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Mohave County miner. [volume] (Mineral Park, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1882-1918, August 03, 1918, Image 1

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This Paper is Enlisted With the Government for the Furtherance of All Its Objects for the Term of the War
4 Ss& 4 fcxfc'
NO- 60
George Graham Rice, who took over
tilt old company operating the
per mines at Mineral Park and organ-1
ized the Arizona Coonerfields compa-1
nny with intention of developing the:
nny with intention ot developing the: jack Beach, who was arrested last
mines, has been arrested under fed-;week by Deputy Sheriff Charles Imus
eral warrant in New York City on a ! on u rWn-e nf rattle rustling ann" who
charge of using the mails to defraud.
Rice is said to have operated a broker-1
age house in New York, his expenses i
age nuuac iu ictv xviiv, mo ..wtau, i mat oiiicer oy jumping irum mu
being more than $200,000 per month train, when about 16 miles from Flag
and his itceipts mounting up into the i staff, last Monday. A reward of $50
liiuuvii. jib At;uiiu iw j
who did business through his house
and who sent him cash with order fail- f
-J .J. 4ln:-H A iftmnlninf '
miIKhhh T4- tap yAnnvloH n n f man
vas made by R. W. Hartman, of Mans- x
J-- 1 1 - ...L. Pima liqrl I
fiplil. Olifo. whn rharfred that Rice had
failed and refused to deliver the goods. ;
greatest advertisers in the country,!
his matter beinir of the business type '
Ilia Hiatier IKIU& VI uic uuaiuv.? -j
anu Wlul ine ngiii. Jiug "v.itj ( miuuie uuiicuuua xiiica cuiiipaii,
thc many thousands of men in the 'rived by automobile from Verde last
United States sending out mining'and Tuesday. He was accompanied by
stock propaganda his was farjn the! two friends and was on his way to
lead as to superiority of superlatives I
and catchy phrases. Any mining sec- j
tion could well pay Bice to put on a
CUlllJiaigll Ul puuui.iv ua A..?
wnuld hp read throucrhout the invest-'
campaign of publicity, as his matter
ment world. He had a wonderful vo-1
cabulary snd visualizing insight into
big financial problems.
He Ji-as released on; $15,000 bail.
This is the third or fourth time that
Mr. Rice has been under the ban. He
was a member of the Sheftels compa
was a member of tne anerteis compa-;t
ny and with JNat uoouwin, wnen
- L - T -. Atirt r.nnmn
wm was irymg tu uuuau uic -"--... an acre of clty iana, says tne ropuiar i men nave gone iu wutn. m umua umc u
ter, Nevada, deal. The firm of Shef- j gc;ence Monthly. The count in a city !iands of the northwest and others into j pend on some other-industry for sup
tels went bad and Rice had to bear the ,ot obtamed by multiplying the con-L. shi yard and t mining shows port of government.
hnnnt- tt rnAir nan oeaiinirs. xiuc uicau ,
guilty to the charge against him toJquired for-acre, disclosed the fact
clear up the other fellows. possiblyjn there yere about 2,500,000 of
some promise of relief or reward, but grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, cock
the other fellows got ouv from undF' roaches, earwigs, lantern flies, plant
and Rice got apenitentiary sentence. ,. aphids and other "bug?" in ore
Af t-i- lufc jvSShe. K-a a ne- ca- - 6Cre of land - -reer
in the brokerage : business and f .- be q c(jurse a large ya.
nally buttea mio me s"ku . .
and nut them out of business. Shef-, natioi, in the count according to the ,
tel- disanneared and tos probably ' season in which it is made. For ex- Monday evening the Chloride j The big leaching plant of the l Emer
teb. (Usappearea anu v j ..., JM ?e iUr. n,r: 'a a Isle Copper company will soon be
, , . . x their erodes
broke trying to maintain their stocB i
n- i i Vinnco rovers one
whole floor of a big New York busi- that in the autumn owing to the rapid
s block. multiplication of earthworms.
