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The Weekly Arizonian. (Tucson, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1868-1871, April 04, 1869, Image 2

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There 13 but a single ubilftj in'existance
among onr co-proftssiotials that we consider
as really enviable, or, at least, there is but one
whichVp epvjcj" it is njttjjfe ability to lire ' in
luxury through means of wealth in this we
congratulate all nor is it the" ability. :oy
thought or silent discernment; .but' we envy
that ability, which some possess, of picturing
thought, of putting every emotion of the sou
into language ani of conveying to the eyes 0
others., all the ideas which stamp themselves
upon the imagination.
This is a divine faculty, tke faculty which
makes the poet, the novelist and the orator,
Never has the absence of this power been
more painfully felt by us than upon the present
occasion, as w have had the the satisfaction
of viewing a scenery which quite bafflps any
description by our pen. For this view we are
indebted .to Jhe courteMy of J3on JohnB. Allen
wKo called upon us on Sunday evening last
wMn, taking a seat in his carriage we had a
pleasant dr.ive. of seyeral miles, visiting ih
various cultivated fields and ranches alon th
Santa Cruz valley;
For several months we had not been beyond
the suburbs of the city and were not prepared
for the,- scenes which everywhere presented
themselves: Here are several thousand acres
of land, certainly as pictuiesque and as fertile
as any on the Pacific slope, blossoming luxu
riantly .; va t and nunserous . fields of grain
Gome just springing above ground, others
have attained various.heights, from sis inches
to two feet, and we observed one field of
barley already headed ; peach trees in ful
blossom, an J hedge rows which present a
continuous mass of fo.iage may be seen in
every direction, and form an indescribable
contrast with the dark prey mountains beyond
We halted ft r sorre minutes at the ranch of
Mr Allen which is located about two miles
from town. Everything here bears evidence
of thrift and enterprise in the owner A lar;
1 11 1 1.
aaooe corrai, aooni two uur.ureu ieet square
having a stone foundation two .feet high, con
tains various anricu'tur.il implements beside
wagons, mules horses &c. A substanii:i
dwelling house, sixty by fotty feeet in dimen
sions is now in process of erection.
Until recently, ,the principal road leading
through this agricultural district was in very
poor condition, so poor that during the rainy
season k was sit luuuypuims iinjiassuue, owing
to the quantities of water at these points ac
cumulated. But the enterpriing spirit of the
gentleman before named, would not suffer th s
bo to ren am, anu almost entirely ai 1113 own
expense, has bridged and graded the road in
many place0, so that it is now, not onlv pas
sible at every season, but will in all proba
bility ere long, become the principal route
from lucson iu me ruiui ui piouniaiu as 11 is
now. not only a generally much better, but a'
shorter route to that point by some three
It is a pity that some more of our merchants
who, from January to December, stai.d .behind
their counters, and do little else than limn)
out "roods i0 their' customers at interval,
woul I not sutler themelvrs to view this field
for enterprise,-through -which' they, might so
vastW ueiieht themselves as wen as. .thy conn ,
trv a"eneralh, Thousands of acres as fertile
iv those under cultivation still lie wa-te and
will at aty time nmnlv reward culf va'ion
HeTe is a climate and soil where most-tropical
fiuts will grow anl ripen; and there i no
cbservble rea0 1 why the bee should not here
as well as in the valleys of California deposit
their lescious ftores in abundance.
However, it is satisfactory to know that
these various branches, of agriculture are about
to have a fair trial: Mr. Allen, who, during
the past tour years, nas experimei tea to . a
ereat amount, for the purpose of ascertaining
, . i r.i. !l . . I.
the Haapiaoiiiij ui me iu iuc prouueuon
of various kinds of grain and vegetables, in
about to visit Los Angeles, there to make ar
rangements for the transportation to luesor,
at the . Droper season, ot several species of
fruit trees. He will likewise try the cultivation
of the grape, of the success of which there can
be no doubt since it is to be found growing
wild in every portion of the Territory where,
a stream of water courses.
This is citizenship of reil valut c'ti7enship
through which a count 7 mu?t prosper. Why
cannot others, possessing ample means, aid in
this pursuit ot agricultural information, rather
x y n
than raise, year atter year, me same species ot
fruit or grain 7 It is Known to all that experi
ment is necessary to progress, yet few are will
into invest a cent unless a return with profit
is "evident to the commonest observer Yev &
little study should be sufficient to convince
any one that there can be but little risk in eon
eluding: that the productions of different sec
tions of country possessing similar climate and
Boil, cannot widely differ.
statement of Receipts and Disbursements of the
t Territorial Treasurer, From November 1st
t 186S to April 1st, i860. ,.
