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Congressman Goldzier's Striking Advertise
ment in the Chicago Law Bulletin At
tracts Attention to the Point.
Our Abli Rtform Congressman It Right in
Not Ntgltcting Opportunities that May
Prasant Thamtalvaa.
Various Items About Other Reformers and
, Statesmen Who Are Anxious to Be
Tho Chicago Pally Law Ilullotin
contains tho following advertisement,
which it prints regularly:
WAHHI.X0T0X, D. c.
Addretn cure House of Itepresentatlves.
All of which would indlcnto that
Ilrothcr Goldzlor is overlooking no
bets. Corporations and others hav
ing business at Washington can tlnd
Mr. Goldzler, r. C, easily, because
his address is "Houso of Represent
atlvcs." Sec?
Tho Republican leaders in cast ng
nbout for a strong candidate for
County Judge, have finally agreed
that John It barker, of tho Twelfth
'Ward, is the man to pin their faith
to. Aside from the fuct that Mr.
Farkcr Is one of the ablest attorneys
in tho West, and a wealthy man, it
Is conceded that tho great West Side
Is entitled to tho nomination for
Judge, us there are but thrco Ropub
llcan Judges from tho West Division
out of twenty-eight Judges in Cook
County. Mr. Parker is one of tho
roost loyul Republicans, and has ill-
ways been u generous contributor and
Indefutltublo workor for his party's
success. If nominated ho will not
enter tho campaign handicapped In
tho slightest degreo us ho hits an
ubundanco of tho "slnows of war,"
and will uso plenty of ammunition,
which alwuys contributes to tho suc
cess of either party. Should Judge
Scales bo renominated, us both can
didates reside In tho Twelfth, it will
provo a buttlo royal between tho
two. Mr. 1'urkor has a largo
cliontago and an extensive acquaint
ance in his own wurd, and tho musses
know him thoroughly un:l ho has
tholr entlro confidence. It is sufo
to predict that ho will poll many
Democratic votes in tho Twelfth, us
nil who know htm are unanimous in
their conviction that in John R.
Furkcr the whole peoplo would havo
a County Judge of whom tlioy might
woll be proud, us ho can bo rolled on
In a Judicial capacity to mote out
even-handed Justlco to ono and all.
On the West Side Judge Kohlsaat
will undoubtedly bo nominated to
succeed himself as Judgo of the
Probate Court. Judgo Kohlsaat now
lives in tho Eleventh-Ward and oc
cupies tho old Carter Harrison man
sion ou Ashland boulevurd.
Thomas Cusack, it Is reported, has
been offered tho Turk Commissioner
ship made vacant by the resignation
of Mr. Rlount, but ho has declined
tho position, preferring to sorve on
tho School Hoard. Tho general Im
pression Is that C. L. Bonnoy will be
appointed. Tho Douglas Park dis
trict, In which Mr. iionney resides,
has no representative on tho West
Park Board now, and Mr. Bonney's
appointment Is being urged by the
people of that region,
Tho Democrats practically havo se
lected already tholr candidates for
Congress in most of tho districts
whore they can elect. Luwrcnce
McGann will bo renominated in tho
Third, ox-Assessor Ryan in tho new
Fourth, John W. McCarthy iu the
new Second, consisting of tho Tenth,
Twenty-eighth, Twenty-ninth, 'and
Thirtieth Wards, and- tho western
towns of Cook, while cither Senator
Xoonnn or William T. Mnypolo will
be nominated In the new Fifth Dis
trict, consisting of tho Eleventh,
Thirteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth,
and Eighteenth Wards. Mr. Gold
zlcr declines in tho Sixth District,
and tho Democracy will name In his
place Albert l'halcn, who is one of
the brightest lawyers In the State.
Mr. Fhalcn will provo a winner, as
he is a born fighter and knows no
such word us full. Ho will command
tho suffrages of tho best citizens in
tho district on account of his emi
nent ability and sterling integrity.
The more mention of Attorney
Gcncrul Moloney's name in Now York
causes tho sugar trust to have a chill.
There is n good deal of dissatisfac
tion in Republican circles at the
methods of tho County Board. Somo
of the city members uro fur from be
ing capable or ctllclcnt. They havo
acted scltlshly in making appoint
ments and otherwise. The Republican
wurds have been slighted. Unless
there Is an improvement most of tho
present Commissioners will borutlred.
