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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 16, 1912, Image 2

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lohatf County iWintx
Published Every Saturday
One year strictly in advance 3 001
Six ninths 1 50
Thre months 1 00
Advertising rates on application
Entered at the Kingman Postoflice as Second
Class Mail
A M MoDulTee one of the well
known mining men of Chloride is in
The Misses Phyllis and Alice Smith
are visiting with Mrs Hose Flood at
S D Stewart the well known King
man attorney visited Prescott this
week on legal business
Mesdaraes Mattie Blakely and Leigh
Robertson came in from Goldroad
Thursday on a short business trip
T E Pollock of the Arizona Cen
tral Bank is a Kingman visiior com
ing down from Flagstalf last night
Mr and Mrs Tony Waller of Croz
ier were Kingman visitors this week
having been called here by court bus
William Epperson of Hackberry
was in Kingman this week looking
after legal malleis before the Superior
Rev A D Adkinson of Los An
geles the new Superintendent of Ari
zona Missions held his first quarterly
meeting in Kingman la a Thursday
Mrs A J MeKelvey was called to
Tucson this week her sister having
been badly injured in an automobile
wreck at the Old Pueblo
iaipn uuiKiey wno nas oeen visit 1
ing in Los Angeles the past two
weeks is home again looking after i
his cattle interests Mrs Bulkley
will remain in the Angel City for
some time
Mrs Mike Hoffman of Chloride
who was brought to Kingman a week
ago apparently suffering with pneu
monia is said to be getting along
nicely and her recovery is but a mat
ter of a short time
Hon Ad Cornwall who was op-
e on for hernia al one of the hos
pitals in Los Angeles by Dr Bucher
a few weeks ago is home again and
reports himself almost recovered from
the effects of the operation I
Next Monday the board of supervis
ors will meet as a board of canvassers
to count und total the votes cast for
electors congressman and the
ures submitted by the legislature and
the people for their ratilication
Mr Higgins a well known mining
man and a brother of Will C Higgins
the versatile editor of the Salt Lake
Mining Review arrived in Kingman
a few days ago and will prospect in
the mountains of Mohave county
Mrs Sewell of San Francisco a sis
ter of Alfred Ver Mehr is visiting in
Kingman Mrs Sewell is well known
to many of the old timers of this sec
tion having been a Kingman visitor
at various times the past twenty years
Judge Carl G Krook leaves this
evening for Prescott where he has
been called to sit as presiding Judge
in causes in which Judge Smith of
the Superior Court of Yavapai county
is disqualified He will be absent
about two eeks
Arthur Hale who has heen confined
to bd for several days with a severe
affliction of the stomach is fast recov
ering His wife has been at his bed
side ever since he was taken sick and
his brother Web came to town upon
being notified of his brothers illness
Frank Crosier who was injured
some time ago at his ranch at Mutte
wittlka by having a knife driven into
his leg while branding and marking a
calf is in Kingman under the care of
Dr Bucher The wound was con
sidered quite serious blood poisoning
being feared
Only A Fire Hero
but the crowd cheered as with burn
ed hands ho held up a small round
box Fellows he shouted this
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everything beat for burns iightl
also for boils ulcers sores pimples
eczema cuts sprains bruises Surest
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kills pain Only 2 cents at II H
Superior Court Proceedings
Judge Frank J Duffy opened court
in Kingman last Tuesday afternoon
for the trial of causes in which Judge
Krook was disqualified
One of these causes was that of the
Young Construction company of Cali
fornia against the Ruth Gold Mines
company and C B Van Deman The
defendant had set up a plea in bar and
a demurrer Arguments were heard
on in pleas Tuesday afternoon and
Wednesday P W McPherroo for
the Young Construction company and
E S Clark for the defendant com
pany Judge Duffy decided the cause
in favor of the defendants abating the
attachment and sustaining the demur
rer The cause grew out of the erec
tion of the Ruth mill in this county
by the Young Construction company
a California corporation that bad not
secured a permit to do business within
the stale of Arizona A disagreement
arose in the performance of the con
tract and the Ruih company refused
to make the payment for extras
which the plaintiff company claimed it
was entitled to A suit was com
menced and the property of the Ruth
company attached Defendant com
pany demurred to the complaint on
