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The Weekly Arizonian. (Tucson, A.T. [Ariz.]) 1868-1871, April 11, 1869, Image 2

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THE WEEKLY AHIZONIAN!er fgm or passengers 13 as "idle as a I about tiiretf mcn t0 everJ Pound of sllYer I Pate letters received here from Cuba, re, rf.
painted ship upon a painted ocean." For a whi,e Ariz wa there are ten pounds ot gold present mc insure.... PSre;,i
, 0 if ....4 .1,.. :. .
like rewon. the Union Pneifin railrn-rf with to every man. Let the adventurer ther.fore "'""'i' .iV" L..::",e-or
- - - 1 ' 1 k-ii;iiiiMi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 111 .-uiiuir.v l 11 1: 111 Mil rf nrinn
out the Quality of oerennml nnt.fmiMf nn. think well and act onlr after mature delibera- . i -n i- ... . .
1 -7 1 1 1 in irif HiinLM nit- mil rtMifiiiiiicr 1 no m
The madness of a conrpanj in engaging to n"1 be, as regards commerce and travel for tion- By this course the mistakes of a lifetime oJ office act waa ji up. but postponed. 1
Drake introduced a biil to amend the JUr?j.
ciary svstem bv devolving all the duties of tLS
circuit courts upon the district courts "W.
In the Hrue the bill to nid in the construction un
The Los Angeles Star of the 25th ult.
build a practicable road over the route of the about half the year, more than the pictuie or ma.v be rectified
Union Pacific, and the bhndr.esr of Congress ttJe mirage of a road. Although it has already
I been xwA hr ilia iinn. l. .
J ...ll L.,,1 it.;... ...:m r-j-... .. . . . marKs:
lerpnse arc iiu 1 bicui iu uii. -.. immmia ui uui ars. it cannot ai tui. n-ri 1 r 1 -n f .-r j u r 1 -i i ,, .. -"hihj
act kvui mi. "Ihn nonn i nf A nrnnn trill topi trrnf lfipn hV nfi nnl inm omi,.i. in T7I U.
From an extract published in the San So moment transport for the governme a sol- tll. V 11 C " T. ' rt e ac nT na Id u3 C , . '"'fl
Union, it woulJ aP ear that the new Com- d-er or a mail bag over two hundred miles of I , , ,n . T .,. 5f m,. , , tion. S
missioners, appointed by President Grant are ts track whicli were lung ago teportej official- . ,,-, j t m ' .1 v:,u ,t.a Logan introduced a bill to abolish the offi-.a?
.I f t t..n in iUa nlnrl I M
vi vntt w vjifiiA, iu fcwt cuciui ui lily ArillV fOX
men who will not overlook careless workman- l.vt as finished and in good wo-king order. One
ship in the construction of the road. As all f 'be worst aspects of the matter is that ihe
accounts agree in condemning the reckless arrant and scandelous favoritism of goveru
m:iiiier in which the work had been thrown went toward this nad has involved the neglent
to.uther under the fi rner Ccminis-ioners, of transcuntinental railroad enterprises along
their ren oval was, doubtless, a very judicious routes which are, in ail points t.f view, more
act and, if the manner in which the work lijible. Nibody who has stmdied, even
should be conducted, were the oiily matter to superficially, the railroad n-eds and practica
be considered, as invo.ving the destiny of "ilities of this country, doubts the preeminem
the road, success mut necessarily follow. But advantages of the route coincidi g or nearly
a road practicable at all seasons can never be so, thii s'de of the great western mountain
hid through a region where the snow, :tt ridge, with either tne thirty-second r thirty
places, accumulates to the depth of from 20 o 'irst parallel. The public and private funds
30 feet. Not only is the passage of trains pre- squandered on the Union Pacific railroad ai e
eluded, but the lives of entire trains of pa 5.en- tantamount to a corresponding degr e of it
oe s are jeopardized, as it is even possible that M'liry to the true irtere&ts of the country in
trains maybe snowed nnder while passing respect lo railroads and other work of intt rna
ihrouL'h the Hocky Mountain region. Several improvement. Suppose that the whole work
hundred passengers are even now detained ot establishing ratlroa 1 onnection with the
sonifwere in this region exposed to theinclem
leinforcements promised, and tin officer of ex- which passed
penence to mrect tiiem, it wm certainly ne A bill prohibiting retired army officera (toaW
'; oii.m-c ii iut i ji.iuiiu a jjuiiiiiiicu mutu 1 uruig ;is.-igi.eu 10 uiuy oi ai y Kinu, Or to re-fpi
lnn,,or'i li-.Il l.! n.-,..t " I eeiv- "iiorp nnv nr :iIlmv:inrPd tlmn ...... ... IPP.