In vnuo of a n(?rcoruent cntered
into lust year four of tho County
Commissioners will retlro to make
way for now men. Mr. Struckman
probably will be retained as President
of the Bourd. Tribune.
Thcro nro sovcrul candidates for
tho South Town Justiceship, vacant
by the death of II. B. Brayton. The
leading ones are ex-Aid. John Sum
mcrfleld, of tho Second Ward, who
was for many years a pollco Justlco
of tho South Town and who Is
strongly recommended; Charles Brad
ley, Chief Clerk of tho Circuit Court
Clerk's ofllce, and F. II. Underwood,
u lawyer residing in tho Third Ward.
Mr. Bradley is being supported by
most of tho Circuit Judges and by
South Town Assessor Best and Cir
cuit Clerk Gnultcr. Mr. Underwood's
leading backers aro Judge Hanccy,
Charles G. Ncoly, and Perry A. Hull.
Ho has received many promlsos of
support and thoro is a long potltlon
in favor of his appointment.
Tho indorsement of Ephralm Ban
ning for Congress in tho Thirteenth
Ward has glvon great satisfaction to
many of tho Republicans of tho now
Fifth District. Mr. Banning Is a
lawyer of excellent standing and re
pute, and a sterling Republican and
Tho subcommittee of Aldermen
engaged In tho plan of districting
tho wards has nearly complotcd its
labors, und will bo ready to report to
tho full committee In a few days.
Thoy refuse to disclose tholr scheme,
but aro quito confident it will bo sat
isfactory all around.
Another politician has changed his
location. John P. Loiendccker, for
many yours a Democratic Committee
man from tho First Ward, has moved
into tho Thlrty-fourth Ward.
Thcro Is a strong feeling against
making any nomination for Senator
in tho County Republican Conven
tion, and ulso ugulnst indorsing any
Senatorial candidate. On the other
band there is a growing sentiment
in favor of instructing tho Cook
County delegation as a wholo to op
pose u Senatorial nomination In tho
Stato convention. Resolutions In
that lino will bo presented at the
convention Saturday.
Tho prevailing sentiment Is that
tho next United States Senator from
Illinois should hall from Cook Coun
ty. Mo't prominently mentioned by
Republicans uro Hon. W. J., Camp
bell, Col. Gcorgo It Davis, Wm. E.
Mason und ex-Judge Collins. Demo
crats talk of Mayor Hopkins, Frank
lin MacVcugh, Charles Kern, John A.
King, John C. Bluck and A. W. Green.
A mcotingof tho Lincoln Club at
No. 031 West Adams street was held
Saturday night, at which the polit
ical issues of tho day were discussed.
Among tho speakers woro William
E. Mason, Gen. Smith D. Atkins of
Frcoport, W. W. Tracy, President of
tho National Republican League,
Charles G. Ncoly, Orrln N. Carter
and John It Parker.
Ex-Mayor Swift lias returned from
tho South and intends to take un uc
tlvo part In politics this fall. It will
not bo on his own account, howovcr,
Edward Lee and Thomas W. Sennott,
both resldonts of Mr. Swift's ward,
are cnndldutcs for county olllcos this
full Sennott for Probate Clerk und
Leo for Criminal Court CIoi k. Swift
will Lc with ono or the other. Ho
cannot well bo u candidate himself,
under tho :lrcumst'.tiH'es. Though
tho Eleventh Wurd wont Democratic
at tho spring election, yet It will
havo twonty-slx delegates in the
county convention and inllucnco ac
cordingly. Mr. Hubert W. Butler, Alderman
elect of tho Twcnty-soventh Ward,
will, it is claimed, soon be presented
with a magnificent diumond star by
his admiring constituents.
Mr. A. F. Dorcmus, County Com
mitteeman of tho Eleventh Ward,
has becomo u resident of tho Four
teenth Precinct.
Mr. John J. Morrison, tho well
known Eleventh Wurd statesmun,
has gono into tho contracting busi
ness. John Is u "hustler," and his
new vonturo should provo a success
ful ono.
