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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 04, 1913, Image 2

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iWobaif Bounty gUinrr
Published Every Saturday
One year strictly in advance 3 00
Slxn jnths 1 50
Thre months 00
Advertising rates on application
Entered at the Kingman Poatoflice as Second
Class Mall
Mrs C M Strouse has gone to Pbe
nlx where she will remain for a few
Mr and Mrs John Boyle jr and
the babies were Kinsman visitors last
Thursday and Friday coming in from
the Golconda mine
The production of the City last
Sunday evening at Elks Opera House
was a treat to those who vteie lucky
enough to witness it
D R Muir local manager of the
Gold Road Mines company and the
Needles Mining Smelting company
was a Kingman visitor yesterday
Not one corporation in Mohave coun
ty failed to pay its taxes before delin
quency only the small propei ty own
ers in remote parts of the county fail
ing to come through
J E Kussell one of the Prescott
attorneys has been in Kingman sev
eral days this week attending to mat
ters concerning the estate of the late
U M Bowers
Yesterday George Ayers messenger
fir the Gold Roads mines company
brought to Kingman a bar of bullion
weighing 20001 the weeks run of
the mill
When you want a reliable medicine
for a cough or cold take Chamberlains
Cough Remedy It can always be de
pended upon and is pleasant and safe
to take For sale by all dealers
New Years was celebrated at Oat
inan by open house at the residence of
Mrs S S Jones Cake and wine was
served nearly all in the big gold
camp enjoying her hospitality
W II Smith owner of some ex
cellent turning property at McCracken
iri i been a vsitor in Kingman this
week He and wife have purchased a
home here and will tak up their resi
Some of the sheepmen are already
preparing for the migrating of their
herds to the good feed in this county
md also preparatory to shearing with
in the next sixty days It is under
stood that at least 100000 sheep will
tie brought to the county this spring
Dr Paul Mcintosh the Kingman
dentist will hereafter make quarterly
trips to Wlnslow and other towns
along the Santa Fe in Arizona He
has been building up a big business in
this section and has concluded to take
in a wider range of activities
Sumner II Beecher has taken a
leise on the Brfale and entered into
tinssession the first of the m ntb Mr
Beecher is well liked by the traveling
public and his success in this new
field of activity is as urred The
Bile is one of the best hotels on the
line of the Santa Fe and is popular
with the traveling public
As a result of the letting of the con
tract for the remodelitig of Elks Hall
and the construction of club rooms
workmen have arrived in Kingman to
begin active work The contract was
let to C E Walker the well known
Denver architect who will have com
plete charge of the work When com
pleted the local lodge of Elks will
have one of the most inviting homes
in the state
Frank Hunt who has been doing
fche work on the Boulder group of
mines in conjunction with Dr C J
George is again in Kingman having
completed all the work in the Vivian
section He reports much activity in
all the mines of that locality and it is
his belief that there will be a great
deal of real mining done there this
C F Moser who has charge of tho
work on the Pioneer mine of the old
German American group at Vivian is
reported to have driven under the old
works on the property on the 250 level
where three feet of exceptionally rich
ore has been opened up The mine
has one of the best showings of ore
ever seen in that property and it is
the intention to keep the work going
on the present rich vein
I A letter to the Prescott Journal
j Minr states that what is supposed to
have been the remains of Ezra D
J Bankhead were found on the bunks of
the Colorado river below Mellen
some weeks ago Bankhead started
from Chloride to Seatchlight some
months ago but was never heard of
again It was thought that he at
tempted to cross the Colorado river
near Cottonwood Island and was
The work of laying the switch from
the main line of the railroad to the
bunkers of the Tennessee mice is un
der way and will be completed in a
few days When this has been done it
is understood that all the old mill tail
ings will be shipped to Neecles for
treatment in the big concentrating
plant The tailings contain values in
gold silver lead and zinc the latter
value heing greatest The raw ores
from the mine will go direct to the
smelter at Needles
The case of Luciana Pena and Do
lores Kimble asrainst Peter Silk cov
ering a water right on the Santa
Maria river is being heard by Judge
Krook this morning The counsel in
the cause is Ross H Blakely for the
plaintiffs and B Marks of Phenix for
the defense The original action was
dismissed but the argument is now
b ing made on the cross complaint of
defendant praying the court that the
title to the water be quieted Ihe
parties are ranchers on the Santa
Maria one living in Yuma and the
other in Mohave county
Mr and Mrs O D M Gaddis de
parted to Los Angeles la t evening
with their son Homer who has been
ill the past two weeks with pneumonia
and complication Dr A L Tilton
and wife and a nurse also went with
them The young man has not been
improving as fast as it was confident
ally expected and it was considered
best to take him to the city where a
different climate may he more effect
