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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 02, 1912, Image 3

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Mines of the County
Recent samples taken from tho
bottom of a fifty foot shaft on one of
tho properties owned by Matthew
Carr at Cedar gave results of about
100 to the ton In silver for a width of
four feet A small streak in the vein
from which shipping ore was taken
gave over 500 ounces silver to the ton
The vein is an excellent one the ore
showing well in tho outcrop
Wo would impress upon the voters
of the state the necessity of voting NO
on the proposition ot saddling a mine
under lease or option with the debts
of tho leassee or contractor Remem
ber that this proposition is numbered
m Yes and iot No Vote in the
square aftr 03 The passage of this
law would do the working miner no
good while at the sanio timo it would
mako the bonding or leasing of mines
impossible tho owners fearing that
such action would result in the loss of
the property Arizona needs no arbi
trary laws of this character
Tho Gold Reed Mining and Milling
company composed of H H Shuck of
Chit man and Bisbee Arizona people
has installed a gasoline boister on the
Jupiter group of mines near the Tom
Reed property and are sinking below
the 114 lovel expecting to continue to
the 550 frot level The big ledgo that
on the surface showed a vein pitch of
80 degrees south is now pitching 85
degrees to the north and is showing
every indication of becoming a great
producer Mr Shuck is in charge of
the proporty for the company and is
making big headway in its develop
Ross D McCauseland has taken an
option on the Metallic Accident mine
at Mineral Park from Thomas Mc
Neely and will soon have a number of
men at work developing the property
The Metallic Accident is one of the old
rich properties of the district it hav
ing been discovered by the late
Thomas 1 Christy in the latter part
of the seventies The ore found in the
outcrop ran as high as eight dollars in
silver to the pound A drift cuts a
large vein on the property at a depth
of about 200 feet where good grade of
copper was found It is this ore that
Mr Causeland will open up
Anson H Smith O B Stanton and
Philip Smith this week visited the
molybdenite mines owned by Smith
Sawyer and Company These mines
are situated in Copper Canyon and
Deluge Wash live miles north of
Cedar and are among the greatest
veins in the state The dump ores
from which a recent sample was taken
gave an average of more than 24 per
cent molybdenite besides three per
cent copper About 100 tons of the
ore is now on the dump the drifts
having been run In on the veins more
than 140 feet taking out a widtli of
about six feet in places Mr Stanton
was greatly surprised with the show
ing in this property and believes it
one of the big things of the state
Many of the raining papers of the
country are raising their voices in
protest against the rule of the Copper
Queen and Calumet and Arizona pay
ing their muckers four dollars per
day alleging that muckers are the
lowest grade of miners It seems
strange that men that are supposed to
know enough to run a newspaper deal
ing with mining topics are so dense on
the subject of mine labor To those
that know a mucker is one of the im
portant factors in mine work the ex
pert mucker handling more broken
rock in the same space of time than
could any other class of labor To be
an expert mucker is just as important
as being an expert miner the two
dovetailing in together to make a com
petent whole We have sean a muck
er send to t tie surface sixty tons of
broken rock where men that thought
they knew could barely send out forty
tons and this is the reason why min
ing companies are beginning to
recognize the importance of trained
shovel men in the underground work
ing of tho mines A man may fail as
a miner but as a mucker he may make
good and vice versa
Is your husband cross An irritable
fault finding disposition is often due to
a disordered stomach A man with
good digestion Is nearly always good
natured A great many have been
permanently cured of stomach trouble
by taking Chamberlains Tablets For
sale by all dealers
Rich Strike in Ibis Range
H C Adams has been in town for a
few days coming up from his new
strike down in the Ibis range about
10 miles southeast of Searchlight
Mr Adams reports a strike of very
high grade silver lead ore and it is
his intention to go down and take out
a car loud and ship it to the smelter in
order that he may determine just what
he has before going into development
work on a very extensive scale The
ore is what is Known asanglesite more
commonly called crystallized lead