November 1st
December 7th
3 1 th
January 11th
February 23th
January 4th
Balance Cash on hand
From County Treasurer, Pima County
11 11
Auditor's Warrant, No. 32,
Interest on same from Dec. Sih '65 to
date, 3 years 10 per cen', per annum,
Auditor s Warrant No. 151,
" 1.52,
" 153.
" 154,
" 155,
Interest Coupons on Bonds Nos. 1 91
to 215 inclusive, 125cts Gold to
From County Treasurer Yavapai Co.
Yuma "
Pima "
1 avapai
Pima m
Yavapai "
Pima "
$1 281.50
$1220 80
February 6th
Redemption of Bonds Nos. 30. 31, 32
aDd 33 each for $100: $400.J0
Interest on stme $40.00: $440.00 to
Interest on Bonds Nos 34, 35, 3', 37,
38 and 39 each $10 : $60.00 in
Gold to currency73
Redemption of Bonds Nos 34 anl 35,
each for $100 Gold : $200.00 Goid, to
Auditor's Warrant No. 157
do do do 158 for Inter
est on Bonds 151 to 190, in $200.00,
in Gold to currency73
Redemption of Bonds Nos. 36 and 37
each for $100 Gold: $200.00 Gold,
to ourrency73
Payment of Auditor's "Warrant No. 11
principal SHS.00. interest $11.40
Payment of Auditor's Wnnrnt No 109
Redemption of Bonds Nos. 38 to 47;
$700,00 in Gold to Currency 74
Redemption of Bonds Nos. 66 to 70:
$5J0.00 Go'd.to Currency74
Payment of Auditor's Warrant No 159
do do do do 149
do do" do do 160
Redemption of Bonds Nos. 48 to 55
and 64 &65: $500.00
Interest on frame $10.40
Redemption of Bonds Nos. 71,
72 and 73 $300.00
Interest on same $5.16
$49 40
$250 00
$815 56
to currency77
Payment of Auditor's Warrant No, Ifil
do uo do 162
do do do 163
Balanco oa hand
$3,9 80.28
$1,059 20
$lti2 50
Tccsoif, March 31st. 1869.
Territorial Treasurer
Bonds outstanding Nov. 1st 1308, as per Report to Legislature
Redeemed up to April ! st, 1869, as per Statement Receipts and Disbursements
Leaving Bonds outstanding, April 1st 1869
Amount of Interest on Bonds, Unpaid and Due, Nor. 1st, 1868,
Amount of Interest on Bonds Paid up to April lit, 1868,
Balance of above Interest remaining Unpaid,
Qf Auditor's Warrants outstanding Nov. 1st 1S68, Principal, $5,035.83
Interest, $1,130.68
$2,800 00
$1,246 75
Thoro has been paid, Principal $2,081.66, Interest, $535.50 ToUl
Malting amounts of said Warrants, Principal and Interest, unpaid April 1st,
The total Indebtedness of tho Territory on November 1st 1868, comprised in
Bonds and accumulated Inters, and Warrants aud a:crud Interest, Amounted
as per Report to theFifth Legislature, 10
Of which there has been redeemed, and paid, up to April 1st. 1369,
Reducing the Debt from Amount due Niv. 1st, '68, o
A sanguinary affray, resulting in loss of
ife, took place here some days since: A Mex
ican named Juan Camancho got into a dis
pute with three other Mexicans, and, being a
reputed desparado, was by them considered a
dangerous individual with whom fo altercate.
They accordingly endeavored to ccme to an
micable understanding, and having to all
appearance succeeded, were about to separate
when Camancho caught one of them, named
Joaquin, (alias Chappo, alias Shorty,) by the
arm as if to detain hiir. The latter requested,
then demanded to be released, but the former,
who was evidently determined to have a quar
rel, was about to renew the misunderstanding
by a series of accusations and threats, when
Joaquin suddenly pulled a large bowie knife
and plunged it into his breast. The wounded
man was carried off and remedies were ap
plied, but to no purpose: he died aoon after
wards. Joaquin has since been arrested, and
is now con6ned in the jail to await trial.
There are various conflicting rumors current,
purporting to explain the origin of the quarrel,
but from our best information it would appear
that the foregoing is the most reliable.
Latest IVovs.
