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NUMliUll 233.
' 2.
Governor Altgeld Breaks Up the Plaid Pants
Quartet on the Lincoln Park
The Thrifty and Thriving Wallor Will Not
Build Park Boulavards Through
His Proparty.
While the Gentle. Kirk Will Have an Oppor
tunity to Study Floriculture
at Home.
The August Heuer No Longer Has Elephantiasis
of the Hsad, but Sells Furniture
Governor Altgold's action In, re.
moving the dudo triumvirate from
Lincoln Park Commissloncrshlp Is
approved by nil sonslblo people.
They wjoro ruining the park.
Last year Lieutenant Governor
Gill, nt the request of tho State Sen
ate, appointed a committee to Inves
tigate the dudes 'doings.
This committee, composed of Re
publicans and Domocrats, found tho
dudo Commissioners guilty on nil
counts In tho following report, which
was adopted by tho Sonatc,
Gektwjmkn Your commlttco ap
pointed to Investigate tho manage
ment or Lincoln l'ark, Chicago, 111.,
under tho following resolutions: file
solved, by the Scnnto of tho Stato of
Illinois, mat u special commlttco of
five bo appointed by tho Lieutenant
Governor, President of tho Senate,
to Investigate tho conduct of tho
Board of l'arlc Commissioners for tho
North Town of Chicago, for the last
two years or more, as may bo de
termined by tho committee, and
that said commlttco bo and
nro horcby instructed to mnko
nartlcular inquiry and investiga
tion as to tho number of employes
of said board and tho duties thoy
perform, including all tho men em
ployed in the park and on tho differ
ent boulevards in charges of said
Board of Commissioners, and the sal
aries paid to each respectively; also
tho number of employes discharged
from scrvlco during tho period men
tioned, and the reason for such dis
charge, as may appear on record In
tho books of said l'ark Commission
ers as kept in their office In Chicago;
and further, if any person has at any
time been parried on tho pay roll or
received compensation from said
Board of Park Commissioners who
rendered no service therefor; and
whether during said period any aliens
wore employed by said board, and also
as to bow many hours of labor' woro
required to constituto a day's labor;
also tho number of horsos belonging
to any Individual or Individuals, and
not to tho Stato, that may have been
fed and cared for by said Purk Com
missioners, if any; also what mate
rials have bcon loanod, if any, to
members of tho board or other citi
zens; also if any work has bcon done
, for any person by employes of tho
.said Board 'of Park Commissioners,
'or if any material has bcon bought
by said board for tho use of private
citizens. Said commlttco is further
Instructed to ascortaln, by examina
tion of tho books of said board, and
of such wltnosscs as thoy may call,
tho amount of fees collected by
said board for tho lotting of
boats and other privileges in
tho park under their chargo,
tho amount in detail oxpohded
by said board In tho construction of
a driveway and to whom paid, and
, whether tho work was dono by con
tract, and how theso contracts wero
let and to whom. Said commlttco is
further instructed to ascertain tho
amounts of money . taken Into tho
' treasury of said board, and used for
private purposes by any of tho mom-
. bors of tho hoard or Its ofllcors at uny
time. Said special commlttco is
hereby authorized and empowered to
employ a clerk If necessary and to
proceed at any time to Chicago to
mako such Investigation, to call upon
said Board of Commissioners for an
examination nf all. books, records and
uccounts In their possession, and to
examino under oath such witnesses as
they may deslro to call before them,"
bogs leuvo to report as follows:
The KinuuclKl Management.
' Wo itnd tho financial mapagomont
of tho p-irk has been conducted In a
careless and unhuslucss-llko manner.
The commissioners depend entirely
upon tho superintendent to correctly
report tho rccolpts and small expendi
tures at tho park, accepting without
question his statements of such trans
actions rendered monthly in total
amounts. By u general order the su
perintendent is given authority to
tnako purchases for tho park of all
supplies 'not over 125, und in tho
making of these purchases wo find
that his authority is absolute
Wo find, that in the purchaso of
all supplies for tho daily uso of tho
park, everything Is purchased in
small quantities with tho oxceptlon
of coal, and that tho superintendent
is vested with tho authority to con
trol nearly tho cntlro amount of or
dinary expenditures.
