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NO. 230.
Ill llli; AFTER Tl CROOKS.
At-' r. .A V fc."
mB Mil P4P
lews of the Doings
Each of . Thirty-four
tNiimirius OMdidatos
Officii An Hurrying to tho
Split Between Pease
Lake View Threatens to Make
Things Lively.
Tho unexpected has happened.
The strong political combination
which has ruled Lako View for years
nits been burst asunder. Tho Boldon-week-Pease
combination Is no more
Iho trouble Is said to havo been
brought about by tho candidacy of
Mr. Boldenweck for County Treas
urer nnu yr. 1'case lor coun
ty Clerk, it being understood
hbat only ono big otllco
an bo reasonably expected to go to
Lho section whero both reside. Tho
jwo quondam friends aro now deadly
(enemies and a re-arrangement of nil
Lake Vlow political slates is tho
Tho latest West Town sluto given
out is Mortimer Scanlan for Assessor,
j Robert Vcrdon for collector, Frank
i Kllcrano for Supervisor, Fred Stoll
for Clerk.
A particularly strong town tick'ot
will bo In tho field on tho Republican
sido in tho Town of Lake this spring.
Tho candidacy of Hon. Frank
, Lawler for tho West Town Assessor-
ship has completely changed tho
aspect of affairs In tho West Town
It Increases tho uctlvlty of all tho
! other candidates such as James Mc-
'Andrews, Jr., Dennis Consldlne, and
Aid. Loclllcr, and changes tho Demo-
I. cratlc slate. Mr. Lawler's candidacy
would mean his nomination and elec
tion, but there aro other candidates
of whoso nomination the samo could
kbe said. Tho year has been thus far
lllsastrous for tho Democrats, and It
behooves tho party to put its strong
est candidates In tho field if It is not
to continue so. Tho advent of Frank
Lawler at a leader in tho West Town
fight is welcomed by tho party as a
) fortuitous circumstance.
Mr. Lawlor deserves well of tho
Democratic party. Ho has spent the
best years of his life in its service,
and has received Uttlo reward. Ho
has Invariably sunk his own person
ality for the good of the party. Tho
loyalty to party and indefatigable
labors of Mr. Lawler contributed
largely, to the victory of last Decem
ber. His party services have not
been recognized at Washington; in
fact, his treatment by tho powers
that bo there has amounted to an
insult to the whole Democratic party
of Cook County. By electing Mr.
Lawler to an honorable and Important
local office therefore, tho Democracy
of Cook County will not onl reward
a faithful servant, but will vindicates
Itself. '
Jacob IV. Richards has again en
tered the raco for South Town As
sessor, and will make It' interesting
tfor the other candidates for the
Democratic nomination.
The other aspirants uro ex-County
Commissioner Martin Emcrich, Al-
lemma Henry Stuckart and S. George
irlvlller. All aro good men, and
py ono of them would flu the ortlco
f Assessor acceptably.
Now that Justice Korsten has posi
tively refused to mako tho raco for
Iho north town assessorshlp, Senator
Bartllng will have plain sailing for
the Democratic nomination. His
opponent on the Republican sldo will
jbe tho present incumbent, Wllllum
f. Ball, who will be undoubtedly re
Mr. nail will make a
antagonist for Senator
The Aldermanic situation grows
dally more Interesting. The Repub-
leans are In high hopes of capturing
of the Politicians in
for Ml of tho Town
and Boldenweck
some wards now represented by Dem
ocrats and thus making that body
more strongly Republican oven than
It was last year.
In tho First Ward J. Irving 1'earco
Is talked of by tho Republican, but
whllo theso gentlemen aro casting
about for a candidate, Aid. John J.
Coughlln, tho present representative,
Is mending his fences and will proba
bly be not only renominated but re
elected. Tho Democratic leaders in tho
Second Ward aro In hopes of ousting
Aid. D. J. Horan. Tho latter will
probably get the nomination, but ho
will find it hard to win. Mr. Horan
personally is a courteous, popular
Tho prettiest fight of all is that
going on in the Twenty-fourth Ward.
Fred Grleshiemer and ex-Aid. Fotor
Blegler aro two tff the candidates for
tho Democratic nomination.. Both
are good Democrats, both aro wealthy
and highly popular gentlemen.
