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The Seattle Republican
Telephone, Main 305,
The Republican Pub. Co., Publishers
H. R. Cayton, Editor
Susie Revels Cayton, Associate •
On Year 9 m
Six Months .... ,™
Three Months .7.7 .". ......'. .7.7 60c
Advertising rates Furnished upon application
Entered at the Postoffice at Seattle as Second
Class Mail Matter.
Events of National importance
to transpire in the near future are:
may 2: The convening of the
Twenty-third delegated general
conference of the Methodist Epis
copal Church of the United States
at Chicago.
The convening of the African
Methodist Episcopal Church of
the world at Columbus, Ohio.
The convening of the Zion Afri
can Methodist Episcopal Church
of the world at Washington, D. C.
June 19: The assembling of the
National Republican convention of
the United States at Philadelphia,
JULY fourth: The assembling
of the Democratic National con
vention at Kansas City, Mo.
same date: The assembling of
the Populist National convention.
Spring elections -in the East did
not show much Republican degen
Poor old Senator Le Roi he has
seen better days, especially when
he was a Republican.
Dewey's presidential aspirations
will be the means of rendering a
great man a monstrous political
A Democratic dollar dinner
tasted to a Republican editor no
different from a Republican dime
Oom Paul's soldiers showed
signs of life the other day and as a
result 200 Englishmen are now
prisoners of war.
"Uncle" Jim , Ham seems to
handle the "black mammy" English
to a Sambo's taste. Its hard to
break away from one's early train
Bryan failed to save Tacoma
from going Republican, and, in his
endeavor to save Tacoma, Lincoln,
his home, slipped into the Repub
lican ranks.
"It was a regular caution" how
Cotterill, Lewis, Blethen and Bryan
bouqueted each other at the ban
quet when such was not even a part
of the program.
Marcum, it seems, was nothing
more nor less than a fizzle braced
up by yellow Pop journalism.
His presidential boom did not
even reach the huge joke state. '
Cartoons of Bryan showing his
bland child-like smile have not
been exaggerated by the news
papers. When he smiles he cer
tainly smiles all over his face.
The usual calm after the storm
followed the Bryan wind storm in
the Northwest. Though the storm
raged with unusual severeness no
damage is reported as having been
Socialism for this country
literally speaking, does not trouble
us to any great extent. We cer
tainly can stand a good deal more
socialism than falls to our lot at
Seattle's chances for getting a
million dollar public building are
very flattering, so writes Repre
sentative Cushman, and, in this,
he is heartily endorsed by his
colleague, Mr. Jones.
It was not exactly the usual
. gold brick" swindle by which Dr.
J. Eugene Jordan got relieved of
his $10,000, but it was akin to it,
and, we assure you, dear reader,
equally as romantic.
Scientists all agree that Andree,
the North pole baloon explorer,
is long since dead, but an attempt
will be made within the coming
summer season to find out the
exact truth of the matter.
Spokane county has now done it
to the Indian, the Negro, the China
man, and, finally, to the Cauca
sian as George Webster was
hanged as high as Hay man in the
Spokane county jail last Friday,
Official kidnappers do not seem
to fare near so well in California
as they do in Seattle, as two offi
cers of the law from this state are
now in the toils of the California
courts for trying the kidnapping
Easter merchants have already
made complete arrangements for
the wholesale receiving of your
entire winter's wages. For the
sake of peace in the family it
behooves you to quietly acquiesce
to the holdup.
Col. Allen declares that Bryan
is no longer a Democrat. There
is no doubt of that, colonel, he is
simply a presidential candidate
and don't give a darn as to what
elects him. Any old party just
so he can get to put his grip under
the White House bed.
"None but friends of labor
unions advertise on this card," is
the motto of a card said to have
been issued in the interest of orga
nized labor in this city, and fifteen
(15) saloon advertisements out of
thirty appeared thereon. Draw
your own conclusions.
Using President McKinley's
name as an advertisement to sell
certain brands of whiskey is a
compliment, we surmise, that Mr.
McKinley would not greatly ap
preciate, since he does not use the
vile stuff even as a medicine.
Not for two decades past have
the farmers of the United States
been in as good financial condition
as^ at present, and yet the Windy
Wonder is endeavoring to convince
them that they are being robbed.
Many of us would like to get rob
bed in a similar manner.
If Candidate Bryan's visit to
Seattle lms not killed every oppor
tunity of further "three tent Fu
sion" in this state, then we cer
tainly miss our guess. Dissatis
faction and open opposition among
Democrats and Pops are heard on
all sides since the cyclone passed.
Show going people of this city
have do right for complaint of
Seattle during the past week on
that score —the Kepublican show,
the Bryan show, the show the
Fusions made of themselves and
the bench show offered, it seems,
excitement enough for the most
Congratulations are herewith
extended to the citizens of Jeffer
son county this state, as their
representatives in the late state
Republican convention worked
like Trojans to send a Coon to the
National convention. Who said
race prejudice was not rapidly
becoming a thing of the past.
