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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 11, 1913, Image 1

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Arizona s Great
fleta1 Production
Immense Increase of the JWineral
Output of Cofafier Zinc
and Qold
9tfohave County Produced Nearly
all the Gold and All the Zinc
Arizona experienced in 1912 an ex
ceptionally good year in mining espe
cially in the mining of copper ore
and the preliminary total value of all
metals Is estimated at more than 65
000000 an increase of more than 20
000000 or 49 per cent above the pro
duction for 1911 Of this total value
the copper output represented over
58000000 gold 3500000 and silver
The production of gold increased
only about 3 per cent giving an out
put of over 170000 ounces The two
main source- were copper ore and
ores amalgamated or cyauided
Precious metal bullion came principal
ly from Mohave County where great
iucreast s weiv made in output by the
operators of the Tom Reed and Gold
Koad mines particularly the latter
Silver came mainly from copper ores
and production nereased to about 3
100090 ounce- in 1912 or about 2 per
cent Lead ore from Cochise and
Mohave counties also contained a con
siderable percent age of silve The
ore of the new copper producers Mi
ami and Ray contains so little gold
and silver that it is not a relatively
important source for precious metals
Arizona led all other States in the
production of copper The output has
grown from 199000000 pounds in 1904
to about U59000000 pounds in 1913 an
increase of 17 per cent over the 1911
recoid value of ihe product
was increased by over 13000000 on
account of the nrice of copper being
higher by about 375 cents a pound in
1912 The greatest increases were
made at the Riy Miami and Copper
Queen mines while substantial in
creases were made by the Arizona
Copper Detroit Shannon and old Do
minion companies In production
there was little change at the Calu
met and Arizona where construction
was progressing on the new smelting
plant equipped with roasters to re
duce sulphide ores now found on the
property A new plant was also in
course of construction at the Arizona
Copper Cos property at Clifton and
tho American Smelting Refining
Cos plant at Elayden was completed
and working in June on Ray concen
trates The output was much less
from the Consolidated Arizona smel
ter at Humboldt and the plant at
Swansea was active only part of the
year The Pioneer Smelling Co in
Pima County operated a small mat
ting plant for a time and the United
Verde Cooper Co made arrangements
for the building of a large new plant
near Jerome In Santa Cruz County
the R R It mine developed into an
Important producer of copper ore
The lead output for 1912 was about
7000000 pounds a decrease of 32 per
cent from that of 1911 It was how
ever much larger than the production
of the last eight years except 1911
which was unusually high No lead
smelters were operated in the State
Lead ore from the Copper Queen and
Shattuck Arizona mines and lead con
centrates and ore from Mohave county
were shipped to El Paso Tex and
Needles Cal
Spelter production increased about
89 per cent over that of 1911 and was
about 8500000 pounds in 1912 From
the Golconda mine at Union Basin
zinc ore and concentrate were shipped
continuously in September at the
rate of 1200 tons a day Ore from
Mohave county was concentrated at
Needles and shipped east
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Tariff Revision And
Lead And Zinc
There is considerable speculation as
to the effect of possible revision of
lead and zinc tariffs on the mining in
dustry of the west The democratic
policy is held by many to be fatal to
the mining industry where lead and
zinc are the mainstays of production
as in certain Utah districts Leadville
Colorado and the Coeur dAlenes of
Let us look into the question by con
sidering the present tariff the pro
posed tariff as exemplified in the
Underwood bill passed at the last
session of congress and vetoed by
President Taft and compare prices
here and abroad
The present duties on lead ore by
Payne Aldrich law one and one half
cents per pound on lead in ores of all
kinds two and one eighth cents per
pound on lead in lead dross lead or
base bullion pigs and bars old refuse
lead run into blocks and bars and old
scrap fit only for remanufacture two
and three eighths cents on lead in
sheets pipe shot glaciers lead and
lead wire onn and one half cents on
lead in type metal two and five eighths
per pound on red lead two and one
half cents on lead in pigiments three
cents on white acetate and two on
other colors two and one quarter
cents on nitrate of lead and two and
one half cents on litharge
Zinc is duitable as follows Zinc
bearing ores of all kinds containing
less than ten per ceut zinc free be
tween ten and twenty per cent zinc
one fourth cent per pound of zinc be
tween twenty and twenty five per
cent one half cent per pound over
twenty five per cent one cent zinc
dust one and three eighths cents in
sheets one and live eighths cents in
coated or plated sheets one and three
quarters cents in sheets one and five
eighths cents and scrap one cent per
The Underwood bill provides a
twenty five per cent ad valorem duty
on lead of all kinds and admits zinc
As to prces let us take lead and
zinc as quoted in New York and
London At present the price of lead
oer pound ij four and one half cents
New York four cents London of
zinc seven and forty five hundredth-
New York and live and eight tenths
London During 1910 and up to July
1911 the difference between the price
of lead in New York and London re
mained at about two and seven tenths
cents Since that date the gap has
grown smaller In January 1912 it
was but one cent and is now but one
half cent This diminishing differ
ence is due to the rise in the London
price and we see no reason why the
latter price should fall if the tariff is
reduced One fourth cent lead in Lon
don the duty by the Underwood bill
would be one cent a pound so that the
nrice in the United Slates would have