(From filo of the Dally New Mexican)
Unr-inji. March 14 Official dispatches r
port that a battle has taken place at Mayore, 1
the headquarters ot the rebel forces in the
Ewstern department, ine government ac- 3
count states that a column of 500 regulati asj
supported by a heavy aitillery fire, carried the tty
fortifications of Muyore and earned the totr
which was defended by 2000; no rebel rtporti
of affair have been received. .m
San Francisco, March 17 The Steamer1'0
Montana sailed for Panama today with six ru;p
hundred thousand dollats in treasure fjtg
Late Alaska Advices say that when Gen. 2
n TiTt in iVin Indian village of Kika mf
Latu iiii. 0- - ..kb
punish them for the murder of two white men.
he found the pluce des rteu as ine inaiaj yftbs
lnwl i-PP-ived notice ot his approach. In tue ,357,
vil'iife some articles were found, belorging to H
a trading schooner that lefj Sttkn, about ttrre M
It was inferred that the ves-el Msi
was captured aud the crew murdered by the jffo
Indians. Rkh
While firing a salute last night on bonrd the M
Steamer Meliopolis. on the occasion of the it-'
ception of the Emmett Guatds from Sacrt-
mento, a keg of powder exploded, wounding -do
18 or 20 pei sons and injuring the boat con-U u
siderably. anyj
New York, March 18 Late letters frtc mjfi
Brazil stAte that Ramhost. the Brazilian Mia. m
istcr of Foreign Afl'uirs, has been sent to tl
camp of the Allies on the river Plata, to pre. nciR
pare the way for peace. It is believed that i.,
is directed to harmonize the dsfficulty prtu- MB
lent among the allies. kffk
McMahon is still with Lopez and is const. 'Qjfc
quently cordially 1 aud by the Brazilians.
The Herald's Washington special says: Th fggs
army oflicers at Washingiou are ditcontemd
tUU ilia l.iir rnciiliil:itinn orders. Ml 1
II 111. y,vyi.-l -'" -
them who have been to see Gen. Shern.an ia
order to have their assignments changed, are
disgusted at his strange manner. hjSt
PupIiIo. March 19 Private advices frm IfP
I .
Fnrt Lvon renort that a serious aflrnv took der '
place at that post on the niht of the llith. Le
tween the tilth cavalry (whit') and the tenth
cavalry (colored,) during a theatncal cr
formaiice in which insults wer thrown nut 'S0
against the white soldiers. The row was lr.f lU V1
but wai ic, and over one bundled shots "tie '
tired resulting in the death ot tour or five and 0j
.1... vtMnfli n.r fif fivA nr my. in liifii :n;v
11 UUIIUlll
Cliicaco. March 20 Svpn thousand Nava
ioe.s are reported at -Fort Winate. Conta . sRl
tli vin e.rea ttMiS
and the riie'Hos .
Washington. Marcn l'J l lie jjtipreme 1 pu t .SfTl
c . . . ill.
1 1 - 1 1 . . . . . I . . . .1 ! iWji
to-oiiy tiecin-(i inn lu uiiitve iiii- urtisiuii iii
this term on the constitutionality ot therceu-
luifk i-sun.
From the New Mexican of March 10th w? Ht5Pt
earn that four men, while on their leturn fnc a$$i
he camp of Colonel Evens where tl ey hai (
1 Wfc .
been freighting, were killed by Indians about
CO miler bi-h.w the Fort.
. t 1 . . . .1 -kt r 4.f
A l nva'e leuer to ine iew tuexican Main 0tai'
that two virulent cases of smallp' x have on
curred in All'tiqiifrn'io.
San 1'itit cisi (. March st'i.
j 1.
Grepnhacks. 7GJ- 't-nying, 77 i si I ing.
Dissolc t 01 Notice,
THE COPARTNERSHIP horntof .re e.vs-
n" untit r ine name a 111 ii'm i niii;.
iOSSEl LEis this day di so ed by ma".
consent. All jerson imieiti t-u u me late n-c
of Brown & Bos?lle wil p eas st!'e 1 p th"
aecou.it.- with Mr. ( HAS. O BPtOWN. a 1'
las assumed the payment of a'l the d b i 0:
saul nrm.
THE CONGRESS HAI L will here. fer
Brown, hence the former patio is of the estate ijifiS
a manf rn i rAct n Q&lirOM I t nn nut ni Wl I ir
11 J ii lt 4 WOW J X SUM.
spared to make them perfectly fatisfitd. ""US,1
Tncson, A. 'J'. April 4th 1869.
ON Monday, April 5th lti9. will ha sol I
Public Auction, at 1 1 o clock, a. m , at the ert
Saloon of Mr, F. M. Hnd-es, the dweil.r:
house and lot of Hiram W. hellows. decease: . ul
his is a first class piece "of propeity l'Z-'.
worthy the attention of anyone desiring t1
buy a home, i'uil pirticulars may be learr-i'jft'
regarding the property by inquiring of the ds
dersigned. Terms cash. )onsibl
C. H. LORD, aefgi
Executor. 3?
Tucson, A. T., March 28, 1869-2w. )f tfi3
Waeons are made and reDaired at this establii'
ment and everything in the Blacksmith lins dl!
with promptness and dispatch.
SWUUNY. UlVtMU Jropnetorf.
Jan. 1st, '69

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