jurisdictional ground and also inter
posed a plea in abatement lhese
were sustained by the court the court
holding that the Young Construction
con pany was doing intra stale busi
nesss The plaintiff made its argu
ment along the lines of interstate
business holding that the furnishing
of machinery and the erection thereof
could not la held to be intra slate
business and bring the company with
in the of the law forbidding
alien corporations from doing business
within the state without filing its ar
ticles and securing a permit The
court took the view that the company
was not entitled to do business in Ari
Another action growing out of the
same slate of fact was that of the
Parks Electric Cyanide Extraction
company Vs the Huth Gold Mines
company which was tried before
Judge Krook Wednesday afternoon
Judge Krook decided the cause along
the lines covered by the decision of
Judge Duffy
The cause of George A Bonelli Vs
W A Walker and J C Maddux was
decided in favor of the plaintiff Tnis
was an injunction suit in which
Bonelli claimed to have been greatly
injured by conversion of the waters of
Willow spring iiv walKer ana Aiaci
dux The cause was tried srme
months ago and taken under advise
The suit of Ross H Blakely admini
strator of the estate of Eugene OHair
against the Desert Power Water
company and others was dismissed
the court holding that the action was
brought too late the law limiting per
sonal actions to one year after the
right of action accrues
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Last Monday evening Deputy Mar
shal Bush Anderson and a guard came
up from Phenix and took to the Capi
tal one Overall Kid who was under
indictment in El Paso on a charge of
receiving postage stamps stolen from
a postofllce in Colorado The Kid had
been held in the Kingman jail by the
Sheriff of Mohave county the past
month on numerous charges but lat
terly on a commitment from the U S
Commissioner Despite the statement
of the Journal Miner the Overall Kid
or Jack Teasdale under which name
he was ltdicted was taken quietly
fpniTi tl iiil hv tbfi rlenutv mnr ehnl I
and the marshal bad nothing what
ever to do with his capture This
Overall Kid is a quiet unassuming fel
low and not the blood thirsty fellow
the Journal Miner would have its
readers believo him to be
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Good Roads Meeting
Last night many citizens of King
man and representatives from other
parts of the county met at the office of
Dr J R Whiteside to bear his report
of the meeting of the Good Roads
Association held this week at Las
Vegas New Mexico The doctor told
i of the real tight for advantage be
i tween the factions favoring the route
by way of Clifton Globe Phenix and
Yuma to Los Angeles and those
fovoring the northern route by way of
Springerville Holbrook Flagstaff
Prescott and Kingman then to Need
les and San Bernardino New Mexi
can people are all favorable to the
northern Arizona route and aided Dr
Whiteside greatly in getting some
recognition for the route that would
put all the great scenic attractions of
the state on the automobile map
The matter of building the hichway
through this county was discussed and
it was tiie consensus of the meeting
that a big committee of the citizens of
the county be appointed and that this
committee meet with the people of
Needles and get things going in that
direction for the building of the road
between that point and San Bernar
dino and tiiat another committee of
Needles and Mohave County people
visit Prescott Flagstaff St Johns and
Holbrook and get concerted action in
the building of a northern highway
across the state The committee then
adjourned to meet next Monday even
ing at 7 oclock
The report of Dr Whitesides was to
the effect that if the northern high
way was built at least 50000 auto
mobiles would come this way every
year and that a great traffic vould be
built up The building of the high
way would also make possible to
radiate roadways to the mines over
which automobiles and auto trucks
would be able to make trips and haul
supplies and ores between the rail
roads and mines at a minimum of ex
Every one interested in the project
should be on hand next Monday night
and give their aid and influence to the
futherance of thisgreat roadway and
its local auxiliaries
Several days ago the store of the
Golconda mine was burglarized and
quite a quantity of goods taken A
Mexican who was held some time ago
for burglarizing a room in the Bonelli
building was arrested for the robbery
and fessed up that he and another
Mexican had done the work Yester
day the Sheriff and his officers went
out and took in the other burglar and
two Mexicans alleged to have been
