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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 18, 1913, Image 2

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iUoUnvc County pincr
Published Every Saturday
One year strictly In advance 3 00
Six ninths J 50
Thre months 1 00
Advertising rates on application
Entered at the Kinsman Postoflico as Second
Class Mail
Miss Houston a sister of the late
Mrs Lee Robertson is in Kingman
visiting Mrs J S Withers
Miss Elsie Sweeney who has been
visiting relatives at the Cleneira ranch
for several weeks past arrived home
last Monday
Mesdames Mattte Blakelyand Hallie
Bechdel of Goldroad who have been
visiting friends in Kingman departed
to their homes yesterday afternoon
The big avery truck is engaged in
hauling ore from the McCracken
camp where leasers have been at work
extracting the silver lead ore from
the Smith claim
D ENelson the woll know cattle
man of this county is at Phenix with
his family where tie has gonn into the
automobile business having taken the
agency for the Auburn car
George A Bonelli president of the
Mohave County Cattle Growers Asso
ciation has been in attendance on the
meeting of the National Cattle Grow
ers Association at Phenix this week
Dont fail to see Custers Last Fight
three reels of realistic pictures
January 21 These pictures have been
packing houses all over the country
and have been voted the best ever
Sumner Heecher is sretting a good
run of business since taking over the
Beale The house was recently re
modeled and now has a largo number
of uptodate rooms and the service is
The past two weeks has registered
the coldest weather ever known in
this county the thermometer going
below the freezing point every night
and on one occasion ranging down
below eight degrees above
Mrs E M Stowe and son Edwin left
Thursday last for their old home in
Florida While her they made
many friends who are sorry to lose
them but on account of the high al
titude Mrs Stowe is unable to live
Willie Smith who came up from
Greggs Ferry a tew days ago on ac
count of the death of his step father
reports that there was three inches of
snow at the ferry after the recent
snow storm something unknown in
that place
Last week the Tom Heed made its
monthly shipment of bullion the bat
weighing 19500 quite a nice little
hunk ot gold to hang on the company
watch chain The company also con
cluded to distribute among its share
holders the sum of io000 or seven
per cent for the month
S R Porter general manager of
the Vivian Mining company is a King
man visitor today Mr Porter is get
ting big results at the Mitchell and
Leland mines and will soon have a
big gold producer It was under the
management of Mr Porter that the
Gold Road mines wero brought up to
the hight of their production
A F Muter accompanied by Mr
Fife a mining man from Douglas
made an examination of mining prop
erty near the old Copper World
twelve miles east of Yucca this week
The gentlemen are looking for copper
but might be induced to take a look at
any other good thing that comes in
their way
The plumbers of Kingman have had
a busy week repairijg the damage
done by old King Frost Hardly a
pipe in town failed to yield to the grip
of the frost and the thawing out pro
cess found leaks so numerous that new
pipe had to be put in hundreds of
Only six inches of snow fell in King
man during the storm the precipita
tion being 20 of an inch Reports
from the mountains gives from eigh
teen inches to four feet of snow The
past few days has augmented the fall
in the mountains but in the valleys
and foothills only a small amount of
rain fell
John L Riggs of Chloride is the re
ciplenc of a remarkable present for the
New Year It is an Ingersoll Yan
kee dollar watch from the otiginator
of the famous watch himself Robert
II Ingersoll with his best wishes for
a happy New Yi ar Mr and Mrs It
had planned to spend the sum
mer in Arizona and the in Cal
ifornia but the illness of Mrs Inger
soll prevented the summer vacation
here and now a later illness has de
ferred the wirter trip to California
It is to be hoped that they may yet
visit this section of Arizona and they
will find that the perfect atmosphere
will do wonders in restoring to health
the ailing ones
Needles good roads boosters have ar
ranged for u trip by auto to San Ber
nardino leaving Needes on the Oth
and arriving in that city on the follow
ing day Jt is possible that they may
defer the trip to combine it with the
purposed excursion of the Northern
Arizona boosters to the same city later
in the month Kingman has prepared
an invitation to all the Northern Ari
zona counties to meet in Kingman on
the latter part of January and go on to
San Bernardino to meet with the good
roads boosters of that city on the 30th
of January If this arrangement can
be carried out it is thought that more
than fifty people will make the trip
from this state
W E Dunlap who has charge of
the White Elephaut property at Cer
bat is in Kingman a guest of the
Brunswick He reports that stoping
on ttie 200 is under way and that ship
ments to the smelter will be made as
soon as teams for haulage can be se
cured The mine is capable of turn
