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. :
The City Sewerage Department Long a
Stencil in the Nostrils of the
Thi Main Objiot of Its Existinci Is ihs
Maintsnanos of Non-partisan Pap-
The Sewers Are Hardly Ever Cleaned, but
Whole Families Are Quartered on
the Rolls.
From 1890 to 1893 No North Sido Sowora
Woro Flashed Until tho City Council
For twenty yean the City Sewer-1 Legislature Mr. Mcrltt has proved to
ago Department has been a close cor
porutton. For twenty years the :30
cormorants who All up Us roster have
been Democrats when the Demo
crats were In power, and Republicans
when the Republicans were lu. Hut
their personnel was tho same. And
at no time have they been efficient
public servant. Whole families uro
employed In this department, and
the attempt of any administration
to Inject fresh blood into tho out
tl has licen resented as an unwar
ranted Intrusion. The poorest sew
cm lu America havo been built by it,
and the Inspectors at work there havo
been appointed or discharged as they
favored this or that contractor or
this or that make of brick.
The sewers have never been prop
erly Hushed. Hcneo tho city has
been a prey for years to epidemics of
scarlet fever and typhoid fever, and
now there Is un opldemic of small
pox. Tlio alleged "Health Departments"
have never Interested themselves
about tho sewerage, but contented
themselves for year's with violent at
tempts to draw salaries and suppress
the smoke nulsanco at tho same
During 1801 not a sewer was
flushed on tho wholo North Side, and
that division of tho city was devas
tated by typhoid fever as u consc
quonco. So awful were tho consequences of
this neglect that Alderman Austin
O. Sexton, of theTwcnty-llfth Ward,
In the winter of 1802-0.1 introduced a
series of resolutions In tho City
Council reciting thece terrible facts
and ordcrlug tho North Sldo sewers
flushed. Tho resolutions were unan
imously adopted. Hut tho sewerage
department is not much hotter to
day. Tho same gang permeates it
from top to bottom. It Is doubtful
whether there, is a singlo competent
man connected with tho outfit from
top to bottom. Chlldron have grown
up to places lu u uccausc uioir
fathers hold Jobs lu It. Tho sewer
age olllco Is a family uffalr.
It Is a fraud upon tho taxpayers.
Major Hopkins should clean It out
from top to bottom. If ho docs not
the Sewcrugo Department as at pres
ent mauagod will bring the cholera
here as It has brought other epidemics.
Tho Union Veteran Club has In
dorsed Col. Fail In Q. Hull for County
Judge. F. W. C. Hayes, of tho Thirty-second
Ward and ox-SherllT Matson
are also talked of as candidates for
County Judge. .So is Attorney Car
ter of tho Drainago Board.
Tho friends in Chicago of Edward
L. Merrltt, of Sprlngflchl, wero
gratified to hear last Tuesday of his
nomination for the third time on tho
Democratic ticket to represont the
people of Sangamon County in tho
General Assembly. Tho compliment,
convoyed by a practically unanimous
nomination, was entirely deserved.
During the last two sessions of tho
be a faithful und capable representa
tive. Ho has carefully looked after
the Interests of his Immediate con
stituents, but his fidelity to Sanga
mon County has not interfered with
his duty to the people of the entire
State. His election will follow his
present nomination as a matter of
Eighteenth Ward Democrats met
Friday evening at Fitzgerald's Hall
and organized the "Eighteenth Ward
Jefferson Club." JOfficors were elect
ed as follows:
I'mldeut-WIUUm I'itrjterald.
Vice President J. St. Moynltun.
Secretary Mark J. Hulllvan.
Antitrust Hecretary-Ucoun Vf. I'allauau.
Financial Secretary Charle Kolley.
Treaiurer Janita (l.ynor.
Hub-Treaaurer-Kd Murray.
Constitution and by-laws have been
adopted und a charter will be secured.
Great Outpouring of His Friends in the Fifth
Congressional District on Wednes
day Right.
