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PubMshed every Friday at 816% 3rd Ay.
H. R. Cayton 'or and Publisher
Susie Revels Cayton Associate
One Year -12.00
Six Months LOU
Three Months 60
Entered at the Postoffics at Sea .c, as Second
Class Mail Mattej
Is there to be no Moore Canal talk ? If
not why not ?
Idaho's Ku-Klux-Klan under a different
name seems to have been just as damnable
as the original order of midnight mar
Senator Smoot defended himself one day
this week in the senate, but in doing so he
did no more than any other criminal would
do if given an opportunity.
If Harry Thaw paid $7,000 for a surgical
operation on Evelyn Thaw as she testified
to it would appear that the New York doc
tors can do a little grafting themselves.
That Lake Washington Canal, which We
thought ssras so near, after all seems zc far
that our children will have to settle the
question when they are grown up men.
If Seattle expends $11,000,000 on improv
ments this year it occurs to us that an
importation of a few hundred working men,
real working- men, would be a step in the
right direction.
It is rather remarkable that the birth
days of three of America's greatest men
fall in February ; Lincoln's the 12th, Doug
las' the 17th and Washington's the 22nd—
Faith, Hope and Charity.
If Joe Lyons can only get his matters
shaped up so as to be able to take a seat in
the Twelfth senate of the state he will
have accomplished all, either he or his
friends desire him to do.
Dr. Washington Gladden does not seem
pleased at Rockf eller thirty-two million dol
lar gift. Perhaps his displeasure arises
from the fact that it was not $132,000,000
instead of the measly sum it was.
If the statement of those of the dis
charged companies that have testified
before the senate investigating committee
be corroborated by others and by persons
not members of the companies as it has
claimed they can be, it occurs to us that
Senator Foraker has President Roosevelt in
a bad hole.
It may be Jimtown in Dakota, but it is
Georgetown in Seattle especially on Sunday.
If a majority of the voters of Chehalis
county desire to divide the county they
may, the division act having run the gaunt
let of both houses of the legislature.
With the state dispensary put out of busi
ness it begins to look as if Ben Tillman's
power in South Carolina is slowly but sure
ly waining. When it is the state will be
well rid of bad rubbish.
If the statement in the P. I. to the effect
that Jesse Hall would return and prosecute
Constantine for handing him a bunch be
authentic then it would appear that Jess
has in a polite way handed the lie to
Not satisfied with proving Christ was a
black man the ethnologists are now declar
ing Isiah of biblical fame was likewise a
black man. Unless this thing stops some
where the whole biblical retinue will be
placed on the black list.
Yellow journal editors have now featured
every thing in connection with the Thaw
trial save an interview with Stanford White
through a spiritualistic medium. This story
should be attended to immediately. —North
Yakima Herald.
Lost Strayed or Stolen, DiTiggist Lsary
of Sunset Telephone removal fame. Any
information of him will be rewarded by the
installation of a Sunset phone in his place
with the view of putting him in touch with
the people once more.
With St. Patrick's day coming on Sunday
and the saloons closed from Saturday mid
night to Monday flve o'clock the Seattle
wearers of the green will be more out of
Juck than they have been before in the his
tory of Seattle. Will Saint Patrick turn
over in his grave ?
Mrs. Caroline-Kline-Gal]and had a streak
of charity in her that one would have to
travel a long time to find a woman possess
ing a similiar streak. "Without regard to
race or color" a clause in her will was no
less to be admired than the sum she actually
gave for charity, which amounted to
January Ist 1907 the population of
Greater New York was 4,152,860, showing
a most wonderful growth in the past
twelve months. The population of Greater
Seattle is just four million less and yet
Seattleites are pleased to pronounce Seattle
the New York of the Pacific Coast. What
prompts the rather disparaging comparison
is what puzzles any one that has given the
matter a sober thought.
When the directory scales of Spokane
point to a population of 96,000 then Miss
Spokane need not ' 'wonder if these scales
are correct," for she knows they are not.
When the Pope of Rome publicly declares
that he is proud of America then Ameri
cans should begin to cast about to see what
America has done to merit such treatment.
Out of the hundred cases of grip reported
in the city, but two deaths have been
recorded. Only two may have died, but
every mother son of them felt like dying
while they were in its grip.
Despite the protest of the white citizens
the Japanese children are to attend the pub
lic schools of San Francisco, which is a vic
tory for President Roosevelt. Teddy sel
dom ever loses a battle.
Laboring men may not give more toward
the support of saloons than the wealthy
idle, but a majority of the laboring men
give the saloons their all and what greater
generosity could even the saloon man
Will ex-Rev. Councilman T. P. Revelle
rise and explain what in the holy duce he is
doing in a whisky ring ? "My brother" it
occur;; to us that you are venturing on dan
gerous footing from at least a political view
Under the caption of The Traitor,
Thomas Dixon, Jr. will soon issue a new
novel. Few subjects are more familiar to
Tom, his family and his boon companions
than the above and the novel should prove
his best effort.
Sending woman suffragist to jail may for
the time being appease man's god of wrath
and vengeance, but it is no argumen
against the justness of the cause the women
are advocating and truth crushed to the
ground will rise again.
"Congressman now earn $7,500 a year"
says an exchange. They may get that
much, but that is no proof that they earn
that much and we suspect that there are
grave doubts in the minds of their constit
ents as to whether they deserve that much.
If a few broken doses of diplomacy sea
soned with a bit of strategy be adminis
tered to the members of the x*ouse of repre
sentatives of Congress, the A-Y-P. Expo
sition may get a liberal appropriation from
Congress, thinks the Hon. John H.
McGraw. No one can administer such a
concoction more successfully than the gov
ernor and why not have him do it.

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