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MAY 15 1869.
ABRAHAM LYON, of Arizona City, is
our only authorized Agent n Arizona.
The Indian troubles in Arizona are of late
assuming an aspect very different from that
presented during the yeare 18GG and 18G7. In
18GG Indian raids were few but generally sue
cessful, while raids upon the Indian had hardly
yet begun. In those days the "noble red"
doubtless looked upon us as a people striding
to extermination, and quite satisfied with ap
propriating whatever property ve possessed, did
not consider it sound policy to destroy a people
whoso largely ministered to his support. This
must indeed have been, in substance, the opin
ion formed of U3, as instances are known where
the Apache, after having captured teams, ''had
yet the power but not the will to hurt," and
permitted those of the party who survived
the combat just decided in his favor, to depart
unmolested ; an iustance of this kind oscurred
at the time of the Maj. Miller massacre in the
spring of 1866: the Indians, in this instance,
once in possession of the wugon, seemed as
though they wished for nothing more, and per
mitted the survivors to escape. One of the
party stated afterwards, that three Indians, in
succession, and within a distance from him of
leas than ten feet, aimed each an arrow at his
breast, and springing the bow with his right
hand caught the escaping arrow, in hi3 left,
In 1868 the apache seems to have learned
boyond a doubt that his theory of extermina
tion was at fault. lie saw his camping ground
of the previous year wrested from" him and
either under cultivation or otherwise so altered
in appearance as to convey to his misty intellect
the startling fact that he was no longer "mon
arch of all Le surveyed, Hence in savtige hate
commenced he his career of murder, and in re
turn, raid3 upon the Indian now fairly com
menced, for up to 1S68 but little had been done
toward chastising him; and even up to the
latter part of 'Gb his shrewd, duplicate schemes
blinded (he eyes of many who believed that it
required something keener thau savage intel
lect to practise duplicity to perfection. How
ever, 1869 has brought with it a mutual under
standing: the Indian is now satisfied that we
are not a mere few who are destined eventually
to perish at his hands, and we are satisfied
that the Apache is guided by reason which,
however crude, is yet reason as distinguished
from instinct; that he possesses many of the
mental rascalities cultivated by Caucasians
without possessing a single virtue which cauca
sians cultivate, and that waraud only energetic
war can lead to permanent peace. The results
which have arisen from this understanding
are now evident to all. A 'deadly hostility
without disguise or restraint i3 being carried cn
and is as well understood to be such as if
formally declared. This, however unpleasant,
must continue for a little time ; it is a neces
sary evil, an evil which is being sent before to
open the pathway through which must pass the
whole future prosperity of our people and pro
gress of our Territory.
The period of time which must yet elapse be
fore the subjugation of the Indian is brought
about must necessarily leave records of many
other scenes similar to those which mark the
victories achieved by troops under Cols. Green
and Barnard within the past few months.
nothing short of such wholesale sleuhter can
ever bring to terms this worst of all Indian
tribes.. Nor can we determine with any-degree
of accuracy the length of time which may be
required to produce this result, as the real
strength of this tribe is to us as great a mystery
as the amount of treasure yet undiscovered
in the country over which it roams.
Lvckeased Speed. Our Eastern exchanges
which until recently readied us when two and
three months old, now come to hand when not
yot a month old. On the 10th inst we received,
via San' Francisco, copies of the N. Y. Herald
of the 12th 13th and Mth ult. The snows of the
Pocky mountains have doubtless- yielded to the
breath of Spring, leaving the iron horse to
glide over an unobstructed path.
Gov McCormick resigned, Februarv 27th, nnd
received a letter from Mr Seward acknowledg
ing the acceptance of his resignation ; but
President Johnson made no appointment. The
action of the governor was such as to have
given the President a chance to promote Col,
Carter if he desired to.
We hear that the new 'Postmaster General,
possessed of the retrenchment mania, will
probably reduce the mail scrvjee here. We
. hope not
Maricopa Wells, A. T. MajjJkth 1869
: r T?. - m . . .
