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The Seattle Republican
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That it would be an almost irreparable dis
grace for the voters of Washington to elect
Bob Hodge governor
is the consensus of
opinion of the men
Governor Blease
Hodge's Counterpart
and women of the
state, but should such a misfortune befall
her it would not be the first time a human
thing was elected to fill the highest office
in the gift of one of the states of this union,
for, but recently, South Carolina reelected
a governor of whom the Baltimore Sun, one
of the leading daily papers of the southeast,
has the following to say: "The people of
the United States do not admire black
guards and ruffians and crooks, and there
is no reason to believe that the people of
South Carolina differ materially from those
of the rest of the country in this respect —
yet Blease has been portrayed as ;i black
guard, ruffian, and crook combined. Cer
tainly he is a man of unbridled temper and
violent speech. The coarseness of his
language on the stump in the present cam
paign of itself would have been sufficient
to bar him from any office of importance
in any community of which we have ac
quaintance. Vet he has received a larger
vote than his chief opponent, Judge Ira B.
Jones, who is represented as a man of char
acter, ability and refinement."
It is so repulsive as well as ridiculous to
Americana for Japanese to commit suicide
because of the death
of their emperor that,
Americans look upon it
Commits Suicide
To Pay Obeisance.
as a form of insanity.
In many ways the Japanese have made
wonderful strides in the white man's civil
ization, but they show a depravity in this
respect that is simply blood-curdling. Had
(Jen. Togo sold all of his belongings and
given it to the poor and then he and his
wife devoted the balance of their lives to
the uplift of the Japanese instead of to
war as he had been doing, he would have
shown much greater respect for his dead
emperor's memory. However such is a
well established custom among them and
it can not be overcome in a day. While
Americans do not exactly commit suicide
on account of the death of another, yet
frequently both men and women go sor
rowing all their days on account of the
death of one near and dear, as though that
would bring the departed back to life. The
Americans' custom to that extent is almost
as ridiculous as the Japaneses' and far
more painful. To be parted for life from
one you love is lamentally sad, but sac
rificing yourself does not help or improve
the situation with either the dead or the
Judge Black of Everett has boon nominated
by the Democrats for governor of the state
of Washington, and the
Party's Big
Black Ball
eligible as the statute says, "any one elect
ed to the supreme bench or any of the
superior court benches of the state is in
eligible to hold any other office in the state
during the time elected for the judgeship."
Judge Black's superior court judgeship will
expire December 31st, 1912, and, if elected,
h<> will not be inaugurated governor until
some time in January. It is therefore plain
to be wen that, he would in no wise
bf) disabled on account of his past judicial
obligations, Bul are not the friends as
well as the opponents taking -Judge Black's
candidacy entirely too serious? For there
is no more probability of him being elected
than there 18 of Theodore Roosevelt being
elected president of the United States. De
mocrats in this state have always been of
an over-zealous turn of mind, when it came
to wanting to be elected to an office and
that too without any foundation Tor it.
In an open air camp down on the Colum
bia river below Portland. Oregon, George
George U. Piper
Rapidly Sinking.
the last stages of consumption (tubercul
osis). ITe is being tenderly eared for by
his brother Fred ;m<l both live at the ex
pense of Ted. Charley Piper is in Okano
gan county in almost as poor health as is
George, and he too is provided for by Ted.
There, perhaps, was never a more brilliant
family of young men in the Northewest than
the Piper brothers and they have for the
most part occupied honored [daces and posi
tions among their fellowmen. The Pipers,
however, had one besetting sin, that of
boose fighting, which sadly beclouded their
otherwise brilliant literary and political ca
reers. Just why and how men with such
brilliant minds will give up to the over-in
dulgence of strong drink is one of the
strange things in life, and yet they have
always done so and perhaps always will.
Alexander the Great, so says history, drank
intoxicants to such an excess that he fell
backwards from his throne and was killed,
and as in his case so has it been through
all the ages. Piper, it is reported, though
but a man in the middle life, is now on his
death bed. Isn't it sad?
question has been raised,
Is he eligible? There is
no doubt, but that he is
l r. Piper, once ;i polit
ical power in the state
of Washington, is bed
fast and is reported in
Will sonic one vewed in the political craft
of tlic gtate take the time and the patience
to explain, why the
chairmanship of the
Republican State ('en-
Central Committee
Made a Mistake.
tral Committee was put
in the extreme southwestern part of the
state and in the possession of a man with
out political experience or state acquain
tanceship. Mr. Rnpp runs an insignificant
little daily paper that does not boast of a
thousand subscribers and, so far as he is
concerned, it is safe to say that none of the
state candidates even know him. If the
members of the Shite Central Committee
had have used horse sense they would have
wailed until after the primary election and
consulted the wishes of the candidates as
to the selection of ;i chairman of the com
mittee. To win the fight in this state it
will require united action on the part of
all concerned and that too including the
Republican papers, hut if the party is to be
domineered by Sara Perkins and a few clacq
uers in the interest of one or two candi
dates, then there is grave danger of the
whole ticket going down. Some one is
morfkeying with the political buzz saw and
it's a dangerous proceeding.
Congress has appropriated $250,000 to de
fray the expenses of the fiftieth annivers
ary celebration <»i'
1 In* emancipation of
Emancipated Slaves'
Fiftieth Anniversary,
the slaves in the
United Slates, to be
held in Washington City from September
22nd to 26th, 1913, and those having charge
of the arrangements, are making prepara
tions Tor it to be one of the remarkable
gatherings of the twentieth century. Dr.
Booker T. Washington has been largely
responsible for the proposed celebration as
well as for the appropriation. To represent
the state of Washington at that celebration
Gov. .Myron K. Hay has appointed 11. R.
Cayton, S. P. De Boe and A. R. Black of
Seattle; Roger Watts and J. 11. Ryan of
Tacoma ; F. A. Stokes of Spokane, and C.
C. Hancock of Concrete.
Wonderful strides have been made by the
emancipated slaves in the fifty years that
have elapsed, and here and there in
the United States persons born in slavery
now fill positions of trust and honor not
only in political and in business circles
among themselves, but even in lines and
places where he or she is the only black
face to be seen and acceptably .so to a ma
jority of the whiles present, all of which
is most remarkable and quite commenda

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