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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, November 30, 1912, Image 1

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Miami Concentrator One
of Biggest in the World
The now concentrator of the Miami
Copper Co is one of the largest in
the world as well as one of the most
complete in labor saving equipment
and it is correspondingly efficient in
its operation says the Mining and
Scientific Press The plan is designed
to take overy advantage of natural
conditions such as the lay of the
ground and at the same time it has
incorporated a most complete convey
ing system into its design The im
portance of the mechanical handling
of ore is recognized in all modern ore
V treating plants and most cases the
v development of ore deposits would not
be commercially possible without the
use of conveying machinery The
economy of conveyors lies not only in
the great saving in labor but it alo
permits accurate sampling and mixing
as well as allowing uniform feeding
The shaft crusher building and
storage bins are all situated on a
ridge In line with the bins and upon
the side of the hill is the concentrat
ing plant Under this arrangement
the ore during the concentration is
constantly being carried downward by
gravity thus passing through the pro
cess with no further necessity for
mechanical handling
Ore is hoisted in 7 1 2 ton skips
which are dumped automatically into
bins above the crushers From the
bins the ore is drawn out by 48 in
rotary feeders and delivered to two
No 7 -12 gyratorv crushers From the
crushers the ore passes upon a 30 in
inclined Stephens Adamson belt con
veyor 257 ft between centers of end
pulleys This conveyor rises in an in
clined gallery to a point above the
storage bins where it discharges upon
the horizontal distributing conveyor
This is necessarily of the same width
and capacity and is 329 in between
centers TJjis conveyor is parried
horizontally in a gallery above a row
of six cylindrical steel storage bins of
of 100 tons capacity each The con
veyor is equipped with an automatic
tripper traveling back and forth on a
track along the conveyor line and
serving the various bins through
openings in the gallery floor
On delivering the crushed ore to the
concentrator for treatment a separate
conveyor ledds from each bin to the
plant An automatic disc feeder and
sampler regulates the feed from the
bin to the conveyor and at the same
time it is arranged that of the ore
delivered by every fifth revolution of
the feeder disc a small percentage is
automatically diverted as a sample
Under this arrangement an analysis
of the ore may be made at the time
the ore is delivered for treatment and
the nature of the treatment is thus de
termined The conveyors leading
from the bins to the concentrator are
each 14 in wide and 24 ft between
centers leading directly to the reduc
ings roll in the concentrator building
As a protection for the reducing
rolls a power electro magnet is sus
pended above the first conveyor which
removes all scraps of iron which have
W become intermixed with the ore
This is a precaution which should be
taken in all cases where bits of iron or
tools dropped by the workmen are apt
to get in the ore cause serious
damage to the crushers or rolls and
consequently delay the entire plant
On account of the high position of
the plant it was not practical to place
the concentrate bins near the plant
and to bring the railroad to them
The method adopted was to place the
bins a considerable distance from the
concentrator at a level more easily ac
cessible by the railroad In order to
supply the bins under the arrange
ment it was necessary to construct a
long tunnel through which the con
centrate is delivered from the plant to
the bins
The general coustruei n of the con
centrator buildings is concrete steel
and corrugated iron In this connec
tion a feature which immediately
strikes a visitor to the plant is that all
buildings and galleries are absolutely
and scrupulously clean This is a
feature which is more easily possible
in this plant than in those where the
material handled produces a quantity
of dust but nevertheless the result is
attained only by means of a certain
amount of work and the contrast pre
sented to other plants is very pleasing
The various levels of the concentrator
are connected by iron stairways for
the convenience of guests and employ
es and all parts and equipment of the
plant are easily accessible
Electric drives are used throughout
the plant the power being generated
in the companys own power plant
This is near the loading bins beside
the railroad so that fuel is easily sup
plied The building and equioment of
the power station are also thoroughly
modern and efficient and in keeping
with the character of the main plant
The capacity of this concentrator is
11000 tons of ore per day The con
centrate is all shipped to the Cananea
smelter at Cananea Sonora Mexico
At tliis Cananea plant there is also a
system of Stephens Adamson convoy
ors for bedding aud reclaiming the
concentrate and delivering it to the
roasters This system was illustrated
and described in the Mining and
Scientific Press af May 4 1912
The Miami plant was designed and
constructed under the supervision of
H Kenyon Burch and is now operat
ed under the management of B Brit-
ton Uottsberger general manager for
the Miami Copper Co All conveyors
for this plant were furnished by the
Stephens Adamson Mfg Co as well as
a large amount of the equipment used
in the concentrator including over