Mr. Blegler mado an excellent rec
ord while in tho Council boforc, and
Mr. Grlesheimer would undoubtedly
do tho same.
But there Is a candidate in tho
flold who is going to mako both of
thorn hustle, and that is Mr. Watson
Ruddy, tho well-known business man,
horso owner and livery stable propri
etor. Mr. Ruddy has lived in tho
Twenty-fourth Ward for over twenty
years. Ho has nlways bcon a Demo
crat, and has In every possible way
-assisted the party. Ho camo Into tho
ward a poor man, but by strict at
tention to business has mudo u snug
fortune and built up a lucrative
trade. His spoclulty Is tho soiling
and trading of horses, and in this
way ho has supplied tho finest fami
lies of Chicago with their coaching
and driving outfits. Mr. Ruddy, who
is urged for Alderman by some of tho
best men In tho ward, is an Irish
man by birth, a native of the County
Tyrone, and Is no years of ago. If
elected be will, without doubt, make
a model member of the City Council,
as his qualifications well fit him for
the place.
Tho term of Joseph Donncrsberger
as South l'urk Commissioner expired
Wednesday. Ills successor will bo
selected by the Circuit Judges. Ho
is a candidate for reappointment.
Tho Judges stand seven Democrats
and soveu Republicans. Tho Repub
licans have but two representatives
on tho South Furk Board now, Mr.
Ellsworth and Mr. Sherman.
A now candldato for tho Demo
cratic Collectorshlp nomination of
the West Town has appeared In tho
person of Robert Verde n. He Is a
horse-dealer and lives in tho Four
teenth Ward.
Tho Garfield Club has Indorsed
Herbert W. Duncanson for Alderman
from tho Twelfth ward.
Jamos A. Hogan, superintendent
of tho Lemont Stono Quarry Com
pany, Is likely to bo tho Republican
candldato for Alderman In the Sixth
Ward. The Democrats will probably
havo two candidates.
John W. Conroy Is mentioned as a
probable Republican candldato for
Alderman in the First Ward.
Tho Young'Men's Democratic Club
of tho Thirty-second Ward was
organized at Axford's Hall with John
Hanrahan as Fresldont. Tho Hop-
Strongly Backed for the Democratic Nomination foe South Town Assessor.
kins administration was indorsed and
tho names of two hundred club i tim
bers enrolled.
John Kralovec, a leading Bohemian,
is bolng urged to becomo a candl
dato for Alderman on tho Republican
sldo In tho Ninth Ward.
Tho Gcrman-Amorlcansi, of tho
south end of tho Ninth Ward mot at
No. 050 Bluo Island avcniio and in
dorsed Mllcs-Kchoo for Aid srman.
Ex-Mayor Creglor, who I has been
mentioned as a candldato for super
intendent of Lincoln ParkA said that
ho didn't know anything about his
proposed candidacy beyondi what ho
hud scon In tho newspapers. Ho
added that ho wus looking for some
thing bottor than a park superintend
ency, and that ho expected to be a
candldato for County Treiauror on
tho Democratic ticket at'! the No
vember election. i
The contest for Aldormanic honors
in the Fifth Ward it is said has bcon
a florco one between Nick Dubnck,
David Dlestand John S. Ochnian. It
was reported yesterday that Messrs.
Ocbman and Duback had withdrawn
In favor of Dlest. Consequently it Is
claimed that tho nomination Is) now
conceded to Mr. Dlest.
The Republicans will certainly
Bomlnato John Vogt, the present
efilclent alderman.
Tho request of many Illinois Re
publicans that the State Central
Committee hold a general meeting taf
tho party leaders In this city at an
early dato will go before tho Execu
tive Commltteo March 7. A notlo
for tho commltteo to meet at thiit
dato In this olty was sent out
yesterday. It is bollovcd tlAo
Stuto Contral Commltteo will lio
called together a fortnight after
wards, and that invitations to
Bovoral hundred membersof tho party
in various sections of tho State jto
confer with tho commltteo will bo
sent out by tho Exccutlvo Commit
tee. Tho prevailing sentiment amotjg
Republicans, as they gather at pie
hoadquartors In tho Grand Paul lie
now, is to pay no attention to tho
Democrats or tho tlmo of holdllng
tholr convention, but to begin an
aggresslvo campaign. Tho conven
tion probably will bo hold somo tlmo
In August. Tho Stato officers to bu
elected uro a' Treasurer, a Superin
tendent of Public Instruction and
University Trustees.
