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The Seattle Republican
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Newspapers make a fatal mistake when
they report things for the benefit of the
general public and
so carelessly handle
the truth as to make
Newspaper Reports
Should Be Correct.
the real fates sneak
around the corner lest they meet the gar
bled and contorted facts parading up and
down the streets. The newspaper or peri
odical should be so absolutely correct in
whatever it publishes that, the reader can
rely on it the same as if it were the sworn
statement of the publisher. Each reporter
on a daily newspaper should be held strict
ly responsible for such items of interest or
news stories as he or she turns in and if
any of them are found to be false at any
subsequent time such reporter should not
only be tired, but lose a forfeit, which said
reporter should be compelled to put up
when set to work. There is no excuse for
yellow journalism and it should be weeded
out of the profession.
"No nation or government can exist very
long thai has lost its religiog and its patri
otism," was the fre-
mark of an eminent
statesman, and, if you
will rutt back over the
Prayer, Patriotism
The Cornerstones.
pages of history you will find there is more
truth than poetry in the allegation. There
are lots of religions in the United States,
but very little Christianity, and it has
been thus for the past half a century. The
well of patriotism seems to be rapidly run
ning dry and unless a new vein is tapped
Old Glory will be looked upon as a dirty
rag, as was shouted at her <>n the streets
of Seattle not ni.niy moons ago. The giv
ing away otnSgjpise two fundamental prin
ciples, on which this government was
founded is being felt throughout the whole
structure, and unless the entire country is
re-bapiizod in the spirit of the Holy Ghost
and the patriotic Hres of Bunker Hill and
Valley Forge are rekindlel America will
cease to be for Americans, hut will be for
anarchistic insurrectionists.
Anna field, a well-known theatre actress
who is seeking a divorce from her para
mour-husand, admit
ted on the witness
Common Law
Marriage Wrong.
that, she had
never legally married
the man she was seeking a divorce from,
but that in the presence of a few witnesses
she had accepted him as a husband, and
they began living together as man and wife
without further . formalities. Such a way
of doing things may be according to her
ideas of man and woman becoming husband
and wife, but it is contrary to the laws of
the land and likewise the teachings of all
forms of Christianity. The court, however,
held the marriage legal and granted the
woman a divorce, it would seem in order
that she might exact exhoribtant alimony
from the unfortunate. Look at it from
whatever viewpoint you will or may that
union was nothing short of cohabitation, in
the Edmund's law understanding of cohabi
tation, and both of them should be sent to
state prison for living adulterous lives.
With the step of a man not yet in his six
ties Ezra Meeker, the Puget Sound pioneer,
who has made himself fam-
Ezra Meeker
Still Active.
quent ly by driving an ox team over the
trail, by which he crossed the plains al
most a century ago, and his advocacy of a
trans-continental highway from ocean to
ocean, was seen wending his way down
the streets of Seattle one day this week,
with his flowing locks playing hide and
go seek with the soothing breezes, so com-
liuiii to this section of the country, and
when aWosted by the writer', ariĀ« after pass
ing the time he remarked, "I am going to
the city hall to register in order to cast my
vote for Teddy." Remembering his years
and likewise the good he has done for the
Puget Sound country from time to time
his hand was given a hearty shake with,
"God bless you regardless of for whom
you vote. It is a pleasure to know you
are able to vole for any one." Ezra Meek
is perhaps the most remarkable man thai
h;is lived in ths seeton, and history a
thousand years after he is dead will tell
of the great things he did for the Puget
Sound country.
It's most wonderful that whatever law or
measure that is passed for obeyance in the
Dodging the Law
Is a Profession.
other words, the
American people seem to be constitution
ally opposed to obeying the laws of the
land. Men are paid to do nothing but
study out ways and means whereby the
laws of the land may be dodged. Laws are
attacked by alleged constitutonal lawyers
on insignificant points, and too often judges
decide them on equally trivial points and,
in many instances, when the law says plain
ly, "Thou shalt not steal," it is either de
clared unconstitutional or is permitted to
become inoperative. As a result of such
legal quibbles the courts of the land are
over run with cases every month in the
year, the greater part of which ought to
be settled by the attorneys representing
both sides in one or the other's law office.
ous throughout the civilized
world by winning and los
ing fortunes, and subse-
I'nited States there
seems to be a way of
getting 'round it. In
The childless woman always thinks she
knows more about the care and rearing of
children than the
mother with a half a
dozen or more. The
person does not seem
Such Advice Is
to be born, who is not ready and willing
to give the other fellow pointers about do
ing his duty, in which he has no training
or experience. On the same principle the
man, who has never had more than a
week's wages ahead gets up before an
audience and gives a complete solution of
the financial ills and complaints of a gigan
tic government. In order for any one to
discuss the whys and wherefores of any
subject diligent study and research must
be given it, and this should be highly sea
soned with practical experience.
Smoking in public offices should be tabooed
and especially city, county and state of-
ficcs. Tn fact it
should be tabooed in
all offices in which the
taxpayers arc direct-
Office Smoking a
Great Loss.
Ty Interested. In ninety-nine out of evory
hundred of the offices in which you may
go you will find the clerks puffing away
;it ;i pipe, a cigar or ;i cigarette, and no
man can work honestly and squarely and
smoke any of those instruments of torture.
If the smoking habit was cut out in public
offices at least twenty-five per cent less
clerks would be needed. When one of the
clerics lights his pipe, cigar or cigarette
all of the others, who indulge in the habit
follow suit and while enjoying the puff
they have a social chat among themselves,
and it really makes them mad to have
any one come in and disturb their smoking
repose. There should be a general rule
made that any person employed in a pub
lic office caught smoking while on duty
lose the position.
It's ;i s;id commentary on the boasted up
rightness of th<> so-called leading men of
this country to learn
that in the cities they
Pray for Reform;
Pay for Vice.
for the most part
own the houses in
which the vice of the land is either planned or
actually committed, and that they are not
only aware of the fact, but rented or leased
the property at treble and quadruple its
regular renting price to persons for such
purpose. It has been found in many in
stances that leading church members rented
their properties for immoral and vicious
purposes because they could get heavy
rentals for the same. Right here in Seattle
leading church men, who prayed loud and
long on Sunday, collected the heaviest
rentals from depraved men and women on

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