some assaying 10 per cent but the
main values are in silver the ore
showing well up into the hundreds of
ounces in this metal
Mr Adams stated that he is not
down very deep on the ledge as yet
but that the ore body seems to be get
ting larger and while it is impossible
to tell just what it will do as depth is
gained yet so far he has been pn
couraged by what little work he has
done One of the most favorable in
dications in connection witli this pros
pect outside of the high values is
that it is in dolomite lime which is
most favorable for this character of
ore Searchlight Bulletin
Thursday last M W Musgrove ac
companied by Eli Hilty the well
known mining man departed by auto
mobile to the mouth of the Grand
Canyon ivhere they will make an
examination into conditions along the
river especially relative to the big
gold bearing gravels through that
section The company that is to be
soon organized by Mr Musgrove will
be known as the Grand Canyon Irri
gation Power company and will
have in its organization a number of
prominent Kingman business men as
well as business men of New York
city The project that is to be financ
ed by the company is one o the great
est over undertaken and its successful
termination will revolutionize agri
cultural and mining pursuits in this
part of the state as well as in Nevada
and Utah The Colorado- river is
capable of generating a great many
thousands of horsepower that can be
aiplied to the varied industries of this
part of the United States
P S Wilhelm W 1 Hazel and
Mrs A F Fislse of Los Angeles wh
are interested in mining property ir
the Secret Pass section oassed throuirh
Kingman a few days ago on their way
to the mines It Is understood that
work will be started up on these mines
within a short lime and exploitation
carried on during the winter
It is a pleasure to tell you that
Chamberlains Cough Heraedy is the
best cough medicine nave ever
used writes Mrs Hugh Campbell of
Lavonia Ga I have u cd it with all
my children and the results have been
highly satisfactory For sale by all
Billy Mack Sells
Big Tailings Dump
R G Walker manager of the Hum
boldt smelter was in town Monday
and Tuesday and while here negotiat
ed for the purchase of the old tailings
which have been lying on the dumps
of the Billy Mack mill formany years
There ape probably 2000 tons of thete
tailings and according to the agree
ment entered into between the Hum
boldt smelter and Mr Mack the
smelting company is to take 200 tons
of the tailings each month The price
agreed upon will net Mr Mack a
handsome sum The smelter people
will let a contract within the next few
days for hauling the tailings to Parker
where they will be loaded on the cats
A number of years ago ore from the
Billy Macd mine was run through a
small mill located about four miles
from Parker near the Colorado river
This ore netted the owner a large
sum but the mill was not capable of
saving all of the values Much good
money went into the tailings and now
after many years have elapsed since
the old mill was in operation these
tailings are to net the owner another
good nest egg winch Mr Mack will
devote in further developing his mine
A force of several men is now at
work on the Billy Mack mine driving
a drift on a good ore bocy It is the
intention of the owner to run 100 feet
on this ore Shipments will probably
be made within a short time as the
ore is of a very good grade
The Billy Mack mine has quite a
respectable record as a producer and
has been a bonanza for its owner for
the past thirty years With ample
capital back of the property it could
be developed into one of the best gold
mines in the state Parker Post
What the Sports Say
In New York the betting favors the
election of Wilson 4 to 1 Tuft 1 to 5
Roosevelt 2 to 8 Kven bets that Tafi
would receive a greater popular vote
than Roosevelt have baen made al
though Roosevelt is favored over Taft
in the mutuals
A A Parke who has been doing
issessment work on mining claims at
Union Pass returned to Kingman a
few days ago His mines are situated
in the vicinity of the Frisco mines
Flanged Train With Shirt
Tearing his shirt from his back rn
Ohio man lagged a train and saved it
from a wreck but 11 T Alston
Raleigh N C once prevented a
wreck with Klectric Bitlers I was
in a terrible plight when I began to
use them lie writes my stomach
head back and kidnejs were all badly
affected and my liver was in bad con
dition but four bottles of Klectric
Bitlers made me feel like a new man
A trial will convince you of their
matchless merit for any stomach liver
or kidney trouble Price 50 cents at
H H Watkins
Doctors Use This for Eczema
Dr Evans Ex Commissioner of Health