Garrett Otto, an old roshhnt of
iho iuiriy-iourm wura, is out as a
candldato for Assessor of Hydi Bark,
Ho claims a argo backing.
'Alio xtopuoiicans or the Twouty-
soventn ward have concluded to re-
tiro Fred Ilausson, ono of tho
men, and to nominate H. W. Bjatlor, a
sHRfe t
HHy ,a
Hliw .. v
v VKJSslAvw.lvk s. WU Wm V.nssKJVSsHiH ml Karl If, WW wt mj I r.
SzSSmcs. vWkSS mllmJIIIIiW m, I
WKUmmm '
V' IPlli? 'with J
young real estate doalor, In his place
Henry Esdohr declines to he a candl
dato and will support Mr. Butler.
Jacob II. Blass Is being urged as a
candidate against Aid. -Bowers by tho
Gorman Democratic Club of tho
Nineteenth Ward. Ex-City Clerk P.
J. Howard is also making a stubborn
fight. Patrick Morris and Jus. E.
O'Brien, grocers; John Noonan, real
estate, and Joseph B. Brcen are nlso
said to Lo eager aspirants for a scat
In tho Council from tho Nineteenth
Ono of tho popular young men of
tho West Sldo Is Herbert W. Dun
canson, tho well-known Madison
street Jeweler, who is prominently .
menuoneu nnu wiuciy inuorBcu as
tho candldato for tho Republican
nomination in tho Twelfth Ward
aldormanic raco in tho spring. Mr.
Duncanson has mado tho West Sldo
his business and domestic home for
many years. Ho Is an Illlnolsan,
having been born in Kankakoo thirty
five years ago. In 1870 he camo to
this city with his parents, and hero
he has lived ever since. For over
sixteen years he has been engaged in
the retail jewelry business on Mad
ison street, and ho is President
of the Optical and Electrical Com
pany at tho cornor of Stato and
Madison streets. Ho is a more than
enthusiastic supporter of tho in
stitutions of the great West Sldo, as
is evidenced by his active member
ship In three of tho most prominent
social organizations in that section
of tho city tho Illinois, Ashland
and Mlnnotto Clubs and by his earn
est work in behalf of all proposed
West Sldo Improvements. In poli
tics Mr. Duncanson has always been
actively Interested as a consistent Re
publican and ho has done yeoman
sorvlco for his party in its stronghold
tho Twolfth Ward. For somo tlmo
ho has boon chairman of tho Finance
Commltteo or the Twolfth Ward Re
publican Club, and ho has discharged
tho duties of that olllco in such a
manner ns to rotlcctgreatcrcdltupon
hln business ability. That it is quite
llkoly ho will roprcsont his ward in
tho City Council during' tho coming
two years Is pretty jjonorally con
ceded, as ho has been Indorsed as
a candidate by numerous clubs hav
ing members In tho ward, und u
nomination tbero means his election.
Ho is vory popular among his associ
ates and is now tho only candldato
nominated for tho Presidency of tho
Mlnnotto Club, which has also in
dorsed his Aldermanlo candidacy.
Tho Mlnnotto Club's nominating com
mittee, by tho way, has put a club
tlckot In tho field to bn voted for
early In March, and tho candidates
named aro so goucrally satisfactory
that thero is llkoly to bo found greut
difficulty in securing tho twonty-five
names necessary to put an opposition
ticket in tho field. Matters aro not
quite ns harmonious In tho ranks of
tho Mcnokcn Club, however, and It
is stated that when Its annual elec
tion occurs, which Is very soon, there
will bo sovcral tickets to bo voted
for and that tho battlo will bo a
lively and exciting scramble for of
fice. Tho Seventh Ward Protective Club
has Indorsed J. A. Cook for Alder
mun from tho Seventh Ward and
pledged its support to tho entire Re
publican th'kct In tho spring elec
tion. Tho next regular meeting of
tho club will bo held next Sunday at
2 p. m.
Ex-County Commissioner Jacob
Stalncr, who served three terms In
tho County Board and mado an excel
lent record, will lo the Democratic
nominee for Alderman In tho Eighth
Ward. Mr. Stalncr announces that
it ho is not nominated ho will run ns
an Independent.