Wo bollovo this to bo directly con
trary to tho .provisions of Section 2."
of tho law creating said park, which
is as follows: "Nono of tho Commis
sioners or any person, whothor in tho
employ of said Commissioners or oth
erwise shall have the power to create
any dobt, obligation, claim or liabil
ity for or on account of said Board,
or tho money or property under his
control, except with tho express au
thority of said Board, conferred at a
meeting thereof duly convened und
, Your committee further Hurts that
the superintendent Is intrusted with
tho salo or sand, running of boats,
swings, etc., und the collection of
prlvllogo fees, making a total incomo
of from 20,000 to $25,000, and his
statements of those receipts uro ac
cepted without any examination of
tho nooks kept at tho park or any
method of checking in order to do
termlno tho accuracy of his statement.
Wo would recommend that tho
Board employ un export accountant
to examino into tho system of book
keeping and to formuJato a plan of
keeping tho accounts of tho park la
tho orilco of tho Commissioners, un
der tho control of tho Eocrotary and
tho Board.
Your commlttco further finds that
tho Board has not compiled with tho
law required that u detailed state
ment, showing rccolpts und expendi
tures, shall bo submitted to tho
Mayor of tho city or "President of tho
Board of Trustees of the town in
which tho park Is located. Sinco
18S.i the Commissioners havo submit
ted annual statomonts, showing tho
totals in tho various departments for
tno cntuo year, wnicn does not com
ply with the law requiring thut theso
statomonts shall bo detailed and
Wo would recommend that tho
Commissioners of Lincoln Park bo
required to proparo a full and com-
nloto Iti'liiloil st.fitnninnf, nf rncnlnts
I and expenditures annually, and that
I In addition to tho tiling of this with
tho Mayor of Chicago, and tho Super
visors of tho North Town and tho
Town of Lnko View, thoy shall havo
printed a suillclcnt number of copies
of this statomout for tho information
of tho public.
Wo would further rccomraond that
tho Commissioners of Lincoln Park
shall horoafter annually muko n de
tailed estlmato of tho .necessary ex
penditures for tho succeeding year
and tho purposes for which these ex
penditures are to bo used, which
shall be submitted to tho Supervisors
01 tno Town or Lake view and of
tho North Town, at a reasonable
length, of tlmo prior to tho timo for
making tho annual tax levy.
FitvcirUWm in lVlvllegci.
Your committee finds that tho
manner of lotting privileges has boon
careless, and that favoritism has ap
parently been shown. Proposals
havo not been advertised for, but
1 cortaln soleetcd parties havo been
asked to tnako bids, and competition
has been confined to theso few par
tics. Higher bids from responsible
parties wero refused on trivial
grounds, and tho public not given an
opportunity to know anything of
theso matters.
We would recommend thut all sup
plies bo purchased and privileges let,
where tho amount exceeds $500, by
bids advertised for In tho nowspapcrs,
and contracts made with tho best. re
sponsible bidder. Wo would further
recommend thut all meetings of tho
Commissioners of Lincoln Park bo
held at stated times and bo open to
tho general public; also that In
loaning park property to private In
dividuals or extending other courte
sies, this shall bo ordered by tho
Commissioners In open meeting, and
not by direction of tho Superintend
ent, without any authority whatovcr
from tho board.
Nn Klifht-llmir l.nr.
Your commlttco further finds no
attention has bcon paid by tho Board
of Commissioners of Lincoln Park to
tho law providing that eight hours
shall bo n day's work, and that the
park laborers havo been required to
work ten hours a day.
Wo would respectfully recommend
to tho next General Assembly that
laws bo enacted to carry Into effect
tho suggestions und recommendations
horcln contained, and that in tho
mcantlmo tho Commissioners shall
endeavor to carry out these recom
mendations. Tim I.nku Front Html.
Your commlttco further finds thut
a contract exists and is being carried
out between tho Lincoln Park Board
und certain riparian owners between
Cedar street and Ohio street. This
contract enables tho riparian owners
to put in tho waters of Luko Michi
gan, at a distance of about 1,200 feet
from tho then existing shore lino,
a breakwater running at an anglo
from u point about 000 feet from tho
shoro ut Cedar street to a point about
1,500 feet from tho shore at Ohio
street, und also enables the riparian
owners to till up tho wuter In bo
tweon this breakwater and tho shoro,
appropriating this mado land to
their own uso, upon tho outer sldo
of this mado land next tho water's
edgo. Tho riparian right owners con
tract to glvo tho Park Commission
ers a strip or land 200 feet wldo for a
driveway, und also agrco to widen
Pino street from Cedar street to Chi
cago avenue.