Ht Will Mate a Rod Hot Raeo, as Ha Is. a
Born Fighter.
Great Outcry Against West Park Commissioner
E. Z. Brodowski---His Methods Are
Strongly Denounced.
The Eminent Chicago Lawyer.
Probability that tho Governor Will Romovo tho
Follow Whin Bt Rotnrno to
Senator Noonan formally opened allows the use of his name the Ninth,
At tho present writing it looks
very much as If S. W. lllderburg
would be the Itepubllcan nominee for
County Clerk. . Ho Is one of the most
popular Swedish-Americans in Chi
cago and u West Sldo man. 113 is
capaolo and popular, and the labor
poople uro with him to a man. Mr.
lllderburg has beon indorsed by many
societies and is said to havo a num
ber of ward delegations pledged to
his support. The Itepubllcan party
fully realize that It is essential to
their success to recognize tho Swed
ish nationality this fall, and as Mr.
lllderburg Is their unanimous choice
It is more than likely that the mantle
will fall on his sturdy shoulders.
Many prominent Itepubllcan leaders
are outspoken In Mr. ltldcrburg's be
half, and his prospects for being the
nnmlnco of his party arc exceedingly
Attorney General Moloney has pre
sented a potltlon In Judge Wlndes'
court for leave to tile an information
In tlvo days In tho quo warranto pro
ceedings against the Chicago Gas
Ex-Governor Flfor has at last ob-
tnluod nn olllco that tits him. He Is
u dclognto to tho State convention.
that pillar of the church, leading
citlzon and moral public servant
square It with his conscience? Or
docs consclonpc go out of the window
when political ambition comes In at
tho dour?
Mr. A. J. Sabath, tho well-known
real estate man and prominent Bo
hemian Domocrat of the Ninth
Ward, is much talked of for County
Commissioner this fall. Mr. Sabath
Is certainly deserving of recognition
from the party, as he is an indefati
gable worker and generous contrib
utor at all times lor his party's suc
cess. Mr. Sabath Is brainy and capa
ble, and would make an cxeollcnt
member of the Hoard.
Mr. Marks Swarts, the great Iron
merchant and prominent Hobrew
Democrat, Is talked of for President
of the County Board. Mr. Swarts
has not, however, expressed a desire
to be the nominee, and It is not
known that he would accept the nom
ination, as it Is doubtful If he could
spare the tlmo from his business.
which is very largo throughout the
city and lountry.
Tho Young Men's Fourteenth Ward
Republican Club has Indorsed the
candidacy of W. E. Mason for the
United States Souate.
Ex-Aid. Tripp has moved from the
Twenty-second to the Twenty-llrst
Ward; M. B. McAbce has removed
from tho Twenty-fourth to the Thirty-fourth
Ward; Commissioner Gahan
has removed from tho Twenty-ninth
to the Thirty-second Ward.
doubtedly far In the lead today for
the instruction, his friends will relax
no effort nor accept any chance of
defeat up to the day the convention
It is reported that Nat Oppcn-
helmer Is booked to succeed ''Windy"
Jenkins lu the grain
Lieutenant Commander 11. M.
Shaffncr Tuesday evening enter
tained the officers of the First Bat
talion Illinois Naval Mllltla, at his
home, No. 30" Schiller street. Dur
ing the evening supper was served
and there was dancing. Among
those present were:
Lieutenant niul Mn. WUIUsn .1. Will ja,
L. A. Itlclmrdou, I'roihsuer,
Dautuard, ICriu
Waterman, ttnitcli,,
Jerome, Hawloy.
OeueraU Alfred Orendor.T. H. A. Wheeler.
f olouet I.. T. Steward.
Lieutenant Command?: K. M. Stedmiu.
it. II. Nwlairt, HerlK-rt McN'ulty,
1'. II. Kochertperner, Arthur IiovjU.
W. M. Hobtmou. H. A. Allou,
II. 1.. Walt, Jounlt.KldrM,
Jotra A. I'l-ndell, Hturr W. l'arkor.