to be higher than live cents to allow
of any importation
We believe then that nothing is to
be feared from lead from across the
water if the tariff is reduced
As to Mexican lead it must be re
membered that the supply is owned
by the American smelteries and in
1911 the importation equalled one
third of the production of the United
States which was about thirty three
per cent of the worlds production
Mexican lead must he at three cents
to compete with domestic lead and
could compete at about three and six
tenths under tho proposed tariff VVe
believe therefore that the bad effect
of tariff revision on the lead mining
industry is exaggerated largely for
political reasons
As to zinc we know that the recent
high prices are the result of restricted
smeltery capacity due to the gradual
failing of the gas supply rather than
to the protection of the tariff The
reduction of one cent per pound on
highgrade ore would not affect the
situation any and the zinc induced to
como in should not be a very heavy
competitor with domestic production
On the other hand we fail to see the
gain to the consumer in cutting down
the tariff since from our argument it
will have little affect on the price of
the metals we do not mention any
trust control and will only result In
diminished revenue without adequate
gain We should rest content there
fore with whatever stand is taken
Salt Lake Mioing Review
The Pathfinder
There can be no doubt but that the
prospector is the pathfinder in mining
operations He blazes the trail
through regions practically unknown
He is the pioneer the vanguard of an
army of mining men and investors who
follow in his lead and in his lino of
work he is just as important and
more so than is the man who eventu
ally takes advantage of and profits by
his discoveries And but for him
many of the great mining camps of
today many of our great producers
and dividend payers would never
have been heard of
As a general thing the prospector is
in a class by himself It is not often
that he is a skillful miner it is usual
ly the case that he has had but little
schooling his knowledge of geology
and mineralogy is nil indica
tions appeal to him only and his ignor
ance of formation and the compcsitii n
of ores otten leads him into grevious
errors into mistakes w hich his victims
charge to a desire to deceive and yet
every little while he will pry into the
mysierie of Nature and her hidden
treasures and as a result of hi- ton
the world is given another sources of
great mineral wealth
It is true that many people find fault
with the average prospector and con
demn his methods and yet he is the
anchor to w hich the mining industry
is tied He may make mistakes aim
still his intentions are good an 1 honor
able His imagination uinr bi vivul
but his exaggerations are only tn
ecno of his hopes and the lack of a ivi
knowledge about mining aifurs An
men are not fitted for the life of a
prospector His is too longing to b
alone with Nat ire lie enjoys ih
solitude the sublimity oftlm mountain
fastnesses For months at a tun
with or without companion he lingers
in tile canyons in almost inaccessible
places and is happy Once let him
visit a city or bustling mining camp
he soon tires and longs for the free
dom of the mountains Tne pave
ments hurt His feet Ine rouine or
business is tiresome to turn His
friends and acquaintances are too bus
to keep him interested ami he soon
transplants his wearied self to locali
lies more congenial to his nature
there to climb the rugged hillsides in
his search for tho lede from which
came the promising looking tloat
found a month or two before He may
not shine in society and could not
lead the German in a social functiou
but through tils efforts the money
medium of the world is constantly in
creasing and for all his rags and
notwithstanding his peculiar makeup
lie is a pathfinder all the same and
just as important in his sphere as ttie
Napoleon of Finance or a Captain of
Industry Salt Like Mining Review
Prosperous Times
at the Quartette
The Quartette mill is now dropping
15 stamps three shifts on ore from the
Montgomery Holmes and the Groff
Pust leases A number of leasers are
worKing oyer there but thess two are
still the leaders Holmes is working
five men and Post four and each leise
is producing on an average about 20
tons of ore a day This production
considering the number of men is ex
ceptionally good The value of the
ore is still holding up with no indica
tion of any decrease The last clean
up of 100 tons gave average return of
205 a ton
The cyanide plant is not operating
because of the cold weather as it
vorked a hardship on the men be
sides which there was considerable
difficulty experienced on account of
freezing However this plant will be
in continuous operation just as soon as
the warm weather sets in Searchlight-Bulletin
Zinc a Powerful Metal
Spelter is today occupying a mere
important place in the industrial uses
of the world and is destined to play a
still more important part in the fu
ture As a protective agent in gal
vanizing it has reached an enormous
tonnage consumption yearly but even
this its greatest single use is not yet
developed to its highest possibilities
Its greatest future and the use upon
whch Joplin ores will secure the
greatest benefit will come when zinc
sheets will become a more common
roofing material and displaces copper
the higher priced metal in all cornice
work This is coming just as certain
as the facts spell the diminishing sup
ply ol shingle materials and the con
sequent need for cheap and durable
rooting That time is in fact not fat
distant and it would be almost im
mediate if the manufactures of sheet
zinc pushed the merits of their pro
duct one half as energetically as do
any of the great adveriisingcompanies
who are constantly placing on the
market cheap patent fiber roofing
The roofing has for a century played
an important part in the building op
erations of the world but the abnor
mally high price of that commodity
coupled with small period of useful
ness as compared with sheet zinc
