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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 09, 1912, Image 1

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The Control of the West
The most important question which
will be considered at the Annual Con
vention of the American Mining Con
gress which meets at SpoKane Wash
ington during the week of November
23th 29th concerns the future
management and control of the public
lands which include more than half
the acreage of the United States west
of a north and south line passing
through the eastern border of Colo
Whatever of development and pros
perity has come to this section of the
United States and whatever of benefit
S which this section has given to the
nation at large has come through a
wise and liberal administration of
public land laws designed to oiler the
largest inducement to the pioneer
Under a liberal administration of
these laws these pioneers have de
veloped a civilization second to none
in the world have provided a con
tinuing stream of gold which has con
stituted the basis of our monetary
system and which during the days of
the Civil War saved the nations
credit and made possible a united
In accomplishing these benelits a
very liberal construction has been ap
plied to the technical wording of the
statutes a construction seemingly
justified by the intent of the statutes
and the purpose for which they were
This construction so long followed
has been so generally recognized that
the western pioneer has read the law
in the light of such uniform construc
tion and upon this assumption many
enterprises have been predicated in
which millions of dollars have been
invested only to find that a more
recent administrative policy antici
pates the most strict construction of
the law Under this changed con
struction from which there is
A cally no appeal many enormous in
vestments are made valueless and ag
gravating requirements create delays
which greatly obstruct and hamper
the continuance of the enterprises al
ready undertaken and prohibit
all new undertakings It is freely as
serted and generally believed that
this administrative policy carries with
it an elTort to accomplish by indirec
tion what the law does not justify by
the most technical construction in
order to establish a new system of land
tenures that through this indirect
method of with holding from private
ownership public lands needed for
development of western enterprises
conditions are being kept in statu quo
until Congress may provide an entire
ly new system for control of the
public lands
Thus far aside from a general pro
test the West has not agreed upon
any definite policy touching this far
reaching question It is hoped that
the resolutions adopted at Spokane
Convention upon this subject will
create a fixed policy and that the dele
gation from the several western stales
will be so representative that the
policy thus agreed upon will have the
- united support of the western states
To this end an invitation has been is
sued to each of the governors of the
arid land states to attend the conven
tion take part in its discussions and
assist in the framing of a policy which
will be thoroughly representative
Governor John F Shafroth of Colo
rado will lead this discussion Gov
Shafroth has for many years given
this subject careful consideration and
brings to its discussion the value of a
long experience in public affairs both
as a member of Congress and as gover
nor It is confidently expected that
there will be a full attendance of state
executives and that through their co
operation the delegations at Spokane
will be so representative that the
policy there outlined will be accepted
as the last word on the subject and
that upon the platform iiere adopted
an aggressive campaign will be car
ried on through which the continued
prosperity of the West will be assured
What a Tunnel is Doing
In a general way it is no doubt
commonly recognized that the driving
of a long tunnel to undercut the mines
of a camp will result not only in
achieving the results planned but that
as well thsre will be benefits arising
therefrom not suspected at the time
the project started
The Roosevelt drainage tunnel at
Cripple Creek was begun a few years
ago with the idea of draining the
mines of the camp to a lower level and
of thus allowing of work being carried
on at depths below the then water
level of the camp The full benefit to
be derived from so exposing the ore
bodies to a greater depth was how
ever not appreciated at that time and
is hardly recognized even today Yet
within the past few days there have
been opened below the old water
level three bodies of ore carrying rich
values and other rich bodies will no
doubt be opened as work is carried to
depth at other properties The spirit
of optimism of belief in the future of
the camp belief that its deeplying ore
bodies will furnish large profits for
many years to come has brought an
era now well under way of active
work at the smaller properties and of
larger operations at the well known
Another Colorado tunnel that has
meant much to the camp wherein it is
located is the Yak at Leadville Some
of the benefits which it has brought
are enumerated by the Leadville
Herald Democrat as follows
Few know the great amount of
territory which this tunnel has brought