.Hualira . . .,
I'. J. FootlUK, N. 11. Haldvio,
William J. lllne. 0. II. WilmarcU.
J. 1). Manuall, W. It. Ktrklao.t,
Oeorge Y. Jewett, C. U. HUarTner.
Bob McDonald, oue.of the Deputy
American Mag hi (lowers. The
Common Council or the National
Union contributed a pillow. Other
prominent Moral pieces were from the
National Union Building Association
I and the Haven Council of the Royal
League. The active pallbearers were
W. F. McLaughlin. W. J. Onahaii,
Inspector's j John C. Carroll, W. A. Amberg. C.
A. Faltxor, M. St. 1 Thomas, Charles
Malr, and Wllllum Eagle. The lion-
orary pallbearers wero George W.
Dexter, M. R. Doty, William McD.
i Wilson, Georgo Forrester, !'. Scott.
. F. N. (Inge, F. Falrman and I.. If.
Perry A. Hull, Jr., the ."-year-old
sou of Perry A. Hull, the South Fide
lawyer and politician, died a little
i before noon Sundny from condition
of tho brain.
! Friday ovening the child stumbled
1 while playing, striking his left tem
ple on a heavy desk, and Saturday ho
' sintered from serious and frequont
convulsions. Death was to sudden
und unexpected that the real cowll-
' tlmi of tho child could not be ascor-
I talned. The funeral took place at 1
o clock Monday from the parents'
1 home, JI2-1 South Park avenue.
his canvass for Congress In the Fifth
District Wednesday evening by a
reception at his residence on Wash
ington boulevard. Tho district con
sists of the Eleventh, Thirteenth,
Sixteenth, Seventeenth and Eigh
teenth Wards, and tho Democrats
claim It by a majority of about 1,000.
The Republicans, however, think
they can win out in the district.
Col. Noonan principal competitor
for the Democratic nomination will
be Congressman Durborow, who, like
Noonan, resides in the Eleventh
Ward. Durborow is serving a third
term, and Noonan thinks three terms
is enough and that he Is in the line
of promotion. Mr. Durborow, how
ever, thinks ho deserves a fourth
term. Tho Republicans talk of nom
inating Georgo E. White, Frank
Riddle or Fred S. Balrd. Either
would give Noonan or Durborow u
lively rare. Among thoso ut the re
ception were: Park Commissioners
Townsend and Graham, ox-Judge
Prcndorgast, Roger C. Sullivan, Su
pervisor Kilcrauc, Aid. Knowlcs,
Aid. Kunz, Peter Klolbassa, Aid.
Brcnnan, Aid. Mahonoy, Aid. O'Con
nor, I'uul Dasso and Stephen Grlllln.
Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Ward
delegations will be solid for him, and
his intimate friend John M. Smyth
can be counted on to bring In the
Eighteenth nn I Nineteenth Wards.
Judge Blumc Is in tho front rank of
Chicago's ublcst attorneys, and bis
friends throughout the city and
county are legion. If nominated ho
would be a hard man to beat.
L. W. Whalen, tho well-known
and popular Fifteenth Ward Demo
crat, proposes that the Fifteenth
Ward shall do Its duty this fall by
rolling up a good round majority for
the Democratic county ticket. Ho
has effected a precinct organization
numbering tlvo from each precinct
and the organization already num
bers nearly 1,000 members It will bo
:i,O0O strong by election day. This
kind of 'work Is to be commended
and always adds success to Its laurels.
George Edmanson will undoubted
i ly bo the next Democratic nominee.
for Sheriff. He has never been de
feated, und runs like a whirlwind
with the people.