From a Democratic standpoint it
looks as if Hon. S. Gcorgo Miller
would bo tho nomlnco for Assessor of
tho South Town. He is recognized
by all to bo the strongest candidate
yet mentioned. Mr. Miller has al
ready turned in $825,000. He has
mado a superb record, and leading
Republicans say that George Miller
would beat Best by 10,000 majority,
should tho latter bo his opponent on
tho ticket. On this account tho best
known Republican South Town lead
ers rcallzo full well that they must
put up their strongest man, and dur
ing tho past few days thero has boon
a great deal of qulot talk about Ma
jor B. R. Do Young, who has served
In tho past four terms as South Town
Assessor. Major Do Young made u
magnificent record and he commands
tho confidence and respect of all who
know htm, on account of his emi
nent ability, and great strength with
tho South Town community. It
necdsurprlso no ono to learn that
tho latest slate given out by the South
Town Republicans Is headed by Ma
jor 11. R. Do Young for Assessor, E.
J. Magorstadt for Collector, and
Fotor J. Lnas for Supervisor.
Charles liar pel Is n candidate for
alderman in the 24th Ward. Ho Is a
largo proporty owner and has been
actively identified with Republican
politics of tho ward for over a scoro
of years. Ho Is well known and
popular. Ho was Indorsed by tho
Young Men's Republican Club of the
24th Ward last Saturday evening, at
a meeting hold ut 353 North Clark
S. W. Roth, John Clancy and Win.
T. Mnypolo are waging a florco con
tost for tho nomination for alderman
in tho Thirteenth Ward. From
present indications Roth is likely to
bo nominated.
Their Association Denounces Tax Adjusters
and Their Very Peculiar Schemes '
in Unmeasured Terms.
An Appul to Voters to Turn Out This
Spring and Eloct Honost
Too Much Fraud to
the Good
Tin: Kaoi.e, as tho organ of tho
business men of Chicago, has been
requested by tho Exccutlvo Commit
tee of tho Citizens' Association to
publish tho following appeal.
It certainly speaks for Itself.
Tho Exccutlvo Commltteo of tho
Citizens' Association Is composed of
the following citizens: I. K. Iloycscn,
Francis Bcldlcr, J. J. Olessncr, Win.
A. Fuller, Melville K. Stono. O. S. A.
Sprague, David A. Kohn, II. N. Hig
Inbothnm, Hugh A. White, Francis
11. Penbody, Murry Nelson, J. Harlcy
Bradley, J. L. Lombard, R. J. Smith,
Chrlstoph Hot., Geo. Schnoldcr, J.
C. Ambler.
To the member of tlio Citizen' AMOcUtlou:
The approach of tho season for
making tho assessment of roal and
personal property for taxation pur
poses, reminds us of our duty to cull
your attention to certain abuses
which have heretofore been observed
In that process, particularly in tho
last few years. A notable ono is
Notice Is received by a merchant
or manufacturer that his stock has
been valued, for tho purposes of as
sessment, at an amount which is
greatly In excess of what men In tho
samo lino of business, and with equal
amounts of stock, have had their
property valued ut for tho samo pur
pose, and In excess of tho amount
upon which tho particular victim has
theretofore bcon assessed. Shortly
after receipt of this notification
a person calling himself a
"taxadjustcr" culls upon tho
proposed victim and otters to
procure n reduction of tho valua
tion In consideration of being paid
one-fourth or one-half of tho saving
he can make for him. If Inquiry be
mado at tho Assessor's otllco as to tho
Identity of tho "tax adjuster" it will
bo found that ho Is unknown to tho
Assessor, and that "ho has no connec
tion with tho office;" but, strango to
say, tho "adjuster," If employed, suc
ceeds In obtaining a reduction of tho
valuation to an amount satisfactory
to the person whoso proporty Is to bo
assessed. And this nlthough legiti
mate efforts to have n.rcasonablo re
duction in tho valuation mado havo
failed to Intlucnco tho Judgment of
tho Ahso?sor in tho slightest degree.
That our absurd system of assess
ments easily lends Itself to such
abuses every tax-payor knows, and
thoro is Uttlo hopo of Immediate re
lief irom It. Furthermore, tho de
tection and punishment of tho per
sons prostituting our system of col
lecting public revenues In this man
ner Is extremely dltlleult, becauso of
tho impractlcah''.ity of showing by
legal proof any connection between
tho Assessor and tho "tax adjuster."
