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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, October 26, 1912, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
- Yes
Amendments and Referenda
We are presenting this week to the vot
ers of Mohave county a section of the
ballot that will call for the wise action of
the electors on the 5th of next November
This comprises that portion covered by
the amendments to the State Constitution
and subjects referred to the voters for
their acceptance or rejection as laws of
the land by petition of the people The
first constitutional measure is that which
created so much adverse comment of the
president of the United States when the
veto power was exercised by Pres Taft
and which kept us out of the Union near
ly a year the recall of the judiciary
Now while we favor the recall of every
public officer we only favor such recall
where the subject is the recall of the of
Referred to the People by Legislative Assembly
To amend Section 1 of Article 8 of the Constitution of the State
of Arizona extending the recall to all public officers of the State
holding an elective office either by election or appointment
Vote YES or NO
To amend Article II of the Constitution of the State of Arizona
granting to the State and municipal corporations the right to en
gage in industrial pursuits
Vote YES or NO
To amend Section 1 1 of Article IX of the Constitution of th
State of Arizona so as to provide that the method and mode of
assessing equalizing and levying taxes in the otate shall be such
as may be prescribed by law
Vote YES or NO
To amend Section 8 of Article IX of the Constitution of the
State of Arizona limiting the amount of indebtedness of any
County or school district to ten per centum ot the taxable prop
erty of such County or school district as shown by the last as
sessment roll thereof when such indebtedness is authorized to
exeeed four per centum of such taxable property by the assent
of a majority of the property tax payers who must also be
qualified electors of such County or school district and provid
ing further that any incorporated city or town with a majority
assent of tax payers and electors thereof may be allowed to be
come indebted to an amount larger than four per centum of the
taxable property as shown by the last assessment roll of such
incorporated city or town but not to exceed fifteen per centum
additional for supplying such city or town with water artificial
light or sewers when the works for supplying the same are or
shall be owned and controlled by the incorporated city or town
Vote YES or NO
Proposed by Initiative Petition
To amend Sections 2 and 15 of Article VII of the Constitution of
the State of Arizona granting to the citizens of the State of Ari
zona regardless of sex the right of suffrage and the right to hold
public office
Vote YES or NO
Referendum Ordered by Petition of the People
An Act creating a lien upon Mines and Mining Claims for labor
perfoimed thereon by mineis lahoreis or ethers and for
material or any kind designed or used thereon
Vote YES or NO
An Act regulating the number of men to be employed on trains
and engines Vote YES or NO
An Act Regulating Headlights on all Locomotives
Vote YES or NO
An Act to provide adequate punishment for any person who
shall engage or act in the capacity of a Locomotive Engineer
upon any railroad in the State of Arizona without having first
served three years as a Locomotive Fireman or if engaged as a
conductor without having first served three years as a Brakeman
or Conductor of a freight train
Vote YES or NO
An Act limiting the number of Cars in Railroad Trains
Vote YES or NO
An Act to provide for and to regulate the rate for Transportation
of passengers by common carriers on railroads within the State
of Arizona Vote YES or No
An Act providing for a Semi Monthly Pay day
Vote YES or NO
An Act to regulate and license the hunting of Game Birds and
Vote YES or NO
ficer without incurring the election of a
successor at the same time The matter
to be voted on should be Shall John Doe
be recalled and if carried affirmatively
that the office be filled by appointment
until the next general election
Amendment to Article II of the Con
stitution gives the right of the State and
municipal corporations to engage in
industrial pursuits Voters should vote
yes on this amendment There is no
reason why the State or municipal cor
porations should be barred from owning
and operating water works street rail
ways and other public utilities
Amendment to Sec II of Article IX of
the Constitution which makes possible
more comprehensive methods of assess
ment of taxes should be voted yes by the
electors The present restrictions does
not give the taxing powers of the State
the right to assess masses of property
but goes to the classes
Amendment of Sec VIII of Article IX of
the Constitution limiting the indebtedness
of school districts and counties to ten per
centum of the taxable property unless by
consent of a majority of the taxpayers
The present article is four per cent Vote
I yes
I Amendment to Sees 4 and 15 of Article
VII of the Constitution granting to the
citizens of the State regardless of sex the
right of suffrage and the right to hold of
fice This is what is known as the
woman suffrage amendment and it should
be voted into the constitution by a large
majority Vote yes
One of the laws of the first legislative
assembly of the State of Arizona is that
relating to liens on mines This is the