ing out a large tonnage of ore of a
very high grade Samples from this
ore show heavy veins of native silver
running through the mass besides
carrying a high percentage of lead
The company is also to take up a min
ing property at Mineral Park work
to be commenced on it at once
Mrs Esther Starkey and son have
purchased the cattle and ranch of J
W Thompson at Coaro Springs the
deal having been completed yesterda
Mr Thompson resided at that olaee
the past thirty years and has grown
rich from his cattle and real estate
investments in this county and can
now reliro from active range work
with a competence Mrs Starkey re
cently sold her Grass Springs range
to T P Duncan but found it impossi
ble to break away from the lure of the
If Dell Potter would use the sitm
amount of energy in reclaiming the
great American desert from its con
dition of desolation he would be
doing a far greater work for southern
Arizona California and New Mexico
than attempting to build an ocean to
ocean highway through the sand
dunes Dell might move the pyramids
and set them in the center of the
American Sahara to give that section
some attractive feature But once an
automobile tries to pass over his high
way it is sure to go that way but once
Indian Russell who cut a Mexican
with a knife at Hackberry last week
Friday was brought up from the Big
Sandy Wednesday last by deputy
sheriff John Brown and lodged in jail
It appears that the row was over the
sale of whisky to the Indian by the
Mexican and it was the opinion of the
officers that a line would meet the re
quirements of the case and Russell is
now out digging up fifty dollars witli
the alternative of fifty days in jail
Charles Boots Hanson who recent
ly went to Illinois on a visit to rela
tives writes to John Mulligan that he
is married and living in Morris 111
Hanson is well known to the boys at
all the camps in Wallapai district as
well as in Weaver and at White Hills
but they will hardly credit the state
ment that the old fellow is among the
As one of the greatest advertising
schemes ever devised the Santa Fe
railroad company will have a gigantic
replica of the Grand Canyon of the
Colorado as its feature at the Panama
Pacific exposition The canyon walls
will be painted in all the glories of
sunset colors
County Attorney C W Herndon
lias gone to Los Angeles to attend to
legal matters
Goodrich Tires Best in the Long Run
Prest-O-Lite The Light Universal Prest
O Tire Tanks in Stock
Good Roads Meeting
The Mohave County Good Roads As
sociation is to have a meeting this
evening at the rooms of Thompson
and Herndon where matters connect
ed with the forthcoming meeting of
the Santa Fe Grand Canyon Needles
Route Association will be discussed
and arrangements made for the re
ception and care of the members from
various parts of the live northern
counties when they arrive in Kingman
on the 27th of this month
Dr Whiteside president of the as
sociation lias had advices from every
county indicating that there will be
a great mass meeting of the people at
this meeting He has arranged for
two Pullman coaches to convey the
members of the association to San
Bernardino where the perfection of
the organization will be completed on
the 30th of the month San Bernar
dino is preparing a royal welcome for
the buncli of boosters and with King
man and Needles will show them the
time of their lives This is the one
great opportunity northern Arizona
lias been given to put before a great
gathering of people its claims to
recognition as the only available
transcontinental automobile route
across the country connecting the
ocean to ocean routes from the east
No other route offers the scenic at
tractions that are to be found on this
route nor do any of them offer the ad
vantage of being shorter By the
northern route Los Angeles is reached
in a distance of nearly 200 miles less
than the Springerville-Globe-Phenix-Yuma
route which has been boosted
so hard by Phenix and Los Angeles
As Mohave county is the gateway
through which all automobiles must
pass to make the trip to the coast the
way is being paved by the board of
supervisors calling an election to
authorize the issuance of 100000 in
bonds to cover part of the cost of build
ing this great highway from the east
end of the county to the Topock bridge
across the Colorado riyer The county
is also to receive back seventy five per
cent of the tax raised last year for
road purposes which will amount to
many thousands of dollars will also be
used in the construction of good roads
in the county When a few more
years have passed over this county
there will be one of the finest systems
of roads running to every mining
camp and village in the county as
well as a great highway through to
the coast Now is the time to boost
it ana we are pleased to note that
there is not a dissenting voice in all
Mohave county to the good roads pro
Superior Court Proceedings
In the matter of the Probate pro
ceedings in the estate of the late John
Barry last Saturday wherein the ad
ministratrix of the estate was cited to
appear and show cause why she should
not be removed the court after hear
ing the testimony in the cause ordered
