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Koehersperger Has Been Withdrawn
from the Race for the Republican
Nomination for Treasurer.
Mr. Strassheim, the
, Grocer, Will
. t
No Diminution in the Number of Candidates
for the Various Offices
in Sight.
The Republican nomination for
County Treasurer is likely to go to
Mr. Chris Strassheim, tho popular
wholesale grocer. Ills opponents
fear him and say ho docs not want It,
but Mr. Strassheim says there is 'no
truth In the story that he is about to
retlro from tho contest for tho Coun
ty Treafiurcrshlp. Ho writes to say:
"I desire to Inform my friends and
the public that I am a candidate for
tho offlco of Treasurer of Cook Coun
ty, subject to tho will of the Cook
County Republican convention. I
have withdrawn In favor of nobody
and don't Intend to, and expect to
stay. In the race to the end and uso
all honorable means to aecure tho
nomination for said office." Mr.
Strnssholm was born in Hesse Darm
stadt in tho f, year 1851. Came to
this country with his parents in 18,10:
, came to Chicago In 18.18, and has re
sided on the North Sldo ever since.
Was educated In tho public schools;
started in tho commission business
on South Water streot In 1800, under
tho Arm namo of Strassheim & Dro.
In 1878, sold his interost to his
brother Henry and engaged in tho
wooden and willow ware business, un
der tho firm name of Jacob & Strass
heim. In 1885 tho Arm added gro
ceries. Ho then bought out his part
ner, Jacob, and two months later
took In as partner Fhlllpp Jaeger,
which business up to tho present dato
is Strassheim & Jaeger, wholesale
grocers and wooden and willow ware
dealers, southeast corner of South
Water and La Salle streots. Their
business capacity In tho last year,
18031 was one and a quarter million
dollars, for which Strassheim is en
titled to tho credit, as, his partnor
takes no active part in the business,
having a wholesale meat market on
Fulton street. Mr. Strassheim Is a
sterling citizen and numbers his
friends In Chicago by tho thousands.
If ;tho regular grand jury be not
"fixed" It should insist that Sheriff
Gilbert explain why the Wethcrell
special grand jury was packed.
Somebody should bo called sharply to
', account for the dirty work that 1b
being done in tho Sheriff's office.
Stacy W. Osgood, of New Trior,
will bo a candidate for County Com
missioner from the country districts.
Henry Beers, a Deputy Sheriff,. Peter
Thorsen, of NUes, and'Nlo Suhr. of
Evanston, are candidates also.
Col. Charles T. McCarthy, well
known to tho theatrical world as an
able manager, has opened an elegant
theater, with twenty-one first-class
artists, at the corner of Lincoln and
Wrlghtwood avenues, formerly Bau
er's .Hall. Col. McCarthy Is as agree
able a gentleman as one. can meet In
a day's journey. His acknowledged
, ability to conduct a first-class thea
ter is unquestioned, therefore we pre
dict his new venture will prove a suc
cessful one, as It should.
It is probable that Supt Petti
grew, of Lincoln Park, will bo asked
to step down and out in a fow days.
Rumor names Duane Doty, of Pull
man, as his successor, although it is
.' claimed by one or two people who
pretend 'toiknow what they are talk
ing about that Engineer Lyman E.
Well -Known Wholesale
Surely Be for
Cooloy, at present a member of tho
Drainage Board, will he selected.
Tho chances, howovcr, are In favor
of Mr'. Doty. John M. Armstrong,
the architect, Is also mentioned for
the place.
The Women's Rcllof Corps at
Rockford, 111., May 17, re-elected
Mrs. M. Ill M. Wallaco, of Chicago,
Department President by a voto of
140 to 101 for Mrs. S. It. Spauldlng.
M. E. Colo's namo is mentioned as
a suitable man to run for Congress
In the new Fourth Congressional Dis
trict Mr. bole has for years been a
resident of the Twelfth Ward, Is n
life-long Republican, Is n clean and
capable man, an actlvo member of
tho Ashland Club, is a popular man,
und Is oxccllent Congressional tim
ber. Tho new Fourth District com
prises the, Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth
and Nineteenth Wards.
