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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 23, 1912, Image 1

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Meditations of a Hindo Prince
By A C Lyall
All the world over 1 wonder in lands that
I never have trod
Are the people eternally seeking for the
signs and the steps of a God
Westward across the ocean and north
ward beyond the snow
Do they all stand gazing as ever and
what do the wisest know
Here in the mystical India the deities
hover and swarm
Like the wild bees heard in the treetops
or the gusts of a gathering storm
In the air men hear their voices their feet
on the rocks are seen
Yet we all say Whence is the message
and what may the wonders mean
A million shrines stand open and ever
the censer swings
As they bow to a mystic symbol or the
figures of ancient kings
And the incense rises ever and raises the
endless cry
Of those who are heavy laden and of cow
ards loth to die
For destiny drives us together like deer in
a pass of the hills
Above is the sky and around us the sound
and the shot that kills
Pushed by a power we see not and struck
by a hand unknown
We pray to the the trees for shelter and
press our lips to a stone
The trees wave a shadowy answer and
the rock frowns hollow and grim
And the form and the nod of the demon
are caught in the twilight dim
And we look to the sunlight falling afar
on the mountain crest
Is there never a path runs upward to a
refuge there and a rest
The path ahl who has shown it and
which is the faithful guide
The haven ahl who has known it for
steep is the mountain side
For ever the shot strikes surely and ever
the wasted breath
Of the praying multitude rises whose an
swer is only death
Here are the tombs of my kinsfolk the
first of an ancient name
Chiefs who were slain on the war field
and women who died in the flame
They are gods these kings of the foretime
they are spirits who guard our race
For I I watch and worship they sit with
a marble face
And the myriad idols around us and the
legion of muttering priests
The revels and riots unholy the dark un-
speakeble feastsl
What have they wrung from the silence
Hath ever a whisper come
Of the secret Whence and Whither Alasl
for the gods are dumb
Shall I list to the word of the English who
come from the uttermost sea
r The secret hath it been told you and
what is your message to me
It is naught but the wide world story how
the earth and the heavens began
How the gods are glad and angry and the
Deity once was man
I had thought Perchance in the cities
where the rulers of India dwell
Whose orders flash from the far land who
girdle the earth with a spell
They have fathomed the depths we float
on or measured the unknown main
Sadly they turn from the venture and say
that the quest is vain
Is life then a dream and delusion and
where shall the dreamer awake
Is the world seen like shadows on water
and what if the mirror break
Shall it pass as a camp that is struck as a
camp that is gathered and gone
From the sands that were lamp lit at eve
and at morning are level and lone
Is there naught in the heavens above
whence the hail and the levin are hurled
But the wind that is swept around us by
the rush of the rolling world
The wind that shall scattv my ashes and
bear me to silence and sleep
With the dirge and sounds of lamenting
and voices of women who weep
It Is expedted that the new tramway
of the Tomboy mine at Telluride
Colorado will be put into operation
this mouth
Thanksgiving Proclamation
Executive Department
Since that memorable day in history
when the Pilgrim Fathers and their
families foregathered at Plymouth on
New Englands bleak and barren coast
and there gave reverent thanks to God
for a bountiful harvest and other bless
ings mercifully bestowed Time has
wrought its miracles The steady
march of empire has taken its west
ward way forest and plain and
Natures mighty elements have paid
tribute to Industry while state after
state has joined a sisterhood making
the Worlds greatest Nation Young
est of all in statehood but rich in po
tentialities is our beloved Arizona for
whose accession to the privileges of
sovereignty we her citizens are deep
ly grateful
The Spirit of Progress pursues an
ideal Where there is no vision the
people perish Behold a Common
wealth where marvelous natural re
sources are stored in mountain and in
valley awaiting Industrys behest
where a people is aligned against all
wrongs assailing where the charity of
a populace is almoner unto the erring
and afflicted where the poverty of the
past is forgotten in the plenty of the
present where wilful waste is not the
precursor of woful want where man
hoods honesty and courage are glori
fied and womanly virtue is religion
where Church and State work in
harmony for the general good
Obeying Natures highest law we
are grateful to our Creator for our
share in the upbuilding of this young
Commonwealth for the privilege of
giving posterity a heritage even rich
er than our own for the health and
hope that abide among our people for
the contentment that dvells in ouV
homes for the spiritual grace that
leads us in the path of rectitude for
the family ties and bonds of Love that