Onk of the latest chemical discov
eries is u method for the artificial pro
duction of petroleum. Tho process Is
slmnle and effective. It Is the dls-
Sheriffs, has entered the race for the it Illation of unlmul fats and oils at
Hon. James A. O'Conncll, the pop
ular ox-County Commissioner, will
most certainly by renominated this
fall. Mr. O'Conncll was ono of .ho
ublcst membors of tho board pains
taking and honest. ' Ho should bo re
nominated unanimously, as his name
will add a tower of strength to
tho ticket on account of his strict
lntogilty and well-known popularity.
Tho voters of tho Second Ward
saw lit to turn down Leopold Moss, a
capablo und clean business man, for
Alderman, and now note Mr. Ballard,
whom they sent to tho Council, vot
ing for tho overhead trolley. It
must bo gratifying to the decent cltl
ens who elected Mr. Ballurd to see
him hording with the gang and help
ing them to earn their money with
out touching the dirty dollars him
self, But we ask again, How does
Itepubllcan nomination for Probate ,
Clerk. Ho will have the support of
thu delegation from the Third Ward,
In which he lives.
Although It Is very early to make
predictions about the probabilities nf
the Senatorial race In Illinois, the
nows that keeps illtcrlng in through
the country press, says a Republican
dally, soems to show a growing feel
ing for William E. Mason. The party
In the westeru part of the Slate is
considering tho dilTerout candidates
very closely, and as a result tlic
Qulncy delegation to tho State con
vention will probably be instructed
for Mason. The campaign promises
to by ono of the most good-tempered
ones ever fought out In Illinois.
The candidates so far in tho Meld
havo not alono a genuine respect for
each other, but are warm person
al friends, and if tho convention de
cides upon un instruction, as It prob
ably will, there will bo no heartaches
and no sulking on elthor sldo, Cook
County Is naturally warmly Interest
ed in the result, and her example Is
navlug lis effect throughout the
commonwealth; but others are work-
I Ing also, and, whllo Mason Is un-
Edgar E. S. Eagle, of the llrm of
II. R. Eaglo .fc Co., was burled Sun
day at Calvary. At 10 o'clock xolemn
high mass of lequlem was celebrated
in Holy Name Cathedral by llov. '
Father Walter Elliott, of the Paullst
Fathers, New York, an uncle of the
deceased. Rev. Hugh McGuIro, or
St. James' Church, and lle. Father
llenneberry assisted as deacon and
suldeaeon. Rev. P. J. Muldoon,
Chancellor of the diocese, preached
tho funerul sermon. Within the
sanctuary were seated twouty-one
priests from Chicago and other cities.
Macs was suug by u full choir und tho
regular cathedral quartet. Delega
tions from tho Catholic Benevolent
Legion, National Union, Royal
League, Columbus Club, Visitation
a temperature of 1100 to 400 degrees
Centigrade at a pressure of twenty
live atmospheres in a strong Iron
vessel. 'About 70 per cent, of the
fatty matter Is transformed Into pe
troleum, this being 00 por cent, of
tho theoretical yield. The discovery
Is not of any commercial Importance
up to date, as the artificial pioduet
costs a great deal more than tho na
tural product of the rock. But for
aught any ono Is Justltlod In saying
to the contrary all this may be
changed within the next few years
by tho use of cheaper basic material,
or because of tho increasing M-urclty
of petroleum, or both. Thu matter,
In any event. Is one of great sclontlllu
interest. It tends to show how the
natural artldo has been produced by
the processes of nature, whllo It may
, prove to be the starting point lu an
Investigation that -will lead up to
, cthor discoveries having a more prac
tical bearing.
Gov. Altgold should remove E. '.
Brodowski from tho West Park Board.
If ono-half tho roports that are circu
lated about this fellow are truo, he Is
until to bo a Park Commissioner.
Aided hy Brodowski's voto the Re
publicans run the West Park system.
But this isn't tho worst of it. A
number of other things happon
through Brodowski's vote, which will
cause u sensation when known.
Seven members of tho Democratic
committer from tho West Division
called on John W. Lanehnrt, as Gov.
Altgcld's representative, Saturday,
and urged a radical change in the
constitution of tho West Park Board.
