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VOL. XII, NO. 48
Established May, 1904.
H. R. Cayton Editor and Publisher
Susie Revels Cayton Associate
One Year $2.00
Six Months 100
Three Months 60
Published every Friday at 816% Third Avenue.
Entered at the Postofflce at Seattle as Second
class Mail Matter.
Seattle will relieve the South District of quite a
few voters if she can once get her absobtion pump in
perfect working order.
The Direct Primary Law has worked like a
charm in Oregon. The gang's slate was broken in
many places, but what was the gang's loss was the
people's gain.
Stark Mad—only that and notbiu6 more—seems
absolutely true of the editorial push of The Seattle
Daily Times. The bombastic slush it daily emits
about itself is bo silly that it is really nauseating.
Griffin's Bee hopes to buzz in Everett as it once
did in Seattle. Unless Griff has better success in
keeping out of jail in the City of Smokestacks than
he did in this city he can be truly styled, the Editor
of the Cell.
Governor Mead will call no extra session of the
•-legislature, and he will not borrow money from the
banks, hoping the next session of the lagislature will
reimburse them. The idea is so impolitic that it is
really silly.
Colored Men who make up their minds that they
can accomplish nothing because they do not get the
best jobs in the land will find theirs a rough road to
travel. Make up your minds that if you cannot be
pudding you will be pie.
Oregon, should the results of the recent Repub
lican primaries be endorsed at the polls next June,
will be able to do the Cakewalk stunt in the United
States jam-up, Mr. Cake having been nominated for
United States Senator one day this week.
Publicity in all county affairs, financially, would
be the means of saving to the tax payers many thou
sands of dollars each year. If the county officials
knew that every cent they paid out would be publish
ed in some newspaper they would not be near so free
in dishing it up to the gang.
The Seattle Republican now occupies its own
quarters and is printed with its own material. It is
the purpose of the management to give our patrons
the very beat service possible, and advertisers would
be wise if they should investigate our claim to their
How Can We Prevent Local Strikes is an edit
orial headline. Try to be fair to both the consumer
and the producer and watch the results. Right here
within ten miles of the mines consumers pay as
much for coal as do consumers in China for the same
article; and yet we have heard of no coal rniner9 set
ting the world on tire out of their earnings.
Will Check Divorce Evil
From practically all parts of the Union the pa
pere are voicing public sentiment expressive of grat
ification over the decision handed down last week by
the United States supreme court, relative to the ille
gality of divorces granted in states which do not
have jurisdiction over both the parties concerned.
The decision is reasonably considered to be an im
portant check on the divorce evil, which has grown
to scandalous proportions and is capping the very
foundations of society. It goes a long way toward
what has often been sought through legislation,
though it is not to be supposed there will be any re
laxation in efforts to secure uniformity in the divorce
laws of the various states.
Some measure of consternation has been felt in
connection with the supreme court's decision be
cause of the assumption that it would illegitimatize
many thousands of children, and this point was
brought out prominently in the dissenting opinion of
Justice Holmes. This would, indeed, be a deplor
able result, but it does not appear that it would nec
essarily follow the decision except in cases where the
divorce and subsequent remarriage of the party ob
taining the divorce are attacked. In hundreds of
caßes there is little, if any, probability of Buch attack
being made. One or other of the parties may be
dead, or both may have married again. Should the
defendant in the divorce proceedings not attack the
decree, it is not apparent that any one else is entitled
to do so, and where the validity of the divorce is un
questioned by the party entitled to bring the matter
into court the legal status of children by a subse
quent marriage should naturally remain unimpaired.
The main effect of the present decision will be to
end the present promiscuous granting of decrees
whose validity, it is now shown, can be successfully
altacked. There will be a practical cessation of short
term residences in states like South Dakota, where
divorces are easily obtainable, since it is demonstrat
ed that decrees there granted are certainly voidable.
Ownership Modesty, it would eeem, would pre
vent Senator Ankney's paper from publishing such
effusive editorials anent himself; but it does not.
