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Both Parties Hare Named Their Candidates
for Town Offices and Alder-
manic Honors.
In Somi of flit Wards Vtry Hot
Woro Wagid to tho
And There Will Be Many Independent Candi
dates to Garry Their Case
to the Polls.
Tho Democrats nrc rapidly putting
tholr candidates In tho Hold for tho
aldcriuanlc election.
David Deist wus chosen tho Demo
' crntlc nomlnco for Alderman of tho
Fifth Ward Tuesday. Tlio nomina
tion wart mado by a direct vote, no
convention being hold. Deist re
ceived ,:ii(l votes, John Jacktuan re
eclved 374 votes and Frank Doubek
:IG0 ballots. Thero was but ono poll,
ing placo and Deist was declared tho
regular nominee.
William T. Maypole wus nominated
on tho Democratic ticket for Alder,
man of tho Thirteenth Ward, ilo
went into tho convention, which was
held at tho corner of Indiana and
Lincoln streets, with threo of tho
primary districts won, and carried
' tho convention.
. , Don J. Dames Is the Democratic
nomlceo for Alderman in tho Thlr
) tloth Ward. At tho primary ho re-
'ceived "09 votes, J. Burton rocolvcd
104 votes, and Mr. Mott 120. Thero
was no convention held, tho nomina
tion being mado by a direct vote.
In tho Eighth Ward Frank Slcplcku
was nominated at a convention held
at the corner of Drown and 20th
streets. Tho other cundidato was
Jacob Staincr.
Of .tho nominees Deist Is a well
known citizen, Mr. Maypolo 1b a man
ufacturer of cornices, Mr. Darncs is a
' civil engineer, and Slcplcka is tho
'agent of a brewlug company.
Mr. Henry Ebertshuouser was nomi
nated In tho Twentloth Ward with
out opposition. Ho Is a stone con
tractor. Mr. Anton J. Brachtcndorf was
nominated In tho Twenty-first. Ho
is a livery stablo proprietor and un
, dertaker.
Mr. Arnold Tripp was renominated
in tho Twenty-second. Ho is u law
yer. Fred Orlcshoimer, the clothier, was
nominated In the Twenty-fourth.
John Powers easily carried tlio
Nineteenth without opposition.
Leopold Moss won out In tho Sec
ond. In tho Fifteenth there was u right
hot tight. Pollaacb, who represented
tho Polish cloment, was opposed by
Georgo M. Kramer. Tho convention
was hold at 1004 Mllwaukco avonuo
amid a vast deal of wrangling. Pol
lasch was given tho nomination.
Mr. Pollasch Is a business man, be
ing In tho real estate business at 100
Blackhawk street. Ho is very popu
lar among tho Poles, and no doubt
will bo elected.
Tho Republican Aldcriuanlc pri
maries were held Thursday, and In
some of the wards so mo Interesting
contests woro fought out, The bat
tle botween Aid. James It. Mann
and ox-State's f Attorney Jool M.
Longenocker In tho Thirty-second
Ward was a hot ono and may result
in an Independent ticket being placed
In tho Held and tho consequent elec
tion of a Democratic Alderman from
tho blue-blooded Republican ward.
Aid. Korr Is not disposed to quietly
submit to being turned down by his
colleague, whilo Judgo Longenocker
is unused to defeat, and is In tho
habit of fighting out to tho end suc
cessfully. A
Next In interest Is tho Republican
row in tho Second. There seems to
have been a dead set mado upon Aid.
D. J. Horan in this ward by certain
elements of his own party. Stephen
A. Douglas, with characteristic Inde
cision, at first opposed Horan, thon
camo to his support, and then finally
deserted him.
Mr, Horan, however, showed his
strength at tho primaries Thursday,
when ho gavo the kickers a rattling
In tho Thirteenth Ward Aid. Swl
gart waged a despcrato conflict for
rcnomlnatlon against E. H. Stan
wood. So bitter Is tho feeling in
this ward between tho opposing Re
publican factions that an Independ
ent candldato may bo started to op
pose and defeat tho regular nominee.
Ex-Aid. Bowler and Joseph Lnm
mors fought it out in the Fifteenth.
