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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 02, 1912, Image 1

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The People and the Railroads
We are publishing elsewhere in the
Miner a protest against the adoption
of the referendum measures relating
to the railroads Now the Miner and
its editors have always had the friend
liest feeling for railroads because
without them the whole country would
be a wilderness They are essential
to the improvement and betterment
of the whole world and are entitled to
consideration to an unlimited extent
Our law makers have looked upon the
railroads in the same way and to
make possible the building of railroads
across the continent and into isolated
regions great tracts of land exceeding
in area all Continental Europe have
been granted to these railroad build
ers While bonds were placed in the
early period of the railroads history
they were not at the time considered
gilt edged securities but the onrush
ing years have brought them great
values and the descendents of the
early bondholders of American rail
roads are reaping abundant harvest
In the last thirty years railroads have
growri to such an extent and eliminat
ed competition to such a degree that
laws have been passed to restrict their
rapacity in the matter of high freight
and passenger rates Practically
every state in the Union have taken a
whack at the railroads until a mini
mum rate of freights and fares has
been established Now Arizona is
trying to do what some of the other
states have done to get for the people
a favorable rate of fare on passenger
tratlic and have passed a law making
a rate of three cents per mile This
rate is attacked by the railroads al
though every day these same railroads
are carrying passengers through the
state for less than one cent per mile
All the other measures on which the
referendum have been invoked relate
to train service and are only for the
betterment of the condition of the
men operating llie trVms and when
the betterments have once been creat
ed the railroads will feel that the laws
have been a real benefit The limit of
cars in a train is in nowise limiting
the tonnage of the train as the trend
of car building has been along the
lines of greater tonnage to the car
than the increase of cars in a train
A train of seventy five cars that go to
make up a train today will carry
about double the tonnage of the same
train of ten years ago The law re
quiriug railroad education of a con
ductor or engineer is essential to the
safety of the traveling public and in
no way imposes a hardship on the
railroads With greater capacity in
the locomotives of the present day we
believe that greater car capacity will
more than make up for shorter trains
But on the other hand there are few
trains drawn on the railroads of Ari
zona that will ever reach the limit al
lowed by law and the necessity of full
crews Is so obvious that even the rail
roads do not urge that proposition
seriously The railroads should be
treated on the same basis as the indi
vidual and did we believe that they
were getting the worst of the present
referred laws we would be with them
in the light for fair play
Tighter Lines on Mineral Claims
Important rulings tending to draw
tighter the lines of the government on
mineral land locations have been re
ceived here from Washington by
Receiver Charles Arnold of the local
United States land office According
to Mr Arpold the new rulings have
been issued by the government offi
cials in an effort to check the opera
tions of wildcat promoters
Mining engineers here however
consider that one of the rulings will
have the effect of checking develop
ment of big mineral properties They
claim one ruling marks the passing of
the prospector and means that pros
pectors can only lay claim to prop
erties where there are surface indi
cations of ore in paying quantities
The wording of this ruling is as fol
Mineral found in surface rock alone
will not amount to a discovery unless
the same contains ore in paying quan
tities Discovsry of mineral cannot be
claimed simply because the surface
indications combined with geological
inference indicate that other and un
connected lodes or veins lie at a great
er depth
Other rulings of greater importance
to holders of government mineral
lands read as follows
The following elements are neces
sary to constitute a valid discovery
upon a lode mining claim
1 There must be a vein or lode of
quartz or other rock in place
2 The quartz or other rock in
place must carry gold or some other
valuable mineral deposit
3 The two preceeding elements
when taken together must be such as
to warrant a prudent man in the ex
pediture of his time and money in the
effort to develop a valuable mine
These are most important rulings
said Receiver Arnold yesterday
Their effect is to preclude as far as
possible the filing of mineral claims for
speculative purposes by wildcat pro
Strict enforcement of the regula
tion concerning surface prospects
said a local mining engineer means
that many good properties can neither
be discovered nor mined It means
the passing of the prospector and the
loss of his labors I believe that the
regulations cannot be enforced if a
fight is made in the courts
I consider the ruling as absurd for
the reason that it is well known to all
mining men that it is not frequent