An echo of the Hopkins-Swift elec
tloa was hoird Thursday night at
tho Sheridan Drive Clubhouse, when
Paul Rcdicsko paid an election botto
Joseph Flannlgan. An elaborato
banquet was given by tho loser, Mr.
Redleske, at which tho following
gentlemen sat down: Paul Redleske,
A. W. Fulver, James Pease, Thos.
Barrett, Robert Simon. G. Langbury,
B. Klettcnbcrg, E. Labanouf, Jos.
Flannlgan, Justice Hamburghcr, E.
Muolhocfer, Jas. Flannlgan, A. J.
Calder, Wm. Elsfeldt, H. Soverln,
Martin Becker, Wm. T. Ball, B. F.
Weber, Wm. Bledenweg, Edward
Kelly, II. C. Schoendorf, C. Srass
helm, Fred Busse, J. Carquoville.
Judgo Hamburghcr acted as toast
master. A
Chester Dawes is mentioned as a
candidate for member of the Repub
lican State Central Committee for
tho new Sixth Congressional District.
William T. Ball is also mentioned
with marked favor, as a man who Is
popular, as was shown by his canvass
nnd voto for North Town Assessor.
It Is stated in North Sldo circles that
Mr. Ball will secure that important
placo on the State Committee.
Tho South Park Hoard has com-
.pleted Its election of- officers by
choosing E. G. Shumway Secretary,
and John J. Gillano Assistant Sec
retary, &ud re-olecting John R.
Walsh Treasurer, A. W. Greon At
torney, and J. F. Foster General
Superintendent and Engineer. At a
previous meeting Joseph Donners
berger was elected President and
William Best Auditor.
Conventions to nominate Demo
cratic candidates for Congress In tho
various districts of Cook County will
be held July' 12. Tho Republican
conventions will be held later. There
aro seven Congressmen to be elected
and the First and Seventh Districts
are conceded to tho Republicans.
The other five districts aro Demo
cratic, although the Sixth is almost
too close for comfort.
Congressman Aldrich will probably
bo renominated by the Republicans
in the First District The Demo
crats' will put up Harry D. Kohn,
and, while theydo not oxpeot to elect
' ' '-
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A self-made man, an ardent work
er, a close student, and a man of cul
ture Is Hon. Albert Phalen, tho pop
ular Congressional candldato In the
Sixth District No man In Chicago
occupies a more distinguished posi
tion among his associates of tho legal
fraternity of Cook County than does
Albert Phalen. Early In life ho
choso tho Jaw as bis profeston,
and he has since applied him
self diligently to tho acchlevemcnt of
success and honor at the bar. Ills
studies have not been confined, how
ever, simply to tho lines of his call
him, they will give Aldrich a hard
light. In tho Second District tho
Democratic candldato will bo Clayton
E. Crafts or John J. Hanraban. Tho
Republicans talk of nominating
Charles E. Piper. McGunn will bo
renominated by tho Democrats In
tho Third District, and it Is said that
Murcus Pollasky will lead tho repub
lican forlorn hope against him.
It looks as it Frank Lawlcr will
certainly bo tho Democratic nomlnco
in the Fourth District. Ho is an
active candidate for the placo, and it
is said that Mayor Hopkins will holp
him In every way in his power to se
cure it. With tho Mayor's assistance
Mr. Lawler ought to be able to cap
ture tho nomination. If nominated
ho will bo easily elected, though tho
Republicans will probably put up ex
Alderman Martin or M. E. Cole, both
of tho Twelfth Wnrd, ugainst him.
Candidates for State Senator In tho
Cook County districts will not bo
named by either party until the Su
preme Court has passed upon tho
validity of tho apportionment act.
There aro twolvo Senators to bo
elected In tho odd-numbered districts.