says There is almost no relation be
tween skin diseases and the blood The
skin must be cured through the skin
The germs must bo washed out and so
salves have long ao been found worth
less The most advanced physicians of
this country are now agreed on this and
are prescribing a wash of wintergreen
thymol and other ingredients for eczema
and all other skin diseases This com
pound is known as DDD Prescription
for Eczema
Dr Holmes the well known skin spe
cialist writes I am convinced that the
DDD Prescription is as much a specific
for eczema as quinine for malaria We
lave been prescribing the DDD remedy
for years
We ourselves vouch for the DDD
Prescription for eczema and absolutely
guarantee that it wlil tako awry the
itch the instant you apply it
If you are suffering from any form of
skin trouble we would like to have you
come to our store for we have had the
asiency of this remedy for so many
years that we can tell you all about
DDD Prescription and how it cures
eczema In fact we are so sure of what
DDD will do for you that we will bo
glad to let you have a 1 bottle on our
guarantee that it will cost you nothing
unless you find that It does the work
For that matter a trial bottlo for 2o
ought to be enough to nbsolutely prove
tne merits of tho remedy
Drop Into our store anyway and we
will tell you all about this great remedy
H H WATKINS Druggist
r ts
Is the Very Life Blood of Success
To save regularly is the one sure way to get on your
feet Get a few hundred dollars ahead It will lead
to better things Our Time Certificate Plan will
Help you Save We pay five per cent J jt jt
Address H H WATKINS Mgr for Particulars
Capital and Surplus
The grading of the extension of the
Western Railway of Arizona has been
completed and the work of laying
steel is now under way Owing to
lack of labor the work is progressing
slowly although it is expected that
more men will be secured within a few
days The completion of the road to
tile mines is to be properly celebrated
by the people of Chloride
Twinges of rheumatism backache
still joints and shooting pains all show
your kidneys are not working right
Urinary irrigulariiies loss of sleep
nervousness ueak back and sore
kidneys tell the need of a good reliable
kidney medicine Foley Kidnev Pills
are tonic strengthening and retora
tive They build up the kidneys and
regulate their action They will give
you quick relief and contain no habit
forming drugs Safe and always sure
Try them H H Watkins Druggist
HortewuuwiiT KiinaMwiuioTrr itjourcroiiramt
The tendency to put off until tomorrow what wo
should do today accounts for most of the bald
leads we see in the front row
Newbros Herptclde stops falling hair and pre
vents baldness The dandruff rerm la destroyed
by its use and a condition of health maintained in
the hair and scalp
Nearly everyone has hatr trouble of some de
scription which Herpicide will always correct
Dont wait until it is too late
It is conceded to be the standard hair remedy
and Is recommended and applied by 0 1 tho best
Hair Dressers and Barbers
One dollar size bottles sold by us under ao
absolute guarantee
Cleaning Pressing Re
pairing Suits made to
Measure Jt J Jl
Carroll Dye Works
Phone 31 Kingman Ariz
Out of town work Solicited
The Florsheim
l tn -
- awB V
A Comfort Shoe for Tired Tender Feet 6
ITPTM T lmtm
Deposits Over
Ben Belcher one of the oldest of
Prescotts citizens died Wednesday
last from the etlects of a dose f
chloroform taken with suicidal in-
lent Mr Belcher has been in poor
health and broken financially for
several years and it is thought that
during a lit of despondency he com
mitted the dreadful act Ben Belcher
was a good citizen and the people of
the Mountain City have suffered a
great loss in his death
Wm L oook who was Postmaster
at Neihart Montana writes I
recommend Foleys Honey Tar Com
pound to all my people and they are
never disappointed with it Foleys
Honey Tar Compound for coughs
and colds gives the best possible re
sults H H Watkins Druggist
Gaddis Perry
Purveyors to the Public and Dealers in
Combined with every necessity to the
Miner Farmer and Stock
Our Diamond M Flour is unsurpassed
We keep constantly on hand
Mining Supplies
Blacksmith Coal
Black Diamond Steel
Every Kind and class of tool
used bv Miner and farmer
fresh tqgs and Sandy Honey
Best Butter in the Market
Shelf Hardware
And we carry
Furnishing Good
lliqh class Shoes
Mattresses and Pillows
3 Stores O
Kinqman Yucca Cerbat
Youll Know
real shoe comfort when you wear a
Florsheim Natural Shape Flexsole
Comfortable from the
start as an old shoe
Specially constructed
for unusual comfort
Lovin and Withers

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