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Guggenhelms Buy
Three Arizona Mines
Negotiations for the sale to the Gug
genheim interests of the Christmas
Imperial and Congress mines and the
Sasco smelter all owned by the De
velopment Company of America have
been practically completed Several
million dollars are involved in the
deal which has been engineered
principally by W T Karle Earle
was formerly manager of the El Paso
smelter a Guggenheim plant
Frank M Murphy president of the
Development Company of America
l Mr Earle and a large party of per
sons allihated with the Ouggenheims
in one way and another passed
through Phoenix early yesterday
morning bound for Christmas It is
stated that their purpose was to make
a complete examination of the Christ
mas mine which is probably the most
valuable of the three to be taken over
The names of all the members of the
party were not made known but it Is
understood that B P Cheney a di
rector of the Atchison Topeka
Santa Fe and one of the principal
creditors of the Development com
pany is among the capitalists now
traveling with Mr Murphy J Pier
pont Morgan who holds a million
dollar mortgage on the Imperial mine
is also represented in the party which
probably will go from Christmas to
Imperial this afternoon
It is reported on good authority that
a working bond and option is to be
taken on the three mines and that
the Christmas will be worked first
It already has an Immense tonnage of
copper ore doveloped The ore will
be treated at the Hayden smelter of
the American Smelting Refining
company a Guggenheim subsidiary
The Christmas sulphides are needed
as flux for the ore from the Ray
mines also owned bhe Gugren
If the deal goes through it means
that the Guggenheims will hold the
biggest properties in the Christmas
and Ray districts It means that
Frank Murphy who successfully pro
moted the Crown King Congress and
other big Arizona mines will once
more be on his feet Since the slump
of 1907 Murphy has had a hard time
to keep his head above water The
Imperial and Tombstone Consolidated
holding companies for the Develop
ment Company of America went
through bankruptcy proceedings This
was mainly because of Murphys un
bounded faith in the Tombstone Con
solidated Between six and seven
million dollars were spent there com
bating the heavy flow of underground
water The tight has not been a suc
cessful one and it is doubtful if the
Tombstone mines will ever produce
again to any extent
The Sasco smelter is held in the
name of the Southern Arizona Smelt
ing company It will not be started
up right away but will boused for the
treatment of the Imperial ores when
operations are inaugurated at that
The Imperial mines are at Silver
bell in the northern part of Pima
county They are reached by a spur
from the main line of the Southern
Pacific Red Rock being the junction
point The congress mines are in the
lower end of Yavapai county and are
reached by a spur from Congress
Junction on the S F P P
Although it has produced millions of
dollars in gold there is little oro now
in sight at the Congress Its ore did
not occur in vein formation but in
great chambers which often had no
connection It is believed that fur
ther careful prospecting may develop
other formations Arizona Gazette
The Grubstake and
the Promoter
Throughout the West nrnv of our
greatest producing and piling mines
were discovered by prospectors who
were out on a grubstake The grub
stake is generally furnished by men
engaged in business in city or town
or by men who already have made
fortunes in mining the supplies con
sisting of provisions tools powder
tents and sometimes burros or horses
By the term of the agreement between
the grubstaker and the prospector the
two are to share in any valuable dis
coveries that may be made the inter
ests held by each being in accordance
with the bargain made between the
Sometimes the prospector may be
out for a year or two before he makes
a discovery that appeals to him as
being promising and possessed of in
trinsic merit and value Quite often
he falls to make a find of any im
portance But if he is successful it is
up to the grubstaker to devise means
for the development of the prospect
located in the joint names of the grub
staker and the prospector It may be
that the grubstaker and those who are
associated with him in the enterprise
have sufficient means to go ahead with
the development and equipment of the
prospect without the aid of outside
help More often however assistance
is needed and here is where the pro
moter comes in His services are en
listed and he proceeds at once to
finance the proposition If the dis
covery borders on the sensational no
difficulty is experienced in getting all
the money necessary to push active
work in the transformation of the
prospect into a producing and paying
mine If on the other hand the pros
pect consists of what might be termed
a big milling proposition a prospect
which when developed can ship ore
of fair average value and which could
produce an unlimited tonnage of ore
which must be milled to prove profit
able some difficulty is often encount
ered for the average investor has his
thoughts all centered on what is term
ed high grade and it often takes con
siderable argument to convince him
that it is the low grade mine that is
the most lasting and which will be
paying dividends for years after the
high giade producer his been ex
hausted and abandoned The pro
moter however if he is made of the
right kind of stuff never hesitates
and in the end he generally succeeds
