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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 04, 1913, Image 1

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Arizona Leads
in Copper
Greatest Production of
any State in History
of the Red Metal
350000000 Pounds Record of
1912 Valued at 56000000
Statistics and estimates received by
the United States Geological Survey
from all plains known to produce
blister copper from domestic ores and
from all Lake mines indicate that the
copper output of the United States in
1012 exceeds that of any prewous year
In the history of the industry Not
only is the total output the largest
ever recorded hut six of the large
copper producing States Arizona Mi
chigan Utah Nevada New Mexico
and Alaska have each exceeded all
former records of production while
Montana and Tennessee have nearly
equaled their previous record pro
The figures showing smelter pro
duction from domestic ores which
have been collected by B S Butler of
the Geological Survey represent the
actual production of roost of the com
panies for eleven months and an es
timate of the December output The
November figures for a few companies
were not available and these com
panies furnished estimates for the last
two months of the year According to
the statistics and estimates received
the output of blister and Lake copper
was 12490000JO pounds in 1012
against 1007232740 pounds in 1911
At an average price of about 10
cents a pound the 1012 output has a
value of nearly 2000000003 against
117134092 for the 1911 output
- -
Preliminary statistics showing the
output of refined copper are not col
lected by the Geological Survey
Figures published by the Copper Pro
ducers Association show an output of
1420147130 pounds for the first 11
months of 1912 aud indicate that the
production of marketable copper by
the regular refining plants from all
sources domestic and foreign will
amount to about 1500000000 pounds
for 1912 against 1433875020 pounds
in 1911
According to the Bureau of Statistics
imports of pigs bars ingots plates
and old copper for the first 11 months
amounted to 270503505 pounds and
tha copper content of ore matte and
regulus imported amounted to 94 485
041 pounds If the imports for Decem
ber were equal to the average monthly
imports for the tlrst 11 months the
amount of copper entering the United
States for the year was about 404721
323 pounds against 334007538 pounds
for 1911 Considerable of the copper
imported as blister had been previous
ly exported as ore
Estimates based on figures for the
first 11 months published by the Bu
reau of Statistics and also by the Cop
per Producers Association indicate
that the exports of copper for 1912 will
not equal those of lJU but may exceed
750000000 pounds
Stocks of refined copper held in the
United States January 1 1913 are
probably about the same as on January
1 1912 Foreign stocks show a con
siderable decrease
Statistics published by the Copper
Producers Association show the do
mestic deliveries for the first 11
months of the year as 701174225
pounds and indicate a marked increase
in domestic consumption which will
probably reach 825000000 pounds for
the year and may oxceed that amount
The average quoted price of electro
lytic copper for the year showed a
marked increase over that for 1911
The average for 1912 was about 10
cents a pound as compared with 12 5
cents a pound for 1911 The year
opened with copper at about 14 cents
a pound but since June the monthly
average has not been below 1 cents
For 1912 Arizona again holds first
place among the copper producing
States The output will show a large
increase over the 303202000 pounds
produced in 1911 and may exceed 330
000000 pounds This is not only the
largest output ever made by the State
but the largest ever made by any State
for one year
The production of copper from the
Bisbe district will show a large in
crease over the 130200000 pounds in
1911 and may oxceed 145000000 pounds
for 1912 A new smelting plant was
under construction by the Calumet
Arizona Co during the year
The output of the Morenci Metcalf
district will show a considerable in
crease over that of 71500000 pounds
for 1911 and may reach 80000000
pounds for 1912 The building of a
new smelting plant by the Arizona
Copper Co was in progress during the
The Globe Miami district will show
a large increase over the production of
44000000 pounds in 1911 this being
due to the larger output by the Miami
Copper Co The production for 1912
may reach 55000000 pounds The
larger producers were the old Do
minion United Globe and Miami com
panics During the year the Inspira
tion Consolidated Copper Co was
formed by a merger of the Inspiration
Copper Co and the Live Oak Copper
Co Development and blocking out of
ore was carried on by this company
and plans for a concentrating plant
set under way Development was car
ried on by other companies
In thii Jerome district the output of
the United Verde mine will show
little change from the 33200000
pounds produced in 1911
The pruduciVK7f tfie Mineral Creek
or Ray district will show a large in
crease over 1911 owing to the larger
output of the Ray Consolidated Co
the only large producer of the district
The output for the year will be be
tween 30000u0i and 35000000 pounds
In 1912 the Ray Consolidated Co
secured controlling interest in the Ray
Central Co and the properties will be
worked together Tlie smelting plant
of the American Smelting Refining
Co at Hayden was placed in operation
during the year
The copper output of Montana will
show a large increase over the 271
814401 pounds produced in 1911 owing
to the stimulation to production given
by the increase in the price of copper
The 1912 output may reach 310000000
pounds The Butte district as in
previous years was the only large pro
ducer Montana ranked second in
copper production in 1012
