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Mohave County miner. (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, January 25, 1913, Image 1

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United Verde Mine and Works
The United Verde Copper Company
owner of what is unquestionably the
greatest single copper producing
mine in the world a property that
has paid more than 32000000 during
28 years is organized under the laws
of West Virginia will a capitalization
of 1100000 shares at a par value of 10
per share
The main ollices of the company are
located at 20 Exchange Place New
York with the following olllccrs
Hon Wm A Clark President Mr
James A MacDonald Vice President
Mr Chas V Clark General Manager
and Mr Will L Clark Manager of all
company interests in Arizona
The mine and works where 1000
men are employed are located at
Jerome with the following superin
tendents of departments
Mr Robt K Tally Superintendent
of Mine Department Mr Thomas
Taylor Superintendent of Smelter
Department and Mr T C Roberts
Chief Engineer ana Superintendent of
Mechanical Department
The United Verde mine is located on
the hillside about a quarter of a mile
above the town of Jerome It is at
the terminal of the United Verde
Pacilic railway and in fact many of
its underground workings are under
neath the railroad yards and the
The mine is worked from vertical
shafts of which there are four rang
ing u deptli from 500 to 1100 feet
Where the ore comes to the surface it
is worked from open cuts There are
also adits which connect with the main
workings on the IluO 500 and 1000
levels Theio are copper precipitat
ing Humes outside on these levels
The 1000 tunnel which is 0593 feet
long seven and one half feet high and
eight feet wide is now used for drain
age and ventilation It was driven for
this purpose as well as for a main
haulageway for the ores for the new
The ore occurs principally as chal
copyrite in pyrite and in schist and
quai tz porphyry gangue Various
degrees of oxidization occur near the
surface The ore bodies are in the
fortn of lenticular lenses of various
sizes and values They are worked by
the bottom slicing method without
timbers and by the square set method
and all slopes are filled to within
seven feet of the rouf
A large area of the old workings is
in the area of the tire district and ex
cept where work is being carried on
in this district it is bulkheaded from
the remainder of the mine A por
tion of this district is being worked
from the 300 and 400 levels The
ground in and about these places is
badly broken up and tons are Used to
force back the gas and sulliciently cool
the place so that good results can be
There is about fifteen miles of work
ings open at the present time There
aro about 550 men employed and the
tonnage is about 1000 tons per day
Under the able management of
Superintendent Tally the underground
ork at the mine is being carried on
economically and with most
factory results
The smelter department like the
mechanical department is most modern
in every detail is as mentioned above
under the supervision of Mr Thomas
Taylor who has become known as one
of the most successful smelter opera
tors in the United States
The smelter building is 80 feet by
400 feet and contains 1 blast furnace
50x180 with 14 foot settler and three
blast furnaces 48x240 with 10 foot set
tlers All fitted with hot blast pipes
In the converter line there are four
stands 03x138 barrel type shells
electrically operated There is also
one Knudsen furnace
In this building there are also two
40 ton electric traveling cranes and
two 50 ton eloctric travoling cranes
that traverse the full length of the
building and are used for handling
the converters matte and slag ladles
The matte is blown iu the convert
ers until it becomes blistored copper
when it is poured into moulds and
ready for market
This smelter has turned out about
it500i00 of copper in 1912
The surface equipment of the power
plants shops etc are most complete
and up-to-date and under the care of
Superintendent Roberts never slip a
cog but continue to faithfully do
their alotted work throughout the 21
hours of each day of the year
A large portion of the power is pur
chased from the Arizona Power Com
pany and transmitted a distance of 38
miles under a pressure of 40000 volts
3 phase GO cycle stepped down and
converted in the Power Companys
substation and delivered on the Cop
per Companys switchboard at 2300
volts AC and 250 volts DC
The carpenter shop is 00 feet long
and 120 feet wide
The fou ndary is 45 feet by 00 feet
Blacksmith shop 00x00 feet Boiler
shop 00x105 feet Machine shop
00x150 feet