The committee for the relief of the
babies in occupied iTance and Bel-j
gium, Mrs. Charles H. Granger, chair- i
man, and Mrs. Lucy Bulkley, assist-
ant, have made report of their first
wn weeks' work in Kinsman. The col-
lections amounted to $18, and came
through the placing of milk bottles in
public places in town, ihe puouc w
Vinrtlv to the nroDOsition and many
pennies and nickels went into the bot
tles. The following is the collections
at the various places:
WatHns Drug Store $
Beal Hotel
Brunswick Hotel
Harvey House
Cherry Drug Store
Kingman Meat Market .
Arizona Stores Co.
Central Commercial Co.
Citizens Bank
Lang's Theater
Besides these collections Mesdamc3
Bulkley and Granger sold 250 button;
it-h S2S was realized- All of
this money has been sent to headquar
ters at San Francisco.
The relief of the babies in the occu
pied territory is occasioned by the fact
that the Red Cross cannot operate m
that section of France or Belgium and
the poor babies and children have to
be reached in some other way. The
present organization, having its head
quarters for the Pacific coast at 337
Mills building, San Francisco, has been
active in speeding relief to the little
ones and getting good results. Your
mite may save a life and you will nev
er miss it.
The ball game last Sunday between
the Wallapai nine and the Kingman
boys was rather mixed, but the results
was what was looked after and not
the quality of the playing. The game
brought $16 to the coffers of the Red
Cross and the good women in charge
of that organization will see that these
dollars go where they will do the
most good.
jack Beach, who was arrested last
was being taken to New Mexico by a;convince the most skeptical that Mo-
New Mexican sheriff, escaped from ihave county is moving right along and
that officer by jumping from theldoinS well we .thank you. ihe
1. J 1 Al T Z r 1 i. i. 1 i-
was pusteu. uy uie aiicrm, uui ui lat!
reports the man had not been captured, j
Beach, when arrested, agreed to go
i i x t C 1 r XT I
charge without extradition
rm r t
The fup-itive leaves a wife and chil
dren in this county, but we suppose
tkev yll be cared for by friends
James B. Speed, secretary of
iiailica J uceur scugloij ui hi.
the coast, where he will remain a
week or two. It is his intention to
rphim in Kimrman and take a look !
I at the new ore in the Middle Golconda
.... i i
al( uic ill uic .umuic uu)l.uuuu
mine nnd in the near future make
some arrangements for financing fu-
ture operations.
In a little town in Illinois, George of abnormai condition in mining in : have the mines and a Bnd.roned tern-iiT.T-.u
j.. ;,..B,f m r . . . . ton of undiscovered wealth to work
N. Wolcott conducted an investigation
find out how many animals or,
uoou-.gp forms 0f animal life inhabited
.... . , i t-. i
. r -u-L-Atriti v- tun timimc ro.
amine, xnere ia a uhc-uihu uikicciuycrcuiuucu wim uuc uic uiuhi.
, P , channelle trucks on the Second street
m wuuiou i .p "-j,
Mr. and Mrs i , k. aan ana :
:v;sitjn w;th their old friends, Mr. and
Mrs. R. B. Walker, in Kingman. They
made the trip from Chicago in an au-
j tcmobile u will cc mtmue to r
homes -- da,. - f
, - "
nnH is well and favorably known
throughout tho coast division. He is
now engaged in other pursuits and is
doing niceij-
nr.- i on,rev.
-iu ine atanaaru iiiiuctaia iuiufuj
2.10pect soon to receive its big invoice of
2-15 engines, machine drills and compres-
isor which are to be installed at tne tixe remains of Indians. The caTe con-
mines, 0 miles east of Kingman. Millimed guns, bows and arrows, saddles
i n,achircry will soon be on the way ana
a new noisung inni,
... ? nffc. the
numns will arrive boiiicuuic ux-i " i 100a was one 01 uic um iiau ucm'". .v... r - . -15th
of this month. The mill will be I of life in the happy banting learned that all personal effects should
nossible, stopes be
ine opened to provide an ore tonnage
for the plant, . -
The company is now cuiung a op
tion at the 350 level and will crosscut
; -from that death. This
win has shown exceptionally high
LU iliC w ...
vein has snown cA-cyt.i""""j .
values in the upper levels and there is
. irrogtor Henth
reason to believe at the greater depth
to obtain better and cleaner ore. Every
foot of depth has brought better re
sults to the property and it is the im
pression of the management that
enough good ore will be opened on the
levels above thes 300 to maintain the
mill in ore for a long time to come.
