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MAY 29 1869.
ABRAHAM LYON; of Arizona Cit
our only authorized Agent in Arizona,
The appointment of Judge W. J. Berry, of
Preicott, to be Registrar of the Land Olfict
in Arizona is an indication that that important
office is soon to be established. Surveys havo
already -been completed on the Salt river and
otheri in various parts ot the Territory will
soon be" male, and there is no reason why our
settlers should not speedily bo entitled to per
fect their land and raining ti:Ie in accordance
with the liberal laws of the United States,
Nothing will go further to create confidence
nnd interest in the country. The pioneer' Hires
to know that he is legally and fully in possession
of bis property and until he is satisfied dr. this
point is never easy or content Mr. BuckSlew
was 'made" the Receiver of the Land office some
time since, and in view of what lie has suffered
in the country the appointment was regarded
a just one and will not, we, presume, be dis
turbed bv the new administtntion, although the
sweep of old officials has thus far been very
thorough at (he eact. Judge Berry as a pio
neer irf Arizona, a fnan df more Uiah Usual
ability aiid force of character and one familiar
with "the country and the people, has gbbd
qualifications, for the office of Registrar and
will, we doubt riot, take a pride in the prompt
performance of all its.duties. He will not hold
the place simply for the name of it but will be j
a worker.
The Congn ssional Directory for the 41st.
Cong'resF, a pBmphlet giving brief sketches of a?l
the members and much additional information
of interest re'ating to Congre3, has the annexed
sketch of our present Delegate :
Richard C. McCormick, of Tucson, was born
in New York city, 1S32 ; received a classical
education and entered business in Wall strict
in that city in 1850 ; in 1851 5 travelled ex-'
tensivcly in Europe and Asia, spending som&
time in the camp of the allied armies during
the siege of Sevastopol, and writing let ers
which appeared in the " Courier n 1 Enqfl'rer "
and other New York journals, and were sub
scqucntly issued in book form in New York and
t .1 -...1 rnmrnA 1 1 1 tr. i rrl i mnnt- Artitirm-t
St. Sophia; or' Stalch'?rfg"3 hi Europe" 1S5T to
18G1 n trustee of public shools in New York;
1859-00 ediof of "The Young Men's Maga
zine," a contributor to various periodicals, and
lecftififg frequently; 1SG1 connected with the
' Kevcning Post" at New York, and in same
year and I8G2 its correspondent ard that of the
'New York Commercial Advertiser" in Wash
ington arid with the army of the' Potomac, and
present at Bull Run, Williamsburg, and othef
battles; 1862 chief clerk Department of Agri
culture; March, 1S63 appointed secretary of
Arizona; April. 1SG6, made governor, and Junf
1863, elected delegate to the forty-first Con
gress, as an independent Union candidate,
receiving 1,263 votes, against 611 for Rush,
and 1SG for Adams.
The Directory of the 40th. Congress gavo
this sketch of our delegate in that body:
Coles Bashford, of Tucson was born near
Cold Springs, Putnam county,-New York, Jan
uary 21, 1S1G; receive a classical education a'
the Wc3leyan Seminary, now Genesee College,
Lima,- New York; studied, law and was admitted
to practice in 1841; was district attorney of
Wayne county from 1847 to 1S"0, when he re
signed; removed to Oshkoih. Wisconsin, in
1850, and wits a member of the Senate of thn
State in 1S52, 1S5:5, and 1854, resigning inf
1855; vraf governor of Wisconsin from 1855 to
Frorri a copy of the Prescot.' Miner we learn
that Tucson is a "very sickly place" and tha
the presiding genius of that trifling sheet, sur
prised at the number of deaths occurring here
ad vises that the. people of. Tucson "should en
deavor to find out the cause of these deaths
and if possible, take measures to step tho
ravages ot the disease.
Well knowing the character of the Miner ve
are not surprised to find itsicolumns crowded
wf h misgtatements frsrardirfr Tucson : but if
it wishes to raise objections' to Pima county
and Us inhabitants its own credit should," we
think, demand that it do to in a manner which
will not so evidently betr'ay its short-sighted
ness and animosity : the report of the Territo
rial treasurer published in the Arizoka.v some
weeks since shows very plainly that the "aiis
erable people of Pima county" are, of all the
nhabitants of Arizona, the least '"jniserable,"
Again; we are happy to inform the Miner that
its solicitude for tlm peopleof Tucson, the "very
sickly place," need not bo entertained longer,
We regret that the spirit df the Miner should
be clouded through the ideal.calamities visited
upon uj, but cannot consider ourselves respon
sible for the n-sults consequent to terrors
pictured by a i.hordered brain. Ilowevcr,
sympathy is swept : if he to whom it is extended
be a sufferer he will appreciate it; and if cx
tended through misconceived opinions it yet
indicates good will but be cautious, dear
Miner () how you extend symprfthy, for the
people of Tucson des, Ue affectation and pity
a natural hypocrite.