Here, too, there may bo an Independ
ent Republican candldato as a result
of tho contest and another chanco
for tho Democrats to win a 6eat in
tho Council.
Daniel W. Ackerman had but slight
opposition at first in tho Twenty
eighth, but John McKenna got out
and hustled against him, and tho
well-known nnd popular "Johnnie"
can always put up a hot tight. Acker
man, however, Is very strong with nil
sections of his party iu the ward and
ho went Into tho tight at tho prima
ries confident of victory.
Aid. Edwin J. Xoblo mot with
soino opposition In tho Thirty-first,
and although ho felt suro of winning
out, ho wus somowhut bothcrod by
tho opposition.
Following nro tho Republican nom
inees for Aldermen:
Flmt Ward J, ItTlng Voarce
Second Ward Addlton Dullard
Third Ward Edward Mmenicr
Fourth Ward John W. Hepburn
Firth Ward JobnW. Voitt
Sixth Ward James A. Kenan
Seventh Ward John A. Cooke
KlirbthWard Jamei Danka
Ninth Ward At. Krolnveo
Tenth War I KredEnnel
Eleventh Ward A. II. Wation
Twelfth Ward Conrad Kahler
Thirteenth Ward Charlca V. Hwlgart
Fourteenth Ward James Keata
Fifteenth Ward v Joseph Ijammers
Sixteenth Ward John Schermaun
Seventeenth Ward Albert Ooerndorf
Eighteenth Ward AlGUdo
Nineteenth Ward John A. Hell
Twentieth Ward Charles Ehlert
Twenty-first Ward Harry C. Farwell
Twenty-second Ward Honry C. Schocmlort
Tweuty.tliird Ward John A. Larson
Twenty-fourth Ward Thomns 11. Currier
Twenty-ftfth Ward W. I. Chapman
Twenty-sixth Ward John W, Turner
Twenty-seventh Ward Hubert llutler
Twenty-cluhth Ward Daniol W. Ackerman
Twcuty-nluth Ward Jamcx Kelly
Thirtieth Ward. Wnltor H. Merchant
Thirty-first Ward Edwin J, Noble
Thirty-third Ward Cyrus Howell
Thirty-fourth Ward C. A, Monalmn
Mr. Patrick K. Hardin, tho well
known plumber, at 3521 Stato street,
will bo an independent candldato
for Alderman In tho Fourth Ward.
Alderman Bartlno, who is seeking
re-election In tlio Thirty-fourth
Ward, Is meeting with hearty sup
port. The olomonts In opposition at
the beginning of tho campaign havo
noarly all disappeared. Tho Repub
licans of tho waul rcallzo that In Mr.
Bartlno thoy havo an ablo und con
scientious representative, und tho
better element of them nro deter
mined to sccuro his return to the
Carl Moll was unanimously olected
President of tho West Park Board,
the other officers chosen being as
For Forty Vears tho Popular and Ablo TJnltod States Commissioner tor Northorn Illinois.
follows: General Superintendent,
Cornelius Mnhoncy: Auditor, E. Z.
Brodowski; Treasurer, E. S. Drcyor;
Assistant Secretary, T. P. Kennedy;
Engineer, Georgo W. Dorr; Fltst As
sistant Engineer, John Townscnd;
Second Assistant Engineer, H. F.
Dose; Suporlntondont of Boulevards,
1). W. Clark. Tho election of a
Secretary was postponed.
Alderman Ryan carried a rabbit's
foot In his trousers pocket Monday
night. Otherwlso to-day ho might
be stalking about in an ethereal
somowhoro, hand in band with his
first gas ordlnanco which Is waiting
to greet him. Alderman Ryan Is
truly tho Achilles of tho Chicago
Council. Ho Is neither vulnerable to
tho shafts uf political opposition nor
to tho oleyator shafts of tho City
nail. This was definitely proven
whon ho was shot from tho second
floor of tho court house on Monday
to tho basement und landed with a
peaceful smllo on his face, which was
followed by an Invitation extended
to several of his colleagues to smllo
with him In a retreat around tho cor
ner. Tho accident happened after the
adjournment of tho Council meeting,
when the heavy-weight Aldormen,
Hushed with the ardor of debate, were
about to depart for their homes.
