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44 A Thread Every Day
Makes a Skein in a Year, "
One small disease germ carried by the
blood through the system *o*ll convert a
healthy human body to a condition of in
validtsm. Do not ‘wait until you are bed
ridden. Keep your 'food pure and life-giv
ing all the time. Hood's Sarsaparilla
accomplishes this as nothing else can.
New Orleans and Return, 52'.30-Mardi
The Southern Railway will sell round trip
tickets Washington to Orleans at one fare,
$27.50. Tickets on sale Feb. 31th to 25 th with
final limit returning March 15th. Only route
from New York offering double daily trains,
iierfeot IbniiHf and Sleeping Car service New
York to New Orleans. Time 39 hours. Full
particulars of Alex. S.Thweatt. Eastern Pass.
Agent, 271 Broadway, New York.
Tlie Alphabet In a Sentence.
The shortest intelligible sentence
which contains all the letters of the
alphabet is, we believe: “J. Gray,
pack with tny bos five dozen quills.”
Han't Tobacco Spit and Smoke Your Life Away.
To quit tobacco aasily and forever, be mag*
natic, full of life, narvs and vigor, take No-To-
Bac.tho wonder-works: ,that makes weak men
strong. All druggist*, 50c. or $l. Cure guar
anteed. Booklet and sample free. Address
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or New York.
A Berlin physician has written an
article on the clangers resulting from
what are considered insignificant
wounds. For instance, in Id w’ounds
to the thumb permanent disability fol
lowed in GO per cent.
Jell-O, tlie New Dessert,
Pleases all the family. Four flavors:—
Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry,
At your grocers. 10 cts.
Khartum may now be reached from
Cairo, Egypt, by boat and rail, and a
hotel with room for GO guests has just
been completed at Khartum.
To Cure Constipation Forever.
Take < ascarets Candy Cathartic. 10c or 25c.
rf C. C. C. fail to cure.druggists refund money,
Street Cleaning in Jolo.
In the daytime there are always
little squads of soldiers sweepiug the
streets, and so carefully is this work
dou.T that the miniature town is as
clean as a pin. Whenever a leaf
drops some one rushes to tell the
street cleaning department, aud a
squad of men hurry to remove the
leaf. All parts of the town are scrupu
lously clean, but if any place can be
called more scrupulously cleau than a
scrupulously clean place, then it is
that part of the street just before the
door of Maria Concha’s shop. Maria
is a pretty Zamboaugueno—really the
prettiest native girl I’ve seen in the
Philippines —and as she is the only
pretty girl in Jolo, she is tremend
ously popular. The street cleaning
department spends hours sweeping
the leaves off the street in front of
her shop, and the young officers put
in much of their time sitting in her
little shop aud chatting. —Correspond
ence Chicago Record.
have boon relieved of
female troubles by Mrs*
Pinkham's advice and
The letters of a few are
printed regularly In this
If any one doubts the
efficiency and saoredly
confidential character of
Mrs* Pinkkam's methods,
write for a book she has
recently published which
contains letters from the
mayor of Lynn, the post
master, and others of her
city who have made care
fed investigation, and who
verify all of Mrs* Pink
foam's statements and
The Pfoskfoam claims are
sweeping* Investigate
Try Grain-O!
Try Grain-O!
Ask your Grocer to-day to show
you a package of GRAIN-0, the new
food driuk that takes the place of
Tne children may drink it without
injury as well as the adult. All who
try it, like it. GRAIN-0 has that
rich seal brown of Moehu or Java,
but it is made from pure grains, and
the most delicate stomach receives it
without distress. £ the price of coffee.
16 cents and 26 cents per package.
Sold by all grocers.
Tastes like Coffee
Looks like Coffee
Insist that your grocer gives you GRAIN-O
Accept do imitation.
The Dnirion of 1899.
The Dawson of 1899 is no longer
the Dawson of 1898, and much less
that of the year previous. The thou
sands of bateaux that were formerly
lined up against the river front, in
rows six deep and more, and compris
ing all manner of craft from the small
canoe to sliced sections of scows, have
mostly disappeared, and in their
place we now find the graceful and
ungraceful forms of varying tyjies of
steamboat. It is no uncommon thing
nowadays to find five or more of these
larger craft tied up at one time to the
river front, and the amplitude and
majesty of the Mississippi boats gain
but little in a comparison with some
of these larger craft of the Yukon
river. Overhung signs call attention
to the flying queens of the river, the
Bonanza King, Canadian and Sibyl,
and thousands are offered upon the
result of the race to the White Horse
Rapids. So here, as iu the olden days
of the Mississippi, the struggle for
supremacy has led to the opening ol
the throttle and to the scraping of the
fire box. Upward of a hundred ar
rivals from down the river w’ere regis
tered at % Dawson during the season of
open water in 1899. —Appletons’ Pop
ular Science Monthly.