Lloyd J. Smith, Secretary and
Treasurer of tho Santa Fe Elevator
and Dock Company, and Munugor of
the Chicago Elevator Company, states
most emphatically that' ho 'Is not a
"" ' v V sWmWlS 1
A Vory Likely Republican Nominee for United States Senator.
candidate for She r I IT. Ho remarked:
"1 havo takon my coat otf in Jim
Pease's interest, and um with him
for Sheriff first, last and nil tho
time und you can say for mc that
Pcaso will bo the nominee."
Mr. Leopold Mo?, the bankor, is
talked of for County Commissioner.
Ho would be tho right man In the
right place.
Tho Secretary of tho Interior has
appointed Dcwltt C. Cregler, of Chi
cago, Superintendent or tho Indian
Wurchouso In this city. DoWitt G
Cregler was born in New York State i
Juno 1, 1821). At 111 years of age ho
was left an orphan and until his 17th
i year was cared for by distant rela
tives, who gave him a common school
educutlon. After lea lng school young
Cregler engaged us an engineer's
assl.-fint on a Long Island steamer,
nnd from that tlmo until 18.11 ho re
mained engaged In tho various
branches of mechanical engineering.
In 18.V1 Mr. Cregler came to Chicago
to superintend tho erection of tho
first pumping machinery of the
waterworks. Slnco his residence In
Chicago Mr. Cregler has served as
chief and designing engineer of tho
waterworks for a period of twenty
live years, city engineer for three
years, und four yeurs us Commissioner
of Public Works. In 1881) Mr. Cre
gler was elected Mayor and served
one term.
Sam Raymond will probably bo tho
Republican nominee for County
Treasurer. The party managers ad-
Wt7"z m " " 'i I Mr a
.-. . '. WMK.'iJI.VSoH",W BBk. o
r- v ;t7wu.:fTM'',zat)Vi io
. mMsmmsmwam
IIl mm
t v v ?Av . ..0 i
mlt that his long service Is deserving
of some substantial recognition and
the business men ure for him heart
and soul.
Slnco Frank I'cabody, of Evnnston,
declined the nomination for Slier I IT,
tho( Democrats appear to bellcvo that
George Edmanson Is tho best man to
head the comity ticket. Edmanson
has mado a llrst-clas-i record on the '
County Board, and his popularity has '
never permitted him to bo beaten In (
a political contest. Ho Is a vote-1
getter who tho Democrats feel should
occupy a prominent place on tho
ticket, and at. ho Is anxious to bo
SliorllT it Is lellovcd he will bo given
tho nomination. With Gcorgo Ed-
maucon for Sheriff the Democrats'
i will namo Roger C. Sullivan for I
' County Clerk. Ho will meet with no
Edward L. Smith, of tho Mutual
Life Insurance Company, who resides ,
in the Twelfth Ward, and Gus Nolle, I
of the Tenth Wurd, will bo tho Re-
publican nominees for tho Legislature
tho Salomon Senatorial district.
C. G. Ncely, of Evanston, has no
competitor on tho North Sldo for the
County Court Judgeship, though half '
n score of candidates have been men
tioned for it from other parts of the !
Jtbtlce E. T. Glcnnon Is mentioned
as a Republican possibility for Coun
ty Judge. Ho Is an ablo jurist und
would bo a strong candidate.
"Dave" Clink, a political swash
buckler, who nctetl a Superintend
ent of Construction for tho West
Park Board, has tlnally been shoved
out. "Better lato than never." This
Is us It should be.
Ex-Aldermiin Daniel W. Acker
man may bo ono of tho West Sldo
Republlcun nominees for County Com
missioner. Ho mado an excellent !
record In tho Council, and Is popular '
with tho people. i
By far tho strongest Republican
candidate for tho Shrievalty nomina
tion at present in tho Hold Is James
Pease, of Lako View. Mr. Peaso has
had his eye on that nomination for a
long time, nnd has so arranged his
plans that ho may secure tho prize.
His only competitor of note is Will
iam T, Ball, and even that gentle
man has not yet openly declared him
self a candidate.
Gov. Altgeld Removes the Lincoln Park Com
missioner and Scorches Him
Badly in a Letter.
Some Things Which Mr. Waller May Not
(Wish, but Which tho Peo
ple Will Road.
General Gossip of a Political Nature Which
May Interest " Eagle " Readers
Fall Candidates.