Frank Scrzinskl had carefully trans
ported tho Mayor and his cabinet to
tho basement. Ills olovator worked
all right, and nothing out of tho
ordinary was noticed. Sor.lnskl re
turned for tils second load. Pan
Corkery was tho Urst to enter tho
tho car; thon camo Ryan and John
Powers, and Ellort andCoughlin, and
Alderman Potthoff. Tlio car was
completely tilled and was started
downward by tho conductor. When
about twenty fcot from tho basement
tloor.thcrc.was a cracking of ropes and
a creaking nolso llko a man-of-war
leaving a" dry dock. Thon tho car
dropped. It landed squatoly on tho
foundation, and Alderman Ryan had
the sumo feeling as ho experienced
several nights ago when tlio Mayor's
veto was dropped into tho Council.
Tho dignified protectors of tho
city's interests made simultaneous
movements with their hands in tho
direction of tho diamonds on tholr
neck scarfs; ad J us tod tholr disar
ranged tiles, nnd then stepped nut
into tho corridor to congratulate each
other over the fact that each Indi
vidual Alderman's skeleton remained
The "Hyde Park 'Mutual Fuel Gas
ordinance was Introduced in the City
Council Monday night by Aid. Ryan
und referred to. the proper commit
tee. The promoters tried to get some
ono who had sustained tho Mayor's
veto of tho Watson ordlnanco to In
troduce tho Hyde Park ordlnanco but
failed. Tho ordinance Is backed by
F. T. Haskell, L. 'A. Lclter, J. J.
Mitchell, E. A. Ham ill, Jcsso Spald
ing, C. J. Blair, J. C. Welling, H. N.
Hlglnbotham, W. A. Fuller, C. Buck
ingham, D. K. Pearson, W. Dick In-1
son, E. L. Brewster, G. X. Culver, j
C. II. Hubbard, E. G. Keith, A. A.
Sprague, W. II. Mitchell, E. Buck
ingham, E. W. Brooks, C. A. Wilson,
T. B. Leltor, Q. S. A. Sprague, Ed
son Keith, Joseph Leltor, Eugeno
Cary, W. S. Dray.
Aid. Ryan read a synopsis of tho
principal provisions of tho ordinance,
which, he said, provided as follows:
1. No chargo for service-pipe con
nections. 2. A cash deposit to cover cost of
repairing streets torn up to lay
3. Fixing tho prlco of gas at 91 por
4. The cost to tho city to be 75
cents per thousand nnd $iu per lamp.
5. Twenty-two candle power qual
ity Is guaranteed.
ti. Tho city Is to got 3 per cent, of
tho gross receipts.
7. Tlio books of the company to bo
open to tho Comptroller for inspec
tion and verification of annual rev
enues. It was claimed by Aid. Ryan that
tho ordinance would suvo tho city
$120,000 a year and would save tho
peoplo $7.10,000 a year.
Corporation Counsel Rubens is at
work on tho opinion asked by Aid.
Gallagher and Noblo as to tho valid
ity of tho contract entered Into by
tho city nnd tho gas companies dur
ing tho Wasuburno administration,
under which tho companies are
pledged to reduce tho prlco of gas to
consumers 5 cents por 1,000 cubic
feot each year until such a time us
the regular prlco to such consumers
shall bo $1 a thousand. Such price,
if tho contract Is lived up to, will bo
made in 1807. Tho Aldermen claim
tho price of gas practically has not
been reduced since tho contract was
mado. Its legality Is questioned.
County Attorney J add filed tho
suit In ejectment of the county
against tho city to gain possession of
tho City Hall In tho Circuit Court
Wednesday. Tho document Is a
small printed blank in which the
tltlo of the case Is set out und tho
amount of damages claimed Is $1.
Paul Vogcl, the Deputy Clerk who
files suits In tho court, mado out n
summons, and this was served on
Mayor Hopkins. Attorney Judd
afterward filed it "narr" In tho suit
against tho city, which sets out more
I fully the pttrposo of the litigation.