within the fold making it possible for
the properties to be worked success
fully Properties that had been idle
for years on account of the heavy ex
pense of lifting water are today being
worked and turning out hundreds of
tons of ore monthly Owners of claims
who never expected to be able to work
below the first contact have seen their
dreams realizes when the Yak tunnef
penetrated the loer one making it
possible for the claims to be worked at
great depth The tunnel has reclaim
ed mines from idleness of Carbonate
Iron and Breece hills and Big Evans
gulch and its great work of further
developing these mineral treasures
goes on uninterruptedly
To the unitiated it will be a sur
prise to learn that there ate 114 sets of
lessees working at different points
along the great bore extending as far
in as Resurrection No 2 over three
miles form the portal These men are
engaged at work on 21 different
claims and several of the claims -have
as many as four sets of lessees on it
working different blocks of ground
This is what the tunnel has accom
plished for the lessee The company
itself is working a number of claims
and shipping considerable ore month
ly The average tonnage of ore ship
ped monthly by the company and
leseses amounts to 12000 tons- This
tonnage is greater than that shipped
from manv of the old counties of the
Such is the work which is being
done by a tunnel Denver Mining
Coming Into its Own
Under New System
The indications are that the Quar
tette mine is coming into its own
again This property has been a won
derful producer in the past and now
after a period of comparative inactiv
ity it is again making good under the
leasing system in vogue The leasers
have been keeping 15 stamps operat
ing two shifts and it is expected to
have 20 stamps dropping before many
The Holmes Montgomery lease still
commands the spotlight A cleanup
has just been made of a run of 120
tons and the brick weighs up nearly
40001 This bunch of ore was taken
out in just about a month and a little
figuring will show that these fortunate
leasers are cleaning up about 10003
net a month each There is about 40
tons more in the mill from this lease
and a large tonnage in sight Mr
Holmes is driving into this ore from
the shaft at a considerable depth be
low the present workings
Mr Montgomery has sold his inter
est in this lease Harley Holmes hav
ing purchased it and then resold it to
B Frank Miller Jr While the
exact amount involved in these trans
actions was not made public yet it is
known that a considerable sum of
money changed hands the deal being
on a cash basis
It is the intention of Miller and
Holmes to put on a number of men in
the very near future and the daily
production from this block now about
five tons will probably be trebled
Mr Holmes feeling that the oper
ation of the Montgomery Holmes lease
will require all his attention has sold
his one third interest in the lease in
which he was interested with J M
McQuaid and T M Post to Mr Post
This lease adjoins the Holmes-Montgomery
lease on the west and while
only a few weeks work has been done
on this block of ground Mr Post paid
500 in cash for this third interest
McQuaid and Post havestarted driving
east from the main shaft to connect
with their present workings which
also connect with the workings on the
Holmes Montgomery lease When con
nection is made which will necessitate
driving about 150 feet it will afford a
means of handling the ore from both
of these leases much more cheaply
than it can be handled at present
Stamps will be dropping on ore from
the Cabell lease in a few davs It is
expected that there will be 33 tons in
the bin from this lease when the mill
starts on it
On the 1100 level Stark and Corn
ire pounding away and report that it
is looking fine The last car load
shipped from this block showed a
handsome profit and doubtless the
next one will do the same
George S Weeks and E T Merril
are prospecting the ground west of the
main shaft on the 100 level They are
drivuitT s tho foot and judging
from the other leawi c ths lepl at
least they stand a good chance to break
into pay ore Searchlight Bulletin
Big Mining Deal at Morencl
The reason of the inactivity of the
New England Copper Co and the
Standard Mines Co and allied com
panies during the present prevailing
high prices of copper has been made
plain Negotiations have been under
way for the purchase of this extensive
and valuable property and according
to a deed placed on record in the of
fice of the County Recorder of Green
lee County this week the Detroit Cop
per Co of Morencl is now the owner
of all the mining claims mill sites
tramways railroads lands etc form
erly owned by the New England Com
While the deed has not yet been
placed on record it is stated on good
authority that all the property owned
in the district by the Standard Com
pany and allied corporations will
shortly he transferred by Mr ErsKine
and other stockholders to the Detroit
Copper Company
The transfer recorded this week em
braces one bundled and twenty five
mining claims The consideration ex
pressed in the deed is 1000 and oth
er valuable considerations The oth
er considerations no doubt amounted
to several hundred thousand dollars
The news of the transfer was gladly
received in the district for the reason