The real candidate for senator isD. B. Crocker, and
Ankney is being used to furnish the cold and silent
cash. Of course, Senator Ankney has no voice in
the prooeedings, but in this we are reminded of the
following couplet:
•'.Yet, come it will, the day de reed by fate;
How my heart trembles while my tongue relates."
When Levi Ankney will be done to death by the
Crocker-Stevenson bunch.
The street care of Seattle will hereafter carry doge.
The Seattle Argus thinks it fair inasmuch as they
carry hogs every trip and we can see where that pa
per is right.—Auburn Argus.
Are we to understand from the above excerpt that
Editor Gregory is exchanging compliments with Ed
itor Chadwick? While one cannot always sometimes
tell yet, The Seattle Republican thinks the in
ference as to Chad, is not well founded, his peculiar
grunts under certain conditions to the contrary, not
Democratic Discord seems the most sensible
way to describe the Jeffersonian-Bryan party these
days, but with such performers as Bryan, Tillman,
Jeff Davis, Vardeman and their ilk what else except
discord could be expected ?
Explain Yourself
Is Grateful
In Archbishop Ireland's speech of February 22, in
Kansas City, to an audience of 10,000, His Grace
made an eloquent plea for justice to the Negro, con
tending that the solution of the Negro problem lies
along the lines of charity and patience, both on
the part of the white man and on the part of the
black man.
Among the archbishop's hearers was Bishop Abra
ham Grant, of the Methodist body, who has written
to His Grace to express his gratitude for the senti
ments he expressed,
"When," writes the Negro bishop, "such men as
Rev. Thomas Dixon, Gov. Vardaman, of Mississippi,
Gov. Davis, of Arkansas, and Senator Tillman, of
South Carolina, are making strenuous efforts to con
vince the world of the unworlhiness of the Negro and
his inability to accept and appreciate a higher civili
zation, your plea to an audiece of ten thousand for
justice and fair treatment to him, came to my ear as
a cooling spring to a thirsty soul. We have been
waiting patiently for some time for one of the great
men of our country, with national influence, to rise
in the majesty of his manhood in the defense of a
helpless people and simply state the facts with ref
erence to this contingent of Americans, give counse
and advice and throw a new lustre upon the s'ar of
hope he'd out by President Roosevelt.
"Eternity alone will make known the good you
are doing along the lines indicated, and on behalf of
a grateful people, I thank you."—lrish World.
Definition of A Gentleman
It will be remembered that a man who died re
cently in Joplin, Mo., left a bequest of ,fIO,OOO for the
purpese of distributing Mark Twain's definition of a
gentleman among the members of the Y. M. C. A.
In an address to the Y. M. C. A. of New York, Mark
Twain took occasion to refer to this incident and to
pay a beautiful tribute to his old coachman and
friend. He said:
"Here is a telegram from Joplin, Mo., and it
reads : 'In what one of your works can be found the
definition of a gentleman?' I never attempted to
define a gentleman. I do not know exactly what it
is. Of course, if they were to give me the $10,000 I
would endeavor to find a definition. It seems to me
that there was a verse read here from the Bible
about justice, mercy—what was that third one?—yes,
kindness. It seems to me that if any man has just,
merciful and kindly instincts that he would be a
gentleman, for he would need nothing else in this
world."—Catholic Northwest.
Silk is obtained from a species of shellfish known
as the pinna, found in the Mediterranean. The
shellfish has the power of spinning a silk which the
Sicilians make into a very handsome fabric. The
silk is spun by the shellfish in the first instance for
the purpose of attaching itself to the rocks.
The experts at the dead letter office in Washing
ton received a letter a few days ago which had appar
ently mystified every postmaster who had undertak
en to decipher the address. The superscription on
the envelope read : "Mr. George Robinsno." Then
there followed a picture of four dice, underneath
which was a picture of what looked like a house
boat, a can of tomatoes and a hand saw. In an in
stant an expert in the dead letter office wrote out
the complete address. It was: "Mr. George Robin
son, Fordyce, Arkansas."

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