In return for this concession tho
Park Commissioners agree to main
tain tho driveway frco of oxpenso to
tho proporty ownors nbuttlng and
contiguous, oxcept us thoy aro as
sessed for general park purposes in
common with other citizens. Tho
commissioners also agrco to forovor
maintain and rebuild tho breakwater
now boing constructed at n cost of a
half million dollars. Olfsottlng this,
tho commissioners obtained the ri
parian right. It appears from tho
evldenco: First, thut tho contractor
who is doing much of tho work of
constructing this breakwater for tho
riparian right ownors (which tho
commissioners agree to maintain) Is
violating his contract in several par
ticulars. Instead of adhoring to tho
lino lutd down by the Commissioners
und agreed-upon ho Is dopartlng from
It from 140 to 1!0 feet; this addition
al mado land will undoubtedly bolong
to tho riparian right owner, and tho
riparian ownor at ono particular
point Is this self-same contractor.-
Who Smashed the Dudo Trust on tho Lincoln Park Commission.
According to his own admission ho is
driving tho sheathing qeccssary to
protect tho made land, but four (4)
feet Into tho ground, when It Is con
tracted to bo drlveivfcn (10) feet.
Ho Is filling In thospaco between tho
piles, upon which tho driveway In
part will rest with largo stones only,
when the contract calls for stone of
nil slz.es, forming a compnetand sand
tight body; common liolts uro used
Instead of up-set bolts as tho contract
cull for. These violations of tho con
tract cheapen the work and mako It
less durablo and will incrcaso the cost
of maintenance. In addition this
cheap construction will shorten the
life of tho structure and hasten fio
time when tho Park Commissioners
will havo to reconstruct the entire
structure, this tlmo at tho expense of
the taxpayers. It Is also a fact shown
by tho convention between the Com
missioners and the contractor that It
will bo Impossible to construct tho
driveway upon tho breakwater us It
lias been complctod thus far.
There Is no prospect that land will
form by accretion. On tho contrary,
tho extension of tho shoro lino nar
rows tho space lotwccn tho shore und
tho outer broukwutor built and main
tained by tho United States Govern
ment for tho protection of commerce
and the shoro, ho that north, north
east, and cast winds operatri to ere
ato a strong current; tho breakwater
forms u Jetty, and tho probabilities
uro thut tho bottom will scour und
that no uccrotlons will form. Tho
contractor stated to tho Park Board
that since tho work has been in prog
ress tho bottom has gone down nearly
six feet by scouring. Thus it appears
thut no valuable accretions aro likely
to form, but that tho breakwater Is
llablo to bo washed out, wholly or
partly, by tho scouring currents of
tho lake, increased by tho break
wator conformation and location. It
nppcars that tho witters of tho lake,
whoro this breakwater Is boing con
structed, nro from twelve to sixteen
feot deep.
It is tho understanding nf your
commlttco: riparian right Is simply
tho right to natural accretions, and
tho right to build docks out to the
water, dcop enough to float vessels.
Thus It appears that tho structuro
now boing put into Lake Michigan Is
not Justified by tho riparian rights
of tho owners; but It Is theft from
tho navlgablo waters of Lake Michi
gan In the harbor, protected by outer
breakwater, constructed by tno u. .
Government for tho protection of
commerce nnd tho shoro, and undor
pretenso of being u Lako Shoro Drive . Your commlttco recommends that
extension. It may bo and Is argued tho Attorney Genorul or tho Stnto of
that tho loss of thoso wators amounts ' Illinois tako all necessary steps to
to nothing, while it creates taxable 'obtain possession of tho lands created
land. It should bo romembcred, In tho waters of Luko Michigan, nnd
however, that proximity to tho lako do all in his power to prevent greedy
determines tho vulue of lund In North owners of riparian rights from on
Chicago, and this Improvement In- i crouching upon tho waters of tho lako
creases tho dlstanco from tho lnko,
and consequently diminishes the
value of land lying back of it.
Tim 1'rniioMiil Now Ilrlvr.
The proposed drlvo terminates ab
ruptly in tho lumber piles of the
North Side. It leads nowhere, and
Is valuablo only to tho nbuttlng und
and contiguous proporty ownors as an
exit from tho mado land. It Is claim
ed thut it will somo day connect with
Michigan boulevard by u hrldgo or
tunnel. An attempt to mako this
connection has been mado und aban
doned because of Its vast cxponso and
great engineering difficulties.