Tho electric shop is 22 feet wide by
80 feet long and equipped with neces
sary winding testing and repairing
There is a saw mill at the west end
of the smelter where timbers for the
mine are prepared for use
The watter supply is piped from
various springs south of Jerome the
farthest being some 15 miles which
ilows by gravity and is distributed
along the various tanks about the
plant aggregating a shortage capacity
of 435000 gallons Jerome News
Year of Great Production
Large figures some of them clean
record breakers have been attained
in the mineral output of the United
States for 1912 according to the special
ists of the United States Geological
Survey The figures of coal produc
tion are the most sensational all pre
vious records having been surpassed
by about 50000000 tons an increase
equal to the total pi eduction of the
country 40 years ago The production
for 1011 was 49l221li8 short tons the
estimate for 1912 is 550000000 tons
and the final figures may even reach a
still higher mark
The production of copper was also
the largest ij the history of the indus
try the high water mark reached in
1911 being handsomely surpassed Ac
cording to the statistics and estimates
received by the Survey the output of
blister and Lakecopper was 1249000
000 pounds in 1912 compared with 1
097 232749 pounds in 1911 the re
spective values being nearly 2 0000-
000 and 137154092 The production
of refined copper is estimated at 1
500000000 pounds in 1912 compared
with 1433875020 pounds in 1911 The
production in Arizona may have ex
ceeded 350000000 pounds not only a
record output for Arizona but a record
for any Stale for any one -ear
The gold mining industry of the
United States was generally normal in
1912 but the Survey estimates indicate
the smallest production since 1907
when the output was valued at 90
435700S That for 1912 is estimated
at 91i85liS S In 1909 the gold pro
duciion reached very nearly the 100
000000 mark
Alaskas mineral output in 1912 is
estimated at 21S50000 in value an
increase of 1200000 over the figure
for 1911 Of the total for 1012 tho
gold production was valued at 10
050000 The total value of Alaskas
mineral production since 18S0 when
mining began in the Territory is
stated in round numbers at 229000000
of which 202000000 is represented by
the value of tho gold output
In silver production in the United
States in 1912 the indications are for
a possible output of 04000000 fine
ounces tho highest figure since 1892
when the production was estimated at
03500000 ounces The high prices
genorally paid for silver copper and
lead in 1912 stimulated production
Tho average price for silver for the
year is stated at i09 cents an ounce
In lead tho preliminary figures of
the Survey show a small decline in
1912 from the high record figuies of
1911 the output of refined lead de
silverized and soft from foreign and
domestic ores being 400905 short tons
in 1912 and 480970 short tons in 1911
The value of the 1912 output is statsd
at 43280850 The domestic produc
tion of lead ore is stated to be about
20000 tons greater than the 1911 out
put of 441187 short tons
In the zinc industry the figures show
a phenomenal activity The produc
tion of primary spelter in 1912 is esti
mated at 323901 short tons from for
eign ores a total of 338030 tons val
ued at 40731000 compared to 280
520 tons valued at 32003904 in 1911
Quicksilver production in 1012 shows
a heavy gain over the 1911 production
which itself showed a great gain over
that or 1910 The 1912 figures ate
stated at 25147 flasks of 75 pounds
each worth 4204 a pound or 1057
The production of iron ore in 1912
was according to Survey estimates
from 25 to 32 per cent greater than
that of 1911 the figures for 1G2 being
between 54500000 and 57500000 long
tons against 43550033 tons in 1911
It is believed possible that the record
figure of 50789734 tons produced in
1910 may be exceeded by the 1912 out
The United States continued to lead
the world in petroleum production in
1912 in fact produced more than all
the rest of the world and is estimat
ed to have about maintained the tre
mendous record of 22044391 barrels
made in 1911 The Geological Sur
veys estimate for 1912 is 220200 00
barrels The estimaed value of the
1912 output however is much greater
than that of 1911 the figures being
150000000 against 12414475
Mining and the West
In financial and commercial centers
throughout the eastern states all eves
ae turned to the west A great many
there who are particularly interested
in commercial pursuits in agriculture
and in stock raising but the greatest
interest by all odds is being taken in
our wonderful mining industry
In reviewing tho history of the west