Important additions to the ore re
serves of the Butte district are report
ed and improvements have been made
in the methods of extractidg and treat
ing the ores with a view to decreas
ing the cost of production
The production uf copper from Mi
chigan which ranks third among the
copper producing Slates will show an
increase of nearly 15000000 pounds
over the output of 218183238 pounds
in 1911 The output was made largely
by the old producers and the increase
was due to the stimulation of higher
metal prices Development of new
territory has been active during the
The production of copper in Utah in
1912 will show a considerable increase
over the 142340215 pounds produced
in 1911 the increase being due to the
increased output of the Bingham dis
trict As in previous years the Bing
ham camp was the main producer
though the Tintic district had a con
siderable production and the San
Francisco and other districts also con
tributed The output of the mines at
Bingham was stopped for a time in the
latter part of the year by labor
troubles thus materially reducing the
ore production of the State
The copper production of Nevada in
1912 will show a large increase over
the 05561015 pounds produced in 1911
The increase is due largely to the
beginning of noteworthy production
from the Yerington district The
total State output for 1912 will probab
ly reach 80000000 pounds The Ely
and Yeiington districts were the only
large producers In the Yerington
district the smelter of the Mason Val
ley Mines Co was blown in early in
the year and operated thereafter The
output of the district will probably
reach nearly 15000000 pounds The
Ely district will show a slight increase
over 04900000 pounds produced in
1911 though production was interfer
ed with by labor troubles in the latter
part of the year
The production or copper in Cali
fornia in 19 2 will probably show little
change from the 35835000 pounds pro
duced in 1911 As in previous years
the Shasta County district was the
largest producer but notable con
tributions were made also by the Foot
hills district and other districts of the
Trie output of copper from New
Mexico in 1912 will show xa large in
crease over that of 1911 owing to the
begmnitg of noteworthy production
by the Chino Copper Co of the Santa
Rita district Too total production of
the state will reach nearly 30000000
pounds the largest part coming from
the Santa Rita district
Alaska will show a large increase in
the production of copper in 1912 over
the 22314000 pounds produced in 1911
the total having been estimated as 28
940000 pounds The output came
largely from the Copper River and
Prince William Sound districts though
southeastern Alaska also contributed
Tennessee will w but littlechange
in copper production in 1912 from the
18903000 pounds produced in 1911
The output as iu previous years came
from the Ducktown district
The output of copper from Colorado
is largely incidental to the production
of other metals and will probably show
no great change in 1912 from the 9
791000 pounds produced in 1911
Idaho will show a considerable in
crease in copper output in 1912 over
the 4514110 pounds produced in 1911
There will be no new large produc
ing mines added during 1913 Several
of those that began producing in 1911
and 1912 will however turn out
larger quantities than in 1912 At the
prices for copper prevailing during
the latter part of 1912 the industry is
highly probable and if the output can
be marketed and the price maintained
the producers will be in a position to
make a still further large increase in
Acquiring More Ground
The following from the Jerome
News indicates that the sjndicate of
mining men who recently took over
the Little Daisy United Verde Ex
tension properties will enlarge the
scope of their operations and will be
fore the end of the coming year be
one of the largest mining enterprises
in the county
To the mining world the fact that
the syndicate that lately took over the
United Verde Extension has also tak
en a bond on the Jerome Verde
formerly the Verde Queen property
will be a piece of good news Some
time ago the News that such a deal
was pending and that the deal has
been consummated was told a News
man by Mr Jas Douglas who arrived
in Jerome Wednesday Mr Douglas
is the head of the syndicate which is
composed of Mr DoLglas for many
years connected with Phelps Dodge
Co Chester A Congdon George E
Tenor and James Hoatson directors of
Calumet Arizona John D Ryan
president of Amalgamated Copper Co
Henry Hoveland former president of
-- 4fl
the Live Oak Development Co George
Kingdon general superintendent of
Old Dominion Co and Arthur James
a director of Phelps Dodge Co
Mr Douglas camo to Jerome at
this time for the purpose of seeing
how the work of surveying the Ex
tension property was progressing and
also to lay out the preliminary work
which will establish in what manner
and from what point these two prop
ertiesthe Extension and Jerome
Verde will be opened up To a News
man Mr Douglas said that the syndi
cate that had taken over the Extension
had taken an option on the stock of
the Jerome Verde Copper the option
running parallel with that held by the
syndicate on the stock of the United
Veide Extension and on the same con
ditions This means that should the
development that will be put on the
Extension and Jerome Veide prove
the properties valuable one of the
richest syndicates in the mining world
wil be building railroads aud smelt
ers in this district As to the develop
ment of the properties held under
option Mr Douirlas said that in the
old workings of the Extension there
were several spots that they wished to
develop before deciding from where
they would do their decisive work
The company will from the start put
as many men at work ascai be handl
ed to advantage and when they have
decided from where they will start