1 S. W. Rlderburg, tho popular
i chief clerk in County Clerk WullT's
! office, seems to have an excellent
chanco of being tho Republican
nominee for County Clerk this fall.
Slnco Tin: Eaolu first mentioned
his name, which mot with great
favor on all sides, tho prospects of
his nomination have grown brighter
day by day. A popular and efficient
public servant, a courteous gentle
man of unassuming manners and ono
of tho most prominent Swedish
Americans in Chicago. There is no
denying tho fact that Mr. Rlderburg
would bo ns strong a candldato us tho
Republicans could name.
Mr. Wm. E. Hills, President of the
Merchants' Publishing Company, and
a popular leader among young Re
publicans of tho Thirty-second Ward,
Is an enthusiastic supporter of Judge
Longeneckcr for tho nomination of
Aid. W. F. Mabonoy had a wa k
over Wednesday for rcnomlnatlon in
the Eighteenth Ward. Thero was no
opposition to his candidacy, and con
sequently only ono polling place. The
delegates chosen at the primaries met
Wednesday night und unanimously
declared Mahonoy tho nomlnco of tho
Democratic party. Henry I'roll, a
saloonkeopor on South Hals ted street,
next door to Jacobs' Academy of Mu
sic, has announced himself as an in
dependent Democrat, but Mahonoy
says ho won't get 100 votes unless tho
Republicans Indorse him. Prell Is a
Tho Fourteenth Ward Democratic
convention Wednesday night was a
lively ono und nt times threatened to
break up in a row. After a tedious
display of word pyrotechnics tho con
vention nominated Dr. Georgo Leln
inger of 1050 Mllwaukco avenuo. O,
C. Druyor and Peter Thorun woro
also candidates. Tho Brayer faction
claimed that thoy wero not fairly
dealt with, and thoy declnro that
Brayer will run on an indendont
ticket. Dr. Lolningcr is said to bo
very popular in his ward und has a
largo following among tho German
vote. Ills Republican opponent will
bo Aid. James Keats.
It Will Be Extremely Difficult for It to
Pay the Election Judges
and Clerks,
Whili tho Other Creditors of tho Commis
sion Art Romping Around Look
ing for Coin.
Superintendent Pettigrew oi Lincoln Park Is
Very Likely to Be Displaced
Next Week.
According to the Tribune mem
bers of the Board of Election Com
missioners nro busy dodging their
creditors. Tho printer and tho sta
tioner were not paid for work for tho
last special election made necessary
by tho death of Mayor Harrison, and
the clerks In the olllco have not been
paid for threo weeks. Just at this
tlmo tho regular force is Increased by
the addition of special men doing tho
work preliminary to tho Aldcriuanlc
election, und these special men have
poor prospects of getting any pay for
soiuo tlmo to come unless the board
can find somo way of making the city
find money for tho bills. It was
with this intention that Attor
ney Boyle, of tho board, and
Chief Clerk Taylor called upon
Mayor Hopkins Wednesday. The
last year tho board spent $100,000
nnd quit 180:t owing $00,000. This
year tho Council appropriated $75,
000. Controller Ackerman insists
that from this the $iili,000 must first
bo paid. Hence the board has for Its
use this year only nbout $0,000. J tut
even that cannot bo used until somo
tuxes are collected. Mcanwhllo the
creditors of the board nro howling for
money. Tho printer and paper man
claim they bid low on the supposi
tion that their bills would bo paid
promptly. Tho clerks say they
worked with tho expectation of get
ting somo money after the labor was
performed, and thoy arc getting
Messrs. Taylor and Boylo laid nil
these things before tho Mayor
Wednesday. Tho nttornoy read to
his llonorji section of tho election
law providing that tho expenses of
the board shall bo paid by tho City
Ttcasure r from any fund not other
wlso appropriated. It was to muko
a descent upon any fund "not other
wlso appropriated" that tho otllcials
called. Controller Ackerman said
the city had no such funds. It was
suggested that tho school fund bo
drawn upon, but tho Mayor and
the Controller would not listen to
tho proposition. Tho Mayor re
ferred tho hlgh-prlcod election at
torney and his associate to tho Cor
poration Counsel to obtain his advice
us to what could bo done. Tho Mayor
suggested that tho expenses of tho
election olllco could bo reduced and
that economy could bo wisely prac
ticed. Mr. Boylo suggested to tho
Corporation Cjunsel that his salary
of $4,000 and tho other oxpensos
could bo paid out of tho wator fund.
