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1 General Demand for the Election of Hon
est and Upright Hen This
Ruddy Out of tho Raco in tho
Twonty-fourth Ward for
Gossip from All of the Wards of Chicago
in Relation to Coming
Tho town campaigns aro now In
full swing, and within a week or so
both parties will have mado their
choice of town officials and placed
their nominees In tho field.
The dates of tho Democratic town
primaries and conventions have been
fixed as follows:
West Town Primaries on March
14; convention March IS, at 10 a. m.
North Town Primaries March 15;
convention March 10, at 10 a. tu.
South Town Primaries March 10;
convention March 17, at 10 a. m.
Lake View Convention March 10,
at 8 p. m.; delegates to be selected
by the ward organizations.
Lake Primaries March 15; con
Tention March 10 at 8 p. m.
Tho Republicans have fixed the
dates for their town conventions u
day earlier.
There is a plentiful supply of can
didates on both sides and there is no
reason why excellent timber should
not be selected by both tho Demo
cratic and Republican conventions.
It Is to be hoped that both parties
will put tho very best available men
in the Hold, for novor in tho history
of politics in this city has thoro been
such urgent nocd for honest and
capable township officials as exists at
tho present timo.
Through the artful tricks of tho
moneyed tax dodgers, through their
corrupting Influences over venal
public officers, tho revenues of
the ' city of Chicago have been
kept at u minimum whllo her ex
penses have steadily crept upward
toward utroniondous maximum. Tho
result hus boon a few scoro of cheap
politicians suddenly grown wealthy,
a decreaso In tho assessed valuation
of u city of abnormal and enormous
growth, expansion and prosperity,
inadequate funds with which to ad
minister public affairs, and as a re
sult a danger that, with all its growth
in territory, buildings and wealth,
tho city of Chicago may bo obliged to
reduce its police forco numerically,
and allow lifo and property to go
without adequato protection.
In view of theso facts it will bo
a'dmltted thero is grave necessity for
tho election of honest and careful
officials in the different towns, and
it is to bo hopo.l tho Democratic
party at least will rlso to tho require
ments of the occasion.
Candidates for town and Alder
manic offico still continue to multi
ply In numbers, and slates and com
binations are being mude and broken
by tho score.
Frank Lawlor has again entered
the race for tho West Town Assessor
ship, but his friends fear that ho has
nut his active canvass off until too
late. It now seems to be about an
even thing between James McAn
drews, Alderman Loonier, Mortimer
Scanlan, and Denis Consldine for the
Democratic nomination, while on tho
Republican side James L. Monaghan,
John J. Morrison and E. F. Ren
nackcr are making a close race, with
the odds in favor of Monaghan. On
the South Side Henry boat would
seem to have everything his own way
for tho assossorship there, and will,
unless all signs fall, secure tho Re
publican nomination there.
It is hard to Bay bow the balance
, of tho ticket will bo filled out.
On tho Democratic side Aid. Henry
Stuckart has thus far, apparently, at
loast, the best of tho raco, though S.
George Miller is pushing him close
and may eventually defeat him for
the nomination.
Edward Lclendccker Is spoken of as
the slated candidate for the collcc
torshlp, and Abraham Jacobs for
There will bo a pretty fight be
tween Senator Henry Dartllng nnd
William T. Ball on tho North Side.
Both are strong men, with excellent
records, and stand well before tho
people of the North Town. James
Pease will have no difficulty in secur
ing the nomination of Assessor for
Lake View, despite the opposition of
William lloldenweck. Ex-Alderman
Patrick Huyncs is tho leading Demo
cratic candidate.
Tho Swedish-Americans never have
any representation to speak of on a
county ticket at tho hands either of
tho Republicans or Democrats. From
tho former they ever havo had a
right not only to oxpoct but to do
mand at least a fair recognition, for
thoy have been by a largo majority
faithful, consistent supporters of the
grand old party. Thoy now havo a
good representative man us a candi
date in tho person of Mr. S. W.
RUcrburg, Chlof Doputy County
Clerk, who would bo a credit to them
should he recelvo the Republican
nomination for County Clerk this
fall. It Is for them to assist him,
nnd If thoy como to tho front and
pro-ent their claims tho Republican
county convention can hardly afford
to lgnoro them. If thoy do there
may bo a day of reckoning which will
not bo altogether pleasant for those
who full to properly roward their
stanch supporters.
About 300 Republicans turned out
Wodnosday ovonlng t ) u meeting at
Wulte's Hall, Hyde Park, to Indorse
the cundldacy of .ludgo Longeneckcr
foi Alderman from the Thirty-second
Ward. George L. Warner, member
of tho Board of Education for Hydo
Park, culled the meeting to order,
und Homer N. Ilibbard was named as
Chairman. Speeches In favor of tho
Judge's candidacy wore mado by T,
C. Boyd, ex-Governor Hamilton, tho
Rev. A. S. Phillips, J. C, Beaton, W.