Made Bill Too.
A small boy from the slums had
been brought into the mission school,
and for a couple of Sundays he had
been instructed iu the rudiments. The
third Sunday he brought with him his
brother William. To test his memory
the teacher began to go over the pre
vious lessons. ‘‘Who made you?” she
asked. “God,” he replied, promptly.
“Aud what else did God make?” The
youngster studied for a moment aud
looked around helplessly till he no
ticed his brother, then his face bright
ened. “He made Bill, too, I guess,”
he answered, triumphantly.
First Come, First Served.
Don’t say that you couldn’t get the
valuable presents offered with “Red
Cross” and “Htibinger’s Best” laundry
starch; your grocer has them for you;
ask him for a coupon book, which will
enable you to get one large 10c. pack
age of “Red Cross” starch, one large
10c. package of “Hubingor’s Best”
starch, with the premiums, two beauti
ful Shakespeare panels, printed In
twelve beautiful colors, or one Twen
tieth Century Girl calendar, all for sc.
l’roti*et(*(l Hydrants in Dawson.
A novelty has just been introduced
by the water works company iu Daw
son, probably not duplicated in any
other city on the continent. It con
sists of a wooden house, GxGxG feet,
which is placed over each hydrant iu
the city. Each of these houses con
tains a small stove, iu which fire is
kept day and night. By the payment
of SI a week patrons can secure water
at auy time.
Whal Kha.ll We Have For Dessert!
This question arises in tlie family daily. Let
us answer it to-day. Try Jell-O, a delicious
aud healthful dessert. Prepared in 2 min. No
boiling! no baking! Simply add a little hot
water & set to cool. Flavors: Lemon,Orange,
Raspberry and Strawberry. At grocers. 10c.
Women and Secrets.
Said the Bright Girl to her chum,
apropos of women and secrets, “Al
most any woman will hold sacred a
confidence reposed in her by a man.
Wild horses could hardly drag it from
her, and while she may be positively
dying to tell it to her nearest and
dearest, and will have to screw her
determination to the sticking point to
keep from doing so, she will succeed
in her attempt. More, I’m afraid,
because she fears such a breach of
confidence lvould injure her in his
estimation than because of any prin
ciple involved.
“Any man can trust a woman who
likes him with even a momentous
secret, but I wouldn’t advise another
wornau to do so. I’m afraid that
sounds very uncomplimentary to my
sex, doesn’t it? Women can keep
other women’s secrets —if they want
to, but usually the confidences poured
into their ears are so unimportant, so
much a matter of what Johu said on
this and that occasion or where the
Smiths get the money to live on, that
while the listener promises eternal
siience she forgets after a while that
she has done so, and very iunocently
repeats tho tale. Then ofteuer than
not there is a pretty row.
“A mau’s confidence is usually of
some importance, and it’s never be
trayed; a woman’s isn’t, so it ofteu is,
which proves that women can keep
secrets if they wish.
“Which one of the gentle sex has
ever been found who couldn’t be as
dumb as an oyster when it comes to
her own affairs ?’’—Baltimore News.
Merely Another Fprm of Despair.
A sharp thing well said is credited
to Bir James Stephen, au English
lawyer. A tedious woman had been
pleading with him, and he was asked
what lie hoped for her. “That she
will stop talking soon,’’said he. “But
hope is only a heroic form of despair.”
Beauty Is Blood Deep.
Clean blood means a clean skin. No
beauty without if. Casearets,Candy Cathar -
tic clean your blood and keep it clean, by
stirring up the lazy liver aud driving all im
purities from the body. Begin today to
banish pimples, boils, blotches, blackheads,
and that sicklv bilious complexion by taking
Cascarets—beauty for ten cents. All drug
gists, satisfac ion guaranteed,loc. 25c, 50c.
llow the Sculptor Works.
The sculptor makes no drawings.
His first models, made in clay, are
three feet high. These are repro
duced iu plaster. The next set is seven
feet high, first clay, then plaster.
From the last cast the stonecutters
work.calcula ing distances to be twice
as great on the larger figures. Points
are laid with geometrical precision all
over the workiug model and the rough
stone from which the completed figure
is to appear.
There are many white soaps, each represented
to be just as good as the Ivory; they are not, but
like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable
qualities of the genuine.
Ask for Ivory Soap and insist upon getting it.
The Sirdar’s Collars.
When the Sirdar visited us it will
be remembered he wore a stand up
all round collar, which is kuowu by
various names, such as the “dragoon,”
the “Khartoum,” etc., but whatever
name it is known by to the different
makers the high stand up is the most
fashionable shape in collars today,and
is selling in much larger quantities
than auy other style since the Sirdar
set the fashion. It is certainly a smart,
military looking collar, and for that
reason alone it is quite certain to re
main very much iu vogue for a long
time to come ou account of the popu
far admiration which exists just now
lor all things military. —London Globe
Fenders for Automobiles.
