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The Seattle Republican
Is published every Friday by Cayton Publish
ing Company.
Subscriptions, $2 per year; six months,
$1.00, postage prepaid.
Entered as second-class matter at the post
office at Seattle.
Main 305 422 Epler Block
Seattle, Washington
According to reports from New Hampshire it
still takes "big money" to elect a United States sen
With all branches of the U. S. government Demo
cratic, the session of Congress to convene April 7th will
be extraordinary with a vengeance.
There is method in Uncle Joe Cannon's madness
in saying "adieu" to the political game, as the polit
icians first said the fatal word to him.
In the past, Maxine Elliott, the actress, may have
worked some "good angel" to a final fare you well,
but she recently married an angel, judging from his
moral record.
Pitched in the key of the "finest human ideals"
is the Wilson administration, and it remains to be
seen whether those ideals are shattered before the
four years expire.
The next time Rev. Call, the deposed San Quentin
chaplain, goes into the grafting business, we suggest
that he graft from dead ones, and he will be certain
they will tell no tales out of school.
In refusing to accept valuable presents from per
sons, President Wilson makes it plain his administra
tion is to be under no obligations to either the office
seeker or the friend of the office seeker.
When a jury of his peers found John S. Bodine
of Chehalis guilty of a crime against his two year old
daughter it would seem that the missing link between
man and monkey has at last been found.
Reports from Washington City say Mrs. Wood
row Wilson is the happiest woman in the Capitol City.
Then it's might and not right after all that produces
real happiness in the human heart. Too bad.
"Every age has had its heroes and in my opinion
future history will record Abraham Lincoln and David
Livingstone as the commanding characters of the pres
ent age," said Dr. Booker T. Washington in a reecnt
Even the Scientists have tired of W. D. Playwood,
he of Gov. Steuenberg murder fame, and by a referen
dum vote recalled him from a membership of the na
tional executive committee of the Socialist party. It's
a long lane that has no turn.
Seeing there was no hope of arousing any patri
otism among the men, the Turkish women have burst
forth in a flame of patriotism that promises to make
the allied powers set up and take notice. God bless
the women.
Because neither her children nor her grand-chil
dren would visit her, an aged woman in the King coun
ty hospital died heartbroken. Such offspring should
be made to wander the wilds of the woods and eat grass
like an ox.
The cost of harvesting wheat is to be reduced
from fourteen to two cents per bushel if an inven
tion made by a Kansan continues to be a success. It
threshes the grain as it stands, and one machine
threshes thirty acres in a ten hour day. The next
thing in order will be a patent grower for wheat.
Silk braided guards have been discarded by the
new master of the White House at Washington City
and that part of the citizens of the United States, who
think there is entirely too much tendency to mimic
the bowing apes of Europe on the part of our presidents
are heartily glad of the new ruling.
A couple of street car conductors in Seattle have
proven that all street car conductors are not thieves,
by returning valuable finds they made into the office;
now if the policemen could make a similar demonstra
tion of honesty Dr. Matthews' statement, "this is the
cleanest city in the United States," would be thor
oughly demonstrated.
The simplicity with which Woodrow Wilson is
running the presidential office of the United States
has caused consternation to prevail among the office
seekers and the would be royalty apers, who hang
about Washington City for the sake of "sawciety."
It is simply Woodrow Wilson, president of the United
States, without" frock or frills, prefixes or suffixes.
Keep it up, Woodrow, and all hell cannot beat you for
a second term.
Dr. Booker Washington had no sooner made his
first visit to the Northwest and taken it by storm and
departed than the report is given out that, the Giants
of Chicago, a Negro baseball aggregation, is to play
a three game series with Dugdale's team, and if they
keep up their past record they will take the Northwest
by a greater storm than did Dr. Washington. The
Northwest seems to be a pretty green Held for the
Negro just now.
The tail of the British lion got so badly twisted
St. Patrick's day by Secretary of State Bryan that
it hollered like a stuck pig. Mr. Bryan was making a
speech to the Irish on home rule and seemed to have
forgotten the position that President Woodrow Wilson
named him for a few days previous and that his talk
might cause diplomatic enstrangements between Eng
land and the United Stat^ but he Lei go Riley with
all his power. Uncle Sam in order to pacify Johnny
Bull whispered into his ear, Bryan was once an Irish
man himself, but he dropped the 0 from his name and
now he is Bryan instead of O'Bryan and for that his
outburst of enthusiasm should be overlooked.
It was only a crazy fool that assassinated King
George of Greece, but a bullet from a pistol in the
hands of a crazy fool will do just as deadly work as a
bullet from a pistol in the hands of one of equal stand
ing with the king. If reports arc true the dead num-
arch was very democratic in his life and refused to
be heralded by advanced guards, with, "the king now
approaches," but he moved around in the community
as would any other man and the crazy fool took ad
vantage of his democratic movements. Killing the
crazy fool will do no good nor will it deter similar crazy
fools from killing other good men, but lest this par
ticular one get an opportunity to commit some similar
diabolical deed, he should be killed and his body buried
in quick lime in some place where his grave would
never be know to the public.
When Barnum said, "the American people loves
to be humbugged," he told the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth, and it is being' demonstrated
almost every day. One of the latest demonstrations of
it was seen in the resent a:rest of the Antonia Musica
family of New York, who had worked the banks of
the United States to the tune of over a million dollars,
and the discovery was made by a mere accident. The
American people's anxiety to get something for nothing
accounts for them biting at every gold brick scheme
that is presented to them. It may look a bit shaky, but
they take a chance with the hope that, they will leather
their nests beofre the thing collapses and the other
fellow will have the bag to hold. Swindlers reap a
golden harvest every year from American rockers.
(Ram's Horn).
A lie is a lie, no matter whether it is white or
A barrel of money has never yet given any man
all he wanted.
Lot walked into Sodom, but went out of it on the
double quick.
The sparrow went into the ark through the same
door as the elephant.
If we are not making a good use of what we have,
we have too much.
It takes a good deal more than a bargain counter
halo to make a saint.
The man who is too poor to take a newspaper al
ways has one or two dogs.
It would spoil nine people out of ten to let them
have their own way for a mouth.
Everybody will be glad that the trouble at Olympia
is over at any rate. And if anybody ever offers a prac
ticable substitute for a state legislature, the idea ought
I<>. prove a popular one in Washington.—Ft. Angelei
'"In the midst of life is death," wrote an
ancient sage, and when the death of Albert
E. Meade, former governor of Washington,
was reported last Wednesday, it was furth
er proof of the correctness of the adage. It
was with heartfelt regrets that we read
of the death of Governor Meade, for in
many ways he was a most admirable man.
For four years he was prosecuting attorney
of Whatcom county and made for himself
an enviable record while in the office. At
the expiration of his term as prosecuting
attorney he aspired to a seat in Congress
and made a valiant light for the nomination,
but instead of being nominated for Congress
the political wheel of fortune brought to
him the gubernatorial nomination. It came
rather unexpectedly and placed him under
obligations to persons, who did not have the
cause of the people at heart, and after he
had been elected and inaugurated, he was
often at a loss to know how to do his duty
and at the same time not offend his political
sponsors. But on the whole he got out of
the awkward situation very cominendably,
and though the most of his former political
backers did not come to his rescue in his
fight for a second nomination, yet he lead
the field on first choice and was only de
feated by a few hundred votes by second
choice votes. When he retired from office
he returned to Bellingham and took up the
thread where he had laid it down four
years previous, and his friends and neigh
bors received him with the same fidelity
they had always shown him and he soon
became their foremost citizen.

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