hold us true to our loftiest aims for
the material prosperity that gives
sustenance to Home and Church and
NOW THEREFORE in recognition
of the blessings which we have re
ceived at the hands of the Supreme
Being in conformity with a time
honored customs of the American
people and in accordance with the
Proclamation of the President of the
United States I Geo W P Hunt
Governor of Arizona do hereby desig
GIVING DAY and I co earnestly
recommend that on this festal occasion
the usual tasks be forsaken and that
all shall be deeply mindful of the
needy the sick and otherwise un
fortunate while at altar and at fire
side gratitude be shown for the gifts
of Gods bestowing
have hereunto set my hand and caus
ed to be affixed the Great Seal of the
State of Arizoua
Done at the Capitol in the City of
Phoenix this fourteenth day of Novem
ber A D 1912
Geo W P Hunt
Governor of Arizona
Sidney P Osboun
Secretary of State
Damming the Mississippi
Across the Mississippi River at Keo
kuk la men ate building the might
iest power dam in the world Im
mense structures are going up there
in the heart of the continent that will
dam up Americas greatest river
structures whose size are in keeping
with the rivers immensity structures
whose dimensions have not an equal in
the whole world
The first requisite in the seeking to
get power from any river is to find a
place somewhere along its length
where it makes a comparatively steep
fall in a short distance of travel The
second is to erect a dam at the foot of
the fall stanch enough to hold up the
waters and concentratethe fall of the
river to one place at the side of the
dam The third must be to put up a
power house of suitable design to
utilize the power from the fall of the
water and the fourth and last requi
site if the river bs navigable is to
provide a lock to let boats past the
The first requirement that of hav
ing a steep fall to the river is satisfied
in this Mississippi Valley development
by the Des Moines rapids in the Mis
sissippi which extends for 12 miles
above Keokuk The river falls 23 feet
in those 12 miles Not a very big fall
to be stretched out over 12 miles you
think but when you stop to consider
that if the drowsy Mississippi falls one
lone solitary inch for any other mile of
its length it is lucky then this 23 feet
to 12 miles looms up larger Then too
the Mississippi is something around a
mile wide at Keokuk and when you
get a stream a mile wide to fall 23 feet
there is going to be some power result
Moreover the Des Moinss rapids
are bounded on both sides by steep
hills which is a very material factor
when a dam is placed at the foot of a
falls and start out to figure the
amount of ground the resulting hike
will overflow Having a line of hills
close on each side of course will limit
materially the amount overflowed
Nowhere else along the whole length
of the Mississippi is there so steep a
fall in so short a distance or a fall so
well confined between steep hills
The second step mentioned in the
process of getting power from the
river was to dam up the stream and
concentrate the fall made over the
entire length of the rapids to one
place where the waters could be run
through a power house and their
energy squeezed out This necessary
dam the builders of the Keokuk pro
ject have now practically finished
For seven eightsf pvmile it stretches
out over the broad bosom of the Mis
sissippi from a firm anchorage on the
Illinois shore It is 52 feet high and
wide enough on top to support three
standard gage railroad tracks side by
side for the use of construction trains
It is not one solid wall but is compos
ed of a series of close set arches 119 in
all something on the order of a con
crete bridge only the supporting piers
are closer together The reason the
dam was made in this way was that
when too much water accumulated
above its walls for the use of the
power house the surplus could be per
mitted to slide through the dam by
opening the steel gates that will fill
the gaps between the piers
Then too the government specified
that such construction be made from
consideration having to do with mini
mum flow of water in the river below
the dam
The general type of agent to do the
direct squeezing of the power from the
Mississippi is the Francis turbine
In these especially designed Francis
turbines at Keokuk an efficiency of
80 per cent will be attained higher by
at least 0 per cent than ever before
The power house containing these
turbines stands at right angles prac
tically to the dam itself and to its up
per corner the west end of that
structure is anchored The substruc
ture the part containing the turbines
is completed and the superstructure
to house the electric generators and
accessories is in process of construc
tion When at last the project is com
pleted and the structures put to use
the waters held up by the dam will
sweep around the corner of this power
house and surge through a series ot
120 openings in the foundation wall
to the turbines beneath
There will be 15 turbines of 10000
horsepower each in the initial installa
tion and 15 more in the second pait
to be built while the first is in opera
tion The volume of water leading to