that it is a well known fact that with
this immense mineral area in the
hands of Phelps Dodge Co work
on a large scale will be commenced in
a systematic and intelligent manner
and that a large force of men will be
required for its operation
The New England Clifton Copper
Company is located five miles north
west of Clifton The ores are prin
cipally chalcopyrite and chalocite
with occasional oxides and carbonates
all slightly auriferous and argentifer
ous 1 he main vein is said to show
an extreme width of 150 feet
The value of the transfer of the
New England property and Standard
property to the Detroit Co lies in the
fact that this section of the district
will now be explored and developed in
a through manner and w ill add materi
ally to the prosperity of the district
Copper Era
Low Cost of Production
j - mxix J
lTirri torU lijbraryfogj
at the Chino
A Hurley New Mexico dispatch to
the Mining Record says Chinos low
cost of production which the company
has been showing in the past few
months is being maintained
Preliminary figures for September
production have not yet been announc
ed but it is quite likely they will not
reach the estimate of 4000000 pounds
as during the month a certain quan
tity of ore lying between two ore bod
ies in the steam shovel pit and which
was more or less oxidized was sent to
the mill As a result of this the re
covery was not as great as it would
otherwise have been As to the cost
of producing copper the belief is that
the figure will differ but little from
that of the preceeding month which
has been placed at slightly above 0
cents per pound
This month should witness the plac
ing in commission of the fifth and last
unit of the Chino mill and it may con
tribute for the entire month to the
total copper production As a result
either this month or next Chino should
show a further large increase in pro
duction The indications are that it
will only be a short time until the
property has settled down to steady
operation and judging from results
which have been obtained production
should soon be brought up to normal
or around 53000000 pounds per an
num If ths is realized Chino will be
the first of the new low grade por
phyry mines to bring its plant up to
rated capacity a thing whch has not
been done at some of the other prop
erties notwithstanding that their
plants weie placed in commission far
in advance of Chinos
There could be no better medicine
than Chamberlains Cough Remedy
My children were all sick with whoop
ing cough One of them was fn bed
had a high fmer and was coughing up
blood Our doctor gave them Cham
berlains Cough Remedy and the fust
dose eased them and three hollies
cured them says Mrs K A Donald
son of Lexington Miss For sale by
all dealers
NO 7
Mining Congress to Have
Model Feature
A Spokane dispatch says Stirring
incidents showing the early day min
ing stampece in the west and de
picting a typical pioneer camp with
all its activities will be enacted in
Spokane on the last two days of the
American Mining congress November
25 to 30
Visitors will enter the scene of the
realistic drama through a tunnel 300
feet long which will open on a minirg
camp in the gi ip of a full Hedged
boom Imitation mountains will cast
their shade over log cabins in which
will be enacted many of the events
portrayed in the writings of Bret
Harte Burro packtrains will be there
to convey visitois up the mountains to
the home of the coveted minerals As
the story writer has devoted much at
tention to mining camp amusements
the gilded dance hall and the gamb
ling houses with its wanfaced calcu
lating dealer and lookout will be
an essential feature of the scene
I The new mill of the Butte Central
Copper Co at Butte is expected to go
into commission with 125 tons daily
capacity early in November The mill
structure consists of corrugated iron
sides and asbestos roofing conforming
to the speciticaiions for concentrators
and the requirements of fire under
writers The trestle from the gallows
frame at the shaft to the ore bin of
the new mill has been built track
iron has been laid and all the little
odds and ends around the mill finished
up The mill which represents a new
type for Butte is well situated with
1 reference to transoortation In addi
tion to h ing in llie heart of the city
of Butte the mill is within about 1001
feet of four railioad stations and the
shaft is rihton one of the railroad
lines New York Mining Age
j Dont waste your money buying
strengthening plasters Chamber-
Iains Liniment is cheaper and better
I Dampen a piece of llannel with it and
bind it over the affected parts and It
will relieve the pain and soreness
I For sale bv all dealers
m RIvE 5
A pure healthful Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder
When buying an article of food you are
entitled to know exactly what you are buying
its quality and ingredients
If this information is refused dont buy it
Some of the low grade baking powders are
advertised but the ingredients of the powders
are scrupulously concealed
A housekeeper would not use a baking pow
der containing alum if she knew it
It is well when buying to examine
the label on the can Unless it shows the
ingredient cream of tartar dont buy it
Dr Prices baking powder is abso
lutely free from alum

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