conducting a gambling game
William Miller who has been look
ing after his mining interests in the
Chloride section the past week de
parted to his home in Long Beach last
Saturday evening
A J Bailey a R R Engineer
Batesville Ark says I suffered
with kidney and bladder trouble so
bad I was unable to work I had such
severe pains in by back I could hardly
get up I tried several physicians
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Railroads Will Contest
New Laws
The railroads of Arizona have pre
pared bills that have been presented
to the U S court to enjoin Gov Hunt
from proclaiming the new laws relat
ing to railroads in effect There are
four counts on which the railroads
seek to prevent tha taking effect of
the three e t fa e bill one of which
is that a three cent rate would be con
fiscatory of the property of the rail
roads The company show that such
a rate would be to low to return a
revenue to the railroad company on
the cost of operation The other rea
sons cover objections to the submis
sion of the question to the people at
the late election and the lack of a
proper canvassing board to properly
certify the laws to the governor It is
not probable that the court will take
action in the matter of the fares bill
unless it holds that the submission of
the question was unlawful at the elec
tion just past the ground being that
it was not a general election under
the courts interpretation of the law
The matter is really in the hands of
the Corporaeion Commission under the
law as adopted and it would be up to
the commission to abrogate the terms
of the act if it was confiscatory of the
property of the company The several
other laws will be attacked in different
manner but it is probable that the at
tacks will relate to the constitution
ality of the laws
If the court decides that these ques
tions could not be submitted to the
people at the late election it will have
the effect of holding up the Miners
lien law to which there would be lit
tle objection on the part of the mining
1 terest of the state
Frank J Duffy Superior Judge of
Santy Cruz county presided at a ses
sion of the Superior Court of Mohave
county this week in the hearing of
causes in which Judge Carl G Krook
was disqualified
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Los Angeles Bunch and
the Great Highway
Some of the newspapersof the north
ern part of Arizona are quoting John
Mitchell of Los Angeles as saying
that he was very much interested in
putting the great scenic attractions of
northern Arizona before the eastern
tourist He says that he is after re
sults rather than exploiting any real
estate schemes Then he enthusias
tically states You can- make it a
southern route if they desire but if
the northern counties will build a
decent road from Springerville west
no one can compel tourists to go south
leaving all the great points of inter
This is quite remarkable coming
from John Mitchell who bitterly as
sailed any reference to the northern
route when proposed at the meeting
of the Good Roads Association at Las
Vegas last week Mitchell demanded
that the Old Trail Associarion should
commit itself unequivocally to the
southern route and it was only after
meeting defeat that he consented to
any consideration of the Springerville
route but that after passing Spring
erviJle the route should again go south
through Globe Phoenix and Yuma
The Salton Sea land bodmers had
Mitchell for their spoksman and he
staid with them to the end No norm
era rouie for him Los Angeles has
already raised about 101000 to boost
the southern route and Mitchell is at
the head of this scheme of diverting
travel by way of Brawley and Yuma
This would indicate the measure of
Mitchells sincerity
Department of the Interior
United States Laud Office
1912 r
Phoenix Arizona November 12
Notice is hereby given that plats of the fol
lowing townships have been received at this
office and will be officially hied December 10
1012 at 9 oclock a m
Township 18 North Ranee 13 West
Township 19 North Range 13 West
Township 20 North Range 13 West
Township 21 North Range 13 West
Township 2i North Range 14 West
Township 2t North Range 14 West
Township 21 North Range 15 West
i ownshlp 22 North Range 15 West
TowusMo 23 North Range 15 West
Township 24 North Range 15 West
Township 25 North Ranee 15 West
TownsOilp 21 North Range 16 West
Township 22 North Range 10 West
Township 23 North Range 111 West
Township 21 North Range 16 West
Towuhlp 25 North Range 16 West
Township 26 North Range 16 West
Township 27 Norih Range 10 West
On and afterabove date thlsofficewill receive
and act upon applications to make entries In
said townships
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