each turbine will be so great that no
ordinary pipes could be used to con
duct it So in the basement of this
power house they have moulded great
passageways in the concrete to carry
the water from the outside to the tur
Each passenger is big enough to con
tain a load of hay without crowding
To properly handle such an immense
territorial Libraryl
body of water the turbines had to be
several times larger than any hereto
fore used They are 10 feet in
diameter and the cases that contain
them are great chambers in the con
crete in which a house might be built
3 feet in diameter and 22 feet high
The power house when fully com
pleted will be nearly 2000 feet long
and more than 100 feet high three
times larger than any heretofore built
Its capacity will be up to 300000 horse
power which is more than half all
five companies develop at Niagara
The fourth requirement to get power
from a river that of having a lock to
let boats by the dam the builders of
this project are satisfying by the
erection of a structure for the purpose
that out rivals those in the Panama
canal and their lock is 110 feet wide
and has a lift of forty feet greater in j
lift by eight feet than any of the ter
raced heks that will lift boats over
the mountains at Panama
The govern nent required that It be
made a present of the Iock when com
pleted before it would give the devel
oping company a franchise for the
dam and also required that a dry
dock lie built beside the lock so Uncle
Sam might have a place to build and
repair boats The two structures will
cost in the neighborhood of 20000004
to complete All construction work
will be completed by May 1 1912
Boston Commercial
Its Record Ore Output
The Mexican Mining company of the
Comstock in Nevada reached a new
high figure in ore production for
October with a toal of 92000 says
the San Francisco Journal of Com
merce The high extraction was due
to two weeks of stoping high grade
ore This alone yielded 03000
The Mexican mill also had a heavy
mouth in value of ore treated the ton
nage reported on the four Suurdays
in the month being 1020 and the gross
value of the heads was 0202J3 With
a high percentage of extraction obtain
ed the bullion yield will certainly ex
ceed 50000 for the period named
For the week ending October 5th the
ore placed in the mill was valued at
17013 12th 9000 I9th 22707 2ih
13000 For the week ending the
12th the mill was shut down about
one half the period which accounts
for the tonnage of 271
The sensation of the month has been
the rich stringer of ore found on the
2500 level of the Sierra Nevuli where
the vein was cut over two weeks ago
NO 9
by the north drift from the south
boundary line of the mine The vein
has been followed north with a strong
formation walls clearly defined but
with values low At the present
moment the drift has encountered a
fault but every confidence is express
ed that the drive will soon pick up the
vein again this being the history
of the drive ever since it left the
Mexican workings and on through
Union Con Tht significance of this
find is the fact that it is far north and
east of former workings with a great
area of unexploied ground ahead
Working Bagdad on Big Scalr
That the Bagdad Mining Company
is preparing to operate on the most
gigantic tcale ever known in the his
tory of that undertaking is indicated
by the number of men being employed
and the extensive line of development
that is being laid out was the report
made recently by arrivals from the
Santa Maria country
75 miners aie now employed and
churn drilling has started The addi
tional machines are being repared
and earlv next week they will be
placed in commission The most im
portant worK h iwever it is reported
will be the driving of the main tunnel
into the mountain a distance of about
3000 feet moie than was performed by
the former management The exploit
ation will be the most noteworthy for
the present of any work that has been
decided upon as it will crosscut in
numerable deposits of copper that
were determined in churn drill opera
tions previously Supplies are going
into the camp and the indications sup
port the carrying out of a system if
extensive uev and on a basis
that will be permauenl Prescolt
Journal Miner
Porta Ricos New Wonder
From far away Porto Kico come re
ports of a woiderful new discovery
lhal is believed will vastly benefit the
people Ramon T Merchan ot Barce
loneta wi ites Dr Kings Hew Dis
covery is doing splendid work here
It cured me about five times Tf ter
rible coughs and colds also my brother
of a seveie cold in his chest and more
than 20 others who used it on my ad
vice We hope this great medicine
will yet be sold in every ding store in
Porto Rico For throat and lung
troubles it has no equal A trial will
convince you of Us merit 50c and
100 Tnal bottle free Guaranteed
by II H Wat kins
Baking Powder
Pure Wholesome Reliable
Its fame is world wide Its superiority
v unquestioned Its use is a protection
against alum food In buying baking
powder examine the label carefully
and be sure the powder is made from
cream of tartar Other kinds do not
make the food healthful

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