ive in restoring him to health The
best wishes of a host of friends go with
the young man for his complete re
storation to health
Eli Hilty who is looking after work
on the Arabian claims in the Union
Pass section returned from that place
last Thursday He reports that in do
ing assessment work on the easterly
claim of the group the miners uncoyer
ed a splendid body of rich gold ore
The shaft was sunk on the south side
of the great dike several feet of allu
vium having to be removed before the
vein was encountered The ore is said
to show considerable free gold The
dixe in which considerable good ore
lies is one of the landmarks of the old
Myers Well region and work done in
years gone by exposed very rich spots
of ore along its great outcrop
The work of drilling the turquoise
ground at Mineral Park is now under
way the first hole being started last
Tuesday Should this hole result in
the striking of cupper ore of value it
will mean the opening of a new min
ing era for the county In sinking a
hole for water on a low piece of
ground on one of these turquoise
claims last week a vein of copptr
carrying above three per cent was cut
It is the expectation of the men in
ciarge of this work that the turquoise
material is but the capping for a large
deposit of cupper ore the whole mass
being a porphyritic uplift
O K Parker who passed through
Kingman a few weeks ago on his way
to the Grand Canyon and Albu
querque for the purpose of logging
and mapping the road between Los
Angeles and the latter place was a
passenger on number ten yesterday
on his way to Peach Springs at which
point he had stored his car After gc
ing to Peach Springs from Kingman
he made the trip into Diamond Can
yon and incidentally drove his car
right to the rivers edge in the Grand
Canyon On this trip he obtained
some of tho best views ever taken of
canyon scenery and in Los Angeles
had the films developed and printed
The pictures were so good that he and
the Club had them enlarged and
mounted and covered them by copy
right The people of Los Angeles
who were shown the pictures declared
them the most beautiful they had ever
seen Mr Parker is enthusiastic over
the Canyon scenery and states that a
good road may be built to the river at
small cost He is going on from
Peach Springs to map the i oad to Al
buquerque and will consume several
weeks on the trip
Prosperous Mohave
At the close of business on the third
Monday of December the Treasurer of
Mohave county ascertained that out of
a total tax levy of 15093302 he had
collected 14201400 or 9532 per cent
leaving only 14939023 uncollected
Since that time a great deal of this
delinquency has been collected and it
is expected that less than two per
cent will remain by the first of Feb
Can any county in the state beat this
tax collection It shows in what pros
perous condiiion the county really is
and indicates its growing importance
Last year the levy was close to 80000
of which only 90 percent was collected
before delinquency Now with double
the tax roll the delinquency is only
one half of that of last year
Another indication of the prosperous
condition of Mohave county is evi
denced in the enlargement of the
quarters of the Arizona Central Bank
More than three times the floor span
now being occupied by the baiikg
quarters will be taken in and even
then sufficient room cannot be had
The bank has been growing in import
ance until now it is second to none of
the banks covered by the charter of
this big institution Within a year
the bank will probably have to secure
larger quarters should its business
continue to expand
Legislative Session
Governor Hunt is said to have de
termined on calling the legislature
together on the 3d day of February
1913 to enact some necessary laws and
provide revenue for the state for the
years 1913 14
Just what will be the outcome of
this calling together a defunct body is
hard to guess but it would seem cer
tain that should the present supreme
court decide in favor of its legality the
U S Courts will certainly hold the
other way The Arizona constitution
is quite positive on the term of the
members of the legislative body and
no court can legislate it into life
The term of a legislator ceases at a
certain time and there is no continu
ance in office as in the case of other
officers therefore it is certain that
any act of theirs in the making of laws
will be void The calling together of
these law makers will cause endless
litigation especially where the in
terests of the interstate roads are af
fected and where tax be levied upon
corporations having the right to go in
to t lie U S Courts for redress
T J Purdy president of the Yucca
Mining company was a Kingman visi
tor lat Sunday coming up from the
mines at Cedar He reports that the
drift on the 700 level has opened up
a splendid body of ore and exhibited
some of the samples from the vein
that were literally tilled with gold
The rock is peculiar in that it carries
the gold in a free state although the
ore is a heavy copper lead sulphide
A carload of the rich ore is being
hauled to the station at Yucca for
shipment to the smelter The assort
ed ore will run about 1000 in gold
and silver to the ton Lower grade
ore will be placed on the dump and
later milled The vein appears to be
getting better as work progresses
Mr Purdy is on his way to the east
where arrangements will be made for
more extensive betterments at the
Ross McCauseland has taken