first law against which the referendum
was invoked It is a most vicious measure
and should never have been enacted
While it is special legislation it would un
doubtedly result in endless litigation if en
acted into law by the people and it is the
earnest desire of the miners and mine
owners that a negative vote be cast against
it The measure proposes that mines
shall be responsible not only for the work
done under option or lease but also for
all suyplies furnished by any person to
those working the property Were this
same measure proposed against farms and
other forms of property a howl would go
up to high heaven from these same people
that are trying to inflict this law on min
ing property If a man leased a piece of
farming land and during certain months
had to employ help and then being un
able to pay this help a lien was filed on the
farm would any one believe the owner
should either lose his farm or pay off the
employes wages or the store bills incurred
by the farming leassee We do not think
so but this is the law the alfalfa gentle
men are trying to impose on the mine
owner This measure should be voted no
The other referendum measures an act
regulating the number of men employed
on trains an act regulating headlights on
locomotives an act requiring three years
experience as fireman and three years
service as brakeman before acting in
capacity of engineer or conductor an act
limiting number of cars in train an act to
provide for and regulate transportation of
passengers in state the three cent fare
bill an act providing for semi monthly pay
day an act to regulate and license the
hunting of game birds and animals should
be voted yes These measures have
nothing in them that would cause a con
sistent thinking man to hesitate a moment
in voting them into our statute books
The one measure that appears to meet
more opposition than any other from the
railroad corporations is the semi monthly
pay day but the argument which is made
elsewhere n hyaperl is most absurd
It presumes that a working man is not to
be trusted with his own money but that
the farther apart his pay days are the bet
ter it would be for him Yet if the rail
roads were asked to pay each and every
one of its employees a month in advance
they would be quite indignant But that
is just what they ask the employees to do
Take for instance an employee of the
Santa Fe He goes to work on the first
day of October and works until the fifteenth
of Novc mjer before he gets a cent of
wage and then he only receives pay for
the month On the Southern Pacific two
months elapses before the poor employee
can draw a cent of wage If the employee
received his pay every two weeks he
NO 5
might be able to patronize other than cor
poration stores and at a profit to himself
Not one of the railroad acts imposes
duties that are not in line with better rail
road methods than are now in vogue
The limiting of cars in trains is only in
line with convenience and safety The
railroads are making cars of greater ton
nage and in this way cars can be readily
kept within the limit Electric headlights
are a necessity Knowledge of railroad
ing is necessary even in a conductor and
engineer and the Ionizer term that these
men serve as apprentices the better will
the railroad service be The law requir
ing conductors and engineers to have an
apprenticeship before being set up will
conduce to public safety and cut out the
promotion of favorites of railroad officials
who have no real knowledge of railroad
Everybody should study these proposi
tions carefully and when they go to the
polls cast their votes intelligently
Prehistoric Building
is Found in Canyon
Prof Byron Cummings who left
Salt Lake a number of weeks ago to
make an exploration of the cliff dwel
ling district in northern Arizona re
turned a few dajs ago with interest
ing data concerning new discoveries
lie made while away says the Desert
News The chief features of his suc
cess on the trip was the discovery of a
dwelling of 75 rooms never before
entered by white men Speaking of
the trip Prof uummings said
We found the big dwellings in Se
gie canyon which is south of San Juan
canyon It was so filled with earth
and debris which had collected during
the years that have passed since it was
inhabited that we could enter it only
with the greatest difficulty It was in
virgin state and from the fact that
none of the debits had been removed
or disturbed we coulu easily teil it fcd
not been entered by white men or by
any other race for many years
There were 75 i ooms in the dwell
ing We cleared as many of them out
as we could but in io e the rick
roofs had fallen in and the stoues we e
so large that we could not remove
In the rooms ve found various
kind- of puttery and other relics
which we brought to add to ourcolhc
tion Among the specimen- we foi n I
one large pottery jar containing over
a bushei of shelled coin Some of our
work this summer was exceedingly
hard and we weie put to great incon
venience but the interesting thin s
we saw and discovered more than re
paid us for our efforts
A Pare Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr Win Sedgwick Saunders Medical Officer
of Health cf the city cf London Eng was
good enough to cay that a long and univer
sal experience has proved a cream of tartar
powder the rnoct clicient safe and econ
omical making food which could not be
deleterious to the nozt delicate stomach
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited

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