one hundred conical settlers
Miners Consumption And
the Use of Stimulants
The effects of drinking alcoholic
bevrages are many Some think that
a moderate amount of alcohol is good
but whatever may be the effects upon
a man leading r normal life in good
air it is bad in all instances upon
Mine work is enervating Owing to
the fact that the air of the best ven
tilated mines is far more vitiated that
that of a well ventilated office the sys
tem of a miner is very apt to be suffer
ing from a want of oxygen Plenty of
life in the open air when off work is
what the miner needs to revive him
rather than an artificial stimulant
Pneumonia iB a disease from which
miners are especially apt to suffer be
cause mine workings are apparently
good places for the incubation of
pneumonia germs About the only
thing that can be done for a sufferer
with pneumonia is to give him stimu
lants to keep up the heart action
The two best stimulants in such an ill
ness are the alcoholic drinks and
strychnine If the sufferer will not re
spond to alcoholic stimulation thore is
not nearly so good a chance for him to
survive the attack when it is serious
Possibly the fact that so many miners
and those in mining camps drink
rather copiously is really more im
portant than the circumstance that
mines are generally located at high
altitudes in explaining the low per
centage of recoveries from pneumonia
that characterize health statistics in
mining communities
Another disease that is quite preva
lent in raining camps is so called
miners consumption There is a real
miners consumption such as that on
the Rand which seems to be due to
cutting of the lung substance by the
sharp particles of dust coming from
the rock drills This is followed by a
later stage where there seems to be
a tendency toward a hardening of the
lungs which lias led to the proposal of
the name silicosis for that stasre in
the disease Such weakened lungs
are unable to resist tuberculosis germs
when they come in contact with them
and so later true consumption sets in
While there are mining districts
where tliero is this tendency to true
miners consumption there is also
much miners consumption in dis
tricts where the dust resulting from
the drilling is not particularly ab
raisive and does not have any mark
ed tendency to cut Such a district is
Butte Mont and there are several
others in the United States where con
sumption of rock particles is the true
explanation of the prevalent miners
consumption Almost always in such
districts it is the men who have been
rather heavy drinker thitsuffer from
tnis so called miners consumption
This type of miners consii nption is
really nothing but tuberculosis that
has been contracted by the miners be
cause of the depressed condition of ills
system in respect to resistance to
disease and this low resistance to
disease is directly traceable to the
alcohol rather than to the depressing
effect of underground work
It is unwise for an underground
worker to lie down and go to slep in
a mine in repose me oouys resis
tance to disease is greatly decreased
and so the miner falls an easy prey to
any germs that miy be in the air
Moreover the place that the miner
generally selects for his quiet little
nooze is some warm out-of-the-way
place where the air is none too good
Man of the miners in districts where
the mine workings are warm if not
hot attribute their proneness to dis
ease to the enervating effect of the
heat Moderate heal is not enerva
ting Bad air is It is healthful to
perspire The more freely one per
spires the more impurities are thrown
off from the body through the skin
It is healthful to work in hot work
insrs provided that the air is not
vitiated greatly and the humidity is
low so that the skin temperature
does not increase unduly with result
ing impairment of its excretory and
respitatory functions
Owing to the fact that miners are
especially liable to contract consump
tion while at work underground it is
a duty of mining companies to keep
consumptives out of their mines as
much as they can In Bisbee two
cases of consumption have been trac
ed definitely to its contraction under
ground while working with consump
tive partners in drifts or raises
Mining and Engineering World
Rich Strike at Alleghany
The Alleghany mining district has
again come into the limelight A
slort time ago a rich new gold strike
was reported there by William Cooper
managing owner of the True Blue Ex
tension A bottleful of nuggets and
slugs of gold was obtained by the
washing of a pan of dirt from the por
phyry wall to the ledge on the prop
While having a drift drven on the
ledge Cooper noticed that the wall
rock sparkled with what he first be
lieved was rites By testing it
with acid howeor it was determined
that the supposed pyrites was gold
It is too early to make a statement
as to the extent of the strike but it is
believed to be a good one The gold
does not occur in the ledge but in the
wall rocks
A company financed by people of
Mendocino Humbolt and Sacramento
counties has done several hundred feet
of tunnel work on the mine and the
report of the strike with tli6 exliibi
tion of the gold lias been the cause of
a great deal of excitement in the Alle
ghany district
For the past ten years miners and
prospectors have been searching for
the source of the gold float in the
vicinity of the mine which is situated
in Jackass ravine on Lafayette ridge
between the Rainbow and Croesus
mines and it is believed that Cooper
has solved the problem Nevada City
Flafiged Train With Shirt
Tearing his shirt from his back an
