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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 04, 1913, Image 3

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Educational Resolutions
for the New Year
Resolved thai wo shall do all in our
power to eneourasje and boost the
educational work in Kingman and Mo
have county That we shall encourage
each and every boy and jfirl to gel all
the useful knowledge and training pos
sible early in life Every child should
be educated to prepare for comploe
living To live couipleteh one must
be useful arid happy To Ik uieful one
must be thoroughly prepared for serv
ice To be happy one must enjoy his
work uod his leisure
The evidences of a good education
says Dr Butler Pres of Columbia
University ire found in these live
characteristics Correctness and pre
cision in the mother tongue reiined
and gentle manners which are the ex
pression of lixed habits of thought and
action the power and habit of reflec
tion the power of growth and cllic
ience or the power to make good
The purpose of the school is to edu
cate the child to cultivate his physi
cal mental and moral power To en
large his ideas broaden his horzon
give him habits of industry and self
control or to give him such skill
knowledge and principles as will make
for good citizenship and social ellic
This work is best done in the public
schools Hero wo have all the factors
necessary for an embrjo democracy
and if the public school is to fulfill its
highest purpose it must minister to the
weal of the nation
In the primary school the child
learns to use the tools of education
reading writing spelling arithmatic
and the use of good English While
in the Grammar school he acquires
knowledge of practical and cultural
value in such subjects as history lit
erature geography hygene grammar
civics manuel training and domestic
Iu both primary and grammar schools
he learns lessons of industry of truth
and right of order and obedience of
equality and patriotism This is the
glory of our common schools Hero
the child learns the lessons that pre
pare him for tiie greatest of all posi
tions a law abiding and useful citizen
of the common wealth
The esseutiils of a good school sys
tem we believe to be the following
A building -Modern well lighted
well healed well ventilated well
equipped with all needed supplies
cleau and inviting
Teachers Alive growing firm self
poised cheerful amiable lovers of
children ever ready to help and en
A principal Broad minded wide
awake enthusiastic optimistic tactful
and resourceful
Pupils Regular punctual neat and
tidy order courteous alert and
Trustees With high educational
ideals harmonious enterprising pro
gressive and sagacious
Patrons Sympathetic charitable
and corporative
From the common school our boys
and girls should bo encouraged to en
ter the high school the peoples col
lege This school should be intensely
practical Il should give a major
course in harmony with the industries
of the community If the community
is agricultural the school should be an
Agricultural High School If mining
a Mining High School We believe
Kingman should have a Mining High
School of such interest that it would
draw every boy and girl in Mohave
county within its walls and carry for
ward the work begun in the common
schools ottering necessary preparation
for those who wish to enter college
and to those who wish to get useful
information and skill that may be of
real service in making a living pre
pare courses that will attract and hold
them until completed
Mohave county should have a Coun
ty High School giving courses in min
ing business normal training domes
tic science and academic This is
easily obtainable Tho state oilers a
large sum the county is large and
wealthy tho boys and girls are the
most valuable asset we possess and
should bo given the best preparation
in our power to give
With tho spirit of confidence and
good will between pupils and teachers
between home and school with a com
munity spirit of progress and educa
tional encouragement which makes
i and all boost for better schools better
advantages and a peoples college for
Kingman If we are true to ourselves
and our children performing our dut
ies with good courageous hopeful
hearts ours shall be the joy of achieve
ment the reward of things well done
Prin Schools
Two Utah Camps
At a meeting a few evenings ago of
the Utah Society of Engineers there
were some facts presented regarding
two of the mining camps of Utah that
are of general interest The two
camps under discussion hy these en
gineers eminently fitted by training
and by personal work in the mines to
speak of conditions were Bingham
and Park City
The history of Bingham was sKetch
ed from the time when the first claims
were located in the fall of 18l on to
the day of the steam shovel operations
and the big copper production of the
present time The wagon roads into
the camp in the early days of xis
tence were later followed by a rail
road with transportation facilities
steadily improving as time passed on
The early day mining facilities were
later improved when electricity be
came the motive power materially re
ducing the cost of operation within
recent years too has come the steam
shovel handling immense quantities
of ore at a very small cost and the in
vention of new milling and smelting
devices followed by the erection of
great reduction works
During the thirty years between
1870 and 1900 the camp produced ore
having a value of more than 75000
000 Since the latter date has come
the development of the g eat p irphyry
deposits that have- made this one of
the big copper camps of the West
Today statistics presented show the
camp is producing from 28000 to 14
000 tons of ore dnil has over 200
000000 tons of commercial ore avail
able and is paying annual dividends of
The camp of Pirk City affords as in
teresting a history as does Bingham
The paper presented upon this camp
stated that to date there has been
taken from its mines 100000000
ounces of silver 175000 ounces of gold
300000 tons of lead 9 10000 tons of cop
per and 30000 tons zinc The total
output of these live metals had a
money value of 8500 000 of which
35000000 has readied the stockhold
ers of the various companies in the