Automobiles must wear fenders.
That is the purport of an ordinance
presented to the city council. All
manner of automobiles are included
in its application. The self-propelling
tally-ho-coupe and runabout are
bracketed with the department store
delivery wagon and the dray. All
fenders must be of the “basket” pat
tern and made of steel. It is further
provided that it shall be unlawful to
operate automobiles without fenders
after April 1, 1900. The penalty is a
fine of not less than $25 nor more
than $lOO for each offence.—Chicago
Reasonable in Some Instances.
Mrs; Naggett—This paper says that
iu some parts of the Philippines a
wife can be bought for $l. Isn’t that
Mr. Naggatt—Oh, I don’t know.
Probably some of them are worth it.
—Philadelphia Press.
I Had
a Bad
“I had a bad cough for six
weeks and could not find any
relief whatever. I read what a
wonderful remedy Ayer’s Cherry
Pectoral was for coughs and I
bought a bottle. Before I had
taken a quarter of it my cough
had entirely left me.”—L. Hawn,
Newington, Ont., May 3,1899.
Cures Colds
Neglected colds always lead
to something serious. They
run into chronic bronchitis which
pulls down your general health
and deprives you of sleep; or
they end in genuine consump
tion with all its uncertain results.
Don’t wait, but take Ayer’s
Cherry Pectoral just as soon as
you begin to cough. A few
doses will cure you then. But
it cures old colds, too, only it
takes a little more time. We
refer to such diseases as bron
chitis, asthma, whooping-cough,
consumption, and hard winter
If you’ve just taken cold a 25 cent bot
tle is all you’ll need. For harder cases a
60 cent bottle is better. For chronic
troubles, and to keep on hand, the $l.OO
bottle is most economical.
“My wife had pimples on her face, but
she has been taking CASCAKETS and they
have all disappeared. I had been troubled
with constipation for some time, but alter tak
ing the first Cascaret I have had no trouble
with this ailment. We cannot speak too high
ly of Cascarets." FredWartman,
5708 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
trade mark reoistereo
r "alatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
C iicken. Weaken. or Gripe. 10c, 25c, 50c.
8t.r1.1115 Hfc.aciljr Company, Chicago, Montreal. Hew York. 314
MO.Tn.RAP Bol<l and guaranteed by all drug
«y * U“OAw gists to CTTKE Tobacco Habit.
Cures C'ouglin ami Colds, I# 11 I PR
Prevents Consumption. Kill ► K
All Druggists, 25c.
$3 & 3.50 SHOES IUHW*
forth $4 to $6 compart
with other makes.
> lndorsed bv over
’ 1,000,000 wearers,
The genuine have \V. L
Douglas’ name and price
stamped on bottom. Take
no substitute claimed to be
as good. Your deal
should keen them —if
not, we will send a pair
on receipt of price and it,.
extra for carriage. State kind of leatlx
size, and width, plain or cap toe. Cat. fre
W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE CO., Brockton, Mass.
i lON Dfll I ARPOWQi
Most talked of potato on earth ! Oi
Catalog tells—so also about Sai
ler’s Earliest Six Weeks'Potato.
Largest farm and vegetable seed
grower U.S. Potatoes, $1.20 and j
up a bbl. Send this notice and sc. £
■tamp for Big Catalog.
HOW TO GET OFFICE of Home Instruction by
the Government Office Training School, Washing
ton, D. C. Women Eligible. Positions Permanent.
unL*'tive relief, never fails. Sample l>ox, 25c.
Address (rector Street Hook Store, S. Y. City.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole system
when entering it through the mucous surfaces.
Such articles should never be used except on
prescriptions from reputable phvsiciaus.as the
damage they will do is ten fold to the good you
can possibly derive from them. Hall’s Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co ,
i oleao, 0., contains no mercury and is taken
internally, acting directly upon the blood and
surfaces of the system. In buying
tlall s ( atarrh Cure be sure to get the genuine
it is taken internally, and is made in Toledo,
',*£23, by £ - J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free,
u Druggists; price. 75c. per bottle.
Hall’s * amily Pills are the best.
It is estimated that Americans will
spend 8100,000,000 in Europe sight
seeing this year.
All know that Dobbins’ Electric Soap has
been for 35 years bait of all. Now its price is re
duced from 10 cents to 5 cents fora full-sized
bar, everybody wants it. 25-cent books given
free for wrappers. Order of your grocer.
The estimated population of Detroit
is 305,000, of Buffalo, 400,000.