in interesting the desired capital in
developing the mine and in giving to
the world another bonanza
The promoter however has his
troubles and trials in carrying on his
campaign of money raising He may
be thoroughly honest and working for
the best interests of his associates and
of those who have become interested
in the enterprise By some however
he is regarded as a crook a hot air
merchant and a candidate for the pen
itentiary He is subjected to all kinds
of affronts insults and cold mitts and
especially so if he experiences diffi
culty in interesting investors But if
he is able to make good if the pros
pect grows into a mine but if divi
dends enrich the bank accounts of
stockholders in the company that has
been organized he is one of the most
popular men in town and people run
after him with check books in hand
in order to get in with him in any
kind of a promotion he may have in
The grubstaker and prospector go
hand in hand with the promoter and
all three are necessary in the further
ance of the best interests of the great
mining industry of the West The
prospector must have financial assist
ance in his quest for new discoveries
A prospect must be found beforo a
new producer can be given to the
world and the promoter must be
brought into the combination before
any progress can be made in mine de
velopment and equipment He is a
most important factor in mining oper
ations and without him many valuable
properties would otherwise remain un
developed that otherwise would make
big money for those having money for
investments He is the link in the
chain that connects the claim owner
with the financial side of the proposi
tion He is human like the rest of us
and w orthy of careful consideration
Salt Lake Mining Review
To Prohibit the Prospector
Discoursing on a recent ruling of the
department at Washington in refer
ence to mineral entries the El Paso
Herald has the following very sensible
Once more the United States land
office has sent out notices containing
the regulations which govern mineral
locations in the west And once more
we have it impressed -upon our minds
that for ancient ignorant unqualified
absurdity the departments interpreta
tion and the law itself are without ef
fective competition The ruling just
announced is not new at all that is it
is several years old but it gains in
ridiculousness with each new an
nouncement Up to a few ears ago
the departments interpretation of the
requirement as to mineral in place
and in sight in commercial quantities
was comparatively broad But of late
years the lines have been narrowed
down until now there is no way to get
a title to a great many promising min
ing prospects except to develop a real
producing mine at enormous cost
It ought to be plain to any half way
intelligent man in a Washington
government bureau that capital is not
Voing to sink itself at the rate of hun
dreds of thousands or even millions in
mineral development on land to which
no title can be had Mining men are
willing to take some chances but they
do like to know that they have some
fair title to the land and possible
mineral before they go ahead with im
raensly expensive works of develop
ment The ruling lately reannounc
ed specifically declares that Mineral
found in surface rock alone will not
amount to a discovery unless the same
contains ore in paying quantities
Discovery of mineral cannot be claim
ed simply bpcause the surface indica
tions combined with geological infer
ence indicate that other and uncon
nected lodes or veins lie at a greater
But many of the greatest mines in
the world notably some of the most
important low grade coppers have
been discovered hy surface indicaiions
combined with geological inference
The present interpretation of the law
prevents copper mining companies
from strengthening their ore leserves
while at the same time it effectually
prevents any small miner or prospect
or from reaping any results from his
labor and investment
It is evidently the thought of some
of the government bureau people that
gold copper and lead imbedded in
rock must be found on top of the
ground in commercial quantities ready
to excavate and ship before there can
be any valid claim toa title Precious
few of the great mines of the west
would ever have been developed in our
time if this extreme ruling had been
enforced in the early years of western
mining If it be the law that needs
changing the movement cannot be too
quickly started in congress If it be
a bureau interpretation that should be
modified or revised the united west
ought to see to it that every possible
influence should be brought to bear to
bring about the change Every com
munity in the west is adversely af
fected by the ruling now in force but
none more disastrously than New
Mexico and Arizona
The law and the bureau interpre
tation in their present form ought to
be entitled A law to put the legiti
mate small prospector out of business
and to check the mining industry
Alaska Gold
There naturally has been more or
less profit taking in Alaska Gold stock
at round 10 a share at which price it
shows those who subscribed for it re
cently a profit of 100 per cent All
the stock offered for sale however
is tinding a ready market
D C Tackling and A F Holden
the engineers on whose recommenda
tion the Alaska property was pur
chased and financed both have most
remarkable series of mining successes
to their credit Neither of them could
afford to take any chances in a matter
of this kind Their endorsemeni
means that they know they will be