- uiu. lMJiroK. i le scout mentioned m my
last, as having left Camp McDoweH, returned
without accomplishing, the desired object, of
punishing the Apaches. These scouts however
are never entirely fruitless, for besides demon
strating the fact that the troops are acting on
the offensive, they become accustomed'to the
rough trails, obtain a better knowledge of the
country; and direct the attention A the red
skins from other points, entirely C-fenseless,
'lhe Maricopa and Pima Indians, who ac-
companies me troops were inclined to make us
oeieive, that the soldieis by hgbtinc large fires
at night, gave the Apaches warning of their
wnereauouls, but troin better sources we learn
that they (the Indians) were "uiltv of the act.
notwithstanding strict orders had been issued
in regard to building fires for cookinc.
Sooner or later the military authorities will
uisuuver, mat it is poor noiicv to have these
Indians with them while hunting Apaches.
rv.. i..n . -n i" 1
tinuua jjuueiuii-, win icarn wiiii great
satisfaction, that the "advance of the troops
ordered to our Territory has arrived. Captain
Kelly and Lieuteuant McCIave with seventy
six raen; well mounted, besides fifty eight ex
tra horses, the finest 1 believe that have ever
entered the Territory, left for Camp McDowell
this morning. From Lt. MoClave I learn that
considerable apprehension is.felt by the Station
Keepers along the Gila, on account of the
presence of the Apaches, who within the nast
week have run oil' all the stock from Burke's
Station , this being the second haul they have
made recently from the same place.
Captain Vanderslice. and Lt. Hasson. with
about forty men of the 14th U. S. I. have arrived
from Camp McDowell enroute to the east, in
accordance with the order transferring the
troops from this coast,
Mr. Francis Hinton, the well known member
of the firm of Hinton Hooper &. Co has re
turned, and pioposes to make his home iu
San Diego county, where he ha i a fine ranch.
Mr. Barney the popular member of the same
firm has returned after a four months absence
in San Fran isco: looking fresh and vigorous.
from the respite obtained.
It is i eported, thatasoldier at. Camp McDowell
has commenced siut against Juo. U, Cauron for
damages which his wile sustitine I while travell
ing on the bue'k board. The dclendant would
seem to have the best of the rituation, as it is
said, they can prove, that the woman was cau
tioned regarding the danger, bur stu persisted
in taliii.g passage.
"21 nouns is (u.ur.''
Casu'Guaxt, A. T., May&ith, 1SG9.
"Twelve o'clock mid all is well!' But it isn't!
Let us see fr a moment! Though the writer of
this possesses no access to the records, yet he
can with some accuracy state how things standi
lhere are three companies here: one of cav
alry numbering about 30 men and two of in
fantry, amounting in t he aggregate to 140 men.
From these, fifty must be deducted for the sick,
the necessary guard and '"extra and daily duty
men." Twenty more will be accounted for as
safeguards to the different ranches Thus we
have 100 men fit for duty agaii st. the common
enemy What are ilicy doing Where are they ?
Iwelve cavalry men navo gone with the In,
spector General as escort-to Fort McDowell, 15
cavalry men have gone with Lieut. S. to fin.i
water near the Picacho for the purpose of estab
lishing a picket post there ; six more men have
gone on the road to Tucson to bring in Ochoa's
train which isreportrd at Canon de Oro in fear
of Apaches Coll., with 18 men, is lying in
ambush to surprise some of the hungry rtdskius
in search of Vemtble's mules. Daylight breaks;
the six men return from the Lanori de Oro and
report Ochoa's train burning. Lieut. C, with
1G men, star's immediately tor tne scene of the
disaster. Several Indians make their appear
ance within GOO yards ofthepost.on a high hill;
Li'iut. J,, with 2G men starts after them in the
most approved style of Upton's skirmish exer
cises. The day passes on fresh reports of
newly discovered tn.cks around the: post are
constantly brought in : they (the Apaches) have
been at the storehouro, they have been oil the
rive, on the hills, in rear, in front, -on both
Uankaand last, .but not least close up to Vs.
"Twelve o'clock and all is well." Lieut C re
turns with hiscommandand bring'? the bad tale
of three dead Mexicans and great disaster in
private property. - Some 25 miles to the S. E.
the Indian fires are seen, lighting the path of
'Lo," who is taking his capture to his mountain
Hare we been idle ? Are we idle ? Look at
the above figures and then pass your judgement!