Mr. Rubens laughed. Mr. Ackerman
said tho water fund was carrying
already moro burdens than It could
well stand up under. Mr. Boylo said
tho Board would bo willing to take
somo of tho money collcctcd'ln saloon
licenses, but was told that was out of
tho question, as such funds wero ap
propriated. Tho policy of Issuing u
negotiable certificate of indebted
ness by tho board was broached, but
tho Corporation Counsel was quite
cortaln that would bo the creation of
new Indebtedness, and tho Stato law
prohibits that, tlio city having
rcaclu.d tho limit. Messrs. Taylor
and Boylo went away, having gainod
nothing excopt tho promlso of tho
Corporation Counsel to look into tho
matter us soon as ho can find the
Mcanwhllo tho members of the
board will be obliged to continue
dodging creditors. Tlio financial
afTalrs of the Election Board have
bocu run at loose ends hitherto.
Money has been spent lavishly, It is
said, whero thero was not tho least
necessity for u-dng It
D. F. Cohrs, Vico President of tho
Chicago City Bank, is Republican
candidate for Assessor for tho Town
of Lake. Tho loyal cltlcns of Lake
aro likely to concentrate on any good
man to defeat Walters.
Tho light between W. P. Chapman
and Supervisor Klcc, of Lako View,
for tho Republican nomination for
Alderman from tho Twenty-fifth
Ward has stirred up a pleasant row
In that Republican stronghold
James Pcii'o Is backing Chapman and
Boldcuwcck Is championing thecuuse
of Klcc Peaso Is playing for present
advantago and Boldonwcck for posl-
tlon In his County Trcusurcr-hlp
candidacy next fall. The prospects
nro that on uccount of tho Chapman
and Klco muddle, A. W. Ring, the
popular boot and shoe man, will bo
sent to tho Counvll.
Republicans of tho Twenty .s:comf
have united upon Henry Schoondorr
to run against Aid. Tripp.
In tho First Ward Mi. Bralnard,
who was tendered tlio nomination
for Alderman, declined, urging press
of private business. J. Irving Pearco,
proprietor of tho Shormuii House,
1 will bo tho Itepublican noinlnte.
Mr. Thorwall Johnson, the well
known manufacturer, will bo an In
dependent candidate for Alderman
in tho Seventeenth Ward. Ho Is
t strongly backed.
I Georgo W. Mahonoy, an Independ
ent uldcrmanlc candidate In the
Sovontconth Ward, has filed his
petition with City Clerk Gustflold.
The Democrats of tho sanio ward
held tholr convention on Saturday
night, and nominated Maurice M.
O'Connor to succeed tho late Aid.
Siipt, Pcttlgrow, of Lincoln Park,
lias got to go. In regard to tho mat
ter Gov. Altgold said: "I havo felt
for a number of years that tho work
, dono at Lincoln Park was not satis
factory, considering tho amount of
money expended. What 1 want Is a
competent engineer to Miporvlso the
work. I havo informed tho Pailc
Commissioner of my wlshos and 1
expect them to secure tho services of
a proper person. I havo no ono to
suggest for tho placo It Is not a
question of persons. I want an en
gineer at Lincoln Park."
Tho election at Evanston to decide
I the matter of annexation to Chicago
will bo hold April 17. Judge Scales,
Wednesday, entered a formal order
that tho election bo held In Evanston
that date when tho municipal elec
tion will bo hold In that city. The
annexation question in Chicago is to
bo voted upon April :i.
Tho German-American Dcmocratio
Club of tho Twonty-thlrd Ward, at a
special meeting held at 150 Wells
street, unanimously Indorsed William
Donahuo as candldato for that ward.
. j

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