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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 18, 1913, Image 1

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What is a failure Its only a spur
To a man who receives it right
And it makes the spirit within him stir
To go in once more and fight
If you never have failed its an even guess
You never have won a high success
What is a miss Its a practice shot
Which we often must have to enter
The list of those who can hit the spot
Of the bulls eye in the centre
If you never have sent your bullet wide
You never have put a mark inside
What is a knock down A count of ten
Which a man may take for a rest
It will give him a chance tocome up again
And do his particular best
If you never have more than met your
I guess you never have toed the scratch
What Others Say of Mine
The Parker country is due for an
excitement of considerable magnitude
judging from what Is to be heard and
also seen In the section Last week
the Miner representative made a busi
ness visit to the various towns along
the A C road and each place found
that mining was coming1 to the front
again but at Parker the principal
topic of conversation among the in
habitants was the great discovery In
the Empire mines about ten miles
north of Parker While the writer
always knew that the river city was
surrounded by splendid mining prop
erties and a great agricultural dis
trict and would some day be a large
city she never thought that one great
mine would play a most Important
part in the upbuilding of the place in
a short time as it seems to be destined
in this case The reports heard in
Parker by the writer were heard with
i udiUiu decree of doubt but it takes
a trip to the mines to become con
vinced Last Stnday week the Miner
representative made the visit going
out in the comfortable four horsa out
tit belonging to Roberts and Gibson
liverymen of Parker
Arriving at the mines about noon
the party enjoyed dinner at the camp
after which an expedition over the
ground was made Accompanied by
Superintendent Tom Marmont what
is termed around Parker as the
mountain of ore was visited first
Expecting the mountain to be a fair
sized hill it was a genuine surprise to
line a reil mountain of ore for that is
exactly what it is It looks from a
distance like rainy of the other moun
tains in the vicinity but not so large
as most of them but it islarge enough
to keep a large smelter running longer
than the ordinary life time of man
The party followed a canyon leading
up one side of the mountain and at
many intervals rock was broken into
and a grayish honey combed quartz
was revealed This quartz is spotted
all over with copper sufficient to war
rant the statement that the copper
values are good but the gold values
predominate Continuing over the
hill and picking into it showed the
saras condition over the top and last
side The samples thus taken were
panned by John Roberts of Parker
who accompanied the party and long
strings of gold showed in almost every
instance Holes blasted through the
lime capping which in some places
covers the quartz from an inch to two
or three feet thick shows the same ore
high up on the face of the cliff and
close down to the bottom demon
strating that the quartz is on every
end and side and on top and presum
able in the middle of the mountain
Assays from this mountain gave values
of 203 to 40 per ton but if it runs
only 5 there is enough of it to make
the owners millionaires Its dimen
sions aro approximately 800 feet in
length and from 80 to 200 feet in
width and from 200 to 300 feet high
and Is the largest outcrop of quartz
ever seen by the writer Considering
its ditnensloDS the tonnage can be es
timated up into the millions It is a
quarrying proposition and in course of
time a large sraolter will be built in a
convenient placo near the mountain
and the ore treated right there
It seems almost unbelievable that
such an enormous body of ore could
carry such extraordinary values but
it is a case of seeing is btlieving
Those who doubt the truth of the
story should go to the property and
see for themselves
An automobile route is being sur
veyed from Parker to the Arizona
Empire and a large tonnage of ore
will be taken out and brought into
Parker by auto trucks pending the
building of the railroad which will
probably be built in the near future
and is now being considered by the
Santa Fe people
The Arizona Empire ground seems
to be sure enough a mineral empire
for there are 36 claims of exceptional
value belonging to this company
They have long been considered am
ong the best in the Parker country
but their merit has in a measure
been overshadowed by the magnitude
of the new strike
The Carnation claim is a big prop
osition by itself The visitors went
down the Carnation shaft which is
300 feet deep and follows the ore all
the way As a matter of fact the
shaft is sunk in the ore as is to be
seen in the roof and both sides of the
incline There is a 75 foot crosscut on
the 200 foot level showing the vein to
be JO feet wide Drifts each way on
the vein shows the same kind of ore as
is found in Gold Hill the same grey
honey comb quartz with copper dis
tributed all through it Samples were
picked from the walls by the visitors
and canned and these too showed lib
erally of gold in the pan
The Eagles Nest claim contains the
richest ore of all and was one of the
great shippers of early days when the
ore was shipped by boat down the
Colorado river to the Gulf of Cali
fornia and thence to Swansea Wales
Records show that the mine yielded
r00000 worth of ore About 100
sacks of ore averaging 75 per ton was
found covered up with ore of a lower
grade and has been hidden away by
old pioneers who had worked it in
early days A large force of men is
now at work on the Eagles Nest get
ting out shipping ore which is being
taken into Parker every day A good
strike of high grade copper was made
in one of the Eagle workings last
week the miners having broken into
melachanite ore which ranks with
copper glance and also known as teno
rite a copper oxide
The ore showing on the ground of
the Arizona Empire is certainly stu
pendous There are something over 10
000 feet of tunnels and shafts on the
property and some good development
