velocity would call for the expendi
ture of energy and so leave less for
velocity of translation With the ex
ception of tungsten lead is the densest
metal which can be considered for
this purpose for gold is the cheapest
of the other elements having a higher
specific gravity than lead
For military purposes the softness of
lead is not an advantage a soft nosed
bullet being tabooed in civilized war
fare For this reason and because of
the fact that it is too weak to hold the
rifling it has to be jacketed with cop
per nickel alloy To take the rifling
and to act as a gas check the tungsten
bullet will require a copper band or
its equivalent at the base
The hardness and high tensile
strength of wrought tungsten will give
high penetrating power The high
melting point of tungsten will prevent
the projectile from being harmfully
upset at tho base by the combined ac
tion of the high temperature and rapid
impact due to the combustion of the
power charge
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NO 3
Yavapai Loses its Tax Case
The title that heads this article may
be somewhat misleading in that it
may not exactly be the people of Yava
pai county that are so vitally interest
ed in the matter of the contested tax
case as it is the United Verde Copper
company whose tax assessment was
the basis of the suit But the issue of
the suit are vitally interesting to the
people as it raises a doubt as to what
a county board of equalization really
standsfor The States Attorney con
tends that the States basis of taxation
rests on the abstract furnished by the
clerk of the board of supervisors
which is made up from the original
assessment roll as it comes from the
hands of the Assessor while the
county of Yavapai raised the issue
that the board of equalization of the
county could hear and determine is
sues raised by taxpayers and raise or
lower the original assessment Judge
Smith of Yavapai took this view but
the Supreme Court overruled the low
er court and now the cause goes back
with instruction to issue a peremptory
writ of mandamus to compel the board
of supervisors to restore the tax of the
United Verde company to its original
altitude Few lawyers will agree
with the Supreme Court in its curtail
ment of the rights of a board of equali
zation to review the work of the as
sessor and its probable that the Su
preme Court of the United States will
be given a chance to decide the issues
raised in this cause If it were true
that the assessment as returned by the
assessor must stand or that the board
of equalization has no duty topetforu
but to raise all property to the highest
standard set by the assessor then it
were better that the board be abolish
ed as a useless incumbrance
United States Smelting
It is estimated that from Jan 1 to
Aug 31 the operations of the United
States Smelting Refining Mining
company resulted in an increase of 1
100000 in net earnings This is at
the rate of 1405000 increase for the
year The total increase for 1912 over
1911 will probably be much larger
than the figures estimated
Actual earnings thus far this year
assure a surplus after preferred divi
dend of more than 2500000 which
would be better than 14 per cent or
7 per share earned in eight months
on the common stock or at the rate of
almost 9 a year Boston Commercial
George C Ruffner has gone to Phoe
nix from Skull Valley for the purpose
of buying several head more of mules
to be used on his freighting contract
in hauling ores from the Coin nercial
mines in Copper Basin for shipment
from Skull Valley by railroad to the
Douglas smelters Ele has over thirty
head at present delivering daily to the
railroad fifty tons and the increased
tonnage that has accumulated beyond
the capacity of the transportation
facilities on hand necessitates the
placing of additional outfits on the
road This property is said to be pro
ducing more heavily at present than
ever and as drifting from the winze
progresses the ore bodies being open
ed up are of astounding proportions
and the copper values of the highest
grade known in Arizona Over seven
ty car loads of fifty tons to a car have
been shipped to date to Douglas and
from development with only limited
stoping given Prescott Journal
m M i
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