that Mrs Barry retain her position as
administratrix but that John Barry
the son tie special administrator until
after certain assessment work is com
pleted It is probable that there will
be an amicable settlement of the dif
ferences heretofore existing between
the heirs to this big estate
In the matter of the suit to quiet
title to certain mining property in the
Silver Creek section brought by Fran
clien and others against R J Holmes
the court decided in favor of Holmes
The action grew out of the dismissal
of application for patent by Holmes to
the Jack Pot lode which was later re
located by Franchen and another min
er The men went to work on the
ground an perfected an adverse title
upon which they brought suit It was
held by the court that Holmes title to
the property did not lapse by reason
of the lack of notice from the land of
fice of the dismissal of the application
Custers Last Fight
One of the greatest pictures ever
staged is that of Custers Last Fight
which will be featured at the Elks
Opera Hou e on January 21st Three
reels of pictures One night only
If your children are subject to at
tacksof croup watch for the first sytnp
tou hoarseness Give Chamberlains
Cough Remedy as soon as the child be
comes hoarse and tho attack may be
warded off For sale by all dealers
If you are weak and run down and your blood is not as it
should be dont wait until next spring before you seek a
remedy Delay is dangerous Renew your vitality and
strength and correct the impoverished condition of your
blood by using Rexall Blood Tablets jt Jt jt
To overcome the debilitating effect of hot weather of over
work or anything else that has put the blood in a bad condi
tion we recommend Rexall Blood Tablets and guarantee that
they will aid in restoring the blood to its normal health and
purity and benefit the entire system or your money back
Price 50 cents Sold in this community only at my store
The fexaJUL Store
DRUGGIST Telephone 52
Good Roads Meeting
The people of northern Arizona are
awake to the opportunities offered
them in the bringing of the National
Highway across this part of the conti
nent and will meet in Kingman on the
28th of this month to organize and go
on to San Bernardino where the big
boosting meeting will be held It is
purposed to effect a thorough organi
zation of all the five northern Arizona
counties and make possible the build
ing of a highway through the state
from east to west that will get the
travel of more than ninety per cent of
the automobiles going either from the
coast to the east or the east to the
coast Every town along the line of
the proposed road has expressed their
intention to participate in the organi
zation From Kingman two sleepers
will take the whole crowd of boosters
to the southern California city where
a great time is being arranged Let
everybody get into the band wagon
and make possible the realization of
this great highway
Wanted A position as working
housekeeper good cook Address care
box 578 Kingman
want clothes that fit
if they fit youd just as
soon have them ready made
as made-to-measure The
fact is such clothes as Hart
Schaff ner Marx make fit
better than most
And theyre best
all wool quality
The home of Hart Schaffner Marx
W II Gregg who for years resided
at the old ferry on the Colorado river
near the mouth of Wallapai wash
died at San Bernardino last Monday
night Mr Gregg was taken ill some
time ago and it was thought best to
send him to a hospital where it -as
ascertained that he had pneumonia
both lungs being affected Mr Gregg
had lived in this county many years
having worked in the mines in the
Stockton Hill country twenty five
years ago He was married about
twenty years ago and reared a family
one daughter Mrs David Kayser
dying about a month ago
Frightful Polar Winds
blow with terrible force at the far
north and play havoc with the skin
causing red rough or sore chapped
hands and lips that need Bucklens
Arnica Salve to heal them It makes
the skin soft and smooth Unrivaled
for cold sores also burns boils sores
ulcers cuts bruises and piles Onlv
25 cents at H H Watkins drugstore
Kingman M E Church
Clyde W Deming Pastor
1030 a m Sunday school
D T Pkice Supt
7t0 p m church service All cor
dially invited
Advertised Letters
The following letters remain uncall
ed for in the Postotlice at Kingman
Ariz for the week ending Jan 18
1913 If not called for within two
weeks will be sent to the Dead Letter
office Washington D C
Sr Aniseto Mora Sr Jose McMen
dias 4 Salvador Barajas Juana Flores
Lonjino Pompa Juan Mora 2 Fran
cisco Garcia Sr F G Drote Santiago
Medrano Juan Alcala Onecimo Neg
rete Senor Poneiano Agrulera Car
men Munoz Pablo Bantista Mr Max
Remele Mr Ned Churchell Mr F
H Sackson Mr and Mrs Erie V
Daveler Miss Rosie Perk Mr W S
Paul Mr and Mrs Thomas F Grozier
Mr Frank Crino Mr Hunlon Creenp
C H Carleton Sam P Walker Wil
liam Taymmer
Parties calling for letters please say
Youll Know
real shoe comfort when you wear a
Florsheim Natural Shape Flexsole
The Florsheim
A Comfort Shoe for Tired Teader Feet 6
Comfortable from the
start as an old shoe
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