in noting its almost marvelous growth
the close observer cannot but be im
pressed by the fact that it was
mining that led to the reclaiming of
the deserts the valleys and the table
lands and that had it not been for the
adventurous spirit of the pioneer min
er the Pacific slope and this inter
mountain region would today be
what it was fifty or sixty years ago
an unknown country a practically
barren waste and a region beyond the
confines of civilization
To the mining industry the west
owes a debt that can never be fully re
paid and the reclamation of this vast
region is unquestionably due to the
constant stream of imperishable
wealth that has come from our mines
in almost a constant stream from the
day that gold was first dieovered in
California As a matter of fact Cali
fornia with its genial clime its or
chards and its groves owes its very
life to the boom that was started when
it was discovered that in the hills
back from the coast there existed
great and almost inexhaustible de
posits of the precious metals and the
same can be said of the interior states
west of the Rocky Mountains
Gold was the lodestone that first led
to the settlement of California by the
American people and the spirit of un
rest of enterprise and progressiveness
so common in a newly settled country
caused the early pioneers to branch
out and seek bonanzas in unknown
fields the result being that there is
hardly a western state today but that
boasts of its mining camps its busi
ness centers and a wide area that is
settled by the farmer the rancner and
the fruit and cattle grower
When the disgruntled hut unreason
ing individual claims that mining is
not legitimate he should pause before
expressing himself too radically while
the net results the benefits of mining
are being enumerated Nothing that
was ever great was founded upon a
falsehood or a lie Upon an insecure
or rotten foundation and yet t lie
splendid empire of tho west w s built
upon nothing less than the mining in
dustry and were this to fail it would
not be long befora the material inter
ests of this region would become s
S fv
---- zizzrs l
demoralized that in course of time the
whole country would be on the retro
grade and gradually seek a level
whose maintenance would depend en
tirely on an income dependent upon
tlie product of the ranch and farm
Money to a certain extent is civi
lization Take money and real values
away from a country or a nation and
in time it will return to its former
primitive state and as real values are
based upon the precious metals the
industry that produces gold and silver
cannot be otherwise than legitimate
and the regions producing these met
als must of necessity open tiie way to
a growth in population to improve
ment and advancement on every hand
Without its mining industry there
would be no west today the east
would be much poorer and opportuni
ties for safe and profitable investments
would not be knocking at the door of
almost every American citizen Salt
Lake Mining lteview
Butte Superior
After having experimented for near
ly a year with the Peterson process of
zinc smelting in which electricity is
used as a fusing agent the Unite
Superior corapiny has decided to build
a plant to treat about 25 tons a day
This will be the first unit of a plant
which probably will be constructed
during t he year to treat the entire
product of the mine and concentrator
The 25 ton plant which should be
in operation inside the next three
months will inereasa the earnings to
t lie extent of 200000 a year By this
process the gold silver and copper are
saved in a copper mat and the zinc in
the ore is volatilised and condensed in
to speller winch is 995 per cent pure
The cost of operation is about the
same as by t lie retort method in
vogue in Oklahoma but the process is
continuous and all the gold silver and
copper is saved whereas by the retort
method nearly all of the copper siiv
and old is lost
The electric process is continuous in
operation ad automatic in every
feature Il is ideal for the treatment
of complex ores and promises to re
suit in the opening of numerous mines
winch have been practically worthless
up to the present time because of the
high percentage of zinc and the ex
cessive smelting charges made by the
smelters on refractory ores Boston
New Douglas Smelter
Will Open in May
The new Calumet Arizona smelter
will probably be complete next Aug
ust according to report made by Gen
eral Manager J C Greenway at the
recent gathering of the directors of
the concern Prior to t hat time
however it is stated in Douglas a
goodly portion of the plant will be in
operation In fact it is anticipated