That the MiHcr may not be under any mis
take regarding our. intentions in future we will
here sliite that we do not intend to do it tho
honor of noticing everything that it may contain
regarding us apropos, school-boy controversy
and we have long since 'cut acquaintance.'
We would, however, before concluding this ar
ticle, hint the propriety of that motive which
would influence our Prescott contemporary to
cleanse its columns-from the filth and falsehood
of eighteen months and suggest candor and
lioriisty of purpose as the best means of pro
moting its interest? as well as the interests of
its supporter.
There, we have -given you the foregoing edi
torial notice this week; if you become docile
under the lash we may de?gh to notice you
! again sometime,- it, being off Arizona, you are
tend tc the Tc:rituy at 'arTcf -
Geo. R. Maxwell has been uppoiiited super
intendent of fudian affairs for New Mexico, this
i is not the Maxwell cf Maxwell's ranch.
- ii i n -
The dispatches this week give information
of the completion of the Pacific railroad.
Thus, on the iron bantf from ocean to ocean
uiiinlprfupfed by mountain-range or river
the same journey may be accomplished in one
week which, only a few years ago was a tedious
journey of two and three months. The distant
California of five years ago is now, to the in-
hrbitants of the eastern States, comparatively
"at hand" only a thousand miles west of the
Roc'ky M6antaiiis ajoun.e," of only a few days
1 a.
It h worthy of notice that in every civilized
country the present system of criminal law is
acknowledged to be a failure. In France, many
of the wisest statesmen arc calling for an en
tire change in the nature' of the punishments
inflicted. In England, Parliament is now con
sidering Iitfv? to" deal more severely with "the
dangerous classes,'' by subjecting criminals to
po'ice restric.Jons witl.pnt trial. And in this
country, and especially in th large cities,
public opinion is becoming erefj-'day moie
ready fcr extreme measure?.
In the U. S. Sa'natc, April 19, Mr Chaudler
offered the following resolution :
ict.-.s- orrnSnnniWT fhf Tprrilori.il officer to i
' . ,,,,,. ,i 1T. .,, ,t r a : i ''Itesolccd, TLat in the judgcmei.t of the Sen-
Anzor.a in lSb3; was attorney general of An-1 . ,
r TerT. A n the solution of all centre vcrsies between
zona from 1864 to I867; vas eroded a member. ' . .,,..,,
f.l. fi-t irrrifnrKil council of Arizona, and i Greal Br,ln,n nnJ th,; Lm,e'1 St:,tes 17,11 hf
... . . ,i ij .! found in the surrender of all the Briiishpos-
n...a if rfeir,iirr lll:rfr nnfl W!IS ftlPPtPfl .111 '
il.'O I J ' ii" j ------ -
lioth Coiicrr
5lS for Pfften and 108 votes for A lamb' i he " h"reb-v q-'ested to open negotiations as
jsoou as practicable tur a settlement ol all mat
csiding oJEcer; and was elected as an " " " .
lent randidalc, a delegate to tho for J !CSS,on8 ,n iNorth Amtr,C!l to ,he PeoP,e the
icrress, receiving 1,000 votes, agaimt ' Uni,ed S,alM' "f"J ,,iat ,h: Presu' enl bc Rnd
JortoKS OY Nkw Mexico; Our sister Tcrri- s terts in dispute upon that basis.",
tory has three new judges. Thry are an follows j This was supported by a warlike speech,
and are well spoken of : . ceedirtgly ferociou', hut- nht nearly bo power-
Joseph G. Palen, Cliicf-Justice ; II. S. John fl jls that of Senator Stumer uf a few days bc
qn and Abraham Bergen. Associate Justice?. ; fore and which is generally eoinnieii.tcd by all
Johnson is an old friend df the Albnqucrqup ' parlies at the east and will attract attention the
Jtcvicic and wc congratulate him on the honor Jwori,l oV,T. Ki-en the New York Jlerald is
shown him by the President. On the principle enthusiastic for Suini.cr.
that newspaper men are fit for any responsi-j Chandler's resolution war. referred to the
bility we believe he will tnake r good judge, j Committee oi Forc-ig'i AXiirs.