It Is hard to resist the conclusion
that tho "tax adjuster" could not so
readily and speedily accomplish tho
reduction of tho valuations unless
tho parties having tho powor to fix
tho valuation In somo manner co
operato with thorn.
Tho flrstund most effective mothod
of curing this evil is for all decent
citizens to uso every legitlmuto olTort
In tholr respecttvo towus to sou to
tho nomination of respcctablo men
for Assessors by the political parties;
and It has been shown heretofore
that when an earnest effort Is mado
to accomplish this result It can bo
achieved. Somo of tho Chicago
towns have, through tho efforts of
public-spirited citizens, in a number
'of instances, had for tholr town offi
cers men of pre-eminent standing
and recognized integrity. This cau
bo accomplished again, and in each
of tho towns composing tho city, if
the Square Inch for
of the
proper effort is made. Wo earnestly
urge you, therefore, to uso every
legitimate means to urouso an Inter
est among your friends and fellow
citizens, and to Induce them to take
part in the primaries and In tho town
conventions, with u view of procur
ing tho nomination by both parties, If
possible, of candidates for Assessor
whoso previous record, standing und
character will bo a guarantco against
their prostituting our revenuo system
for tho purposes of common black
mail. Wo would also urgo that an organ
ization lo effected by tho tax-payers
In tho respective towns, and particu
larly among merchants and manufac
turers in tho samo lino or business,
tho object of which shall bo tosccuro
equality In tho ratio of assessment in
their respective lines of business, and
If you full to obtain such equality In
ratio of assessment by the assessor,
that you then sco . that you are
properly represented before tho town
board or equalization, on tho fourth
Monday In June next, und mako such
showing of facts as will cntltlo you
to be heard In tho courts If tho board
falls to act Justly.
The Exkcutivk Committkk or tiiu
Citizens' Association.
I. K. Boyksen, President.
J. C A-MiiLEii, Secretary.
"Doc" Jamicson, soniot lines known
as T. N. Jamicson, potentate or tho
local Republicans nud cx-hcudsmau
to Mayor Washburne, was earnestly
sought on Wednesday morning by u
detective from tho Englowood sta
tion, who had a warrant for tho dis
tinguished man's arrest. Tho war
rant, Just a common, evory-day docu
ment, accusing tho Doctor of helling
liquor plebeian whisky without u
llceuso from tho municipal authori
ties, was sworn out beforo Justice
Caldwell by a Hyde Park in.in
a Republican, too, It is alleged
and asserted that en divers
and sundry occasions, to tho
best of affiant's knowlcdgo and
belief and on ouo occasion to his cer
tain knowlodgc, did tho said Jamic
son, by his agents, clerks and olhor
employes, soil, vend and distribute a
certain alcoholic boverngo commonly
called whisky. Tho warrant was
Issued by J ustico Caldwell and placed
in tho hands of Olllcor Judgo for
service. That policeman, no longer
fearful of a keen-edged ax, took tho
document and sallied forth In quest
of tho defendant, who Is ownor of
drug storo at tho corner of 30th
strcot and Cottago Grovo avenue.
"Doc" Jamicson was not in, and tho
officer started on an unsuccessful hunt
for tho defendant. Ho was finally
obliged to tako a clcrk'n word for It
that Dr. Jamicson would bo behind
tho prescription counter not lator
than 0 o'clock In the ovenlng.
Col. Anton J. Brachtondorf, ono of
tho best-known German-American
Democrats of Chicago and a Union
war veteran, Is strongly backed for
tho Democratic nomination for Alder
man of tho Twenty-first Ward.
Tho Democrats of tho north ond of
tho Twonty-olghth Ward organized a
J. P. Hopkins Club. Tho object of
it Is to secure tho election of u Demo
cratic Alderman this year and to
further tho candidacy of Mr. Peter
Hughes, Jr., for West Town Clork,
a young man who was born und
raised In this section and who is now
Acting Superintendent of thoClcoio
and Proviso Strcot Railway. This Is
tho first tlmo tho Twonty-olghth
Ward over had a candldato for any
otllco, and this club Intends to work
for his nomination.
' ;
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