Japan appears anxious to get in a
mixup with Russia. Once on a
time, the Transvaal hankered to
get in a scrap with Great Britain,
now that it is into it Oom Paul is
doubly anxious to get out of it.
We fear that Japan will experience
a similar feeling before it has been
in war with Russia very long.
Webster Davis, who had such a
time at Pretoria with Oom Paul
ism not long since, has resigned
his position at Washington City
and intends to enlighten the
United States citizens on the
Transvaal situation. We suspect
Mr. Davis is troubled with the
dreams of Webster's greatness.
Col. Alden J. Times is reaping
the fruits of his graft on the secre
tary of state's office by publishing
the annual statements of the in
surance companies doing business
in this state, for which it charges
$2 per inch per insertion when it
takes all other kinds of advertise
ments at twenty cents per inch per
If Admiral Dewey ever visits
Rome to pay homage to the Pope
then he will have killed off every
prospect he may have had to be
president of the United States.
Somehow or other the American
people have a perfect political
abborenje for any American who
will kneel betore any Catholic
potentate, and even the name of
Dewey can not break the charm.
It is reported that Judge Miller
of Clarke, Cowlitz, Skamania and
Klickitat counties, will be a can
didate for the Republican nomi
nation for supreme judge this fall
to succeed Judge Gordon who has
declined to accept the office again
Judge Miller has held court in
Chehalis a few times where he
created a favorable impression,
and should lie secure the nomina
tion he would add strength to the
ticket in this part of the state —
Chehalis Bee-Nuggett.
Try a six months subscription to The
Republican, only $1.
Alaska has eighteen known
mountain peaks which exceed
10,000 feet above sea level. They
are as follows:
Blackburn mountain, 12,500
feet; Black mountain, 12,500 feet;
Cook mountain, 13,750 feet; Cril
lon mountain, 15,900 feet; Drum
mountain, 13,300 feet; Fairweather
mountain, 15,292 feet; Hayes
mountain, 14,500 feet; Illiamma
peak, 12,066 feet; Kimball moun
tain 10,000 feet; La j Perouse
mountain, 10,740 feet; Lituya
mountain, 11,852 feet; Mount
McKinley, 20,464 feet; St Elias
mountain, 18,024 feet; Sanford
mountain, 14,000 feet; Seattle
mountain, 10,000 feet; Tillman
mountain, 13,300; Vancouver
mountain, 15,666 , feet: Wrangel
mountain, 17,500 feet
A Vancouver paper mentions N*
B. Coffman, of this city, as a poss
ible candidate on the ; Republican
ticket for governor. It is whis
pered in Chehalis that W. May
nard would like to have a term in
the state treasury. It therefore
appears that Lewis county will
not be without candidates before
the Republican state . convention
this fall, and why should it?
Lewis county is one of the largest
counties in Western Washington,
yet it has never, so far as our
knowledge goes, had a state office.
Henry Long was at one time a
strong gubernatorial possibility,
but he never got so far as to receive
the nomination It is probable
that both Mr. Coffman andjMr.
Maynard will be easily discourag
ed in their ambitions this year,
but the time is not far distant
when such will not be the case,
especially with the former. N. B
Coffman is rapidly becoming a.
power in Republican state poli
tics and his- ambitions are keeping
even pace with his influence. We
venture to make the prediction
that if he fails of success this year
he will be the nominee of the Re
publican party either for governor
or for congressman in 1904. If
the political wheel of fortune is
then favorable to the Republican
party, Lewis county will for the
first time be represented at the
state capital or in the . national
halls of congress. If it must be a
Republican the Advocate knows of
do one better qualified to do honor
to his county and promote the wel
fare of his state.—Chehalis Advo
—*•*—- »
Hen. S. G. Cosgrove, of this
city, has been looking . over the
field, and, believing that' his can
didacy might offer a common
ground upon which the Republi
cans throughout the state could
unite, has concluded to be a can
didate for governor, before the
Republican state convention next
fall. He is so well known to the
people in all parts of the state that
no introduction is necessary.
And it goes without saying that
anything he might ask at the
hands of his many influential
friends will be given respectful
consideration. His record as a
public-spirited citizen, his ability
as a lawyer, and his invaluable
services as a campaign speaker,
have demonstrated his peculiar
fitness to make the race for the
high position to which he aspires.
He is widely known as a man of
ability and much force of charac
ter, and is finely equipped by
natural endowment, education and
training to serve the people with
distinction, and in the event of
his nomination he could be relied
upon to furnish the vital political
force necessary to keep Republi
can principles to the front. —East
■» ♦ t
The experiment with fir in the
manufacturing of cars seem to
have been highly satisfactory, as
it is now asserted by the Railroad
and Engineering Journal that
during the year 1900 a majority of
the cars built for Western roads
will be of material taken from the
forests of Washington.
"Snohomish is suffering from
an overdose of fakes," so says the
Tribune. That seems to be quite
an epidemic all over the state at
present, and no one but the busi
ness men are responsible for it.
