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Some of the prison offiuials in Canada
seem to have no more confidence in the re
form of confirmed criminals under any in
fluences than hare the more experienced
wardens in England and this country.
Prof. Maudsley, the highest English au
thority in mental pathology, regards all
chronic offenders as practically incurable;
he maintains that they are not wicked from
deliberate choice or a belief in the profits
of wickedness, but that they obey a law of
their nature and could not if they would
elude the destiny marked out for them by
their aicestors.
In their despair of effecting the reform
of a large class of convicts, the Canadian
officials urge the adoption of the system of
indeterminate sentences, not in order to
effect the earlier release of the reformed,
but to detain in prison the unreformed who
are now released at the end of a specified
term; no better and often much worse than
when first imprisoned.
Maudsley reaches his melancholy con
clusion from a study of the mind and he
affirms that prison officials have come to
the same conclusion as a result of their
practical experience with convicts. It is
interesting to note that observers having
no official connection with prisons and
nothing to do with the study of science
have arrived at the same terminal by an
other route—as an effect of their inter
course with humanity.
"Pat" Sheedy, notorious the world over
as a gambler and recently as a middleman
between picture thieves and their victims
for negotiations for the return
of the stolen property, has made a
study of his fellow creatures. He says:
"I have done business with men of every
nation and every class and I have
learned this: A man who is a born thief
will be a thief to the end of the game no
matter what his occupation may be; and a
man who is born honest will be honest. Its
only circumstance that make most men
take up their particular line of business;
then they play the game square or crook
ed, according to the way they are built."
In the light of logic, economy and social
welfare its advantages are patent. It is
only the force of tradition that has pre
vented its general adoption. It would in
volve a consicerable change in the penal
code. It would do away with the schedule
of penal ies and would involve an experi
ment in a field in which Anglo Saxons have
been extremely loath to experiment. Yet
it would be economical. If it is worth
while to shut up a hopeless thief from two
to ten years, it is worth while shutting him
up for life. The gain would come, not
only in preventing him from preying upon
society but in preventing the exertion of
his influence on others, and still more in
she propagation of thieves. The theoreti
cal result would be the segregation of the
vicious classes. The practical result would
probably fall short of this, but it would
doubtless be a considerable and gradual
extinction of the reduction, in the course
of a generation or two, in the course of
a generation or two, in the number of the
incurably vicious.
The Louisiana Medical, Dental and
Pharmaceutical association (colored) was
in session in Flint Medical college, 1566
Canal street, New Orleans, La., 11, 12 and
13. There were fifty members present.
* * #
E. R. William, a Negro architect, is re
moddeling the building at Bth avenue and
46th avenue New York City to be operated
for the service of Negroes by the Metro
politan Mercantile Company, of which P.
Sheridan Ball, himself a Negro, is presi-
dent. The Metropolitan Realty Company
bought the building last year and leased
the land for a term of years. The compa
ny is an organization made up exclusively
of Negroes for business purposes, and al
ready operates a Negro department store
in Savennah, Ga.; an appartment house in
Orange, N. J.; a park of houses and lots in
Plainfield, N. J., and a savings bank in
Savannah. Mr. Ball has stated that it is
planned to expend $200,000 in stocking and
equipping the building and have it opened
by May 1.
* * *
A new shirt waist factory at 3223 state
street, Chicago, which opened March Ist,
is employing 110 colored girls. This is the
only shirt waist factory in that city which
employs our girls.
# * #
Clara G. French, a little 13 year old col
ored girl of Danville, 111., is showing a re
markable talent for writing poetry and is
said to be the prospective successor of Paul
Laurence Dunbar.
• * #
Alexander C. King, of New York City,
has been made assistant superintendent of
the Wall street branch po^toffice. King's
position is an important one, the station
being the largest in the city outside of the
general postoffice.
iff * *
One statement made by Dr. Washing
ton commands notice. He said that the
race since the Civil War has acquired in
America landed property equal to the com
bined areas of Belgium and Holland. This
is a remarkable showing, for a people who
entered the struggle forty years ago with
out even a warranty deed to six-foot of
earth wherein to lay their worn out bodies.
We carry thp greatest line of Pianos
in the world.
Victor Talking Machine
1406 2nd Aye.
During the four years since its organization,
the reclamation service has rendered productive
280,000 acres of' desert, being one-fourth of an
area that has been mapped out for irrigation
under 22 projects.
Newly Furnished Rooms. Walking Dis
tance; Rent Reasonable; Rooms by the
Day or Week. I. Israel Walker, Prop.
1101-1109 Jackson Street.
Call up L 4465 And Get
And Pressed by the
Walter M. Strauther, H. A. Taylor
Business Office 1510 Second Avenue
Newcastle Lump and
Pacific Coast Co
Telephone Private Exchange 99
Ind. A 92
Ladies' Fine Millinery, Cloaks,Suits,Waists, 'l\
Children's and Infant's Wear. t
Real storehouses of delight for the visitor are
the bazaars of Tunis. One merchant has a $5,000
carpet which he likes to display. This huge filmy
creation he will fling into the air for the benefit
of a possible customer and allow it to settle itself
gradually on the ground. This it does unlike an
ordinary carpet. So exquisitely fine is the weav
ing that it imprisons air bubbles large enough to
hold a man.
Some of the wealthiest sportsmen of Vermont
"are now engaged in a movement to stock the
coverts of Vermont with foreign game birds.
Among the birds which it is believed can be in
troduced into the state are the daleypa. which is
a native of Norway; the capercailzie, which is
found in the highlands of Scotland; black cock
and ring-necked pheasants.
The first steam engine used in America was
brought from England in 1753.

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