Oh, for 2 full cavalry companies! Oh only for
I full cavalry company!
Oxe.ok Gaud!
Gov. McCormicit was heartily received by
the Washington as well as by the New York
Presr. The Slar spoke in this wise:
"A morning contemporary, in its li-t of the
Forty-first Congress, seta down John N. Good
win as delegate from Arizona. This is an error,
as that Territcry will be represented in the next
Congress by Ho'n. Richard C. McCormick, the
late.Governor.- Mr. -McCormiclr, a young man
of fine abilities, was appointed Secretary of the
Territorv of Arizona bv President Lincoln, xlon
N. Goodwin being Governor. Subsequently,
Governor Goodwin was elected Delegate to
.Congress, and "Mr. McCormick became Gov
ernor. From then until now he has discharged
the duties of his office with great acceptance to
the people, having been repeatedly honored
with votes of confidence and esteem by the
Territorial Legislatures, and ho has now been
chosen tor present that Territory m Congress
Knowing something of his capacity and energy,
and the wide influence he already wields, we
we shall be greatly 'surprised if he does not hi
a large sphere of usefulness in the future. "
The liepublican, -had lhe following:
The Hon, Richard C. McCormick, delegate
eleot from Arizona lerritory, to-day resigned
its Governorship, which he has held for the past
three years, h or the r revious three years, he was
lemtonal secretary of Arizona in which post
tion he so discharged his duties as fairly to earn
the promotion bestowed upon him. He was ap
pointed Territorial Secretary of Arizona by
President Lincoln liom "newpaper row, in
this citv of which he had been, tor some years,
"one of the boys" a noble young fellow, chock
lull of talent, judgement, energy ana personal
character. His career as a public man justi
fies the respect and regard in which he was
on"' held by Ins fellowi-memoers ottne press-
gang in Washington.'
There were twenty candidates for Governor
of Arizona
Col. Stone was at last accounts in rasn-
mgton. Judge 1 urner ditto.
The long and provoking delays upon lhe
Northern Pacific R. R. have been much com
mented upon by eastern journals and have
caused a reactiou in favor of a Southern road.
We may hope that Congress will aid such a
road at an early day. Tlie people will demand it.
From a New York dispatch under date of
May 1st, we learn that, dispatches fiom Mexico
contain proposals to cede to the United States,
the state of bonora and Lower California, for a
certain sum of money not known outside of
Official circles, but believed to exceed three
millions of dollars.
Wotice is hereby given thatfrom
and after the FIRST DAY of MAY. 1880. I
have ceased to be a member of the Firm nf
Arizona City, A. T., May 1, lSfi'J. 3i3:jficl5
r. FRANCIS HINTON having retired From
the Firm of HINTON. HOOPER & Co.. the
business will be contiuued-by the undersigned un
der tho firm name of HOOPER WHITING & Co.
All outstanding accounts and nil clnias against
io old firm will bo sottlcd bv tho undermined.
Arizona City A. T-, Jis. M. BARNEY
May 1, 18G9.J7 Jyo. S. CARR
3m;fml5 t
FfTShe undersigned offer for sale at tho Corrall
3 formerly occupied by "Brigbam" any quantity
of Brick & Lime. Wo have now on hand about
50,000 bricks which wo offor at $15 per thousand
and Hmo may be purchased from us st $1 per
bushel,. . s -
in Quadruplicates will be reeeivoi at the office
of the undersigned until 12 m. on the fifteenth
5) of June, 18G9, for the delivery at Tucson,
A. T., of ninefyvfour (9-1) pack mules.
The mules to bo Mexican mules, good sized,
strong bodied, short coupled, short legged, and
well broken to the pack, and in good, sound
No sore backed animals will be received, and
each will be subject to. inspection by the Gov
ernment Inspector to be appointed by the Com-
manding Officer of the District of Arizona.
Bidders will state their price per - head in
Gold Coin, and payment will be made with
such funds as the Depot Quartermaster at Tuc
ion may have-on hand at the time of delivery.
Each proposal must be signed by two re
sponsible persons, who will become sureties for
the faithful performance of the contract.