Gov. Altgeld has bounced Hubert
A. Water, the Lincoln Park Com
missioner. Iu bouncing the gentle
man the Governor gavo him a roast
such as has seldom b:cu dealt out to
any uouncee. In the course of his
letter the Governor sajs:
tuboiuoutly complaints kept coming to
mo (lum tlmo to tliuu from responsible
peoplo 111 regard to tho iiinungcjiicnt of
the park and your course in l'rcMdcnt. It
wus complained that thcro wus un un
businesslike mid snobbish air about ovoty
thing that win done, and It seemed that
almost oory stop tukCn by tho board was
a blunder, and Instead of tliorouili man
ngoment thoro wits really no bu-luess sys
tem anywhoro. Nearly everything vri
lett to tho superintendent mid his word
taken tor everything I found that a com
mlttco of tho Statu Scnato had ovum I nod
tho mnnunemcnt of the park and reported
to tho Scnato that tho soiling of iiind In
I Llueoln Park and tho runulng of boati
j amounted to many thousand of dollars
year, upwards of $20,000 lolii,- re
par ted, but that tho buslnots win
conducted In such u way that nobody know
anything about It oveept tho Supcrln on
1 dent and thoro waf no check on him and no
I way of telling whether ho reported nil or
only a Dart of what ho received. Also.
that a species of favoritism In tho way ol
giving employment, oti-.. hud long i.rovuilod
uttbo park whereby a fow Individual had
valuable advantages not enjoyed by others.
The committee also reported that In-tsad
ol tho suppllos for tho park bolng pur
chased at compoiltlvo prices tho board
hud adopted u policy uutliurllng tho r-u-i
lerlntondent to mako purchase not ex
ceeding Hi In amount as ho pleased, and
tno result wus that overythlug was
holnit purchased In driblets and not
terms most advantageous to tho park.
Agulu. somo years iuo tho park hoard
Issued 300,000 of bonds to build tho oast
wall along the Lako hhore drive Tho law
under which thoy Issued thoso I) mis pro
vldod that a spoclllc sum over and alxivo
tho amount otherwise allowed by law.
should bo raised by taxation every your,
and that this should bo set apart us a
slotting fund to pity thoso bond. Now In
t'ii tho park board levied 3.1.000 for this
purpose, which wus collected from tho tux
pay oi s last your. During I bo winter I
leuniod that this sum had been misappro
priated by tho board and that no money
hud been sot aslilo for a sinking fund.
For tho protection of tho taxpayers tho
law limits tho amount of mouov which any
public otllelul may spend, and when. In
order to get around this law. tho ofllelal
uses money which tho law has sot aside
for a spoclllc purpose und sponds It lor
some other purposo ho Is guilty of mal
feasance. Aguln. tho law of Illinois explicitly for
bids every otllcer. no mutter u bother
elected or appointed, In bis own naiuo or
iinv mher name, us ugont or In any other
I capacity, to mako any contract with
I........II j .i,l, mIII.iai in, will, l.L lin sl
and It provides that any ofllcer who doos
so shall bo guilty of a misdemeanor and
shall bo punished b Hun or Imprisonment
or both. Now, you were not only tllo ugent
trr the now Ashland IIIock, but you woio
roportedtolmvoalnrgo luturostln It. After
viiii were undo a member of the bourd vou
Ulllisril II' uwil lJiiivui v "sua tun "Juiiih,
runted to tho bourd olllcos III tho Ashland
llloek. signing tho leuso ou behalf of tho
i landlord, and subsequently It becuuiu your
1 duty, as 1'rosldent of tho llouid, to ulsn
sl;n It ou behnlf of tho Coiiiinl-Hloiicrt I
nm informed that hoc.iusu of this compll
i itlon you havo not yet signed tho loiso
on behult of tho Commissioners, but that
you huvo rcvularly signed thu checks pay
ing the rout for tho olllcos out of the pink
tunds, Wlillo this wus a violation of tho
law ou your part, thoro was u disposition
I to overlook It a long us It did not appear
that thoro was tiny trauil counectou
with It, It being supposed that you
wero Igunruiit of tho law und that
jou would probably pot uguln tuLo
advantage of your position us l'aik
Commissioner to mal.o a conduct lth thn
bourd, but I nm Informed that you uio
clmrging tho Commissioners of Lincoln
1'nrk, of whom you aro President, consid
erably iiioio rent than other tenant occu
pying tho sumo suite on other lloors ure re
coiled to pay. Again, you uro canylng on
un Insurance business, and 1 loamod dur
ing tho winter that you hud Insured tho
park property In your agency und hud ren
dered a bill which road us follows!