means a final substitution of this metal
on all the roofs where tinplate former
ly as thi covering Spelter is only
beginning to enter into its own and
when its friends and producers reaily
realize its importance and place in
ih industrial world this present
p riod now falsely termed a boom
will mark but one of the initial steps
in I he greater use of this metal
The one suggestion that if all the
roots now covered with tin rubberoid
i if papers cooper were covered with
inc will give one a slight idea of
wh1 m inquire foKtiefulure of this
meiai lneii heei uuT the passing
iiimigiit of the rapidly diminishing
limber supply and the final vanishing
of sinngle roofs and there is added
still another wide horizon of develop
ment mat is almost astounding 1 lie
combination ol this metal with al unit
num in a number of alloys has opened
up a series of uses that means a tie
mentions field for future consumption
It must be remembered too that
the nations of the world are facing to
di lis never before the problem of
conservation of all its materials and
a few metals in the whole category
answer so well this problem as zinc
Resisting oxidation as no other metal
of equal or even treble it- price it oc
cupies I he front row of desirable sub
stitutes for many purposes in building
construction where wood is becoming
too high priced and short lived to use
and where copper and aluminum are
too high priced to use That era is
just beginning and the future will
show a tremendous growth in this de
partment of the industry
Today the press of the country and
the whole business world are measur
ing the prosperity of the world by the
increased use of steel The very
forces that are acting in making steul
a larger factor in the worlds various
activities are at the same time acting
to make zinc a greater factor Zinc
always will parallel iron and steel in
its development and consumption and
just as there is a steady growth in
this metal for additional uses so will
there be for zinc
The present advance in zinc prices
should therefore not be construed en
tirely on the basis of a boom but as
the logical result of a world movement
in placing this metal on a new and
different plane of greater usefulness
and demand Of coursa there will be
recessions in price perhaps even a few
instances in the actual consumption
but these will he but the incidents in
the career of any great article of com
mon consumption Zinc will never
again occupy as low a position as for
merly It will in all likelihood in an
other five years pass beyond its com
panion metals steel and copper in
consumption Its greater service and
more extended uses will raise it rapid
ly in the favor of the world
There have been some skeptics on
NO 16
the spelter market who have tried to
point out that spelter seemed to be
advancing too rapidly as compared
with lead and copper It is interest
ing to note that the worlds produc
tion of lead in 1909 was 1092000 Jons
and of spelter 73320 tons or a dif
ference of 30S8OO tons In 1911 the
difference between the worlds pro
duction of lead and spelter had gone
down to 221400 tons In comparing
the worlds production of copper and
speller the increasing importance of
spelter is just as pronounced In 1909
the copper output of the world was
819200 tons and of spelter 783200 tons
or a difference of WOOO tons Ir 1911
the difference between the production
of copper and speller has dwindled
down to a mere 300 tons In other
words this comparative production
shows in a measure the comparative
demand for the metals and is a criter
ion of why zinc is becoming suuh a
greater factor in the meial world
From the faats now at hand an analy
sis of tne trend of metal uses seems to
indicate that zinc will pas t liotli cop
per and lead and thus stand next to
iron and steel in the industrial uses
and consumption By Otto Ruhl in
the Joplin Io Tribune
Work Started Up at
Rand Mine
Robert C Dunbar of the Rand Min
ing Company arrived in Searchlight
Monday Mr Dunbar brought the
welcome news thai this company will
resume operations at once on what
was known as the Blackhawk prop
erty at Eldorado Canyon This prop
erty is well equipped with a 40 h p
hoisl and air compressor machine
drills being used and also a ten stamp
mil which is equipped with concen
trating tables Considerable addition
will he made to the equipment at once
A large drill has been purchased and
an electric pumping plant will be in
stalled at once A No the mill will be
equipped with new tables of either the
shell or Deister type
There is a large tonnage of ore in
sight on this property the principal
drawback being lack of water to oper
ate the mill The Rand shaft which
is dow n over 400 feet makes only 1200
gallons a day but it is expected that
sinking which will be resimed at
once will increase the flow snliieiently
to take care of the needs o the mill
If however enough water cannot he
obtained there a pipe line will he run
to another shaft some distanc away
that will supply ample water
Lateral work will be started on the
140 tnd 300 foot levels Working two
shifts and using machines great bead
way will he made and there is every
indication that from now on this prop
erty will be working steadily and that
btfore long the stamus will be drop
ping continuously Searchlight Bul
Interior Mine to Resume
The Interior Miuing and Trust com
pany is making preparations to stait
up about the 10th of this month under
the management of F X OBrien
Among the plans for the develop
ment is the continuation of the new
working shaft which is already down
to considerable depth This comes as
good news to this community as the
Interior has always been a good help
for Wickenburg It was a producer
of no mean proportions and during the
short poriod of work before the shut
down it produced nearly one hundred
thousand dollars worth of gold It is
equipped with a 100 ton Nisson mill
and a complete cyanide plant and is in
shape to do some effective develop
ment work and reduction of ores
Wickenburg Miner
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