"" " " Tll l . .1 t. :
Bulletin of March 27th makes the following j fop numerous assemblages of the kin?
n.,,:., f n t..Pr nf Rnn. A. I !ltu!ltl0 w central and the apartmem lM
UUlIiptliiicOiu ij anuou' v -
P. K. Safford, the new Governor ot Arizona
Miss Mary Saflbrd, of this city, graduated at
Hid New York Medical College for females, on
the 23d instant, delivering the valedictory
address of the graduating class. In a few
months she will leave this country fur France,
where" she will spend a veur in the hospitals of
Paris. It seems to be the ruling purpose of
Miss Safford 's life "to minister to the sick
and afflie.ted. end that she may do this more
efficiently thaH before We doubt not, is the
motive for her present eaursCi Hundreds ami
thousand of the sick aud wautided soldiers of the
Mississippi valley, who filled the hospitals at
Cairo, Memphis, Yicksburg, Nashville, Mound
Citv and other points, will recall her kind visits
. ... i - ... . . i. .i i
and ministrations-; and inoso wno waicncu cr
ouloinM and incomings knew her, during the
first years of the war, to be tireless and uu-
ceasihf' in her works of mercy. Iti her present
designs her countless friends will bid her God
Latest News.
-. t "cnri a.
its convenience as a sleeping andre . ;Sg
for women where baths and the uae 0 ,:
and newspapers can be had, will V '
point of popular resort. N. Y. AVer
HJkiv Steve,.
e. T TT
C.imn C.i'iii m
" ' Mo
W rC3P rally give notice to tl .
public in and around CampCrht. Vn
w. h.ja JOSt received a torga Siffi
Havana, May 14 Private letters from rebe
sources give accounts f another battle on the
third instant near las Animas. The Spaniards
numbered 12,000 commanded by General Lisca,
while Queaada in person commanded the insur'
gents. Before fighting began Quesada placed
the natives in front protected by iutrenchrrent.
with 400 Dominicans aud American volunteers
in the rear with orders to fire upon them if they
ran. Thus situatted ths Guba-ns fought desper
ately; the Spaniards attacked three times with
bayunels, aud at- the third assault tho Cubans
began to waver, when Quesada ordered the rear
guard la the front with fixed bayonets; this
lushed the Cubans into lrcnfc ranks of the
enemy and a hand to hand fight ensued, whicu
was a butchery most noma, and the bpaniarda
finally retreated but in good order, 'lheir loss
was ICO hilled and acout three hundred wound
ed: the Cubans lost 200 killed and a propo
tionate number wounded Quesada burned t lie-
town of Ssn Miguel in view of the retreating
1 .... . 4 1 . . ....
i he revi-rtnionirts have ensngea their pohev
.1 i- ! 1 ..I ...III I. 1-1.. 1 .-
n tne rieiu;ni:u win muts irjjni, insieau in re
treating to the mortmains. At tue battle ot Aita
Gracia which was fought M;y 1st. lite Spanish
os was 1!)0 killeit aiid wounded, and Ihe Cu
bans lot 200 Spaniards regard the result of
thesj two batiles as fatal to the rebellion, while
the Cubans are jubilant over the two great sue-
- ka..Ilr. .
Montreal, May H It is reported that the
English priw coi ncil is coffsideiinir the advis
ability of relit qnishing all their colouies
except India.
New York, Mny 1-i. A steampr laden nith
arms and munition.0, which has been latin? in
the Sound steaded down th'c bay to-day. It is
rumorea n win fa u tor uuba on ilonday.
New York, .May 13. The Tribune's Atlanta
pecial savs a large number of republicans from
all parts of the s-ate arc now in the city, be
liev.ng that their lives are sought; among them
are many members of the legislatuie.
A desperate attempt was made near Wavncs-r
boro. Burke County, to assassinate Her. J. S.
nttman, pYesnling elder of the MethodisL
church. He had preached there and induced a
arge number of negroes to renounce tha Ifc
thodiit church .south and join another church.
A gang ol Kuxlux planntd his death and had
picketed the road from bis hotel to the depot,
but a colored man guided bins across the fields
and a volunteer guard of colored men accom
panied him to the depert. When he arrived there
pi -ti Is were presented a! his head and death
eemed certain, but the' firm stririd taken hv ihn
colored people saved his life. The only charge
gains, uim was mat he is a radical.
fJlub House torTvtmieiia
The handsome brown stone house No. 49
East Twenty-t'nird-st, two doors from the Aca
I my of Design1, has been bought by 3 wealthy
woman as a clnb-house for her sex.