Tho thrco hold-ovor Senators from
this county nro all Democrats. If
tho apportionment Is sustained tho
Democrats expect to elect at least
seven of the new Senators.
W. C. Asay is a candldato for tho
Democratic nomination In tho First
District. In the Third District the Re
publican nominee will bo Aid. Noblo
or John A. Henry. The Republicans
will carry this district. Charles A.
Crawford and Porry A. Hull are the
candidates in tho Fifth, another Re
publican district. In tho Soventh
District, which is also Republican,
Senator Humphrey will bo a candi
date for re-election.
W. J. O'Brien and John Cunning
ham, both Democrats, are out for the
nomination In tho Ninth District,
Henry L. Hertz and W. F. Wllk aro
candidates in tho Republican Elev
enth District In tho Democratic
Thirteenth Senator Joseph P, Maho
ney will try to succeed himself, but
ing, but havo extonded far Into the
realm of literature nnd science Al
bert Phalen Is pre-eminently a schol
ar, fond of music and tho tine arts
and versed In tho various branches -of
kuowlcduo essential to the liberal
education of tho day. Courteous, of
(Ino address, nnd extremely kind and
pleasing manner, ho well merits tho
esteem in which ho is held by
his associates and acquaintances.
Albert Phalen Is a self-made
man. Since coming to Chicago his
practice has grown steadily and be
come most remunerative. He Is rec
ognized on all sides as an attorney
possessed of lurgo abilities. In pri
thcro Is somo talkof William Loclllcr
as a candidate against him for the
nomination. Thomas Cusack and
James Glecson are mentioned in tho
In the Seventeenth District tho
Democratic candidates aro John Gay
nor, J. J. Townscnd and W. T.
Burke. Tho Republicans will mako
u fight for this district and E. J.
Dwyer Is looking for tho nomlnutton
on that side. James Fltzslmmons
and Stanley Kunz aro after tho Dem
ocratic nomination in the Nineteenth
District Tho Republican candidates
are Esdohr, fllocs and Daulcl Camp
bell. Benjamin M. Mitchell will bo
one of the Democratic candidates for
tho lower houso In this district.
The Twenty-first District is very
closo politically, and tho Republicans
will make a hard tight to carry it.
Arnold Tripp, James II. Farrell and
R. E. Burke uro spoken of for tho
Democratic nomination. It Is not
yet intimuted who will bo the Re
publican candidate. The possibility
Is that Senator John F. O'Malley will
be renominated by tho Democrats In
tho Twenty-third District. Tho Re
publican nomlneo will probably be
bo Samuel Erickson or Josoph Rich
ards. Among the names frequently men
tioned by tho Republicans for County
Clerk Is that of S. W. Rlderburg, who
has hold tho position of Chief Deputy
under tho two administrations of
Henry WulfT. Tho friends of Mr,
Rlderburg have been quietly at work
for some time and are highly confi
dent of his success at the primaries.
Those Intimately acquainted with
Mr. Rlderburg know him to bo emi
nently qualified to fill the position.
His open, genial manner, always
obliging and courteous, has won
him hosts of friends during his
eight years' sorvico as Chief
Doputy, among all classes of busi
ness men, irrespective oi party lines.
His nomination would come In the
order of promotion, as ho is thor
oughly familiar with tho workings of
tho office even to tho minutest detail.
Although not a rabid partisan, Mr.
vate llfo Mr. Phalen Is literary in his
tastes und devotes much of his time
to study and production. Socially
he Is popular, and Is a member of sev
eral of tlto Icmllnir clulw. Mr. Fha-
Ion's friends in tho Sixth District are
diligently working to sccuro him the
Democratic nomination for Congress,
and ho stands an oxccllent chanco of
being the nominee. Should ho
b0 1
chosen, the Sixth District will have
In Mr. Phnlcn n representative in
Congress well qualitlcd to look after
tbelr vast interests, and a gentleman
who will not only reflect credit upon
hlmsolf, but also do tho citizens of
Chicago proud.