is done A large number of men are
now employed and a contract has been
let to a large freighting outfit to haul
out the ore pending the completion of
the automobile road and returns will
be realized from the start according
to the plans now mapped out
The success of the Arizona Empire
will be a great boost to the country
and the Wickenburg district will de
rive some of the benefits as every big
mine that is devaloped In the state
helps the whole state therefore it is
with great pleasure that the Miner
records the story of the great Empire
mines Wickenburg Miner
Arizona Fruitful Field
W P OMeara formerly of Tono
pah now engaged in mining in Ari
zona declares that the southern state
is one of the most fruitful fields in the
union In a recent interview given
the Salt Lake Tribune the following
W P OMeara one of the best
known Utah and Nevada mine oper
ators now with headquarters in Los
Angeles is a guest at the Hotel Utah
for a day or two en route from the
east to his California home OMeara
like all residents of Los Angeles is
thoroughly imbued with the loyal
spirit and he believes that a million
inhabitants for Los Angeles is a
certainty within a brief period
OMeara is operating also in Ari
zona and to the Tribune yesterday he
stated that there were no more avail
able and fruitful mineral fields in the
country today than that new state
He is a director of the Arizona L5el
raont company which is operating on
a large group of claims at Silver Bell
35 miles northeast of Tucson and one
and a half miles distant from the Ari
zona Southwestern railroad line
Associated with OMeara in this
company are prominent Philadelphia
interests who were closely connected
with the original development and
financing of the Tonopah district of
Nevada and in the Arizona Belmont
these operators haveWhat is consider
ed the making of one of the largest
western low grade silver and lead
propositions The great fissures of the
property show along the surface for
2500 feet and ore has been followed so
far as to the 40 i foot level practically
from grassroots about 2000 feet of de
velopment work having been done to
date on three levels
From the indications now available
this looks like a low grade or milling
proposition although the management
believes that such an abundance of
lo grade silver lead ores must be ac
companied eventually with deposits of
shipping grade rock But the plans of
the company contemplate the handling
of the Arizona Belmont as a concen
trating proposition and an expert is
now making a preliminary examina
tion of the property to determine the
exact process to be utilized in a mill
with a 200 ton daily capacity
I kuow of no section of the United
States that has the mineralization and
the opportunities for capital that is
characteristic of Arizona said Mr
OMeara And at the same time the
states mineral resources are the least
advertised Arizona is the home too
of the great mine and there is a large
amount of capital flowing into the
state for development purposes
Mr OMeara believes tiiat the com
pletion of the Panama canal will wit
ness the incoming or frugal farmers
who will take up the land throughout
the southwest and in southern Utah
especially bringiug to fruitful pro
duction soil that the average Ameri
can would refuse to settle on Salt
Lake Tribune
Anaconda Copper Company
The Anaconda Copper Co for 1112
will show net earnings of about 475
per share although the shares are
selling no higher than they were at
the close of 1911 when the company
earned 185 per share and paid 2 per
annum in dividends or more than it
earned as against 3 in dividends now
being paid and earning in 1012 7500
000 more than it is now paying in
dividends One reason for the com
panys excellent showing or earnings
is shown by the following despatch
from a Butte correspondent showing
the great economies beiug secured
through the use of compressed air in
stead of steam Our despatch reads
All the mines of the Anaconda com
pany will be hoisting ore by the com
pressed air system within the next six
months There only remains the West
Colusa Steward and Mountain Con
properties to be changed to the new
sjstem and work will be started on
them early in the new year At the
present time the Original engine is
having the cylinders installed for the
system and the work will be completed
by the first of the year The Gagnon
will be operated through the Steward
During the pist jear nearing a close
the Mountain View Diamond West
Gray Hock High Ore Leonard Tram
way and Pennsylvania have been op
erated under the compressed air and
every satisfaction has been given Of
course one of the main features in the
use of the compressed air is the cost
as compared with steam and while
there is no doubt the Anaconda Co
has brought about a large saving in
operating expenses the exact amount
is not known However there are
people capable of forming a very good
idea and the state mine inspector is
one of them He sajs that it is esti
mated that the saving will he at least
one cent per pound of copper produced
Since the compressor plant was first
installed the equipment has been
doubled and now there is sufficient
Territorial librarylo
nowfr availjLhlp fnr thft nneration of
every mine belonging to the company
new xuin tuning ige
Most Important Question
The most important question before
the nation today is that o woman
suffrage Never in the history of the
movement has the prospect been so
encouraging as the year 1913 offers
Suffragists the world over are looking
forward with absolute confidence to
the winning of Nevada at a special
election taken during the year The
legislatures of Montana North Dako
ta and South Dakota will undoubtedly
submit the question to the voters and
Nebraska under the initiative and
referendum will do the same
The legislatures of New York Penn
sylvania Deleware New Jersey Con
necticut and Massachusetts will be
given an opportunity to take action on
the measure and women everywhere
and in great numbers are pledging
their support to the principle In
Hawaii the women have organized a
national suffrage organization and
formulated plans for a vigorous cam
paign In British Columbia it is said
to be a question of only a few months
when the women will be given the
right to vole on equal terms with men