On the ground floor Miss S'usarY& Anthony
will instal the Revolution offices. Tho secend
floor will be devoted to the reception of guests
and to evening parties.- On the third story the
Sorosis and 'Workingmen's Association will
e'ftc'h occupy a fine room for their meetings
and business, and on the fourth a number of
female artists will have a studio.
There will, as vet, be no restaurant attached
to the building, but women sleenintr there can
obtain breakfast either in their bed rooms or in
the dininjr-room. besides the parlors and base
menti which cannot be hired, there will' be 12
rooms to rent. As the owner desires simply a
even per cent liiieresr, or 3,auu tor her out
ay (he average rent of ihe rooms will be less
n 5-.)00 a year. As the tocieties havina
rooms will only use them at intervals, they will
sub-let them, when not wanted, for themeetings
of other societies of females. Ther is no doubt
and all kinds of nccesi.i v.,..:
j ... ucipi iur
Direct irom S.-m r,
which wo propose to sell t0 all gj
in Quadruplicates will bo rrftlH
of the undersigned until 12 in n tU
15) of June, 1809, for the S
A I fit nrnolr.fn,.- ni . 'US',
- -i --uui o-ij paciv
The mules fo be" Mexican mnlo. Hoi
strong bodied, short coupled, short 2j M
well broken tc. the pack, and in good ,;ifaB
condition. 'a
No sore backed animals will bc receiveu.S1
each will be subject to inspection bv the
ernment Inspector to be appointed brtW
mandrng Officer of the District of Arn
Bidders will state their price per 1.".
such tunds as the Depot Quartermaster v l
son may nave on Hand at the time of.!.,
Each propoMul must ho .;,nt,i icke
spoiisible persons, who will b.-come surei-aSS
the faithful performance of the contract.'
Bidders will state their places of res' Itzc
and each bid ler will file a duly executed i Jiffi
vuii uu-rr limposais. in He smn rf h'
dred (?1,500 dollars, as a guarantee!
case the contract is Awarded to ttu- r,
parties rtrnposinj.', such control '
cepted nd entered into.
'J'he mules will be delivered as soon m -moSS
ucaote aiier uie contractor is notified
undersigned. '
The undersigned rcerv.s lite ri !it
eut ai.y a mi ttii bids .,huu!d he deem s u4 Ho
ion necessary. ar:
Further inslruclions will bu -'i.-en :;t t'.. lia
(ice of the undersigned. IvS
izixj uiit c irj mm
-rsjit. and Ass . t,. M ,
San Francisco and Fort Yuma Pi';':- '--'f
Arizona City, Ma rrdoprt Wells, Satai.-'iSi
Sweet Water And Camp McD
: o
General Merchandise'. -11
' essjt
Forwarding and Commit ?n'
Merchants. M
We wish to call the altention of the cu."?D
generally, and Merchants, particularly, to itHfs
facilities for Wholesaleing" and JobbinjratLi -iS?
RATES. 6 ,a,"
We keep constantly on: hartd it .$
The largest and most General Stock of 36
in the 1 err 1 tory, or m anyone House sou.
of ban trandisco. 2
All our goods are citbtff imported dironcli
bought of direct importers; "Wo' buy DrtVijowej
from second hands ; ther'ebj saving tb toie.
San Frau'ciSc'o Jobber's ProfitvrLich ii
j:r.t, wk Ask to make.
"Live and Lot Live,"
ia Qur mono, uur terms are t?.
CASH. EXCLUSIVELY, andforeasi, . Sffli
' sceiv
we are always in readiness to supply d'-Jj'ijCjJ
ranehoros, & others, with good3, in jobbisj ffi "
Unprecedeutedly Low forcas'
Arizona City May; , 1869 . S '"fS
mission merchant
-r ... ..... ... . .rji -TifcPC
i-arucuiar attontion pata to- reccivius ,. asm
warding, goods with quick dispatch. Reipft
refers to .'Cprd
COL. J. P. TCARTint, E. N. HSII'-fi1oB
fiOODWIXX-SANDERS, 1105- J- B'3!l
CUAS. T. HA YD EN. TL'LI.Y & 0CHtirhe
of Tucion, A. T.

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