Educate Your Bowels With Cascareti.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever
10c. 36c. 1f C. C. c. fail.druggists refund money]
The Duke of Westminster is the second of
his order to be cremated, the Duke of Bed
ford being the first.
H. H. Green’s Sons of Atlanta,Ga.,are the
only successful Dropsy specialists in the
world. See theirliberal offer in advertisement
in another column of this paper.
The assessed valuation of property in
Illinois this year is £202.425,384 in excess of
that of last year.
* ID sb )W 8 Soothing Symp for children
teethi ng.softens the gums, reducing inflamma
tion. allays pain, cures wind colic. Sic. a bottle.
I have found Piso’s Cure for Consumption
an unfailing medicine.-F. R. Lotz, 13U6 Scott
St., Covington, Ky., Oct. 1, 1894.
And light dressings of CUTICURA, purest
emollient skin cures. This treatment at on
stops falling hair, removes crusts, scales, ai
dandruff, soothes irritated, itching surfaa
stimulates the hair follicles, supplies the roo
with energy and nourishment, and makes tl
hair grow upon a sweet, wholesome, healtl
scalp when all else fails.
Millions of Women
Use Ccticura Soap exclusively for preserving, purifying, and beautlfria
the skin, for cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the ?u|
ping of falling hair, for softeuing, whitening, and healing, red, rouglui
sore hands, in the form of batli9 for annoying irritations and chafings,!
too free or offensive perspiration, in the form of washes for ulcerative well
nesses, and for many antiseptic purposes which readily suggest themselvi
to women, and especially mothers, and for all the purposes of the toiM
bath, and nursery. No amount of persuasion can induce those who haveoac
used it to use any other, especially for preserving and purifying the ?1A
scalp, and hair of infants and children. Cuticuka Soap combines deiicH
emollient properties derived from Cuticura, the great skin cure, with A
purest of cleansing ingredients, and the most refreshing of (lower odor?. S
other medicated soap ever compounded is to be compared with it for
serving, purifying, and beautifying the skin, scalp, hair, and hand?. >'
other foreign or domestic ' diet soap, however expensive, is to be corapw
with it for all the purposes c* the toilet, bath, and nursery. Thus it «*
bines, in One Soap at One Price, viz., Twenty-five Cents, the bis
skin and complexion soap, the best toilet and best baby soap in the word
All that lias been said of Cuticura Soap may be said with even greater empW
of Cuticura Ointment, the most delicate, and yet most effective of emollient
greatest of skin cures. Its use in connection with Cuticura Soap (as per directi
around each package), in the “One Night Cure for Sore Hand?,'
“ Instant Relief Treatment for Disfiguring Itchings a.vd
and in many uses too numerous to mention, is sufficient to prove its super.c-l
over all other preparations for the skin.
, Complete External and Internal Treatment for ever) m
consisting of Cuticura Soap (20c.). to cleanse the ekinof .
scales and soften the thickened cuticle, Cuticura Oint*'- .
TUn c a f 0i nc to instantly allay itching, inflammation, and irritation, ad «'■
■ *'® ® * O heal, and Cuticcba Kkbolvent (50c.), to cool and clesw* •j.
A SiNor.E Srt la often sufficient to cure the moat torturing, disfiguring, and hnmiiw *
scalp, and blood humors, with loss of hair, when all else falls Potteii Dbl« a jd '
Coat’., Sole Props., Boston. “ All about the Skin, Scalp, and Ilair,” free.
A ITALlTY low.debilitated or exhausted cured
by Dr Kline's Invigorating Tonic. Free $1
trial bottle for 2 weeks’ treatment. Dr.'Kline.
Ld., 931 Arch St., Philadelphia. Founded 1871.
A farm team walks at .the rate of one and
a half to two miles per hour when drawing
ordinary farm implements. NE7
How Are Your Kidneys t
Dr. Hobbs’ Sparagus Pills cure all kidney Ills Sam.
pie free. Add. Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N. Y.
Over 1000 houses in London are tenantless
because they are supposed to be haunted.
Carters ink
Has the largest sale of any ink
in the world.
HOWARD’S Painless Corn Cure positively
cures Corns. Warts and Bunions At Druggists,
ar 26c by mail. 4 Corners Pharmacy, New Haven, Ct.
Hor« h**,'ul?} Thompson’s Eyo Water
Save Your Hair witli
Shampoos of
t l!«*
<br J 1
or )' onf ',.4
!a jf
for 1* CE “;
We wish to
1 pitir. City
1 P><g Kerl’et f
!: psagg;
know’When yon c > ,
•eedn r>» *‘i c t uer'* , ?i
«3<>o Pri*e#Oß
•n eariie»t ’' u t»o>~^
joh.i i. - ■■iin

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