Thomas Cusack, Aid. Brennan, Pat
rick McCarthy, Thomas Fltzgeiald,
and others of tho dolcgatlou com
plained that the patronage was oxer-1
clscd in tho Interest of cliques and
family parties, and urged that ono
of tho commissioners from tho south
west section and ono from tho north
west section bo removed to niuke
room for hotter Democrats. Mr.
Lanchart said ho would communicate
the wishes of tho deputation to the
Governor. Complaint was also made
about tho Grain Inspector's office.
The West Park Board and tho grain
Inspection office thoroforo aro likely
to bo shaken up when Gov. Altgeld
gets back toSprlngtlcld.
HitooKi.v.v Is Just now a good place
to niovo from. Dr. Smith Ely Jolllp-
and Aid Society and tho Union Cath- J P us examined the Brooklyn wnte
olio Library Association, of which
Mr. Eagle had been a member, oc
cupied reserved pews In front of the
altar. Twenty pews wore reserved
for tho employes of II. R. Eagle &
Co. The Cook County Cabinet or
the National Union sent a large
supply and tluds that It contains
twenty-eight kinds of live animals
and eighty-four species of vegetables.
In the list aro alga1, diatoms, des
mids, rhlzopods, rotifers, and Infu
soria of many species. That's a
pretty kettle of flsh to set before a
town like Brooklyn.
A new Richmond has been brought
out for the Republican nomination
for County Judge, In tho porson of
that ablo West Sldo Jurist, Justlco
Jurvls Illume. His eminent fitness
Is reconlzed and that ho would ho a
strong candidate goes without con
tradiction. Influential and leading
Republicans from tho Twelfth,
Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and several
other wards Insist that Judge Blumo's
namo shall be presented to the con
vention. It Is claimed that if he
Georgo Strticktuau, Presldeut of
tho County Hoard, and all tho present
Republican commissioners arc candi
dates for re-election. Thero are other
aspirants for these places, but it is
understood that tho incumbents have
formed a combination which insures
their renoiulnatlon.
Hon. J. A. Qululan, of Wuukcgan,
ono of the most popular Democrats
In Northern Illinois, will succeed
John Donnelly us the minority mem
ber of the Legislature from tho
Eighth Senatorial District. The
delegatos of the district mot at
Woodstock April 14 and Instructed
unanimously for Mr. Quintan. He is
lu the real estate and Insuranco busi
ness. Mr. Qutnlan will prove a capa
ble and useful member of the Assem
bly. . .
At mo request oi uuainuan nmyiit,
tho following notlco was sent out
Wednesday to tho membors of tho
Republican County Committee:
ltr.i'uiiMCAN llK.u)UArtTUi:, No. im Mao.
isox Hit.ket, Ciiicaoo, April w. Dear Hit:
Thcro will bo u meeting ot tbc lleimbllcau
County Central Committee held at Itcimbtl
van hoadiiuarterx, No. Hi .MuilUon xtrest.
Saturday next, Aril VS at 2 o'clock p. m., for
tlio purpo'a nf arranging for a county con
vention to Helcct dolcnatt'8 to tug coming
Htato Convention, l'lcaso be punctual, lam,
sir, very rcccttullj ,
Jamkh II. It. Van Oi.vavk, Secretary.
It Is probable tho date of the con
vention will bo Saturday, May 1'2, or
Saturday, May 10. Under the torni
or tho notice tho question of tlxlng
tho dato for tho convention which is
to nominate county ntllcors cannot bo
considered. But It Is piobable a re
solution will bo piojcntcd urging
early nominations. The purpose in
calling the convention to select dele
gatos to tho Stato convention in May
is to help tho candidacy of Honry
Wulff for Stato Treasurer. He will
probably get tho Indorsement o
Cook county, and that will give him
I a boom throughout tbc State.
i i .'
t .
V iK.j'j L.
. 'ia,iqfrR m v' jfrTft.. - t ! " -fctu.

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