ceiv-t more pay or allowance.- than are pro-iiy
vided forreti-fd ofHc-rs. also nasse.l: 95
Chttrle Wilson, colored, has been recom.asTi
niendeil bv the South Carolina conaressioiislSil
delegation for postmaster at Coluirbia. !fB
lonyerito hold this country.
The peot le of Arizona having, for sometime
past, been gulled by promises of military aid,
have ceased to crrdit mat y repot ts which woul I
under other circumstances, be really giatily
: 1 . 1 1. . . . 1 r . 1
hii. 11 is, inernore, less tansiaei 1011 tiiati
may be imagined, to hear that troops have
been "ordered.'' In tlJe speedy execution of the I Si h
this order rests the gratification. We will Hi.di co'd dizain'' hav
hail the troops when we see tlf m here; for 80 iniUn tru'ii Cnmboo,
rancico. March 2o -Alaska adv..
represent trade ilull and Ii.ui:iiii quiet.
Heavy shocks ofan earthquake were felt ot,
e been discovcrey"1!
then, and not until then cun we rest assured
that sotnethins; is aom to be done.
enev of its winter. Tliere are certainlv verv cost one hundred milltoiu. Ihen cotistdei
few who would be willing to expose themselves l'iat for about half the year the efficacy of the
to the asperities of this region, by a trip on ra'l cannot be depended on, and that, con
the Union Pacific railroad, if a Southern road sequent!)-, about fifty per cent must be de
were in opeiation. A road practicable only ducted from its utility and value. This would
at certain seasons can tie er be the principal be equivalent to the absolute loss of certait.ly
or popular, whileone at all seasons practicable not less than half the sum expended iu its
is in operation. These considerations are not onstruction to fifty million, in other word?
lost on railroad men, and we may look for buned under the snows of the Rocky Moun
speedy and vigorous work upon the Southern tains beyond the hope of recovery to fifty
line, subsidy or no subsidy from the govern- millions which, if it had been applied at the
ment. The inducements ant ample to encour- a ne time t shoiterrouts ove r easier grades,
nge its completion by private enterprise. and whJly free from climate oljectioix, would
Congress, whilehoodwinked by tnisrepresen- have given ere now a road operating to the
tation-?, has been guilty of liberality even tt Pacific coast without a gap, thrtuh the rich
extravagance; and now. after having subsid- est agricultural and mining liistricts in the
ized the Union Pacific road to the amount of world, and a surely perennial z-s the flow of
about thirty million dollars, discovers that it the Gulf Stream
is a failure as tnav be seen bv the following
..r , . ' , ' . ' p o. 1 AD VHNTUKO US.
piiuui exiruci irum inu repuii. ui u opeciai
Committee of the Senate: Pomc Pe0I)le see:n to hav? imbibed, ererU-
"There remains a risk, which must be con- intoxication, of the opinion thai a ui-n, to pns
attmt with the recurrence ot winter, that the Ptir r:M,i,ly and succeed in accumulating
operations of this Pacific road may experience wea,th. must never stop, at most, mere than
long and serious interruptions, accompanied a seaso" ilt an7 one puce, but Keep moving
u .ImoK.m m.crnrti,,.0 If on, a prey u every excitement, ne hen-
L-F V Uil'JUIbl tin 111 J J W . kJ I ' w
We learn by the Los Ang-les Republican
hat the sale at Auction of the 35 acre lots in
hat city proved abortive. Four lots w
Pacific, along the mow line indicated, will disposed of whet, further sale was suspended
Torsnsr. A.'T.. April 5, 1PG9.
List of letters remaining unclaimed in tbif
Post Office.
Bennett Wm.
The rumored disturbances at Cha-lotto edl
1-hiu I are of such a character that a gutnii.hret
lias iieeu aeui ui inai locality.
