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PubMshed every Friday at 816% 3rd Ay.
H. R. Cayton or and Publisher
Susie Revels Cayton • Associate
One Year ?2.00
Six Months 1.00
Three Months 60
Entered at the Postoffice at Ss? .c, as Second
Class Mail Mattel
Wall street operators like the famous
Killkenny cats are about to eat themselves
up instead of rats and God grant they may.
"Factionalism Decried by Coon," says a
headline. If it had of read, ' 'factionalism
described by Coon," it would have had a
familliar ring.
If winter would only hang in the lap of
spring there would be no serious complaint,
but it is completely enveloping her and that
is why it hurts.
Negroes in King county pay taxes on
property valued by the county assessor at
$700,000 and yet there are not to exceed
500 voters in the county.
Breaking the Sunday closing law in Se
attle means your arrest and conviction, Mr.
Man, and we therefore advise you to go
fishing instead of salooning on Sunday.
March came in like a lion and she seems
to stand by her guns as more than half of
the month has passed and she has showed
little if any signs of being tired of lionizing
Let us be thankful that Gov. Mead has not
put limburger instead of Hornberger on the
A. Y. P. commission or the expected visit
ors to the fair in 1909 might not get any
nearer to Seattle than Tacoma.
Kitsap county in the past has been con
sidered something of a Seattle suburb and
therefore the appointing of State Senator
Dick Condon on the A. Y. P. commission
is very gratifying to Seattle folk.
Even newspaper men will stand up and
be counted for right and the verdict of the
jury composed solely of newspaper men
that tried the Sunday closing case verily
demonstrates the fact that they will.
Black Patti, who spent a week at one of
the local theaters of this city, may have
earned that sobriquet in the past on ac
count of her rather shady complexion, but
she can hardly be accused of being black
Patti at present as she, at least when on
the stage is as white as the "white Patti."
Mr. Brace is quite right in saying the
people can build the Lake Washington ca
nal, but the question is, will they do it?
Without wishing to be presumptious we be
lieve we are safe in saying, they will not
do it.
Three months on the chain gang may
prove to be a very soberizing elixir for the
booze-soaked hobo, but from his looks when
sentence is passed upon him, he does not
seem to show a high appreciation for the
wonderful health restorer.
Administer the Seattle Daily Times in
broken doses is what the Blethonians pro
pose to do after the 2nd of April next. Poi
sonous drugs so administered are liable to
produce salivation and reading patients are
herewith given due warning.
However much one might be inclined to
criticise the work of the tenth legislature
he or she loses the inclination when the
Daily Swillbarrel begins doing so. Always
take the opposite side to the Times and you
will be certain of not going wrong.
No move is being made by the prose
cuting attorney of King county to enforce
the Sunday closing law outside of the city
of Seattle, and yet the office force is boast
ing of the office's record for enforcing the
law. Why make fish of one and flesh of
the other?
Seattle in the past may not have been a
Sunday school town, but if the way her
citizens are going after the saloon keepers,
who open feheir doors for business on Sun
days, is any indication of change of heart
on the Sunday question, then she is now a
genuine Sunday school town.
Is Prosecuting Attorney Mackintosh
gamboling with the law when he permits
the statutes to be notoriously violated in
Georgetown, where gambling (which is a
felony under the law), is run wide open
and unmolested? The majesty of the law
should be upheld, and if the state's attor
ney does not do it then, who, in heaven's
name will do it?
With Jerome putting Evelyn Thaw on
tri >1 and Delmas putting Stanford White
on trial in the famous Harry Thaw case,
poor Harry must be of the opinion that he
has been given little or no show to make a
record for the stage or the reportorial staff
of some yellow journal as is Molineux, who
was acquitted of the charge of murder in
the first degree and is now reporting the
Thaw trial for a few sensational journals.
Dr. Allen P. Mitten has broken the rec
ord and actually given up a government
job without being notified by his superior
that his resignation would be acceptable to
the department. Will some one rise right
up in meeting and say, what manner of
man is this politician that is going to vol
untarily give up a big salary.
Massachusetts may be the seat of
knowledge in this country, but it is not the
political headquarters and George Fred
Williams will find that out when he starts
•in to dictate the election of William Jen
nings Bryan to the United States presi
"Standard Oil will Crush Harriman,"
says a headline, and thus we have a most
brilliant illustration of "fighting the devil
with fire," and whipping him with his own
game. If after Standard Oil has thus so
nobly served the public some device can be
hatched up to crush the Standard Oil the
millenium will be close at hand.
Evidently the reducing of the time from
coast to coast on the part of the railroads
has been done at apalling cost to human
life, the record of wrecks on account of fast
running being able to discount the loss of
human life in the great Civil war, the rail
road kings have decided in future to not
run on fast time. Slowing up, however,
does not return breath to those whose lives
have been wilfully sacrificed.
Its not a question of whether the Sun
day closing is righ or wrong, but a ques
tion of whether it is or is not the law. It
is the law and whether a good or bad one
should be rigidly enforced so long as it is a
law. If it is a bad law then it should be
repealed, but a majority of the people must
think it a good law as the proposition to
repeal it in the late legislature fell flat.
The laws should be enforced regardless of
whom their enforcement helps or hurts.
Six million and a half dollars, the
the amount appropriated by the tenth leg
islature, comes dangerously near the fa
mous billion-dollar Congress appropriation,
which resulted in an overwhelming defeat
of the Republican majority in Congress
that voted it. Let us hope that the as
tounding appropriation on the part of the
members of the tenth legislature can be so
satisfactorily explained to their constitu
ents that the Republicans will not be de
feated for re-election next year on account
of it.
Clean up Will be the Cry.
This is just the time of the year when
special pains should be taken to clean up
all back yards, as well as the front ones,
and all other places where disease is likely
to breed. Spring sickness and epidemics
may easily be avoided by taking up the
matter of sanitation at the proper time.—
Stanwood Tidings.

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