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Montenegro, the only small government
in the Balkins that has not been forced to
pass under the Turkish yoke, has fired the
shot on Turkey that will perhaps involve
the most of the European governments in the
embroglio before a peaceful understanding
is reached. War and rumors of war have
filled the air for the past year, not only in
the Balkins, but all over the world, until it
begins to look as if the whole world is verg
ing on to a general revolution. The whole
sale unrest among the "people" is common
to every country. Even in the United States
the people are so violently opposed to the
way the government has been conducted for
the past half a century that on the slightest
pretext a revolution would be inaugurated.
Unless there is another world-wide magna
charta understanding reached between the
classes and the masses, serious trouble will
Play Ball! may not have been heard by
the admiring millions of baseball fans
throughout Uncle Sam's domain, but never
theless they enjoyed the playing at New
York and Boston—the world's series—just
the same. Baseball is no longer a simple
game of amusement and entertainment, but
it is a hard-headed business proposition, out
of which those who control it realize multi
plied thousands of dollars annually. Instead
of being a game of simple amusement, it
has been reduced to a science, and an ex
pert pitcher in the National League game
can realize from his salary and perquisites
as much cash each year as is paid the presi
dent of the United States. To excell in life
in whatever one undertakes means a for
tune and he or she who does not select
something as a life occupation and seek to
excell in the same is doomed to dismal fail
The Purity Squad in some instances may
have overstepped its technical legal rights
in its attempt to save fallen humanity, and
for which it has been severely criticized,
but the motives of the purity squad seem
to be for the moral uplift of the community
rather than its degradation. For the po
lice or the purity squad to interfere with a
man and a woman that are acting in a re
spectable manner is an outrage and a severe
reprimand should be administered, but of
those cases investigated, of which the purity
squad is charged with going too far, the
evidence showed that the couples acted on
the streets in a way to create suspician,
which suspicion subsequently proved well
founded. When a man is seeking to ruin
the other fellow's wife or sister, it's a public
outrage to be prevented from so doing, but
he is ready to take human life if his wife
or sister is led to ruin by some moral de
generate. Act honorable and the purity
squad will pay no more attention to you
than if you were not alive. Seattle is a
white slave center, and unless some kind of
a squd lays violent hands upon it the end
is not yet in sight.
Unless the signs of the times are deceiv
ing, the Balkan war, which is now in prog
ress, will be the bloodiest war that has
been waged for a century. Already both
the Turks and the Montenegrins are killing
from the cradle to the grave, using a figura
tive speech. The women and children are
fleeing for their lives, as they have real
ized that they will be butchered by the
enemy. Christianity and modern civiliza
tion may be ameliorizing the terrors of war
as compared to war in the middle ages,
when Greece, Rome and Cathage occupied
the prominent places on the world's map,
but it is hard to figure it out. On the
other hand, the human family seems to be
growing more cruel and barbaric toward
each other than it was centuries ago. From
the United States government statistics re
cently sent out it was learned that, since
the Great Cicil war upwards of 5,000 per
sons have been lynched in this country
and the evil is not only growing, but
spreading. Is the human family retrograd
"Alaska is in a bad way just now, and
no visible signs of improvement are in
sight," said Hon. 0. A. Tucker, one day
this week, who has come down to spend
the winter in Seattle, his former home.
"For the past two years or more Delegate
Jim Wickersham has been at outs with
the administration forces and he has been
unable to get any relief legislation passed
for Alaska. I know the political game, and
such a course on the part of the administra
tion forces is to be expected, nevertheless
it was the thousands of innocent prospect
ors that suffered instead of Wickersham.
However I think there is a brighter day
coming for Alaska, and those who have
cast their lot in the 'north' will realize
their fondest hopes in the way of a busi
ness investment. All of the candidates for
Congress from this state are pledged to
help Alaska, and under such circumstances
I can not see how Alaska can lose." Mr.
Tucker was twice elected a member of the
house of representatives and once a mem
ber of the senate in the state of Washing
ton. He voted for Samuel H. Piles for
United States Senator and was given a fed
eral position in Alaska not long after the
legislature adjourned, where he has been
ever since.
Your personal privileges, under no cir
cumstances, should be encroached upon by
any one, even though such person is an
officer of the law. Whatever you choose
to do, so long as it does not concern your
neighbor, you have a right to do. If it
pleases one person or a number of persons
to walk the streets all night, no officer
of the law should be instructed or feel it
his personal duty to interfere, unless such
persons are in some way demoralizing the
community. If, therefore, officers of the
law, at the behest of the so-called purity
squad, have wilfully arrested innocent per
sons, such officers should be censured and
even discharged. If, on the other hand,
men and women spend their nights carous
ing in saloons and cafes, they are not liv
ing up to the rules of law-abiding citizens
and they are subject to being questioned
and even arrested by officers of the law.
Better by far that even a score of innocent
persons be subjected to police regulations
than for one young girl to be led astray by
lascivious libertines. Let every parent and
every real man stand for the purity of the
women, even though some dive-keeper does
not make quite as much money as if his
place was permitted to be a rendezvous for
white slavers.
Charles E. Houston, who was found guil
ty by a jury for conspiring with J. W. Bul
lock to defraud the government in a coal
deal, is superintendent of the Pacific Coast
Company's coal department, and he rose
from laborer to the most important posi
tion in the gift of the company. Some
years ago, so goes the story, Mr. Houston
got hurt in the company's mines. He was
in pretty bad fix and not getting a satis
factory settlement, he ordered an attorney
to file suit for damages. After fully inves
tigating the circumstances the attorney was
not sure of his legal grounds and advised
his client to seek a compromise by asking
for a small sum of money and a permanent
position of light work. The company ac
cepted his proposal and he was made weigh
man. He proved an excellent man, which
gave him his start toward the top. He is
now the company's most trusted employe.
During his career he became politically am
bitious, and was elected a member of the
state legislature. Say what you will or
may about him, he is always true to a
trust and his conviction is regretted by a
great many persons, many of whom are po
litically hostile to corporations.
The frothing of Col. Alden J. Times at
the Ministerial Association in general and
at Dr. Leonard in particular, is no different
than the hundred and one other hydro
phobic frothings that that paper under its
present editor has been subjected to. The
editor of the Times began his remarkable
career in Seattle by branding the late John
H. McGraw a common thief and public
looter. The next year Commissioner Lou
C. Smith was likewise held up to public
ridicule and scorn. Senator John L. Wil
son got his from the Times as did R. H.
Thomson, J. M. Frank and everybody else
that did not do as the editor of the Times
dictated. Gov. Albert E. Meade was abused
like a tenderloin pickpicket that the Times
might speculate with his political rivals.
No public character has been more despic
ably villified than has been Gov. Hay by
the editor of the Times. In short, as said
above, the editor of the Times has been
so vile that violence to his person has been
advocated. In all of his vicious attacks
his paper has been supported by the tender
loin element, which accounts for the vast
riches he has accumulated since he has
owned the Times.

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