form of dividends The silver lead
ores here are described as occuring in
fissure veins or in bedded deposits
connected with tissures
Park City with its various classes
of ores has done much toward evolv
ing new ideas in ore treatment The
silicious ores prominent in the earlier
das of the camp called for special
treatment which was devised and
proven successful The sulphide ores
presented another problem that was
solved and later came the heavier
lead ores bringing new concentration
devices of value to the mining world
Interesting to note also are the
drainage facilities provided at this
camp Adit tunnels drain the On
tario Daly system to a depth of 2500
feet under the collar of the Daly
Judge shaft as well relieving to some
extent the water situation in the whole
camp The Anchor tunnel of the
Daly Judge and the Alliance tunnel of
the Silver King each carry away near
ly 1000 gallons of water per minute
in addition to the 0000 to 10000 gal
lons from the Ontario Adits also
reach the 500 and 900 foot levels of the
Silver King shaft the bottom of which
is 500 feet above the Ontario tunnel
These are a few of tho salient points
in the history and present conditions
in two of the principal camps of Utah
t lie one a copper camp the other
principally silver lead Denver Min
ing Record
A Hero in a Lighthouse
For years J S Danaliue So Haven
Mich a civil war captain as a light
house keeper averted awful wrecks
but a queer fact is he might have
been a wrecK himself if Electric Bit
ters had not prevented They cured
me of kidney trouble and chills he
writes after I had taken other so
called cures for years without benefit
and they also improved my sight Now
at seventy I am feeling fine For
dyspepsia indigestion all stomach
for higher and better citizenship we liver and kidney troubles theyre
shall succeed without equal fry them Only 50cts
In addition let us join our forces i at II H Watkins druggist
Grand Canyon Will Appear at
The Grand Canyon of the Colorado
river the greatest scenic wonder of
the world and as such the prime tour
ist attraction of Arizona will be re
produced at the Panama Pacific Inter
national exposition at San Francisco
by the Santa Fe railroad accoiding to
Dr Frederick Vining Fisher who will
talk and show motion pictures at the
chamber of commerce Friday night
The reproduction will be made at a
cost of 3000003
Comparatively few people have seen
the Grand Canyon because of its re
moteness from center of population
The visitors to it are increasing year
by year but there are many who can
never see it
Since the masses cannot go to the
camon the canon will be taken to
them The Santa Fe proposes to du
plicate the sensations which a person
experiences when he stands on the
edge of the tremendous gorge a mile
deep and 15 miles across
This will he done by building com
posite scenery in a huge building The
beholder will stard on the veranda of
the El Tovar hotel and gaze into a
real gorge winch will be blended im
perceptibly into a giant black drop so
lighted as to Live the effect of great
The effects of sunrise and sunset
809 South First Avenue -
The Florsheim - I
I - Flexsole J
A Comfort Shoe or Tired Tender Feet 6
and the incandescent glare of noon
will pass over the scene during the
20 minutes or so that the visitor
watches Guides will tell of the tor
turous descent of the Bright Angel
trail A real Arizona burro will be
part of the picture Tucion Citizen
Can oil W Davis is in receipt of a
letter from the Bartholemew Com
pany manufacturers of tliu Glide car
in which the company assures him
that even thing possible will be done
to bring the National Highway this
a that is by way of the Grind Can
on and northern Arizona routing
and that they will help the matter in a
financial way It is the intention rt
this company to devote a certain per
ctntage of its net earnings to the good
road work and this action will prob
ably be followed b other companies
Rail order- tills ear are about 5
000000 tons tiie largest amount ever
contracted for in one year
Cut the High Cost of Living
W H Chapman Winnebago Net
tells how he hid it My two children
had a very bad couh and the doctors
medicines did them no good I got a
bottle of Foleys Honey and Tar Com
pound and before it was all used the
children were free and cured of their
cough I saved a doctors bill for one
25u bottle of Foleys Honey and Tar
Compound No opiates II H
Send your Tracings and Maps to the
Phoenix Biue Print Company
The only Commercial Blue Printers in the Slate of Arizona Brown
and bhek Ine work a specialty Large Vacuum Frames Elecliic
Machines We also carry a complete line of drawing materials
and Surveying Instruments
- Phoenix Arizona
Youll Know
real shoe comfort when you wear a
Florsheim Natural Shape Flexsole
Comfortable from the
start as an old shoe
Specially constructed
for unusual comfort
For all kinds of type writing book
keeping and drafting call on
Kingman Arizona
Escaped After Fifteen Years
W P Broyles made a successful
escape after fifteen years of suffering
from kidney and bladder troubles
Foley kidney Pills released him and
will do just the same for others lie
says They cured a most severe
backache with painful bladder ir
regularities and they do all you claim
for them Refuse substitutes H
H Watkins
Cash and prompt returns for
bullion ores and furnace pro
ducts j jt jt jt
107 N Spring St Los Angeles Cal
Plumbing and Sheet
Metal Work Pumps
Gasoline Engines
Galvanized Tanks
Estimates Furnished
Telephone 134
Gaddis Perry
SSSnSSSSSSSS Purveyors to the Public and Dealers in
I 1 gjj m m m m t
We carry a complete stock of high grade
Lumber Building Materia
Cement Lime Fire Brick
Lubricating OiSs Distillate
Gasoline Fuel OiSs and can
make prompt deliveries
Let us Quote You Prices
fh 1 fe B B -
Combined with every necessity to the
Miner Farmer and Stock
Our Diamond M Flour is unsurpassed
We keep constantly on hand
Mining Supplies
Blacksmith Coal
Black Diamond Steel
Every Kind and class of tool
used by Miner and farmer
fresh tqgs and Sandy Honey
Best Butter in the Market
Shelf Hardware
And we carry
Furnishing Goods
lliqli class Shoes
Mattresses and Pillows
O Stores G
Kingman Yucca Cerbat

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