E. Brown nnd Judge Longoucckor.
Among thoso present were;
Jjtmcn H. Moore, W. it. Dodge,
O. II. Htoddtrtl, E. II. Myera,
O. A. Kobler, B. h. Underwood,
John II. Lord, l)rton Bewoll,
Jntnei 8. lUkor, Dr. Dennlow Lewix,
W. I. Ueeman, Captain T. O. llutlln,
Andrew Hamilton, E.U.Noble,
Geo, F. Morgan, T. 0. lioyd,
Samuel L. Dllle, Paul Cornell,
Senator Condee, Edward II. Bltaw,
J, 0. Itobtnaou, I', F, Muntter,
William L. Fierce, J, 0. Hampion,
Obarlea D. l'oit, A. II. I'orter,
H. Keagan, Charle Watte,
W. K. Brown, W. 0, Lawaou,
John W. Hepburn, of the Fourth
Ward, has been an able and useful
member of the Council. lie should
bo rc-nomlnatou and re-elected.
. A
Mayor Hopkins, by his attorney,
A. W. Green, filed a demurrer in tho
County Court Monday to the peti
tion contesting his election. Tho
Mayor sets up slxteon reasons why,
in his Judgment, the potltlon should
bo dismissed with costs to tho peti
tioners. These nro all based on
technicalities. Ho says tho peti
tioners have not in their petition
stated such a caso as entitles them
to uny discovery or roltot against him
In any of tho matters contalucd in
tho potltlon. Spcclul demurrers nro
made to all the allegations In tho po
tltlon relating to tho ottlccrs allow
ing Improper persons to vote on the
grounds that tho names or the per
sons 8.1 voting wcro not given, nor
any facts to Bhow that tho persons
voting were not qualified voters. In
conclusion tho court U asked to dis
miss the petition on tho broad asser
tion thnt tho potltlon Is vague, un
certain, and Insufficient in all its
For campaign portraits, for dia
mond hangers and cards call on tho
Chicago Photo Engraving Company
for best service und lowest prices.
185 East Mudlson street.
Tho Fifteenth Ward Democratic
Club mot Wednesday evening nnd in
dorsed Otto Hulsman for West Town
Alderman Noble was Indorsed for
re-election to tho City Council from
tho Thirty-First Ward at a meeting
of about one thousand Republicans
In Association Hall, Normal Park.
Watson Ruddy has dropped out of
tho raco In tho Twonty-fourth Ward
tight for Alderman. Ho was in It
for Just ono week, but lost his grip
at ono fell swoop, and is now flounder
ing about hopelessly in tho slimy
6oup. Ho would bo beaten to a
standstill it nominated possibly
worse than uny man who ever ran
for Aldorman in tho Twenty-fourth
Ward. Ruddy's nomination would
mean a Republican Alderman sure.
His only supporters are u couple of
alleged "clergymen" who ought to bo
attending to their religious duties In
stead of hanging around Ruddy's
bar-room, as thoy generally aro.
Mr. William Lcgnor, who could bo
nominated for West Town Collector
if he wanted tho nomination, de
clines absolutely to touch it
Tho Republican nominations for
town officers, except on the South
Ride, havo been settled upon practi
cally, In tho West Division tho nom
ination of James L. Monaghan for
The Greatest Statesman of the Century.
Assessor seems to bo conceded. Jacob
Horn, of tho Sixteenth Ward, will bo
the nominee for Collector. Mr. Gil
bert, of tho Twelfth Ward, will bo
nominated for Supervisor, and Ed
Errlckson, of tho Seventeenth Ward,
for Clerk. Mr. Morrison, who has
been a candldato in opposition to Mr.
Monaghan for Assessor, is practically
out of tio contest now.
W. T. Rail will bo renominated for
Assessor in the North Town by tho
Republicans. Ex-Aid. Elsfoldt will
bo named for Collector, and Paul
Radicskl for Clerk. Henry Rest will
head tho South Town Republican j
tlckot for Assessor, Jnnies Poaso will
hoad tho Lako VlewHopubllcan, und
John Symons will probably bo tho
Republican nomlnco for Assessor in
Hydo Park, where Mr. ltaker will
doubtless bo renominated for Collect
or. Ernst J. Magerstadt may bo tho
nominee for South Town Collector,
and Stephen A. Douglas is talked of
for Supervisor.
The Protective Tariff Louguo mot
in .lung's Hall, Havcnswood, Tuesday
night to talk tho purification of tho
primaries and to dethrono James
Pease, at present tho Assessor of tho
town, who has bcon ull-poworful here
tofore. At last night's mooting thirty-seven
now members wero Initiated,
making tho prcsont roll over 200.