The Commissioners of Lincoln Turk. To It. A,
Waller .V Co. Ir.
To bill rendered for Insurance fjnj.sn
That Is to say i as un Insurance agent
1 you rondcred a bill to tho board of which
you wero Chulrmnti, und asked thu board to
I pay It. Tills was again u violation of tho
i law-. True, I understand you now claim
that you did not personally placo this Insut-
mice and did nov ovou know of It, but It
was brought to your uttoutlnn somo tlmo
ago, und you huvo not only fulled to can-
col It, hut the bill for It has again boon
presented and paymont requested.
Martin Becker, who may Do ap
pointed Lincoln Park Commissioner
to succeed R. A. Waller, Is oqo of
Chicago's best-known business men
and a self-made man, Ho Is a man
of independent means und one of tho
most prosperous merchants In tho
NUMBUIt 240.
clothing trade In the city. Ills ap
pointment will be pleasing to Ger
man Lutherans, of whom ho is one
of the most prominent In the city.
Mr. Ileckcr Is a man of great energy
and resources nnd the stamp of u
business man that Is needed In tho
Lincoln Park Board. Slices In
business, politics, or socletv In a cos
mopolitan population such us com
prises the city of Chicago Is only ut
tnlnetl by a broad-minded, enterpris
ing spirit such as characterize a
majority of tho Chicago business
men. There Is very little room In
the world, und no room in Chicago,
for tho narrow bigot whose compre
hension Is confined within the boun
daries of race or religious lines, or
who'o business Ideas never reach be
yond the domain of aciiuMtlvcncss.
Tho "get there" principle Is what
win in th1.' iiccn city of tho Inland
Tho city has probably developed
more wideawake merchants and busi
ness men on those lines than can lw
produced fiom tho same numerical
population anywhere in the world,
men of genius, enterprise, piomotlvc
ability, industrial development, und
political acumen, men who while In
their own various avocations hive
still found suillcicnt tlmo at their
disposal to study tho conditions,
political, industrial, und economic,,
with which they are surrounded.
It Is to tho efforts of these men
that Chicago owes tho proud position
sho ha attained In tho mcrcuutflcr
banking and Industrial world. Oc
cupying u prominent und proud
position among tlicso prominent
"prince of progro-s" 1 Martin
Recker, born In Prussia forty-throe
years ago. Ho came to Crete, III.,
with his parents In 1802, when ho
was i years old. With genuine
pluck ho started In ut this point to
carvo out his future destiny
by working on tho farm for
three years and then entering
tho employ of Ilewes & Brothers,
who kept a goncral store at Crete,
lloiomalned with them for dx years,
until he was engaged as a clerk in
the dry goads store of 11. Kaufmann,
of Evanston, where tho fouryears' ex
perience gained hciesccurcd him a line
position In 1 871 with ClemenuS; Sivyer,
of Chicago. He was the main main
In this establishment, and remained
with them until 1SS0, when, uioci:it
cd with II. llooler, as pditucr, ho
stinted tu tho clothing huslno-h thrco
doors Iroin his formor employers,
where ho enjojed a prospoious busi
ness until 1887, when ho sold hi In.
tciest to Mr. Hoofer, and oponctr
the largo establishment at hl pies
ent location, ;2U Division street,
wheio ho Is doing a thriving busi
ness und enjoy the pationago of
the best peoplo of tho Noith
Sldo. Mr. Becker novor ran for
otllco, although often urged to
by his many friends. Mr. Bockcr
was married In 1ST.) to Mis
Llzlo Rolfchuoldor, wl.oso father
was ono of Chicago' pioneer
llromen, having been an active uiu la
bor of tho Volunteer Fire Depart
ment iu early days. Martin Becker
is u typical Chlcagoan, and no more
liberal and warm-hearted man ever
more fully combined business wlth
politics as n pastlmo and mado and
kopt so many warm friend and cus
tomers. Whllo ho docs not lot poll-
? ' Af.t -. ,, i. .
.Kki... A-.

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