It appears from what your commlt
tco can loam thut the property own
crs by unduo Influcnco of some sort
used tho Lincoln Park Commissioners
to ambush their designs. Under the
guise of clamoring for public Im
provement, they, succeeded In get
ting the necessary legislation. Tfow
that the work Is ncarlng completion
thoy say they do not euro whothcr
the driveway Is constructed or not,
und when tho Park Commissioners
call for a construction of tho break
water according to specifications they
ask, "What aro you going to do about
It?" It appears that when tho break
water Is completed tho Commission
ers can accept it, defective as it is,
and agrco to maintain it or not. In
cither event tho riparian ownors ox
pect to hold on to the land mado and
profit to tho extent or many million's
i of dollars. A conservative estlmato
; would place the valtio at from eight
I to twelve millions.
It appears from facts elicited by
your commlttco that tho Park Com
, mlsslouors have agreed to maintain
this driveway, which must bo douo
I by general taxation.
1 Your commlttoe would partlculaily
emphasize the fact that this whole
undertaking Is for a driveway and
. not for u park. "Keep olt tho grass"
I will warn tired pedestrians that Its
beauties must be enjoyed by tho cyo
alone. Lincoln Park Is a grand
place, costing millions of dollars,
and a largo amount annually for
Out of .'J42J acres, 55 acres uro In
drives and :I5 acres In boulevards,
making HO acres over ouc-fourth of
the cntlro urea, given up to drives.
This In tho face of tho fact that at
least nine out of ten persons who
visit tho park aro afoot. There has
bcon a marked tendency by past
hoards to give up the grounds, of
, right belonging to all tho people, and
maintained by taxes paid by all tho
people, to tho class fortunate enough
to own horses nnd carriages. The
oxtenslon of the Lako Shoro drive
from Cedar street south Is a persist-
I enco in this policy, it docs not ere
nto u foot of grass thut can be stopped
upon by tho pedestrians, and yet it Is
, to bo maintained by taxes paid by all
tho people,
1 Your commlttco recommends thut
I the Park Commissioners take I in me
diate action to enforco tho contract
' between tho lato board and certain
riparian owners, and enforco tho pro
visions to build tho breakwater upon
tho line as laid down In tho contract,
as well us tho regulations and specifi
cations In the manner of building tho
i same.
or obstructing too commorco in tho
harbor of the city or Chicago.
Your commlttco also recommends
to tho Attornoy Genorul of Illinois
that ho call tho attention of tho Uni
ted States Government to tho roport
of your commlttco.
Huniiy C. Daktmng,
I. B. Ciiaio,
Piuu.ii' Know,
David Huntbu,
John F. 0'Mai.i.kv.
Mr. John Ryan, 7005 Stony Island
uvonuo: No such admission was ever
A IffllM FIGIIT IS 10W 01
All the Statesmen Are Nominated and the
Voter Is Being Wooed in
All the Wards.
Progress of tho Big Fight for Town Officos
in tho Sovon Chicago
Meyer Daniels Is Whooping Things Up to
Beat the Field in the
Collector Russell Takes Hold of the Custom
House No Appointments Until
After Election.
Contrary to all expectations, there
was an unusually heavy registration
for an "off year" last Tuesday.
Tho total number of new names
placed on tho registry Is .10,000, but
this will be reduced somowhat by tho
suspect notices which havo been sent
out broadcast by tho Republicans.
The heavy registration, however,
demonstrates tho great interest
taken In tho approaching election
and-thewatchfulactlvltjr of tho can
didates. The wards which benefited most
by this registration woro tho First
and Eighteenth.
There was a heavy registration,
too, In several other wards, both Re
publican und Democratic, but In no
case did tho numbers equal tho-o of
tho two wards mentioned.
In tho First Ward it Is difficult to
say whothcr Aid. John Coughlln or
William Sknkel benefited most by tho
new registration. Thoso who watched
It closely claim that it is about a
stand-olf, and that pretty nearly an
equal number of tho supporters of
each of theso candidates wero placed
upon tho register.
One thing is pretty strongly Indi
cated, however, and that Is that
whatever chanco of election J. Irving
Pearco did possess before tho regis
tration ho bus nono now.
In the Second Ward tho frlonds of
Moss and Hornn hustled pretty hard
and put sumothlng Uko 1,.100 now
names on tho list. This makes tho
fate or Addison Ballard and his hoo
doo campaign commlttco certain.