Tho redisricting of thcTwonth-flfth
and Twenty -sixth Wards has been
completed by tho friends of Mr. Poaso,
greatly to tho disgust of thomombors
of tho league, which claims thnt tho
action will permit tho present ring to j
retain its power. It Is probablo that
tho league will Indorse Charles Nas
lund for tho Republican nomination
for Alderman of tho Twenty-sixth
and William A. Kleo Is montloncd as
tho Republican candidate from tho
Threo hundred Hydo Park Repub
licans met In tho hall at 6Hd street
and Lako avenue and indorsed tho
candidacy of Joel M. Longenccker
for Alderman for tho Thlrty-socond
Tbe Colored Men's Republican Club
of tho Second Ward held a meeting
at 2103 State strcot for tho purposo
of reorganization and elected tho fol-
lowing officers: President J. E. lllsh;
Vlco President, Perry Hersty; Secre
tary, T. C Porter; and Treasurer,
Simon Young. Resolutions wero
adopted Supporting J. Harris, form
crly night clerk ut tho Cook County
Hospital, for South Town Clerk.
Albert E. Elbert announce him
self tin Independent candldato for
Aldorman in tho First Ward.
Tho charges of violating tho regis
tration und election laws against
Charles Wolck, Paul Kuhn, and John
Wiutcriichinldt aro on tho trial call
for Judge Hnnccy's court. Theso
men aro chnrged with false registra
tion und illegal voting Dec. 11), 18o:t.
Tho call of Tim Hogun, Chairman
0t tho Republican Comnilttco of tho
Town of Lake, for primaries to olect
dolomites to tho Town Convention,
has been repudiated by the Twenty
ninth and Thirtieth wards, to which
ho gave only ono polling placo. , Tho
Chairman of tho Twenty-ninth Ward
has issued a call for threo polling
places, and tho Chairman of the
Thirtieth Ward a call for nlno poll
ing places.
At tho next meeting of tho County
Hoard, County Attorney Judd will
present for approval an ordor making
a formal demand upon tho city for
the possession of tho City Hall. Mr.
Judd said recently: "Tho board has
ordered mo to begin suit against tho
city, but thero Is another stop neces
sary. It Is necessary for tho plain
tiffs to mako formal demand for pos
session. I shall usk tho County Hoard
to pass an ordor making tho demand.
Tho'clty, of course, will refuse to
comply, and then I shall tllo a suit on
behalf of tho county. This suit will
probably be tiled in tho Circuit Court.
I expect to forco tho fight, und to
be ablo to go before tho Supremo
Court ut tho October term of this
year. As for compensating tho city
I don't bcliovo the courts will decide
that it Is necessary." Should tho
county succeed a now building may
bo put up on tho entire block. "If
tho county wore to win," said Cor
poration Counsol Rubens, "wo could
enter Into a trado with the govern
ment, giving it a part of tho luko
front upon which to erect a postofflce,
and, taking tho present sito of tho
Postofflce, wo could erect thero a
modern city building, using for a
largo part of tho payment tho money
which a court of equity would cer
tainly give us for this building if tho
suit were decided against us. Rut I
don't think the county has a case."
1 Host of Aspirants Who Desire to Shine
in tbe City's Starry Firmament.
Largo Numbers of Ablt Gantloman Willing
to JUsumi tho Qarb of City
And for This Purpose They Are Wooing;
the Gentle Voter All Over
A mooting of tho Republicans com
posing the Fifth, Eighth, Eleventh,
Thirteenth nnd Fifteenth precincts
of tho Seventeenth Ward was held,
at which Thomas Johnson, the well
known manufacturer, was Indorsed
asa candidate for Alderman. Speeches
were made by a number of prominent
Thero was a large meeting of rep
resentative Republicans at Associa
tion Hull, Sixty-eighth strcot nnd tho
Rock Island tracks, at which resolu
tions were adopted favoring tho nom
ination and re-election of Alderman
Noble to represent that ward (tho
Thirty-first) in the Council. Tho big
hall was packed with citizens from
all parts of tho ward, nnd many wcro
turned away. Tho sentiment in favor
of Noble was unanimous, nnd those
who wero present pledged themselves,
individually and collcctlve'y, to a
hearty support of Mr. Noble's candi
dacy. Alderman John A. Rnrtlnc, who
has so ably represented tho Thirty
fourth Ward in tho Council for tho
past two years, will In all probabil
ity bo rcturno.l this spring. Mr.
ilurtlne Is a genial gentleman, well
educated and a man of great execu
tive ability. Ho has mado a great
record In tho Council and has bcon a
hard and zealous worker In the Inter
ests of his constituents, and by his
untltlng energy has effected many
Improvements In tho Thirty-fourth
Wur.l. Ho possesses splendid busi
ness qualifications, und his friends,
whoso nnmo Is legion in tho Thirty-
fourth and throughout tho city, claim
ho will bo renominated by ucclama
tlon this spring.
