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PubMshed every Friday at 816% 3rd Ay.
H. R. Cayton or and Publisher
Susie Revels Cayton Associate
One Year ?2.00
Six Months 1.00
Three Months 60
Entered at the Poatoffice at Ss? .c, as Second
Class Mail Mattei
The separation of churcp and state is
becoming rathey faddy these days England
having followed in the wake of France and
done it too.
With a good man at the head of the A.
Y. P. Commission there is hardly any
doubt but that the appropriation will be
exhausted before the show closes.
Of course married soldiers are more
courageous than single ones because they
had faced the enemy without flinching
many a time before they went to war.
Washington's tenth legislature will not
adjourn until March 15th, having taken its
usual policy, and thus another forty day
session of hot air will have been punctured.
Fifth avenue, so says the street com
mittee of the city council is not important
enough to be regraded at this time and the
taxpayers for once quite agree with the
"Bailey is a premeditated liar," declar
ed a member of the Texas legislature one
day this week, and Bailey took it, which in
Texas and the South in general was the
same as admitting it.
Juvenile prssoners reuuire more watch
ing than an equal number of safe-blowers,
says a jailer, which is due to the fact that
they are not properly watched and safe
guarded in the very outset.
North Yakima streets have such deep
mud on them that the life of a man, who
was thrown from a run-a-way buggy was
saved owing to his falling therein. No
more paved streets for that burg.
With Washington Wood the chief mate
rial in the commercial structure that the
West proposes to erect in the Orient, its a
safe bet that, it will be built bang up be
fore Lovett returns to the States.
Senator Piles spoke right out in meetin'
and told the United States senators they
just h id to vote for the A.-V.-P. appropri
ation and there was nothing more to it.
The senators stood up and were counted.
The severeness of the winter just clos
ing at least brought joy to the ice man.
He made ice while the weather froze, which
he will retail at enormous prices next sum
mer. An ill wind that blows no one good.
lowa's legislature is talking of enacting
a trial marriage law. What's the use of
such law when persons are able to get a
divorce for $25 as soon nfter they have
been married as they fall in love with some
one else.
March having come in like a lion we ex
pect her to go out like a lamb, and Easter
coming on her going out day the man who
will have money enough to pay street car
fare down town the Monday following, will
be way out of the ordinary.
All the white employees on the Panama
canal have petitoned John F. Stevens, the
civil engineer of the canal construction, to
withdraw his resignation. Why is that
good and sufficient cause for his immediate
approval by the precedent.
California may have to submit to the
Japanese children attending their schools,
but the legislature proposes to fix the
would be Japanese property owners good
and plenty by enacting a law making it
impossible for them to hold real estate in
the state.
Senator Piles is said to be working hard
for the judgeship bill, which provides for
the appointment of two federal judges in
this state. Evidently the senator has not
quite paid up all of his election obligations
and these two places will help him out of a
political dilema. Ah, there! foxy grandpa.
For Walters' sake it is to be regretted
that the Times is supporting his contentions
to holding on to the street commissioners
job. The Times has never won a political
fight and the mere fact that it is support
ing him is quite indicative of the fact that
he is doomed to ultimate defeat. Too bad.
Respectfully dedicated, in honor of the
Longfellow centenary, to the interstate
commerce commission.
Let us then be up and doing
Every mortal that we can;
Earnestly the coin pursuing—
Be another Harriman.—Selected.
The Seattle Hardware Company not
having any colored clerks as employees
there must be some mistake about the
clerks having stolen and lugged away large
quantities of the goods of the store. Cer
tainly somebody must be sadly mistaken as
such action is far below the dignity, culture
refinement and nobleness of the young
white man that it would be a matter of ut
ter impossibility for him to do such a
The Seattle Republican may not have any
scruples about receiving "tainted money,"
but it has no desire to handle graft money.
About the only cheap thing on the Sound
just now is "ozone," and that has been so
badly frozen since Christmas that it had to
be taken in broken bits.
Kinney McCloud, the Georgetown brewer,
who killed Peter Elmer, did the act in self
defense, so declared a jury of twelve men
good and true.
Passing "pure food bills" by legislatures
sounds very nice, but does the passage of
such bills actually purify the food"? is the
question to consider.
Sunday closing is rapidly spreading from
ocean to ocean and the protests of the pug
uglies are not doing much toward heading it
off. Walk, you rascals, walk.
As Mary went with the coon, so has Ruef
gone with the coin -and neither will hardly
come back of their own accord on account
of what might happen to them if they did.
Columbia City has tired of its single bless
edness and has voted to be a part of Seat
tle. If other of the suburban towns would
take a similar view'of the matter they would
show their good sense.
Mother Thaw has told her story and it
seems that by this time Jerome has learned
enough of the history of the Thaw family
to have his curiosity for a bit of scandal
thoroughly satisfied.
And again the fireman's pension bill
failed to get the necessary majority of the
legislature to make it a law and another
graft to be worked on the funds of the state
falls short of the mark. So mote it be.
In the process of a trial in court down in
Portland two opposing attorneys got so thor
oughly imbued with their case that they were
moved to blows in open court. We wonder if
they intend to charge their clients anything
extra for that motion.
Building the Panama canal on paper seems
to be just like rolling off a log, but building
the canal by excavating the dirt from its
bottom seems to be even more than a Roose
velt is able to overcome without great dif
ficulty, and even then after years and years
of worry and work.
While Mayor Moore's proposition to re
sign if the members of the city council will
do likewise and go before the people for re
election on the Sunday closing issue pure and

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