Mr. Ballard won't know ho was run
ning day afterelcctlon when he come)
to read tho returns, nnd for this ho
will havo to thank tho Samuel W.
Allcrtons, tho John W. Hnmllncs and
othorsof that Ilk who aro handling
his campaign, and who havo bcon al
ways Jonahs In politics. Tho ability
of these gentlemen as campaign man
agers was amply proven by tho result of
their elTorts to dofeat lloran and
capture tho nomination ut tho pri
maries. In tho Sixth and Sovcnth Wards
thoro was also a falily heavy regis
tration In the Interest of Homy
Stuckart, tho Democratic candlduto
for South Town Assessor, und Aid.
John A. Cooke, tho outgoing Repub
lican representative of tho Sovcnth.
With tho ignominious dofeat of
"Llttlo Billy" Loonier for tho West
Town Assessorshlp all heart sooms to
have been taken out of Klghth Ward
There was u small registration In
tho Eighth Ward this time, but tho
ward Is safely Democratic under any
Of courso tho Eighteenth Ward Is
splendidly to tho front as usual under
tho management of thoso two Demo
cratic wheel horses of tho West Sldo,
Aldermen Brcnnan and Mahonoy.
Tho heavy registration hero makes
tho re-election of Aid. Mahonoy,
novor In doubt, certain to bo accom
panied by tho laigost mnjorlty over
given lr, tho Eighteenth Ward.
Sovor.il well-known Republican
Aldermen will also largely benoflt by
tho gain of votes In their wards.
Theso Include such men as Alderman
E. J. Noble, who aro meeting with
unworthy opposition In their wards.
Mr. S. W. Rldcrburg, the popular
Chief Clerk of County Clerk Wulff's
olllco, Isgalnlng ground as acandidate
for County Clerk. Mr. Rldcrburg bus
many friends In lnlmr circles, as he
has been a laboring man himself, und
his sympathy has always bcon with
tho "tollers." The Swedish nation
ality nro bound to be recognized
on tho ticket, and Mr. Rldcrburg
Is ono or the most popular and
prominent Swedish Americans In
Chicago. Mr. Frank Reed, President
of tho Mutual Benefit Labor organi
zation, is a warm frlond of Mr.
Itldcrliurg's, and It is claimed that
tho organization, which Is a strong
ono, will bo for Mr. Rldcrburg to a
Hon. Leopold Moss, Democratic
candidate In tho Second Ward, Is
gaining ground every day, and from
present Indications ho will bo elected
by a handsomo majority. Tho Kit
kenny cat tight carried on by Repub
lican and Independent nominees is
holplng Moss In his Aldcrmunlc race.
Mr. Moss will get many Republican
votes from business men who know
his ability, and who wish to bo rep
resented In tho Council by a man of
energy and brains.
MurtlnJ. Russell succeeded John
M. Clurk us Collector of the Port of
Chicago Tuesday and entered nt
onco on tho duties of his olllcc.
Postmaster I losing, Appralsor Hoync,
ox-Appralsor Pearson, und Capt.
Davis of tho Andy Johnson woro in
tho office when tho brlof and rather
Informal exclianfio took place be
tween tho retiring and Incoming
Collector. Speeches wero mado by
Mr. Russell and tho rotlrlng Col
lector, John M. Clark, and tho latter
was given a gold-headed cane by tho
employes of tho olllco. Aftor tto
specchmaklug Collector Itussoll and
all tho heads of departments In tho
Custom llouso dined at the Union
Lcaguo club as tho guo.its of Col.
Clark. Collector Kussoll announced
that no changes In tho force had
been decided on and he expected to
see all the present employes In their
places and at work from day to
Meyer Daniels, tho well-known
packer and provision dealer on Cot
tage Grove avenue, is making a line
raco as tho regular Democratic candi
date for Alderman of tho Fourth
Ward. Mr. Daniels Is a sterling
business man, nnd has tho respect of
all who know him. If ho is elected
ho will make a model Alderman. Ho
has been successful in commtrciil
llfo and Is bound to bo equally suc
cessful In politics.
John B. Pollasch Is certain to bo
elected Alderman or tho Fifteenth
Ward. Ho Is a highly respected
business man and citizen or good
standing. Ho will make a model
,irffrBh,.nt.'' u tjaU-' .
' V"

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