Rlderburg has always adhered to tho
principles of tho Republican party.
His frlonds do not lay any stress on
the point of nationality, but are urg
ing their claims purely on tho merits
of their candidate, his long experi
ence und ample ability to till tho of
tic. Always held In high esteem by
his own countrymen, who would ac
cept his nomination as a tribute and
causo for gratification, Mr. Rlderburg
would havo an equally strong follow
ing with other nationalities, not only
within the ranks of his own party
but from among Democrats as well.
There aro few If any changes In
tho Congressional field. Senator
Nooniin's boom Is growing, with Ju
dicious nursing, In the Fifth District,
nnd Durborow's friends realize that
their favorlto has a fight on bis
hands that can hardly prove success
ful, as leading Democrats admit that
Durborow, in moving out of his old
district where he could not bo re
nominated, has merely jumped from
tho frying pan Into the fire. Senator
Noonan's friends do not propose to
havo him turned down by the new
comer Durborow. Leaders like Aid.
John llrcnnnn declnro that Durborow
can't ropresont tho Fifth District,
and hosts of others will stand by
Noonan to tho last ditch, as he Is an
old resident in the district, and his
record in the Senate leads them to
believe he is the proper person for
them to send to Congress at this
Mr. Marcus Pollasky, tho well
known promoter and brllliantorator,
will undoubtedly be named by Re
publicans to opposo Congressman Mc
Gann In the Third Congressional Dis
trict. W. W. Speer and Chas. F. Bab-
cock, having withdrawn from the
race, it is understood tboy will sup
port Henry D. Hatch for Couuty
Superintendent of Schools.
Mr. A. G. Hussey, the popular ad
vertising manager of the Monon
Route, has severed his connection
with that road and is now with tho
M., K. &T., at St. Louis.
The Fight for the Officas Is Growing
Hotter as the Conventions
Draw Near.
No Less than a Dozen Candidates for All
of the Principal Offices to
Be Filled.
More Interest Shown in the Congressional
Nominations than Any One Expected
There Would Be.
Citizens of the F.levcnth Wnrd held
a mass meeting Thursday, May 17, at
Anchor Hall, Paulina and Indiana
streets. Senator Noonan was escort
ed to tho hnll and received an ova
tion. Thcro were represented Irish,
Polish, Swedish and Norwegian citi
zens. Tho meeting was called to
order by Thomas Hoban, and James
J. Gubblns presided. Speeches were
made by Seymour Stcadmau, John
W. Murphy, Andrew F. Crane, .1. E.
Kelly and Nicholas C. Poweis. dev
olutions were adopted favoring Sena-
tor Soonon for Congress and nemand
irom tnc county lommiiico
opportunity for tho citizens
tho Fifth Congressional Dls-
inct to
cast their ballots
Tho Chairman was
1 for hi in.
called upon to appoint a commlttco
to wait on the county commlttco
and enforce their demands for at
least six primary districts for the
Congressional primary. Anothor mass
meeting of the voters of tho south
end of tho ward 'to favor Sonator
Noonan's candidacy was held at Ver
non Hull, Taylor streot, between
Sibley und Loomls streets, on Tues
day evening. Thomas E. Courtney
presided, two hundred and fifty lead
ing citizens of the ward wero present,
and tho meeting was addressed by
Hon. Frank Lawlcr, J. J. McGrath,
President of Trades Assembly; Sey
mour btcadman, Mr. A. Abrahams,
and James J. Gubblns. Speeches
were made in favor of Sonator
Noonun's candidacy, on account of
labor legislation passed In last Gen
eral Assembly by Noonan's efforts.
A committee of twenty-Uvu was ap
pointed to act with like committees
In the ward to wait on tho commit
teemen to demand fair primary dis
tricts and representation among
Judges at said primary election.
At a meeting of certain Republi
can politicians at tho Chicago Boacb
Hotel, In tho Thirty-second Ward, a
fow days ago, Justice A. R, Porter
was Indorsed for tho nomination of
Clerk of tho Probnto Court. Among
those present wero Alderman Wm.