In the meantime the work of exploit
ing the lower levels will be carried on
Andy Alger, a Mohave county ooy,
has entered the aviation branch 01 me j Tuesday and win leave mat place to-
marine corps and is now located atiday for Sunbeam, . Colorado, where to impress his claim to the office of
Paris Island S C Andy enlisted last they will visit with the family of W. member of the board of supervisors
nnth and was immediately transfer-jr. Grounds. The trip will be jiade by Mac is well liked in his home town,
red to the Atlantic coast. I automobile. I and is sure of a big vote there.
People who have been groaning over
the decrease of mining and other acti
vities in Mohave county, will surely
get a jar when they look over the tax
" 01 lue cuuulJ "lc a,lu
I compare it with that of last year- A
!&ain of fully $5,000,000 in. the roll will
roll of the county for the year and
lowmg is tne nstment oi uie larger 1
items that go to make up the roll: j
il 4l.l. i. MnT.. m t. VAlt -
Mines and improvements $ 9,860,369 ,
Railroads 7,497,080
Cattle and horses 1,859,009 1
Sheep 390,232 i
Goats ' 16,050
Swine .. 2,582
Railroad lands .. , 399,045
Town lots and improvements' 1,043,803
T ..: j i j trrAA-
Irrigated lands
17,905 1
Dry farms and improve
ments .. ..
Power plants and trans
mission lines
281,522 ;
Telephone and telegraph
Merchandise and real estate
Automobiles and trucks
All other Dronerty
Total of all property-
.S2 V.552.590 !
Total assessment 191 1
Increase 1918 over 1917 $ 4,738,636
Aii4 li?e train irflC TYifir?tf in "the face '
.. onnn. n,,. of vountr fel-
' " ,
! lows -lilve """-'one snoum iear mat uie
1 i 1. Z iLn 'viVa.. ! " ...linn 1 ,1 ATAlii.rA Will VintTA ffl fl
- - - -
crossing, bunging up the truck and
wreckmg the pilot of the locomotive,
Bob Maxwell, who was driving the
frame and broken axle, but will soon
be in commission again- The locomo-land
live had to be taken to the shop at i ccpper. The operations on the big de
NS1S?5 is obscuredlP-it conclusively show that the corn
by bSngs and the rumbling of theW an immense deposit in the
truck easily drowned the sound of the i mines and that future explorations at
approaching train. This crossing j depth may disclose a big body of sul
shnnld onlv be used in an emergency 'U!j. n,- fnt tVint some sulnhides
- i i
by automobiles and trucks. There are,
several other railroad crossings in tne i
f-T 7,.." a. shmild be!
used whenever possible, thereby doing
rf t possibility of accident.
The finding of remains and all sorts the mountains, but all others were in
of nnmnhernalia in a cave in the Sier- dnerated.
!ra Estrella mountains, some distance
' from Phoenix, a few days ago, created
r, considerable excitement in the capi-
, , : ,ft:t;nr. l,,. m-.
xai city, ah iiuhushuvu
i oner disclosed, or it is believed so, the
act that the bodies and skeletons were
, and dishes with whal appeared to De
ijooa. ine imptcaoiun -
. . . u ii ;0n
OI tne llie in uie nappj iuummc.
ground after death.on this sphere and
that the spirit 01 tne departed nan w ------ ----- --
be furnished with something stbstan- parent in the tabes that become in
tial for the journey into the gnat be-, fested with vermin and who burn their
yond. This part of the theory is notvickeups and a large part of their
Sf t,o the Tnrfmns of the south- personal effects before removing to a
'west having usually burned the bodies
'west navmg usuauy uumeu me iw"-'"
j o the dead and on fte funerai pyre ;
j i vi -inJ
was piacea an nis or ner uciais"1'
including food, and the whole reduced!
nrjit.ii-T.r-i j Wal. I
to asnes. Him me iionavca asu
lapais those who died a violent death
were buried in some remote jlace in
George W. Miller and fami.y were
m Kineman Monday last fron their
home at Lookout ranch laying in sup-
pnes. iney uepurteu 10 their home
the healthy growth it has shown in
the past five years. It will be noted
that three big mining companies have
dropped from thi dividend class dur
ing the year, the Goldroad, the Golcon
da and the Tennessee, but nevertheless
on the taxroll. At the same time
there are many mines in the develop-
fol-lment stage that will be producing be-
lore the first of the year and this win
i A. .
increase next year's tax roll largely.