that ore in paying quantities is found
on the surface Many of the great
mines of Arizona were discovered
through geological inference In fact
modern mining to a large extent is
based on geology and the inferences
we draw from it
I am informed that the hope of the
government is that this ruling strict
ly enforced will eliminate the opera
tions of the wildcat promoter This is
a meritable motive but the ruling is
calculated to work great hardship on
legitimate promoters and check a vast
industry Arizona Gazette
Old Dominion Has Rich Ore
Recent advices in Boston are to the
effect that the strike at the Old Do
minion on the 1000 foot level is open
ing up very well and at last accounts
six feet of ore was exposed assaying
18 per cent copper
The new ore is located in the eastern
portion of the mine in the United
Globe ground and is in the deepest
workings of the Old Dominion prop
erty The ore is direct smelting and
of excellent grade being higher than
that on the 14th level above Owing
to its character which is chalcopyrite
and bornlte the indications are that
L will show permanence with depth
The possibilities of this ground will
be seen when it is staled that the
nearest workings are located 250 feet
above while in depth and for approxi
mately one mile to the eastward the
ground is unprospected The indica
tions are that in this portion of the
mine the Old Dominion Co will de
velop an important ore body and one
which will add largely to the prop
ertys reserves It may be said that
the new development is regarded as
one of the most important which has
taken place at the mines in years
Bisbee Review
Porto Ricos New Wonder
Prom far away Porto IMco come re
ports of a wonderful new discovery
that is believed will vastly benefit the
people Ramon T Merchan of Barce
loneta writes Dr Kings New Dis
covery is doing splendid work here
It cured me about five times of ter
rible coughs and colds also ray brother
of a severe cold in his chest and more
than 20 others who used it on my ad
vice We hope this great medicine
will yet be sold in every drug store in
Porto Rico For throat and lung
troubles it has no equal A trial will
convince you of its merit 00c and
100 Trial bottle free Guaranteed
by H H Watkins
Proclamation of Election
Whereas under the provisions of
Chapter 24 of the Session Laws of the
Special Session of the First Legisla
ture of the State of Arizona it is pro
vided that there shall be a general
election of Representative in Congress
on the first Tuesday ater tiie first
Monday in November 1912 and on the
same date of every even numbered
year thereaftar and
Whereas under the provisions of
said Chapter 24 of the Session Laws of
the Special Session of the First Legis
lature of the State of Arizona it is
further provided that such number of
Presidential Electors as shall equal
the number of United States Senators
and Representative in Congress from
Arizona shall be elected at an electon
to be held on the first Tuesday after
the first Monday in November 1912
and quadrennially thereafter and
Whereas under the provisions of
said Chapter 24 the number of electors
to be elected in the State of Arizona
in the year 1912 is three and
WHEREAS under the provisions of
Title 20 Chapter 1 of the Revised
Statutes of Arizona entitled Elec
tions it is provided that at least
thirty days before a general election
the Governor shall issue a Proclama
tion of Election under the Great Seal
of the Slate and transmit copies there
of to the Clerks of the Boards of Su
pervisors of the counties in which sucli
elections shall be held such Proclama
tion to contain a statement of the
time of the election and the offices to
be filled and the offer of a reward in
the form prescribed
Hunt Governor of the State of Ari
zona in pursuance of the duty enjoined
upon me do hereby order a general
election to be held on the first Tues
day after the first Monday in Novem
ber A D 1912 and the offices to be
tilled at such election I do hereby
designate to be is follows to wit
One Representative in Congress
Three Presidential Electors
AND I DO HEREBY offer a reward of
Fifty Djllars for the arrest and eor
viction of any and every person vir
luting any of the provisions of Title
IV Part I of the Penal CoJe or of any
acts amendatory thereto such rewards
to be paid until tiie total amount here
after expended for the purposes
reaches tha amount of One Thousand
In witness whereof I have here
unto set my hand and caused the Great
Seal of the State to be affixed
Done at Phoenix the Capital this
fourth day of October A D 1912
By the Governor
Geo W P Hunt
Sidney P Osiiorn
Secretary of State
First insertion Oct 19 Nov 2
I Eat All I Want to Now No More
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Meals or Constipation
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eettlns relief JUST TRY simple buck
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In ADLER-1-KA You will be surprised
at the QUICK results and you will b
euarded against appendicitis The VERY
FIRST DOSE will help you and a shoit
treatment with ADLER-I-KA will make
ii feel better than you have for years
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nd diawss off all Impurities A SINGLE
WE relieves gas on the stomach sour
inmdch constipation nausea or heavv
ling after eating almost AT ONCE
shoit treatment often cures an ordinary