R. Kerr, Captain W. W. Dunno, ex
Governor John M. Hamilton, Ed
ward Noble, Horman A, Phillips,
Murtln Kopp, Wm. Luwson, An
drew Hamilton, C. C. Foukc, Genrgo
L. Warner, II. A. Waterman, A. N.
Fletcher, Georgo Crawford, T. S.
Qulncey and Geo. Wilson. Justice
Porter will have a formidable follow
ing in tho convention, and Is a likely
Arthur B. Cody, of tho well-known
law firm of Hiram H. Cody & Sons,
is visiting his parents at Pasadona,
With the advent of spring quite
a number of important new concerns
havo commenced business in this
Western metropolis. Tho prospects
for tho future are In every way bright,
and this doubtless has had a mate
rial effect upon tradesmen, who have,
and will open, new establishments.
From time to time rocord has to bo
mado of some Important addition to
tho list of Chicago's business houses.
In this Instanco reference must bo
mado to the opening of a fashlnablo
hat storo by Mr. Charles E. Nowton,
the popular and well-known Chicago
hatter, nt 145 Dearborn street. Mr.
Newton wishes, through tho columns
of The Eaolk. to Invito the City
Hall boys to glvo him a call, and
guarantees to furnish tho best goods
at reasonablo prices. His patrons
can count on prompt attention und
courteous treatment always.
There will bo n lively fight for tho
Democratic Congressional nomination
In tho Fifth District. The candl.
dates nro tho Incumbent, Allan C
Durborow, Edward T. Noonan and
W. T. Maypole. Each of them haH
a strong backing and tho outcomo Is
in doubt. Ephraim Banning or B.
A. Eckhart is likely to be tho Repub
lican nomlnco In this district In
tho Seventh District It looks as it
Mayor Mann, of Evanston, will bo
the Republican nominee. W. A. S.
Graham Is a candldato for tho Dem
ocratic nomination.
It is said that thoro Is no patent
lawyer In Congress, or Indeed any
man who has mado a special study of
tho subjects of patents and their re
lation to industrial growth and pros
perity. Inventors and manufacturers
all over tho country are, therefore,
Interested In Ephraim Ilannlng's can
didacy In the Fifth District Mr.
Banning has had lurgo experience In
connection with industrial proporty,
in roiercnco to wnicn nc lias a na
tional reputation; nnd ho wus chair
man of tho committee which organ
ized the International Patent and
Trade Mark Congress hold In this
city last October, and whlch.was ono
of tho most successful'of our World'
Fair congresses. It Is but natural,
therefore, that Inventors and manu
facturers all over the country should
desire to seo him in Congress, nnd es
pecially are manufacturers in tho
Fifth District enthusiastic In his sup
port. In childhood, youth and
early manhood, Mr. Banning was
used to tho toil and hardship of
pioneer farm life. His first money
was earned In farm work at twenty
tlvo cents a day; and his education
and profession woro acquired through
his own efforts. No wonder, then,
that ho has always kopt closo to tho
people, and thnt working-men In tho
Fifth District are now supporting
him for Congress. They know thnt
tho Interests of labor will bo safo In
tho hands of ono who has always had
to mako his own way through hard
work. Mr. Banning had ono brother
killed in tho battlo of Nashville, and
another who served in tho Union
army for uearly thrco years, and un
til honorably discharged at tho closo
of tho war. Tho old soldiers aro
therefore enthusiastic In his support.
John F. Smulskl, a bright young
attorney and a popular citizen of tho
Sixteenth Ward, is a candidate for
County Commissioner, and It Is said
his nomination would Insuro a largely
Increased Polish vote for tho entire
Republican ticket. Mr. Suiulskl'n
father is tho publisher of an influ
ential Polish weekly papor.
Z. R. Cartor, of tho Second Con
gressional District, writes Tuk
Eaous that ho Is not a candldato for
Congressional honors.
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