that with no had luck the blast fur
nace and converters will be in operation
during the month of May ays the
Dispitch The reverberatones will
not be in operation until later in the
summer while the finishing touches
will 18 put on the plant during August
Building operations at the smelter are
now going ahead steadily Theie
have been few stoppages of woi k on
any portion of the election due to
slowness of arrival of material The
principal feature of present work is
the installation of some of the ma
chinery in the main building On
last Sunday the workmen began in
stalling a 00 ton electiic crane over
the converter aisle of the new building
A Hero in a Lighthouse
For years J S Danaliue So Haven
Mich a civil war captain as a light
house keeper averted awful wrecks
but a queer fact is lie might have
been a wreck himself if Electric Bit
ters had not prevented They cured
me of kidney trouble and chills he
writes after I had takeu other so
called cures for years without benefit
and tlioy also improved my sight Now
at seventy I am feeling fine For
dysuepsia indigestion all stomach
liver and kidney troubles theyre
without equal Tr them OnlylOcts
at II II Walkins druggist
NO 18
Big Sums of Money for Indians
That the sum of 1314 0 is to be ap
propriated for the Phoenix Indian
school by the government was learn
ed today when a copy of the congres
sional Indian appropriation bill was
received here from Washington
The Indian appropriation bill was
introduced on January 11 and after
being twice read was referred to the
committee on Indian Affairs
The bill provides an appropriation
of 330000 for Arizona and New Mexi
Of this amount Arizonas share is
divided into smaller parcels the first
item biing 38400 for the education of
200 Indian pupils at Fort Mohave and
for the purpose of making some slight
repairs and improvements on the
For the support and education of the
seven hundred pupils of the Phoenix
school and for the pay of the superin
tendent the sum of 1194003 is ap
propriated and for general repairs and
improvements including two steel
water tanks the sum of 12000 ad
ditional is appropriated It is further
provided in the bill that 500 of this
sum is to be used for making a survey
and an estimate of the cost of con
necting the sener system at the school
with the Phoenix sewer system
For the education of one hundred
students at the Truxton Canyon school
and for salaries and improvements the
sum of 21200 is appropriated Five
thousand dollars is the sum appropriat
ed for the maintenance care and pro
tection of machinery and irrigation
wells already completed in connection
with the irrigation of the lands of the
Pima Indians in the vicinity of Paca
ton in the Gila River reservation
while a like amount will be given for
the devehmmeni of a water supply for
domestic and stock purposes and for
irrigation foinomadic Papago Indians
in Pima ctiuuy An appropriation df
25100 is also made for the purpose of
completing the construction of the
Ganado irrigation project on the
Navajo Indian reservation The sum
of 45000 is appropriated for the con
struction of a bridge across the Gila
river on the San Carlos Apache reser
vation and 19800 for a bridge across
the San Carlos river on the same
reservation Arizona Democrat
Chinaman is Now
Owner of Mine
Mining in Patagonia district is not
all confined to expert miners nor are
all of the prospectors who have tramp
ed over the hills in years past been
confined to the Caucasian race
This fact is shown recently by a
strike of what is said to be one of lm
noriiiiice made this week by a China
man named Louie Kang Some years
ago Kang located several claims ad
joining the Worlds Fair mine and
faithfully did his annual assessment
work in a tunnel not far from tho
famous rich ledge that has made his
tory in this district Saturday Kangs
men brought in a large sack full of
ore that they had struck in the tunn 4
and assays give 9214 in silver and
The presence of water is noticed in
the tunm l and this is considered a
suro sign of ore making in the work
ings Tin yellow man is in high glee
over bis prospect of getting a shipping
Kang is a Chinaman who has been
in the United States for more than 30
years and belongs to the progressive
aleraent of his race Reruns a small
store near Patagonia and during tho
recent holidays he had a large Ameri
can Hag llyi g on a pole and beneath
it a beautiful silk Hag of the new re
public of China Kang gives out the
news that he is going to San Francisco
and enlist the help of a number of his
race to form a company and develop
his mine on an extensive scale Tuc
son Citizen
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