Charles L. Norton, of tho Thirty
Fourth Ward, has announced him
self a Republican candldato for tho
Asscssorshlp of tho Town of Hydo
Park, which Includes tho Thirty
second and Thirty fourth Wards. No
Democrat stands any show In these
wards, and Mr. Norton has received
flattering assurances from both wards.
John Symons Is a candldato for re-
nomination, und James Stroud, a
clerk in Collector Raker's olllce, has
yearning''. Mr. Norton was controller
of tho Vlllago of Hydo Park for six
years from 1882 to 1888.
John Vogt, Alderman In tho Fifth
Wnid, Is about ho only Republican
candldato who was no opposition for
nomination. His mnny supporters
seem nnxlous to secure his reelection
and aro making strong efforts In that
direction. Mr. Vogt Is vory popular.
Such well-known Republican lead
ers as ex-Guv. Hamilton, ox-Senator
L. D. Condee, T. C. Royd, Gcorgo
Crawford and MaJ. E. A. Calkins aro
unanimously In favor of Bonding
Judgo Longonerker to tho Council
from tho Thirty-second Ward.
No successor to Joseph Donnors
bergcr, whoso term as South Park
Commissioner has Just expired, will
bo solectcd by tho Circuit Judges for
tho present. It has been decided to
hold tho matter over until such timo
as Martin J. Russell, who is also a
Commissioner, shall have formally 160. what action should bo takon by
accepted tho oftlco of Collector of ' this Houso or by Congress."
Customs. This will crcnto another
vacancy in tho board, and both will
be filled at tho same time.
Now candidacies havo been an
nounced. Aid. Mnrrcnncr is being
talked of as a candidate for South
Town Assessor, and so is Harry Ful
ler, a real estate dealer. It is hinted
that tho boom for Mnrrcnncr Is really
In tho interest of M. H. Gibson, who
would llko to succeed Mr. Mnrrcnnor
In the Council. John Kralovec ha
agreed to mako the contest for Alder
man in tho Ninth Ward If nominated
by tho Republicans. A. E. Dorcmur
Republican Committeeman for the
Eloventh Ward, is a candidate for
Alderman in that ward. (. J. Chott
will probably bo tho Republican can
didate for Alderman in tho Nine
tccnth Ward, .lame E. O'llrlon Is
being urged to accept a nomination
as an Independent. Ex-Aid. Roth
will bo an Independent candidate for
Alderman In the Thirteenth Ward if
tho Democrats do not nominate him.
Mr. Thomas P. Sullivan Is making
a lively raco for Aldorman of tho
Twenty-third Ward. Ho Is a well
known grocer and u highly respected
Tho frlonds of Mr. William Dona
hue want to sco him nominated for
Alderman of tho Twenty-third Ward.
Falling in that, ho will no doubt bo
placed on tho County Commissioners''
slato next fall, us ho Is very popular.-
Thos. II. Currier, that well-known
and public-spirited citizen, will bo
tho Republican nomlnco for Alder
man in the Twenty-fourth Ward.
Tho rumor that Frank Blair would
bo a candldato is entirely unfounded,
us ho Is ono of Mr. Currier's most'
hearty supporters.
A dispatch from Washington says;"
Representative McOaun was ploascd
over tho adoption of a resolution to
Investigate tho nllegcd discrimination
against labor by Judge Jenkins, and
assurance has been given by tho
Judiciary Committee that tho mutter
will bo proved vigorously. Chuirniam
Culberson has appointed a subcom
mittee, consisting of Messrs. Roatncr
of Louisiana, Torry of Arkansas, and
W. A. Stono of Pennsylvania, to con
duct the Investigation, and they will
meet to-morrow to map out a pro
gram. Mcanwhllo Mr. McCiann Is
holding himself In readiness to ap
pear beforo the commlttco when re
quested. Tho resolution of investigation
passed by tho Houso directs tho com
mlttco to Investigate and report
"whether tho Hon. J. G, Jenkins has
exceeded his Jurisdiction in granting
writs of injunctions, abused tho
powers of process of said court or op
pressively exercised tho samo, or has
usod his oftlco us Judgo to intimidate
or restrain tho employes of tho
Northorn Pacific Railroad Company
or tho otllcers of tho labor organiza
tion with which said employes or any
them wero aUUiatcd in the exercise
of their rights and privileges under
tho laws of tho United Stutes, und If
.u. w., - -r,m')l-Mtyj.-iLUUi'"kmik.,l j.Mi-iUiMtL,.i-,SJxUMr J,
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