Bidders will st-ite their places of residence
and each bidder will file a duly executed Bond
Tith their proposals, in t've sum of Ffteen hun
dred (1,500) dollars, as a guarantee that in
case the contract is awarded to the party or
parties proposing, suph contract will be ac
cepted and entered into.
The mules will be delivered as soon as prac
ticable after the" contractor is noticed by the
The undersigned reserves the righ,t to ro
ject any and all bids should he deem such ac
tion necessary.
Further instrnclions will be given at the of
fice of the undersigned.
''Gir.l'MtTG. -SMITH:
Capt. and Ass . Q. "M., V. S. A.
San Franciseo and Fort Yuma, Califn
Arizona City, Maricopa Wells, Sacatn W
Sweet Water and Camp McDowoii ft
. Arizona.
. , I
General Merchandise. j
Forwarding and Commission
bios is
e wisn to can tne a 'leniion ot the mA'
generally, and Merchants, part:cu!a-lv, tooT'sl
facilities for Wholesaling and Jobbing at! nM
We keep constantly on hand at
xne largest ana most ueneral Slock of Gfii1
in the lerritory, or many one House sourt
of San Frandisco. 2.1
REonntRs. uUJ!ld
All our cooda aro either imnn.in,i j: Si
bought of direct importers. Wo buy nothic,
from Secnnf? Tinn.lt, . J. 1 ?5
...... v.o , ihkikuj saving in
San Francisco Jobber's ProGtwhich is-
"Livo and Let Livo,"
is our motto. Our terms aro
CASH. EXCLUSIVELY, and for cash,
we are always in
readiness to supply dealer, ?j
" ' kauuus .looning
OTniTl foroi? r i 4 w1 5 XT iC
Arizona City May I, 18G9 . lf m
have nntJOinted IK lit T tn nf a
- i " ucp VII
J " '""B iY usiSJH
County Treasurer, Sfl
Forwarding and C-lnC
mission merchant
SOXORA, ten'
MEXICO, fin!
warding goods with
. ... ..VU.m. u..uiiiiuij jJ.l&U 11 IVUVIl JIM 1 I V
quick dispatch.
refers to
COL. J. P. T CAJirKK, K. N.
U ,t 5. eo
CIIA&-. T, II A YD EX. 'J'ULLY .C- IKJ.lof f
f Tucsrn, A. T. Wi
W HO LKS A L 15 A X" 1) KKTAi!. ml-AU'W "M
Tiiluic, A. T. W
EEP3 constantly on hand a large -indwell imm
ir r
A sorted stool; t Ull UOODS, i. KoOKltlMar
AND PRO VISIONS, which will bo aoMr.i-is.ii.ai.iif!!
nd a LIBERAL CltEDlT GIVEN. Gram ukc.W
n cxi-hiingc, Cor g.ouds ;it umrkvt nrwos. aT;
Jan 1st 1S8.
. ItlZ
formerly of
Haynes & Lawton.
formerly of mm
Geo. F. Hooper iCgjf
Tho above bog to inform their friends andtyQit
public that ihey havo established a .jjgj
-under tho stylo of-
No 335 PINE St. (just below Montgomer ac
San F r a 11 c i s c o. jll
WE WILL at all times keen a full andcoo-
plete stock, and sell at the lowest raleuule
Every effort will be made to give satisfact--Dtjr,
in all respects, to those who may be p'JSS
to favor us with their patronage. Buvers l as
t,he country will do well to give us a ca!i r-gx
examine our stock.
New Saw-Mill
New Saw-Mil
faving brought from
"""-States last FALL, and put up, three JSf
South of this Post, a NEW AND l'-sam
STEAM SAW-MILL, capable of turning oit,f
OOQ fet of Lumber per Day, wo jra PrcFsrV,MM
furnish tho Citizens of Arizona with any aI, ssBff
ui a superior quality oi rAfi
urcany neauceu atico3 urqers umu" n, ,
of all dimensions. Having attached a K JSSi
SHINGLE MACHINE to our Mill we arc cnfSinl
o furnish Shingles at $3.00 per thtu.'.'-nd. faB,
r r

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