Ohio man flagged a train and saved it
from a wreck but H T Alston
Raleigh N C once prevented a
wreck with Electric Bitters I was
in a terrible plight when I began to
use ihem he writes my stomach
head hack and kidneys were all badly
affected and my liver was in bad con
dition but four bottles of Electric
Bitters made me feel like a new man
A trial will convince ou of their
matchless merit for any stomach liver
or kidney trouble Price 50 cents at
II I Wat kins
Copper Review for October
During the past month the main sell-
lieve that me tarnr or trust legisla
tion which will be attempted by the
democrats will be of such a
nature as to paralyze business or even
to interfere with the improvement in
business which lias been going on
steadily If therefore I am correct
in my assumption that the business im-
provement will continue and that the
democrats will seize the oppottunity
which has been given to them for the
first time in over sixteen years by ad
vocating conservaiive and proper leg-
islation then I dd not hesitate lofco
on record in stating that by the begin
ning of next year copper will sell at
much higher prices than at any time
since 11M7 In fact this opinion ap
plies to all metals M E Appelbaum
in M S Press
Is your husband cross
NO 10
Reno to have Custom Smelter
An independent custom smelter
ers of copper have adhered to a price costing over 50 t000 is to be erected
of 17 Ii 4 cents Due to the Balkan in Heno Work will be begun within
war situation the London Metal Ex 1 a few weeks and the plant is to be
change exhibited irregular and at completed in about six months It
times weak tendencies which resulted will be located within sight of the
in large sales by the dealers to con- business center of Reno a ten acre site
sumers principally at lower quota 1 having been secured on which the
tions While demestic consumers pur I old electrical and reduction works
chased some copper during that per- now stand
iod Europe practically remained out Papers of incorporation for the Reno
of the market As soon as the result Smelting and Refining Company
of the election became known copper which it is understood is backed
on the London Metal Exchange ex- largely by t astern men of wealth
hibited very strong tendencies scoring were filed in the office of the County
a smart advance vith the result that Clerk a few days ago This company
even the dealers prices were advanced is to build and operate the big smelter
about 1 4c bringing them up almost Modern in every particular the
to the producers prices j smelter will stand unique among all
It must however not be overlooked similar instituiions in two respects
that in spite of the increase for the It will be tin only smelter in the
past two months in the visible supply country which is new throughout and
in the United States that in Europe not made up nf patchwork- that is
has decreased largely and that the partly second hind machinery and
saltements for the next few months on pliances and it will be in advance of
this side will reflect the reduced out all other smellers in its processes as
put due to the strike situation in Utah it will he constructed around the idea
and other states so that by the first of of one of the greatest smelter men in
January or February at the latest the country John S Loder of Reno
there will be much less copper on who built the first smelter west of the
hand than at any time since li7 In Mississippi river and who during t he
tryinir to diagnose the course of future last six ears in this state has per-
prices one must of course be guided fected and patented an improved form
by the business situation which at of the pyritlc smelling process which
tie moment is in an exceedingly lie originaly worked out in Colorado
healthy state I for one do not be- Reno Journal
i i i- i -
j Have ou any bugs if so the State
Entomologist will tell ou how to di
vest yourself of thpin These buggy
ppsts or scales are supposed to infest
the fruit trees that are brought in
from different counties of California
and have nuth ng to do with the pests
that inflict ttie mining game but
nevertheless they have to be quaran
tined ayainst and their ravages pre
vented Only two counties of Cali
fornia are suimosed to liu free from
the scale pests and these are Fresno
and Tulare and no lives will be ad
mitted to Arizona from any of the
other counties of the state without
rigid inspeclio i Th farmer of M -have
county will be guided according
I ly aud no trees should he ordered ex-
I cept from Calif irnii against
An Irritable which no quarantine exisis Quite a
fault finding disposition is often due to
a disordered stomach A man with
good digestion is nearly always good
natured A great many have been
permanently cured of stomach trouble
by taking Chamberlains Tablets For
sale bv ail dealers
larire number nf fruit trees of all
vanties free from scale aie in the
nurseries of tin Silt River valley
Advices from the Poicupine camp in
Ontario stale ihat 1000 miners have
struck on account of a reduction of 25
cents a day in wages
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Dr Win Sedgwick Saunders Medical Officer
of Health of the city of London Eng was
good enough to say that a long and univer
sal experience has proved a croam of tartar
powder the most efficient safe and econ
omical making food which could not be
deleterious to the most delicate stomach
In England the sale of baking powder
containing alum is absolutely prohibited

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