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The Nome daily gold digger. [volume] (Nome, Alaska) 1905-1910, June 28, 1906, Image 1

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Cbc 1Bome Dailv <3old Digger*
- ■ - —■■■:. ■. , , ..—
I»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦ ♦♦♦*
jpLEASE, dear people, come in the morn
iug if you can. Its hard on you and
harder on us when the store is crowded J [
I in the afternoons. , I
We don’t blame you for coming in o
bunches to take advantage of such ex- <>
traordinary offerings, but it would help o
us aud you too if more of you would T
a come early in the morning. . f
| Sale Ends j
j Saturday Might j
♦ Come in Come in |
4 the mornings the mornings 4
4 ►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«■<> <>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ Our stock of UP-TO- jj
| DATE Clothing, hats, j!
| Shoes and Furnishings <j
j has arrived and we are j;
{ now ready to fix you up I!
I in a manner that will <j
please you. ;;
None but the Best One Price to All !|
QUS BROWN THe Lead'c?othier X
< i
Received the finest line of j;
Stein Blocko Clothing ;;
that ever came to Nome.
Come and see for your- ;;
self, they are going fast. ;;
Also received new line ;;
of all styles Stetson Hats, ;;
Dr. Yeager’s underwear, ;;
and everything you wish ;;
in Gent’s Furnishings. ;;
__ o
QUS BROWN and ^urniaher |
Gold Discovered in
Siberia By Cos
The schooner X. L., Captain Albert
Soto, cleared from this port today
for Anador bay, Siberia. Besides
the captain and a crew of three gal
lant spirits, the X. L. will curry J.
T. Lindseth, who owns a half inter
est in the vessel. The ostensible pur
pose of tlie voyage is trade with the
Indians, but behind this there is an-.
outer motive. The schooner will
ascend the Anador river a distance
of six hundred miles in search of
The story which led to the t,-i
roa'ir. Ills'? u rOTi.-T.CC. .'.t-cof ling <t>
this story gold was found in large
quantities on the Anadir river by a
band of Russian Cossacks in 1887.
With well-filled pokes—or whatever
is the Russian equivalent, for gold
sacks—they were returning lo the
coast when they were set upon by a
party of savages, and all but one
were killed. This man, after en
during the greatest hardship and
privation, reached Anadir with some
of the yellow metal in his possession
and related to the governor of the
province of Anadir the details of tne
Journey, but withholding any infor
mation as to the locality in which the
gold was found. Some years later
the man died, but before passing
away revealed to the governor his
secret in regard to the whereabouts
of the new Eldorado.
Mr. Lindseth, who knew the
story of the discovery, but nothing
of its location, last winter received a
letter from the governor via St.
Petersburg. The schooner was pur
chased and outfitted immediately.
On hoard the vessel is a large min
ing and prospecting outfit. This will
be landed at Anadir bay, and a car
go of furs, ivory and other products
loaded on board, when the vessel will
return to Nome. hho will leave
again about a month hence with an
uddtion to the mining outfit and six
practical miners and prospectors for
her long journey up the unknown
and unprospected Anadir river. The
party will remain on the ground all
summer and next winter.
Special to the Dully Mold Digger.
Seattle, June 26.—After spending
a whole day in the examination of
Jurors in the case of George Mitchell,
charged with the murder of William
Creflleld, not one Juror was added to
the list. Eleven have been secured.
Mitchell will plead temporary Insan
Letups St. Louis and llaiider fleers
at the Northwestern Commercial Co.
Doth phones.
Lease Mood Projterty.
F. S. Lang, J. S. Kimball and A. J.
Bruner have secured a lease of some
ground along the third beach line
from the Golden Dawn Mining Co.
Hptu'iul to the Daily (Sold Digger.
Comfort, Texas, June 26.—The
most sensational tragedy that has oc
curred in 1 exas for years past took
place last night at the marriage
ceremony of Joseph Presence, a well
known and wealthy stockman of
Rliinehart, and Miss Ernestine {Clip
per, a daughter of wealthy and high
ly respected parents, in the pres
ence of a large crowd, and as the
minister was about to announce the
couple man and wife, Presence drew
a revolver and shot his bride-to-be
(lead at Ills feet. The greatest ex
citement prevailed in the crowded
church, and Presence was instantly
seized, disarmed and arrested. The
murdered girl’s parents are almost
distracted with grief at the shock
ing tragedy. Presence gives no rea
son for the perpetration of such a
wantonly cruel and apparently un
justifiable crime. A special guard
has been placed over the jail in
which the murderer is confined, as it
is feared that, a lynching is being
Special to the Daily Gold Digger.
New York, June 27.—A wild and
unfounded rumor to the effect that
a plot to murder all the Jews living
on the east side had been discovered,
spread throughout tho city this
morning. The Hebrews became
panic stricken as the rumor spread
like wild tire. When the rumor
reached tne schools the children be
came unmanageable and the classes
were dismissed. Crowds of Chris
tians were drawn to the east side by
the rumor, but tneir presence only
added to the terror of the panic
stricken Hebrews. Mobs of Jews
surrounded the schools to protect
their children, but were finally dis
persed by the police.
Special to the Itnily Gold Digger.
Seattle, June 27.—Ralph Cook,
chief of the city fire department, was
notified last night, by Mayor Moore
that he must either resign or be re
moved. The result of the investiga
tion into the looting which took place
during the Arlington dock fire has
disclosed the fact that the depart
ment was totally disorganized; that
then; was a shameful lack of disci
pline and that tne chief was utterly
irresponsible. It is not unlikely that
criminal proceedings will he insti
tuted against a number of the fire
men and officers who were dismissed
from the service for stealing.