It will be noted that mining and the
railroads pay over 70 per cent of the
tax oi the county, the other interests
paying less than 30, per cent, mining
paying on more than 40 per cent of
that amount. Cattle owners pay less
than S per cent of the total tax, and
the fanners pay about 2 per cent.
rri e :ai a. .1. : -!rl,.i
Therefore, without the mines Mohave
county would make a sorry showing
of taxable property. Mining is the
backbone and mainstay of the county
and will continue in that position
throughout all time. At the present
time not one of its mines has been
scratched, and it will be so far into
the dim and distant future before any
of them are worked out that it will not
interest future generations in the
But that Mohave county is progress-
; ing our taxroll will prove, and that it
t Ulg UU1 UlAiUIl Mill lLit .
Urill continue in first rank its mining
interests cces without saying. We
on "for years and years to come, so no
one should fear that there may come a
, . i,
. in commission, the concrete floors hav-
ing been laid and the iron building be-
i mg Jn process of construction- as
soQn fis piant'is in operation the
than 30 tons of cathode per month,
a considerable tonnage of cement
uuiuu. . - a
nUhn,,ph in meaer cuantity, in
the big J-urfcce mass, carries convic-
tion of the source whence came the de-
iven though the Pimas embraced
the Catholic faith there was nothing
to hinder them from continuing the
. snnerstition that nothinir of a dead
- , , . .,
person must be touched, as it would
' bring disaster. This superstition was
creaieu oy mB uisiurau .mu-
pox and other communicable diseases
tnrougn oibinuuuuu ul " -
.7 , 1 . .t
notVini; nndms. from whom they
- -
be destroyed when death resulted from
! new home.
- - , , , , . ,
But the finding of the skeletons and
the laru-e amount of personal eiiects in
v 0 7 : ,, ,
the cave in the Estrellas has given
the Phoeneeians subiect for SDecUla-
- -,"-7 7 , 7 " , ., 1
turn during the hot spell of the past
A. M. MacDuffee, of Chloride, was
in Kingman yesterday, having come
ever here to look after business of the
Adamana Oil and Lan dcompany. He
also showed himself among the voters
At a depth of 140 feet the Rico
Exploration company this week enter
ed the vein which had passed out of
the shaft on its dip about 40 feet
above. The vein at this point was
found to be 44 feet wide, feet of
which gave average assay results 01
SU1.U5 in gold and silver,. The bal
ance of the vein ran better than $?20.
A five inch streak assays over 800
ounces silver to the ton. This was not
reckoned in with the average. At the
100 level the average of an 18-inch
vein of ore was 80, which would in
dicate that the values are increasing
with depth. The new ore is out of the
oxidized zone and would appear to be
what may be termed the permanent
oie body.
The company is now being financed,
a goodly treasury having already been
provided for. The company is shap
ing matters up to continue the shaft
to the 200 level, where a station will
be cut and the vein exploited at that
depth. The men in charge of opera
tions believe they have one of the best
properties in the Cerbat mountains,
the Rico being the northwesterly ex
tension of the C. O. D. mine, which
has been one of the big producers of
the district. The vein can readily be
traced through the property and into
the extensions near the summit of the
range. The hoist and other machinery
was but recently placed on the mine
and has been working nicely. Other
machinery is to be put in and every
thing possible done to produce results
in tne least possible time.
The Rico is situated about 1 miles6
north of Kingman, in the Wallapai
mining district, and in one of the best
mineralized sections of the Cerbat
mountains. This belief is warranted
by t'ic opening of the ore bodies at
the present depth, and especially the
cutting of the rich ore at the 140 level
The management ol the mine is in
good hands and every possible advan
tage will be token of conditions ob
taining to get the best results from
the expenditure of money.