The bigger humbug a thing is in
Seattle the more the suckers bite
at it. When merchants patronize
only legitimate institutions that
are fixtures in their city then, and
not until then, will fakes cease to
I W. Calvin Chase and Col. Perry
Carson, both of whom aspire to be
the "real thing" among the Negro
vote in the District of Columbia,
are struggling with each other for
supremacy, and it looks as though
they will sooner or later manage
to kill each other off competelyl
from a political stand point.
Do you read The Republican?
Then you see the merchants that
advertise in its columns. When
out shopping do not forget them.
PI SiA rft 1111 ill ft sml 8 l\i ft it
as- 4 ■-■.•': \/JLJUL:AJ JLivJLiajLl JLiAAJLi JLilAk? pH!
1 CIAIMS ? - I
N $I^o FAP.H I
Icira] W^ I } ftf*^ ■ •_. B W »m' ■ a a ■ ii
m \p\\J\J L.MUI I p
{gig Our CREEK CLAIMS contain 13,000 square feet Hf •
pip A Dawson claim contains. 10,000 square feet, jgg
Up! Our claims are nearly one-third larger than Dawson or Atlin claims. |f|||
= One of our claims is worth ten Dawson claims. [==]
|I ' Our TUNDRA CLAIMS -contain 5,250 square feet. »
WM They are in the suburbs of Nome and are worth, as town lots, many ralEn
111 v times our price. pDl|j
|S As mining claims they are worth thousands of dollars. The gold is ffi
Up ; in them. Labor can extract the gold. i==
jglj I They are located on tributaries of the Snake River, just outside piQ
[Sp the City of Nome. . IS
pi] They cannot be worked out in several seasons. They average §§
gig over 40 cents to the pan. We get them direct from Capt. George SB
j|][| W. Hill, president Cape Nome Miners' Association, who is our as- |||
p| sociate in interest. [Sp]
m WE GDARANTEEI^ *»»»«»•. . I
p|jg M „„,„.,„ . The presence of gold in paying ii
&. ma^m^m^^^m^^m^—mmi^^mma quantities. B|
ptts The properties to be of the best in the Nome District. §M
I MONROE & MORGAN, 513-14 New York Block 1
Like charity, some
times covers a mul
titude of sins, but
it oftener serves to
promote worth. If
your business de
serves successthere
is no better way to
bring it to that goal
than by
An ad. in the Union
Record, a weekly
newspaper indors
ed by the Western
Central Labor Un
ion. It reaches the
men who get the
best wages; they're
the best buyers.
Then your job
Should be up to
date in quantity
and quality. Call
on the Union Print
ing Co., 612 Third
Av.,or phone Union
69, for space in the
Union Record or
for goodpointers on
printing that pays.
I Unu 1
$ ARE ' O
g In Daily Use s
I 20,000 Welsbach Lamps I
I 2,500 Gas Ranges f
I 1,000 Gas Heaters 1
$1.25 Each 1
Seattle Gas & 1
8 Electric Co. 1
g 216 Cherry St. 8
8 C. R. Collins, Gen. Mgr. §
What Is Domestte Finish?
It is the latest method of laundrying shirts
collars and cuffs without high polish? LB>
Cascade I^aundry Company
Phone Main 210 807 First Aye
Carpenter, Contractor and Builder, Jobbing
promptly attended to. Basement Pioneer
Building, First avenue and James street,
Telephone White 562
• Seattle, Washington
Jeweler and Silversmith, Dealer in Dia
m.ond^ Watches, Jewelry, Silverware, Clocks
Rich Cut Glass. Etc., 706 First Aye. Seattle
All kinds of Fresh and Salt Meats. Tele
phone Green 78. 621 Pike street.
Practical Plumber and Gasfltter. Sanitary
Plumbing a specialty. 212 Columbia st-
Telephone Black 1621.
Lloyd's Wood Depot
Coal Wood and Bark delivered in small or
large lots. 7th and Dniversfty.
The San Diego Fruit Co.
415 Pike Street
That's the Place
Loans money on Diamonds and fine jewelry
and all valuables. 517 Second Avenue.
Graham & Moore
Fine Jewelry at Moderate Prices. 705
Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash.
General Ship Builders
Seattle, Wash.
Washington Dental and
Photographic Supply Company
Cottia S^ffttg"* Cameras-2u
THE PUGET SOUJW flflTlOflfllt Bfl^K
Capital Stock paid in - -~. - $528 000
Surplus 35,000
Jacob Furth, President; E. C. Neufelder, Vice-
President: R. V. Ankeny, Cashier '
Correspondence in all the principal cities of the
United States and Europe
Pioneer Jeweler, Established 1882. Watches
Jewelry Silverware, Clocks and Optical
Goods, Scientific Optician, Watch Repairs,
816 Second Avenue, Seattle, Wash.
H. C. Henry, Pres. B. R. Spencee, Cashier
At 1216 Second Aye.
Is a Public Library to Suit You. Com*
Telephone Green 891. Cor. Sixth Aye. and Pike
Street, Seattle, Wash,

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