Si Loili-J. Xlsirnll '2'A fjpil fliulnr ivoe
finm up tn the Gth of March when he -II
progres.niig tinely .ereu
Tweniv of Brigham Young's wives ha. itii
rivrd at Council Blulfs. including MissK j. c'OMy
tsrigliam s latest tuncy, all bound for Wa.,lS!ffl
mgtou. VKSt
Ballon Dvid A
Ba.sa Juan
Edgar ilohn B
Gallardo Dolores
Lan.i-.ng Samuel 0
Bincharte John
Rusher Josiah
rt tti nf- . 9
o ill A Li Jj U rKurOSALS iv gg
QUIN I'L'PLICA TKS, will be received at
Gallardo Petra
RomangofTChas. D
Pom master
of the undersigned, in Tucson. A ;S
12 o'clock on Monday. April 2fi h. I
le supply of ihe United States troop- a ffigy
Nkw Voi:
Gold 131
Legal Tenders i'TKOjTTj-
ilarch 1 7.
Latest H'envs.
such interruptions should take place, the effect
upon the new trade from Asia to Europe,
across 'he United S.ites, would be very damag
ing. Thev would characterize the route as
one not to be relied upon by international
commerce "
The New Orleans Crescent, which, like the
From flle of the Daily New Mexican)
-Washington, March 2G The rush of office
seekers to 1 lit- appointing ollicer of the Ttea-
sury is so great that an -rdr has been given
excluding aj plieants for office until after each
day a mail was read.
Havanna, March 2G Several expeditions from
the United States are known to have landed
mulate wealth if they would only apply them- in Cuba within the past few days, and joined
selves to busiue.-s but this a certain class the insurgentj
find mm who might in a few years accu-
will never do. Since boyhojd they have suf
fered themselves to be drifted about on the
wings of rumor; and while lheir uncertain
flight') have, during the best years of their
) l. l- .l- .t l . I I . -I .1 . .
master "eiiius of the "reat Frei ch 1 aturalist 'ives, resune9 in noiiiuig more man uisappomt- 1 orn opeciai say, tue uuhans tliere claim to
Cuvier, "'throws light upon ever) thing it meat, we find that those who formed a centre J1; l,ri advice from London to the elfec.
ton-he thu, ablv reviews the tnnscon.in- ofattrac ioti for their ideas in early manhood, :h,lt "bu'd has consented to r-c gnize the
touches, thus aoiy reviews ttie iranscoinin- J insurgents as belligerents and alljw them tn
eutol railroad oueation : vividly picturing the J iaJl" "ie ""u.iuu uume, are now
magnitude of the Union Pacific farse in con- prosperous and contented.
If those who ar- now organizing and equip
ping for White Pine, would just stay and re
Boston, Mnreh 2G A young man nrmj
rine shot a Miss Howard to dav sin J then
killed himself; cause unrequited love.
Chicago, M rch 2G The Tribune' Ne
purchase war material. It is cot fidentlv ex
pei teti ihit France will follo.v the example of
I.V I J r
Uasnington, March 2C Dispatches from
fleet for but a moment, and view their deter- Greenville state that ex-President Johnson, and transporting the same to iuJi
initiation unbiassedly, many would, no dtubt su"'r'ne-' inten-ely :.om grave I, is . 'gam. aS arr, or may be its dependoncies.
ms.ives that the uo.iev which 1J " "a u ,,e,lu"' . to state the PRICE PEIi Ol'NT
Washington, March 24 -The president to- UUL1J uullN- ,or HUNDRED
day nominate l J. Bancrofft Davis nS assistant
tiecr. tary of State.
The treasury department has received notice
that the U. S. Matshall of Georgia has ab
sconded with one million dollars of public
Memphis. March 25 Little Rock specials
say the new registration law passed the
H 'use.