and in what direction they will drive
for ore make the run js rapidly as
Inspiration Work at
Miami is Immense
A Miami dispatch says The great
work of the Inspiration Consolidatea
Copper company is the principal fea
ture of this big camp With the work
of grading the site for the 7000 ton
concentrating plant begun the work
of railroad building from Inspiration
spur on the Aizcca Eastern rail
road and the extension of that road
westward to the Live Oak mine of the
same company on the west together
with that concerns big mining de
velopment the entire operations form
a great arc of the hills north of Miami
and back of the Miami Copper com
Half a mile east of this town is the
Inspiration spur mentioned From
here MacArlhur Bros grading con
tractors have the grade for the rail
road completed for about half a mile
and a steam shovel is at work night
and day excavating from big cuts
Two locomotives are hauling dirt
trains which are making great fills
Two or three switchbacks are being
made so as to get a grade for the road
up the hill toward the concentrator
At the site for the concentrating
plant a steam shovel has just been put
in operation to cut down the hill for
the plant which with other necessary
buildings will cover over seven acres
of ground It is said that 250000
cubic yards of dirt will have to be
At this site the company has erected
an office building where H Ken on
Burch engineer in charge of the con
struction of the concentrating and two
700 ton crushing plants and his corps
of engineers and draughtsmen are in
stalled Also a nev adobe garage
capable of accomodating eight auto
mobiles has just been completed
Westward from the concentrator
site deep cuts and heavy rock grades
ate being made to extend the railroad
up to the main working shafts and
where the main ollices of the company
are located
To the westwerd of the town of
Miami the contracting tirm of Chad
wick Deyo has grading for the rail
road to the Inspiration companys ex
tension of the Arizona and Eastern
Live Oak mine almost completed
The building of several bridges and a
side track and switchbacks to a big
warehouse and a big tunnel will re
quire some time yet
The mining operations beginning at
the supply tunnel on the west in the
Live Oak property and extending east
watd to the site of the principal of
NO 15
fices of the Inspiration company com
pletes the great arc of operations
The Inspiration companys supply
shaft on the western edge of opera
tions is now 300 feet deep and under
ground work is going ahead at a rapid
rate Between the Scorpion and Joe
Bush shafts 010 feet still remain to be
drifted and 1300 feel of ground must
be cut through before the Scorpion
and Colorado shafts are connected
The main shaft is practically finished
and the main east shaft will be finish
ed about Januarv 1 Drifting to con
nect the main east and west shafts his
been commenced
Some idea of the immensity of the
Inspiration compinys operation and
the rate of development can be had
when it is sid that in November the
reported development was 305 feet
in the Inspiration division and 500 in
the Live Oak division
Work of building the large concen
trating and crushing plants of the In
spiration company will take two
years In the meantime tremendous
development underground is going on
where millions of tons of copper ore
are being blocked out so as to be able
to turn out daily at least 7000 tons of
copper ore for the great plants Tho
monthly pay toll of this company
alone is oer 1000003
Rich Ore from a Nevada Mine
Neil Carmichael one of the princi
pal owners and managers of the Ari
zona mine situated at the old town of
Unionville is in town for a few days
He has put on display in one of the
big windows at the First National
Bank some large samples of ore taken
from that famous property The ore
is a black sulphide and i extremely
rich in silver in fact it assays well up
into the thousands to the ton These
samples are only a showiog of what
fie old mine is capable of producing
in the way of rich ore The Arizona
which is one of lh old mines of the
statf was a bonanza at the titnt when
the Comstock properties were produc
ing untold millions of dollars in the
while metal and Unionville whe e
the At izona is located is one of the
historic spots in the State of Nevada
Not only was the camp a great pro
ducer of silver and gold bullion but it
was the stamping ground for many cf
the old lime residents of the State
It is here that Mark Twain made his
home and the ruins of an old rock
cabin marks the place where that
illustrious man once made his abode
Through the energy of Carmichael
new ground has been opened on the
Arizona estate and parties who have
inspected the property say that new
ore bodies exposed are even greater
than those uncovered in formfr days
when the mine was ranked as one of
the great producers of the state
Humboldt Star
A mining deal or rathpr a numb r
of mining deals between the same
parties and all of considerable magni
tude are now in process of being
closed ami articles of agreement cov
ering the transactions were tiled Mon
day in the ollice of the county record
er James P Gaskell has a bond on
Thomas Childs Jr to buy an undi
vided half interest in the Copper King
patented mines by Feb 1 1915 for
124000 another with Sam Clark to
buy a half interest in three mines un
named by Dec 19 1914 for 750 a
third witli W A Knox to buy Dodge
No 3 mine in the Ajo district by Jan
27 1914 for 1250 with W A Knox
to buy six mines in the Ajo district
for 217 by Dec 10 1914 These
are followed by article of agreement
in which Gaskell agrees to sell 37
mines in the Ajo district to the Ajo
Copper Company for an unnamsd con
sideration and a deed to two other
mines in t lie same district by Gaskell
to the same companj Tucson Citizen
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