Denmark will probably be the next
European country to extend the par
liamentary franchise to its women
Belgium Hungary and Portugal are
hopeful fields the women of Turkey
Persia India and Egypt are organiz
ing societies in behalf ol the emanci
pilion of their sex and complete suf
frage for Chinese women is among
the probabilitifs fr the coming year
The International Woman Suffrage
Alliance which meets in bienial con
vention in Budapest next June will be
represented by twenty seven countries
including India China and Jaoan
Judg by the present outlook this
promises to be the most significant
gathering of women tiio world has
ever known
One of the most interesting phases
of the development of woman suffrage
is the unusual interest shown by the
women of the southern states In
North Carolina the subject will be de
bated in all the high schools of the
state and many of the states of the
south have extended an invitation to
the national association to hold its
next convention in that section
The great suffrage parade which
will take place in Washington on
March 3 the day before the inaugura
tion will be augmented by suffrage
advocaates from all parts of the union
as well as from foreign countries and
is already attracting nation wide at
The general progress of the move
ment is evidenced by the active In
terest displajed by politicians of all
parties who do not attempt to conceal
their desire to enlist the services of
suffrage workers
Placer Beds to Be Worked
The moving of the big dredging
plant of the old Speck company to a
site on the hydraulic mines owned bi
the Lynx Creek Mining tc Reclamation
company begins today quite a force
of mechanics and laborers being sent
out yesterday by Ben Bishop suuerin
tendent William Gillim of Kansas
City a practical man in handling rai
chinery will supervise the important
work of shifting the plant to a point
about one and one half miles below
The apparatus is to be raised out of the
sump and placed on heavy iron trucks
now being made in this city which it
will be shifted along on railroad steel
to its destination
Some weeks will elapse before it is
placed at work on the ground it is to
be used on in an experimental testing
of its adaptability to handle the auri
ferous soil Very much interest is
manifested among mining men over
the outcome of this method to handle
the ground which is known to contain
incalculable values in placer gold from
former operations The new syndicate
lias at its head Captain II W Farney
of Kansas City who is on the ground
Prescott Journal Miner
A Notable Year
NO 17
The year 1912 at the camp of Cobalt
has been a notable one in several re
spects Chiefly however has it been
noted for the increase in dividends
paid to holders of shares in its mines
The year 1911 appears to have mark
ed the high point in output of silver
from the camp unless of course new
mines are opened in the future dupli
cating the record of rich ores taken
out in the past
The present year has marked the
turning point where the rich ores
the unusual quantities of native silver
have given way to the lower grade
ores These ores are more and more
being handled in the camp only the
bullion produced being shipped to
outside points
In thus turning to the lower grade
ores the tonnage handled has increas
ed but the values recovered have nat
urally shown a decrease
For the year 1912 the decrease in
output of silver has amounted to some
thing like 1000000 ounces which or
dinarily would mean a decrease in
value of output
Offsetting this decrease in number
of ounces has however been the rise
in the value of silver averaging in
price for the year Gl cents an ounce
The result has been a very large gain
in value of output amounting it has
been computed to two thirds the wages
paid to those employed at the mines
the payroll of the camp now being
about 3250000
As a direct result the dividends paid
to those interested in the mines of the
camp have been more than 1000000
greater than in 1911 The Cobalt
Nugget is checking over the figures
for the year has estimated the gain
takinf in the dividends declared at
the end of the year1 though not yet
paid as amounting to 1278863S
The mines taking part in this profit
earning are the Beaver Buffalo Li
Rose Temiskaming Hudson Bay
Wettlaufer and Cobalt Townsite the
last named having entered the divi
dend list last year for the first time
The Cobalt Townsite two years ago a
discredited property during 1911 pro
duced 2000000 ounces silver and paid
profits amounting to 4000005 or 40 per
cent on its capitalization
The total production of silver for
the J ear has been placed at 30500000
ounces having a value at the mines of
180050 0 or deducting 3 cents an
ounce for loss at the smelter and
smelter charges 17090000 Both
methods are used in computing the
value tor the year
These are some of the features which
have made the year 1912 a notable one
at Cobalt With a smaller production
it has recorded a large gain in value
of output and heavy increase in divi
dends paid Denver Mining Record
The new parcels post law is now ef
fective and the postmasters of the land
will have their hands and minds full of
the subject for many days to come
While the law may appear clear and
concise yet there is some misappre
hension as to its meaning in the case
of rural routes From a reading of
the subject it would appear that all
packages lake the same rating
throughout the route as those deliver
ed at nearby route boxes no matter
how long the route may be Of
course this confusion will be but tem
porary a- the postmaster general will
make a ruling on this subject within a
short time The parcels post will be
found of great advantage to the people
living along rural routes in the coun
ty as well as to the merchants in
Kingman and other accessable points
W It Fox 195 W Washington St
Noblesville Ind says After suffer
ing many months with kidney trouble
after trying other remedies and pre
scription I purchased a box of Foley
Kidney Pills which not only did me
more good than any other remedies I
ever used but have positively set my
kidneys i ight Other members of my
family have used them with simple re
sults Take at the first sign of kid
ney trouble II H Watkins drug

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