Hpeclal to tlic Daily (lohl Digger.
Cardiff, June 27.—Severe shocks
of earthquake occurred all over
South Wales early this morning, do
ing much damage in many places and
injuring hundreds of people. So far
as learned nobody was killed. When
the first, shock was felt people rushed
from their houses in alarm, and this
fact doubtless accounts for the few
_ J
serious casualties. During the sec
ond shock, which occurred about fif
teen minutes inter, buildings rocked
like trees in a windstorm, and many
of the poorly constructed ones crash
ed to the ground filling the streetB
with debris. The loss cannot be
estimated. Citizens are leaving Car
diff by tne thousand, every outgoing
ship being crowded with terror
stricken refugees.
It is currently reported that a rich
strike was made last night by the
Wild Goose Company on their bench
claim between Newton and Dry
creeks, and it is generally stated that
the continuation of the ancient
beach pay steak has been uncovered.
James B. Brewster, auditor of the
company, however, today stated to a
Gold Digger representative that he
had not been Apprised of any start
ling discovery, but that the company
was prospecting the ground mention
ed, and other claims in uiat locality.
Lacey, O. I*. H., Marquette, Hermi
tage, Old Crow, Cnrstuirs, Hunter,
Chicken Cock ami Old Keller whisky
served over the bar ut. the Cagle.
Telephone to Iron Creek
Manager Boyd of the A. T. & T.
Company, has constructed a long dis
tance telephone line from Sllseovich’s
roadhouse to the Gold Beach Devel
opment Company’s camp on Iron
creek. The Instruments were In
stalled yesterday and communication
may now be had with Nome,
S|H'ciaI to the Daily Goi<l Digger.
New York, June 27.—It has de
veloped that Richard Mansfield
White, the well known Seattle club
man, wlio was shot and killed on
Tuesday night last by Henry Thawn,
tue Pittsburg millionaire, had writ
ten a number of letters to Thawn’s
wife during the past fifteen years.
The husband found one of these let
ters last week, while White was a
guest at his house. The moment
they mot tne shooting took place.
Thawn s lawyers are arranging to
make a plea of temporary insanity
engendered by ungovernable Jeal
ousy. He will waive examination at
the preliminary hearing.
Carstairs, Marquette, Hermitage,
Guckeiiheimer, Frankfort, Colgate
and Spring Vidley ltyes, Old Crow
um! Old Taylor Bourbons, at the
| Northwestern Commercial Co. Both
I pliones.
Revenue Cutter Thetis
Pursuing . Notorious
W ler Jeanette
The ruffianly sea bandit, Captain
Newth of the whaler Jeannette,
whose many misdeeds were brought
before the notice of the authorities
by the Gold Digger last summer, is
to pay the penalty of his misdeeds.
Owing to the exposure made by
this paper, the war department took
up the matter, and early this spring
issued orders to Captain Hamlet of
i he revenue cutter Thetis to proceed
at once to the Arctic and arrest Cap
tain Newtu and bring to Nome for
I rial.
The unspeakable crimes perpetrat
■d by Captain Newth were brought to
light last summer, when, emboldened
by success, he came to Nome and
seized a young native girl, carried
rier aboard his ship and debauched
lier. The captain and his crew—
who generally are recruited from the
owest class of criminals, which ac
counts for the number of Portuguese
lalf breeds in the northern section
jf Alaska—for a number of years
uist have been carrying on these
iwful crimes - against the natives.
Pheir mode of operation was to call
it a native camp, trade off a few
jottles of alcohol for valuable furs,
md, while the Eskimos were engag
'd in a wild Jrunkon orgie, seize the
jest looking young girls in the vil
uge and carry them aboard the ves
sel, releasing them after they had
ieen shamelessly debauched.
On the matter being brought be
'ore the authorities by the Gold Dig
?er last summer. Captain Hamlet was
ippointed a United States commis
sioner by Judge Moore. He was
;iving a roving commission, and ac
companied by Assistant District At
orney Landers pursued the whalers
o the Arctic ocean. A field of Ice
lad closed in behind the whalers,
md the revenue cutter was compell
>d to return. Captain Newtn and his
crew, being cut off by the ice fields,
went into winter quarters at Hers
•hell island for the winter, from
which place they were reported by
he celebrated explorer Roald
\munsen, who came over the ice to
Eagle City last winter. SUould Cap
:aln Hamlet be successful In catch
ng the band of desperate criminals,
here is little doubt that they will
spend a long time in the pententiary.
Special to tin* Daily Gold Digger.
Washington, D. C., June 27.—A
loud lock has occurred between the
senate and house of representatives
aver the meat inspection bill. The
iiouse emphatically refuses to recon
dder any amendments made by the
senate, and the latter is equany in
sistent mat the changes shall be
made. Speaker Cannon says that it'
in agreement between the two
jranches of congress can be reached,
in adjournment will be taken on
Saturday next.
Special to the Dally Gold Digger.
Pittsburg, June 2(>.—The demo
•rallc convention held here last night
indorsed William J. Bryan, as the
next nominee of the democratic pra
ty to the presidency of the United
-states. The speakers characterized
Roosevelt's war on the trusts as a
political trick to catch votes at the
next presidential elections. Through
out the convention the republican
parly was referred to as the eleventh
hour repentance party.
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