The Senate appointed a committee to inves
nectiou with the advantages of a Southern
road :
"But the question of interruption is no longer
a question to be talked about in the subjuue-
tu mm.il Ti lniWHtr tn snow lilocl-nil.. COnvillCO thetUSelv
of indefinite duration, was a matter of scien- must necessarily be spent to reach White Pine
tific certainty from the beginning; and now it d "art them into busines theie, could be
is a matter of experimental demonstration at- more judiciously employed. It requires but
tested in a manner that leaves no room for a trifltng outlay of capital to start one it, busi
doubt, disputation, or speculation. A few days Bess 011 eitber the Salt or Gila River; and busi
ng, the postoffice department at Washington -less, too the most delightful as well as the
was advise! bv its special agent, in a telegram least hazardous and must lucrative, viz: the
from Larmie City, that for fifteen days the cultivation of land. A few hundred dollars
Union Pacific railroad had been blocked by thu expended may lay the foundation of a
snow for a distance of two hundred miles home which can endure for generations, while tigate the alleged militia outrages iu Western
west of Cheyenne, and that thirty or forty a like amount has been squandered by adven- Arkansas.
thousand pounds of mails Were detained on the tUfers twenty times over. Kansas City, March 24 Col. "Williams of
line. After receiving this information the Again, if those who have thus far pursued th and W. Hulgon of the Times
postmaster general instructed the postmaster the uncertain fortunes of miners will still stick 7 dSZ"
at New York to send the mails for California to their profession, let them expend their but ihe sheriffe arrested the parties and pre-
and the Pacific coast by way of Panama, mentis in organizing a company suffic ently vented the duel.
Further advices from the West stated that the strong to work the mines at home, tt is not Washington March 23 -The President sent
road was stili closed, and that it was impos- necessary tor Anzonans to visit Nevada in
sible to say when the snowbound trains would search of mines, if they will only organize, and
be able to run through. 'bus procure sufficient strengtn to set tne
Could anything exhibit the folly and fraud Apache at defiance, In Nevada there is little
of this falsely located and extravagantly sub- doubt as to the abuadauce ot silver, but, in
tiiized road in a cbarer light ? The Tribune's Arizona we have, without any doubt, abun
question, "Have we a Pacific Railroad?" is dance of gold. In Nevada the miner can
answered. A gun that can't shoot is not a pursue his avocation about seven, months in
gun, but a useless combination of iron and the year ; in Arizona he can labor throughout
wood. A boat that can't cross water lutb ei. the year. In Nevada there are, at present,
office of the nndersigned
fir tin
einplovees stationed at Tucson Dei.
Camp Lowell A T. from Julv 1st In,')
June 30th, 1S70 with FRESH BEEF, ou
About FOUR THOUSAND t.o.inds ...
or l-s "ill be required per month.
RiddeM will state their price in United tv.
HOLD COIN, per pound and 1'iey are .
que,ied to be present at tho openiti" of
!ud?. 0
Each bit! must he sifned by two rep-.i
persons, who will become sureties f.,r
faithful performance of the (! mr.,'
awarded: nut each set of bids must U-
cninpaiiied bv a copy of this advertisem-i '
Further particulars will bo iriveu b. tkp
dersigned upon application.
Capt. a id AssK Quartermaster I'. S A
A. C. s.
Tucson Depot, A. T. 1
April Sth, ISG'J. j
IJcparJirient of California.
San Francisco Cal., February 20, ISC3 'VSatf
at this 0u.ee until 12. m.. 011 the FIV TLE
day of APRIL, 18159. ir the transtu r at,.
pests, as follows :
For receiving stores at Tucson depot,!
in no nominations to-day.
'!!. II' ...... J
1 ne repuoncan senators were in caucus two
hours this u orning nnd at 2 o'clock this af
ternoon, in discussing the tenure nf office act
It was finally decided to transfer it to the
Judiciary committee, with a view to amend
the law as now in force. A majority of Sena
tors are opposed to the total repeal of the
The statement from Charleston that Gen.
Henningston is raising an expedition to Cuba
i incorrect
Bids to be addressed either to me "
AH bids to be made in trinlicate. with a
of the advertisement attached to each hi:
no bid will be received unless accompar'
a deposit of two thousand dollars, a a' '
that the bidder will take the contract if n'
ed to him.
Bidders are requested to be present i'
opening of the bids.
No contract made under this advprhV-
will be considered in force until appro1"
the Department and Division command'
The right to reject bid is reserved, t
sidrred for tht good of the service.
Any information in reference to th"'"
to be transported, routes, etc., can be
application at this olliie.
Bvt Lieut. Col. ami Q M.. U. S. 3
Act'g Ch'f Q. M., Dep'.t
m20 4
Office Richardson's HateL
10 II -1
5 I

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