able to handle the low grade ores of
the property very profitably
It is the plan of these engineers to
apply the same economical methods
to the handling of this immense de
posit of low grade gold ore in Alaska
that Mr Jackling has so successfully
used at the Utah Copper mine and Mr
Holden with so much profit at the
various properties of the United Stales
Smelting Keflning and Mining com
pany and to build up there the larg
est gold mining enterprise in point of
tonnage in the world
There is considered to be more than
a possibility that within six or seven
jears Alaska Gold Mines will have in
operation a reduction plant of 12000
tons daily capacity and be earning at
the rate of 4 a share annuallv on its
capital stock
The argument is being advanced by
many mining men and others that the
grade of Alaskas ore is too low to per
mit of profitable extraction These
claims are in line with those made
against Utah Copper in the early
stages of its operations
It cost the Butte mines 10 or 11
cents a pound to produce copper from
4 per cent ores said the critics how
can Utah Copper expect to make any
money out of 2 per cent ores Now
Butte is producing copper from 3 1 2
per cent ores for nine cents and Utah
Coppers costs when handling 1 1 2
per cent ore is ony about eight cents
a pound
Theoretically if it costs Calumet
Arizona seven and
There are certain of the great mines
of Arizona with which neirly every
one is familiar through the frequent
reference to them in the newspapers
of the United States as well as in the
financial and mining journals Among
these are the Copper Queen and Calu
met and Arizona mines at Bishee the
Old Dominion mine at Globe the
United Verde at Jerome the Detroit
Copper Company the Snannon Copper
company and the Ariona Commercial
wt0 m
fj r x
- J A
mines concentrators and shelters
where smelters are located in connec
tion with the mines Their pay rolls
run into millions of dollars annuallyt
and they furnish the basis for large
commercial and industrial enterprises
These mines pay a heavy share of
the states taxes are one of the great
est sources of wealth in Arizona and
are a huge factor in the states pro
gress One of the great properties of
Southern Arizon i though not now in
operation are the Imperial Copper
companys mine -it Silverbell Pima
county and the Tombstone Consolidat
ed Mines companys property at Tomb
stone It is believed that these two
mines will again soon enter ths active
ruining field Tucson Citizen
North Star in New
Body of Rich Ore
Within the net few days it is prob
able that the management of the
North Star mine will make a ship
ment of the rich ore being extracted
from the west drift on the new ledge
of sensational values encountered
about ten dlys agi by the south cross
cut on the 1250 foot level The ship
ment will probibly be one of the most
notable ever to go forth from this
camp in view of the extraordinary
ratio of the gold and silver content
a uun ueiiLS fcu A
make copper from per cent ores it
ounce 0f gold to an ounce of silver in
should cost Ahmeek Jo cents per pound
aieofl0 Umes q Mvm lQ ooj
to produce the same metal from 1 1 2 11Mrt u -
per cent ore but in actual practice
Ahmeeks cost per pound is lower than
that of Calumet and Arizona
There is the best possible reason for
the belief that the same rule will hold
in the case of Alaska Gold Mines
Certain it Is that the property has
been endorsed and the working ar
rangements planned by two engineers
who are peculiarly tilted by experience
to judge conditions and figure operat
ing costs
It has been estimated that Alaska
Gold Mines stock will eventually be
worth as much and sell as high as the
shares of the Chino Copper eompan
Boston Commercial
Big Mines are Important
to Arizona
uuuw ui tuiu iin cuaruuLcrisiii u
portion of the yellow and white metals
in Tonop ih ores
During the week the west drift on
the new vein which has an average
width of four feet was advanced a
distance of about fourteen feet giving
it a total length at present of about
thirty feet The drift work has in
reality been in the shape of stripping
the ore The work of breaking down
the rich rock on canvas was begun
several dajs ago and to date about
twenty tons of oie that will average
better than 400 a ton have accumu
lated The crosscut which revealed
the rich find was continued during the
week and at a point about 100 feet
farther apart beond it has revealed a
parallel vein of promising values in
which a raise is now in progress The
cross cut to the north on the same
level made good headway during the
week the face being in andesite and
cutting several stringers of quartz
Tonopah Bonaua
Simple Mixture Helps
Kingman People
That simple recedies are best has
asrain been pi in en H H Watkins
reports that many Kingman people
are leceiving QUICK benefit from
Copper company in the Clifton Morenci simple bucklhoi n bark gljcerine etc
district and the Ray Consolidated at j as mixed in Adier i ka the German
These are the great ore producers
appendicitis remedy A SINGLE DOSE
helps sour stou act gas on the
of Arizona and number their amounts uch and coiistip ition INSTANTLY be
of monthly pi oduction by the millions j caUse this simple mixture antisepti
of pounds or thousands of tons They cizes ihe digestive organs ad draws
employ thousands of men in their otl the impurities
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Indispensable to best results saves
worry saves work saves money
saves health saves complaints at table
gummB iftroec
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