f of appendicitis
For Sale By
Territorial Libra5ryl09 1
Memorial and Resolutions
On Monday evening October 21st
1912 the grim reaper gathered our
worthy and beloved brother J D
Jordan to the great majority who
have passed to the unknown beyond
The deceased was born at Kezar Falls
in the State of Maine but came west
in early manhood and resided several
years at Cripple Creek in the State of
Colorado He removed to Kingman
Arizona some sixteen years ago
where lie achieved success as a mining
engineer making scientific reports
and conducting sales of valuable min
ing properties
Mr Jordan tooK a commendable
interest in all public affairs and was
one of the most progressive citizens of
our community Naturally studious
he devoted considerable time to the
study of geology and was an authority
on that and other scientific subjects
But Professor Jordan has better
claims to remembrance than material
success or mere learning can bestow
There was purity and goodness in his
private life integrity in all his con
duct directness nd devotedness of
purpose in all that he said or wrote or
did which with his kindly generous
nature made up a character which
cannot fail to be admired by all who
knew and appreciated his manly and
noble qualities He was wedded some
eight years ago to Miss Nora Ealy an
exemplary and beautiful young lady
and their married life was a model of
domestic felicity His widow and one
child baby Winifred survive to
mourn his loss His remains were at
his request and that of his sisters
laid to rest in the family cemetery in
his Eastern home where several of
nis fathers family still reside And
Whereas it has pleased the Su
preme Ruler of the universe to remove
from this world and from his beloved
wife and child our worthy brother
J D Jordan and
WHEREAS he bti one of Arizonas
most honored and esteemed citizens
and dearly loved by his brother Odd
Fellows and many friends for his un
selfish and manly qualities
We therefore officers and members
of Kingman Lodge No 7 Independent
Order of Odd Fellows in lodge as
sembled do place upon record the
following resolutions of our regret
and condolence
1st Resolved That while we mourn
the departure of our beloved brother
whose intelligent piety inspired by a
rich heart and bruad mental culture
ever manifested by deeds of gentle
charity ever showing forth in his
beautiful life the beauty of friendship
and the undying nature of love and
truth we still bow with submissive
tesignation to the will of Him who
doeth all things well
2nd Resolved That we esteemed
brother Jordan as a man of sterling
character and true worth and that his
loss to our lodge and the community is
second only to that of his own im
mediate family circle
Hi d Resolved That we extend to
NO 6
the sorely bereaved widow and orphan
ed child and the remaining members
of his fathers family our deepest
sympathy and commend them to the
sustaining grace of the infinite wisdom
and infinite love
Kingman Arizona October 30 1912
H L Underwood
O E Walker
Notice of Sale of Mohave County
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Board of Supervisors of the County
of Mohave State of Arizona at their
office in Kingman until Monday the
25th day of November 1912 at the
hour of 10 oclock A M of said day
for the purchase of Eighty Thousand
Dollars 8000000 of Mohave County
bonds which issue of bonds was duly
authorized by the qualified electors
and property taxpayers of said county
at a soecial election held in said
county on the 28th day of September
1912 under the provisions of Chapter
29 of the laws of the First Legislature
of the State of Arizona
Said bonds are to be of the denomi
nation of One Thousand Dollars
100000 each and to bear interest at
the rate of five per cent per annum
payable semi annually and to run for
a period of forty years from date with
the reservation by said county of the
privilege of redemption of any or all
of said bonds after twenty years
No bid for less than par and accrued
interest will be considered
A certified check for not less than
five uer cent of the total amount bid
must accompany each proposal
The Board of Supervisors reserve
the right to reject any and all bias
Sealed bids to be addressed to the
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
Kingman Arizona and marked Bid
for Purchase of County Court House
By order of the Board of Supervrsuis
of Mohave County Arizona
Dated at Kingman Arizona October
1 14th 1912
Jno C Potts
Isaac W Bartholomew
First insertion Oct 19 10 Nov
A tunnel to follow the ledge to the
center has been started at the Ivan
hoe mine in the Patagonia district
and it will reach the vicinity of the
present shaft on a loner level than
the sump at a distance of about 3700
feet The work is now in 200 feet in
good ore all the way The ledge is
100 feet wide More than 2000 feet of
work has been done on this property
j and some 15000 worth of ore has been
shipped Much rock declared to
average 1700 ounces in silver 2 per
cent copper has been taken out
Recently a 15 inch streak of rich
rock was cut running from 5000 to
7000 ounces of silver per ton The
mine is under the management of
James Johnson Tucson Citizen
The Official
Tests show Dr Prices
Baking Powder to be most
efficient in strength of highest
purity and healthfnlness
No Alum No Phosphate of Lime

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