bonds on a large number of mining
properties in the Mineral Park sec
tion the old Fairfield Stark Ewing
Kevstone Metallic Accident and prac
tically all the mining claims between
Alum Wash and Chloride being cover
ed by the options Mr McCauseland
is working quite a fore of men and it
is reported that he is getting good re
alts from the work on the Metallic
Accident The mines under bond are
among the best properties in Mineral
Park and it is to be hoped that they
will be given a tryout
B L Lunceford assistant superin
tendent of the Tom Reed Gold Mines
company has just completed the erec
tion of a handsome bungalow on Gold
en Hill at Oatman and it is reported
mai iic win soon taice unto nimseii a
bride Bert has been a resident of
Oatman since the present company
tool over the Tom Heed mines and
has been a factor in the progress of
that great property
Mrs Edna Steen proprietor of the
Yucca Hotel was a Kingman visitor
You go to the best physician you can find or you
OUGHT to When you get a prescription from your
physician you take it to the druggist who s most com
petent to fill it or you OUGHT to You should be
just as careful in selecting your Druggist as you are in
selecting your Physician jt jC
Years of experience in drug stores where
hundreds of prescriptions are filled daily ought
to make us Competent
DRUGGIST Telephone 52
Judge Frank Duffy of Santa Cruz
county will open coutt in Judge
Krooks courtroom next Monday for
the purpose of trying causes in which
Judge Krook is disqualified One of
the important causes to be taken up
and determined is that of the enate of
the late Joseph Wharton against
Charles Gracey and the Klondike Gold
mining company This cause grew
out of the conflicting interests of the
parties in what is known as the Klon
dike mines The mines were under
stood to have passed to Mr Gracey
under the will of the deceased but
were allowed by all tho parties to
lapse to the government and were
later relocated by J S Withers and
others Later a mining corporation
was formed to operate the claims
The estate is now suing for the re
covery of the mines E S Clark is
counsel for defense and Ross H
Blakely and F R McNamee for the
The Board of Supervisors of Mohave
county met at the courthouse on the
last day of the year and made settle
ment with the Treasurer and trans
acted considerable other business
They also in compliance with the law
relating to Justices of the Peace made
appointments of the Justices in the
precincts formerly designated as
justices precincts All the incum
bents were reappointETt as follows
W C Babcock Chloride J P Ryan
Cerbat G Levy Signal Dr France
Ottman Anson H Smith Kingman
The supervisors took the view that
the law was inoperative but to avoid
any future complication they made
these appointments
Next Monday evening the Nashville
Students a colored aggregation wi 1
give a minstrel performance at Elks
Operr House This company is one of
the best on the road and merits the
patronage of the public A few years
ago they were considered on a parity
with the Jubilee Singers supposed to
be one of the best minstrel shows in
the business
This week in the Probate Depart
ment of the Superior Court a number
of important orders were made One
order confirmed the sale of the inter
ests of the late J A Logan in the Ot
sega mining claim one of the Mc
Cracken group which was sold to as
sociates of J H Hoffman O W
Herndon was appointed administrator
of the estate of the late Tom Lee
and W K Rideiour was appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of A C
Adams and J A Ellis was appointed
administrator of the estate of oneFag
liado who was killed in the Goldroad
mine some time ago
The railroad company is laying ties
and rails along the stretch of grade
between the Tennessee mine and the
bunkers of the Rainbow Mountain
Mining company at Chloride It is
probable that with ten days the work
will be complete and the shipment of
ore from this property made possible
It i understood that this company has
a large tonnago of ore broken down
and in the stopes that can be sent to
the smelter
E S Clark the well known Pres
cott attorney is in Kingman looking
after legal affairs
Kingman M E Church
Clyde W Deming Pastor
103ua ra Sunday school
D T Pkice Supt
730 p m church service All cor
dially invited
Here is a remedy that vill cure your
cold Why waste time and money ex
perimenting when you can get a prepa
ration that has won a world wide repu
tation by its cures of this disease and
can always be depended upon It is
known everywhere as Chamberlains
Cough Remedy and is a medicine of
real merit For sale by all dealers
Wanted 25 35 h p steam engine
Must be in good condition and bar
I gain Address A V C box 577
VOU are entitled in buying Hart
1 Schaffner Marx clothes to a
most positive assurance of your sat
isfaction Every dealer in our
clothes is authorized to say this to
Every garment made by and
bearing the label of Hart Schaff
ner Marx is guaranteed to
be of all wool or wool-and-silk
fabrics with no mercerized
or other cotton added to be
thoroughly shrunk before cutt
ing seams sewed with pure silk
thread tailored in clean sani
tary shops and to be free from
every defect of material and
workmanship J
More than that The dealer is
authorized to say that if the clothes
are not right or not satisfactory
your money will be refunded
Hart Schaffner Marx
These are the clothes we sell

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