Manuel Pereira, who was arrested
last week on a charge of making sedi
tious statements and beating up a
clerk at Gold Road, was taken before
Judge Paul C. Thorne and two physi
cians last Monday and declared in
sane. He was committed to the state
asylum for the insane and Deputy
Sheriff J. W. Harris departed the same
evening to Phoenix with him. Pereira
had an operation some time ago and
was also suffering from an incurable
disease, which undoubtedly undermin
ed his constitution and brought on
brain aberation.
This week Tom McGraw and daugh
ter snent several days visiting friends
and also looking after political affairs
in Chloride. They report that Chlo
ride is looking good and that the peo
ple of that camp feel that better
things are in store for it in the near
Last Wednesday the local lodge of
Odd Fellows was visited by E. W.
Watkins of Bisbee, grand master for
Arizona, and a general good time was
had. The grand master was banquet
ed right royally and appeared to en
joy the occasion immensely. His visit
here was an annual inspection of the
lodgeg in kis jurisdiction and he was
pleased with the condition financially
and the progress the lodge had made
in membcrs-bip.
As soon as congress reassembles
Secretary Baker will ask that the law
be amended raising the age limit from
the present limitations of from 21 to
31 years to that of from 19 to 36
years, or approximately these ages.
Nothing definite has been decided up
on, but it is the general belief of the
armv that few men who could make
I good could be had over the age of 36
years. While this may be so it would
be better to raise the limit to at least
45, which would bring many non
workers into the fold where they could
be made to perform some service for
their country. And yet there are many
men abuvc 45 who could be depended
upon to perform prodigious services on
the firing line or in any other place
that war exigencies might place them.
Charley Dan and Jim Brown, who
were awaiting trial on bootlegging
charges, made their escape from the
road camp on Copperville hill, a few
days ago. So far there has been no
report of their capture, and we sup
'pose no expense will be incurred in
trailing them up- The county rould
be better off without these felIow3
and will hold their indictment over
them for future use. Charley Dan had
I just served a term for bootlegging,
' but this was Brown's first time at bat.
A few days ago an officer and pri
vate went over to forage while the
' train was waiting at the depot, and
when they returned the train was
.some distance up the track and gain
ing speed rapidly. The officer gazed
blankly after the retreating train non
plussed, but Mrs. George Kayes solv
ed the situation by inviting the men
into her car and the race after the
train began. . It is said that she had
Barney Oldfield beat a city block be
fore she had gone a hundred yards and
was fast overtaking the train when the
absence of the officer" was discovered
land the train brought to a stop east
of town. It was but a minute until
the men were aboard and the train
again under way.
This week the Middle Golconda ship
ped to the smelter one of the richest
cars of ore ever taken from that
property. The ore shows masses of
ruby and native silver and also car
ries some gold. John Mulligan, who
looked through the property this week,
reports that Supt. Bell has opened up.
six feet of splendid ore in the deep
level and that it is from this level
that the big body of ore has been
shipped. The opening of this body
of ore has brought the property into
prominence what may be expected at
still greater depth.
The work of driving on the ore
body is progressing, as well as the
raise to the level above through the
ore. Samples brought to, Kingman
from the property look much like the
old time ore taken from the Cupel
and Nighthawk, being heavy masses of
native and ruby silver.
The striking of the great ore body
in the Higgins lease at Bisbee has cre
ated some excitement in that great
camp- The men have so much ore in
sight that they expect to make a clean
up of $700,000 by the first of next
February, the date of the recission of
their lease. The Higgins company
then expect to take up the work of
further developing the property and
expect to make it one of the big mines
of Warren district.
! Attorney Charles W. Herndon has
I gone to Phcenix, where he will look
! after legal and other business.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meredith, who
have been visiting throughout Texas
and other states, returned to Kingman
yesterday evening and will go on to
Chloride today. They report having
had an excellent time and returned in
the best of health.
The board of supervisors is bringing
in the big tractor from the Signal
country and will soon have it at work
on the streets of Kingman and the
roads leading out into the country.
The roadbed will first be broken up
with a scarifier, wet down and rolled.
More sand will probably be added to
take up the surplus oil that has caus
ed the roadbed to roll and wrinkle like
a choppy sea. Kingman should have
good streets. The people paid for the
oil and aided in every way to build up
good roadways. No county moneys
were used in the work and the proper
ty owners are deserving of something
for their money.

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